Auspicious Nest

“The core of knowledge is love”
Satha Sai Baba

This dark November night
in New England
has come but midway

I, not so bright,
have given in
without a fight
to insomnia.

Above the small round yellow light
on my factory 48-pane window ledge
overpowering my bedroom walls
soar grayly up
toward a faint 16 foot ceiling
dark, also not so bright
when time to pay the factory’s bill
for heat
and light.

I woke up thinking about natural love
as my perfection of spiritual knowledge,
which is so far from perfect
that compassion too often remains
hypothetically unhealthy;
again, not such a bright
yet curiously necessary light.

My love has preceded coming out,
but has also followed from
indigenous perfection
of matrilinear knowledge,
that resiliently courageous DNA
embedded inside the nucleus
of each of “my” organically cooperative
win/win home team
made of more resilient knowing might
than this stretched out
November love of night.

I remember warm
sacred EarthMother
resonant wealth
holy of home wholenest feelings

Fresh from Her womb
therapeutic Beauty feelings precede
but also restoratively follow from
perfectly healthy democratic trusts
in spiritually regenerative Truths
transparent as tonight’s opaque glass
vulnerable to personal
yet multigenerational ass

That insomniac drifting meditations
and medications
will not, tonight,
ease my economic
and politically vulnerable knowledge
my compassion’s transparency
sadly feels less brightly resonant,

Less depression-proof resilient
than these remaining hours
before dawn relights
Earth’s coloring in knowledge
loving powers

To turn off lights
in timely nights
knowing the end

Brings new knowledge
begun in EarthMother’s sacred love,

Integrity’s Great Reweaving potential
green cooperative history

Knowing sight
and meaningful
resonant resound

As my night seizure knowing son
rolls over
peacefully in love’s eternal
Loving Here
greets Knowing Now

Regeneratively bright
might imagine starlight
singing to revolving
ringing shadowed
deep autumn night.

Tomorrow is local election day
to reconsider transparent
climate trauma’s multigenerational knowledge
politically and economically vulnerable
to EarthMother’s long love memory
regenerating empowering
enlightened ecofeminists

Supporting bicameral knowledge
of democratically healthy
loving health/wealth balance

Before and after knowing
light’s brightest night
kinda perfect passions.


Touch the Earth, Reach the Sky

Touching Earth,
reaching sky.

I walk salt shores
where all Souls fly
over joy’s ocean,
under sad bad lands
my faith in quests
we could understand.

Touch this Earth
to feel our sky.

Wise fools ask
our reasons why,
In glad lives
our answers glow,
in sad love
we learn to grow

To heal our Earth
and teach this sky

We are born
while I shall die,
Life’s my time for in between,
to build you a star,
to chase our dream

Touching Earth
while feeling sky

Hugging laughter
feeds my cry,
May I see
what we can give
for future’s child
to sacred live

We touch this Earth
to reach light’s sky

Soaring courage,
healthy high,
All Souls joining
in Earth’s flight
to touch Her right
I reach through night
for love’s last
last splendid sight.

This variation on Grace Lewis-McLaren’s hymn  (#301, Singing the Living Tradition) is dedicated to All Souls-PlanetEarth, especially New London, on the occasion of our Great Return, September, 2021.

Gerald 0’Liver 


Natural Seeds With Spiritual Roots

I can see difference,
but also sameness,
between neurological networks
and internal/external co-empathic sensory experience

InBetween metaphor and analogy
reflecting contrast and cooperative comparisons
between natural perception
and spiritual feelings

Of confluence/dissonance
with and without
all that is Holy
and Dissonant

devilishly against all we feel holonic

A root metaphor
for this win/win creative intention
invites a seed’s natural potential
to experience a healthy spiritual root system
embedded in a polyculturally wealthy experience
of naturally spirited EarthGaze

Nights and Days
for co-invested wellness


Weekday Alarm

I am anxious
as my 5:30 beeping alarm
grows defiantly louder,
reminding me of surreal difference
between asleep, longing for better days awake,
now awake,
longing for more sleep
struggling toward alarming predawn buttons
to release from this first crisis
for depressing life’s day-rousing alarms.

I wish for a more therapeutic,
more leisurely,
more retiring way to awake,
if I truly must.

my son who cannot speak
or walk,
but hears just fine,
sleeps on.
Eyes closed.
Dimple mischievously appearing in full moon’s light.

What could be his difference
between light unconsciousness of competing spoken day
and dark consciousness of cooperating listening night?

And is this so very different
from vast humane majorities of nations,
who speak too much by day to listen
and listen too briefly at night
to speak of dreams we might share
arising once again together
toward depressing buttons of despair
for this another alarming Earth Day.

This Earth day
with too many speaking half asleep
to future invitations;
Earth nights
listening back to this internal nap half awakened
by past convocations
of memory as light
forgetfulness through therapeutic dark night.

My muted son,
though hardly silent,
as he can be a loud red-charging bull
yet in a peaceful playful warrior way
to those who believe we know
his inside sleep
showing through his outside wake
to share Earth’s daytime communion.

He and I
are equally invisible
undiscriminated by night
and, I suppose,
both using light
to brighten differences
between inside me
and outside not yet,
not still
double-bound somehow
like outside views
impossible without inside longings
to remember our shared inside-outside intentions.

Wishes and fears,
hopes and angers,
loves and hates unraveling by predative day
arisen from our warm dry beds
of praying affluence.

Longings and belongings,
seductions and reductions,
inductions and deductions,
terrible investments and terrific divestments
calculated reweavings by dualdark night
within our Earthly rest
from fully individuating difference.

The alarm still echoes
through my half awake ears
as I stumble before dawn’s light
toward remembering how to become an enabling parent
taught by disabling children of love.
Recalled to how we might awake to love each other more
before this night’s rest reweaving Paradise.

I am anxious
as I depress my alarming button,
a toggle switch icon
transitioning anxieties of sleep
through opportunities of life together

My son turns over
toward his wall of darkening comfort
as he prepares to dream
our Therapeutic Warrior songs
and dances
once again.
His prayers rise dimpled within me.


EarthDay by Day

Day by day
within each passing shadow,
surging strength
to grow from fear through time.

Night by night
without full hope of living,
doubt pervades
my troubling mind’s worst fears.

Night by day
and day by night
within each dwelling passion,
faith I find
to live despite dark nights.

Day by night
and night by day
we dream co-dwelling passions,
loves as lives
to die apart in light,
to fly as part of bright.


Spring Rain Memories

On these warmer spring nights
we rock in our front porch swing
hearing rain gurgle through satiated soil,
dialects of liquid reflection
speaking about our day,
past days,’
future days of love,
surrendering to dark spring rain intimacy,
but a passing car
spraying wet exhausting whines of power
reminds me you are no longer here.

We speak through smiles
of how we would be
when we ruled our worlds
with less mediocrity,
yet sad you are not here
to hear
what we remember
in my head,
my body warm
against this spring wet breeze.

We hear our breaths
praising stars hidden beyond dark rain night
but resonantly singing soprano arias
while we breathe in to sing back and out together,
but you are not here,
within this future memory of us,
failure to appear
now as here with me
to feel your love
more than an echo in my porch swing mind.


Holy Nights

Silent Nights for echoing lack of resonant laughter
are not most Holy Nights
as purgation’s self-effacing advent
opens sublime econormous therapy
of Earth Rights and Wrongs
as Our Grow Ups and Downs
and Rounds with Pounds too Wealthy Gross
to responsibly carry
as Earth’s cosmic Let’s Pretend We’re Smarter than CoPresent Plants.

Hours and days and seasons
regenerating bicamerally tipping laughter,
seeding deep-rooted co-respect
and highest co-arising Presence
for those few who actually might be smart enough
to know better.

Smiling with coherent universal rememory
of warm waves,
co-gravitating humor
smooth-sliding across our liquid skins.

Skins in love spread wild
as Full Moon light
shining CoForeGiving Eve
of EcoReGenerating Phase.

Winter evenings for warm-fired laughter
with ourselves
for all others
sitting in winter daze,


On Difference Between Evolutionary Process and Regenerative Ecosystems

No clue.

Seems like this is an important scientific and spiritual question, and a natural-systemic question, but it’s hard for me to hear it within either our scientific or health-care cultures, much less our religious sector.

Perhaps the reason I have trouble finding any difference between endosymbiotic evolutionary theory and temporal growth/decline dynamics, and regenerative systemic communication, information, formation, and bilateral-temporal-neural-biosystemic functional process for developing healthy and safe biosystems, is because there just isn’t any difference, or these are paradigmatic distinctions, sharing one permacultural informational ecosystemic 0-soul eco-normic LifePositive OVER DeathDoubleNegativeBinary WinWin Bionic Health and Safety Cooperative Gaming Theory.

Or, something along those lines, for those into digital-binary gaming systems, which I am not myself; more of a Unitarian-Universal Tao-Zeroist, PostMillennial PermaCulturist for both Interior and Exterior Landscapes, assumed to co-arise as time folds and unfolds co-gravitationally, as Uracil greets Cytosine, as day both greets dark dreams as double-dark gives way to dawn’s enlightenment, as warm fuses all cold climatic elements to transubstantiate light’s cold temporal potential, as summer emerges diastatically nutritious health and heat from winter’s hibernating decomposition and interior landscape purgation of DNA-conflicted Ego’s  AngerPast+FutureFear demands for more than Left-brain’s RightFilled Yin 50% of BiCameral EcoConscious Evolutionary-Regenerative, TransParently CoPresent, BiLateral-Temporal 50/50 Balancing EcoLogical Language as Positive=evolutionary regenerative healthy process, while Negative=notpast/notfuture balanced evolutionary regenerative pathological EgoWithinEcoRooted-DNA-temporal/fractal decompositional dipolar-diastatic permacultural ecolandscape WinWin analysis, design, principles, deep learning structure, all deeply eco-ego double-camera logical deductive/inductive-empathic bilateral-temporal neural syntax.

Hmmm. That seems a bit circular and yet run-on, at the same time. At best complex; at worst, merely dense. Let’s try again with this hypothesis.

Maybe there is a difference. In a way this may be like the chicken and egg question. Perhaps regenerative ecosystems are embryonic precursors of evolutionary processed chickens, like Julian Jaynes’ evolutionary theory of Left-brain and language’s evolutionary emergence from Right-Temporal aptic/synaptic Original Intent. Right MindBody is DNA/RNA-ecocentric mute co-empathically LeftDominant/RightRecessive-voiced. DNA is iconic of AnthroCentric Ego’s dominant evolutionary-culturing process, while RNA is embryonic of DNA and EarthOrganic-EcoCentric RightYinYin = LeftYang Tao-(0) Convex/Concave Universal/Unitarian EcoLogical, and PermaCultural Balance projecting WinWin Polycultural slow-growth Optimization Continuous Quality Improvement trends.

Hmmm. Not sure that is an improvement. Well is is shorter. So, moving in the right direction.  Let’s try starting with a quote from Andrew Cohen, who knows how to write reasonably-scaled citizens, I mean sentences.

“In traditional cultures, God or Spirit was the unquestioned reference point for higher meaning and purpose [and health and security and medicine].But those of us at the leading edge of modern and postmodern culture today have largely rejected what we perceived as outdated traditional moral, philosophical, and spiritual [Creation Story] worldviews. And, as of yet, we haven’t really found anything to replace them as a source of higher meaning and purpose.”

Hmmm, what if God/Spirit/Energy is ReGenerative Process, the evolution of Time it’s bilateral-dualdark-TransParent-co-arising/gravitational echo-self as DNA-languaged Other? That doesn’t really feel like a replacement so much as a potential “both-and” outcome.

Maybe not. But at least it’s shorter. Anyway, while I proudly claim to be an Andrew Cohen fan, this is a point in “Evolutionary Enlightenment” where we may actually disagree about how we see our present Great Transition, our interior and exterior landscapes of climatic change. I see a remembering that God/Spirit/Energy is regeneratively rooted in the healthy and safe polycultural outcomes of our co-arising evolutionary process, as individuals, as a species, as Bodhisattva Warriors and EcoMessiahs and PermaCultural Designers of Yang-Positive Time convexly explicating OVER YinYin-DoubleNotNot PolyNomial, PolyPathic, PolyMorphic, PolyCoOperative, Multisystemic Bicameral Therapy v. Pathological Cognitive/Affective Dissonance.

It seems like it should be easier, and much shorter, to invest in cooperative political and economic and GodPositive Health Trends, rather than have to competitively deduce and reduce which paradigms and word-choices might grab both your analogical and ecological resonance-optimization trends. Maybe when Goddess Gaia and SunGod once again bilaterally rule our DNA polycultural beehive, we might realize that interior is to exterior as exterior is to interior landscape, implies that if God/Spirit/Energy/Medicine/Health has co-created us in HisYang/HerYinYin image, then each of us and all of us also regenerate HisYang/HerYinYin in our own BiCamerally Remembering ReCreation Story.

If that much makes both evolutionary and regenerative systemic logical sense, then my EgoLeft’s optimal consciousness of self/other identity includes nonverbal access to co-empathic-intuitive-aptic Right MindBody’s possession of health-life back through incarnating regenerational time, and this co-arising awareness is a co-relational sacred trust, and a cooperative co-investment partnership between EgoSelf, nested holonically Interior/Embryonic co-related within EcoProGenitor’s DNA-syntaxed fractal-dialectical-dipolar Golden Rule.

Oh dear, just what I thought we were getting somewhere, all those hyphen-strings of redundantly reiterative adVERBs, acting like linked pearls of nouns, remind me that this is a regenerative-evolutionary creation story still in process of delivery, echoing through great transitional and revolutionary-occupier syntax and permacultural planning and design and doing, becoming. We are God becoming ReGeneratively SelfConscious BiCameral PositiveTherapy/NegativePathology Incubators, in EgoSelf-optimizing grateful service to Future Time’s CoArising ReGeneration.

I don’t know if speaking in capitals really helps, or just gets in the way. It all feels so crystal-clear and profoundly deep, that mere logos-logic sucks all the MythicMajesty out of this contenting life as EarthTribe CoOperative CoMentor, researching together how to optimize life as love, by divesting of interior/exterior angry-past PreMillennial dominantly fearing future absence of EgoMortal Time.

Wouldn’t surprise me if evolutionary process intends regenerative global systemic health, by divesting of degenerative pathological dissonance; whic may have something to do with the coincidence that evil is languaged as backward-reverse-“live”.  Then again, it could just be a co-arising nondual coincidence of syntaxed temporal synaptic/aptic Right MindBody memory verbs folding and unfolding in light v. dark as warmlive v. coldevil dialectic dipolar conversation.

Hmmm. Evolving Left predicts ReGenerating Right responding to CoArising Left researching ProcessGod’s evolving re-creation. That reminds me that if you spin Tao’s Yang-Yin icon it could also be 4D iconic of fractal-thermodynamic regenerative, self-perpetuating, self-optimizing, bilateral balance.  Really not all that much like my day to day life, where I seem to over value what happens to my ego during the day and undervalue what goes round for my eco during dual-dark TransParent notnot night.


January Light

He stood stalwart
watching western dusk
promising pink and red ribbon of light
crevice of Presence
between dual dark starless night
and vaguely outlined Earth’s end of bright
for yet another day’s journey
through spatial time,
diurnal rhyme.

Boot journeyed feet planted
centering weight and stretching spine
reaching to breach this transitional last gasp
of hope’s new day,
grasping for how this time is without precedent
yet timelessly emerging
re-submitting into unto worn-dark cosmic consciousness,
narrow gap of fading pink with blue-grey veins
networking night of sky with Earth
to close this endless day.

Where was he when this time started and closed
and before?
Standing stake-out watching Earth Day’s fading string
of time’s co-gravitational light
folding in Earth’s darkening rim
rolling toward him
across cold black twilight night
reaching toward his Elder future
staring blind toward endless time
glaring timeless blind back through him.

At last, he inhaled deaf heaven and blind Earth’s embrace
one more time
less day turning night
breathing light in and out of dreams
through lives of ages
lost to reasoned memory.

Treasonally forgetting
to say farewell
and namaste
before gently closing his back yard’s western door
with full will and warm co-arising intent
to thank morning’s dawn
for showing up
despite his lack of eco-social grace.

His dreams drench absorbing graceful face
smiling Earth’s radical revolution
with timeless eternal pace
of dusk’s red ribboned grace
warning dawn’s threshold of climatic race
toward upside-down political economies
as Heaven dressing Earth
in moon-evolving star light,
while Earth cooperates her most regeneratively sexy synthesis
through sun revolving light’s full ecoconsciousness;
all dressed up
with every ecorevolutionary place to go.

He stared this dual dressed study
until his turn to exhale once more,
while opening dawn’s eastern gathering door.