Chosen Species

1 universal prime relationship
lives within win/win grace
0-whole open
integral space

Sufficient for unitarian ecofeminist minds
revolving circles of ZeroZone
highest and empowering best
enlightened ego/eco-memory,
left/right hemispheres
bicamerally balancing
equivalently interdependent reMEMEory,

Depolarizing bilateral co-arisings
DNA multiculturally recombining
Yang/Yin co-passionate CoCreation Stories
of divinely energetic
polynomially universal abstractions,
with polyphonically harmonic good health intentions,
polypathic multiculturing progressions,
polyvagal neural systems
(-,-) = +

Where numerative Yang
embraces our chosen ZeroZone
and Yintegral dualdark denominative
re-mattered GoldenRules
for and of and with each Other

Nocturnal Shadow absence
of privileged bright white light Chosen
integrity of translucent
bilateral temporal Powers
of health/wealth ZeroZone
incites timeless In/ExFlowation.