Touch the Earth, Reach the Sky

Touching Earth,
reaching sky.

I walk salt shores
where all Souls fly
over joy’s ocean,
under sad bad lands
my faith in quests
we could understand.

Touch this Earth
to feel our sky.

Wise fools ask
our reasons why,
In glad lives
our answers glow,
in sad love
we learn to grow

To heal our Earth
and teach this sky

We are born
while I shall die,
Life’s my time for in between,
to build you a star,
to chase our dream

Touching Earth
while feeling sky

Hugging laughter
feeds my cry,
May I see
what we can give
for future’s child
to sacred live

We touch this Earth
to reach light’s sky

Soaring courage,
healthy high,
All Souls joining
in Earth’s flight
to touch Her right
I reach through night
for love’s last
last splendid sight.

This variation on Grace Lewis-McLaren’s hymn  (#301, Singing the Living Tradition) is dedicated to All Souls-PlanetEarth, especially New London, on the occasion of our Great Return, September, 2021.

Gerald 0’Liver 


Love’s Last Litany

I have never known alone
as when I lie next to you.

I have never felt orphaned,
as when cramped within our zoo.

I have only become this dark
when missing not missing you.

I am breathing in
hoping to exhale, all through.
I don’t want to want to hear you
when I look past our sad dark eyes.

I can’t bear to sing this song
slow dancing echoed sighs.

I don’t want to be this anymore
becoming drawn to close my door.

If you can love me as I am
please help me find breath’s floor.

I don’t want to play house anymore,
my soul wilts in air this poor.

I don’t want to want to breathe us anymore.

I can’t want to breathe this evermore.