Were You There?

Were you there
when we nailed health culture
to the cross?

Weren’t you there?
I thought we were all there!
Wasn’t that our Big Bang of an Idea?

Let’s just forgive each other for all that angry history
of hurt and loss and painful suffering,
torture and lapses into extermination of subpopulations
based on quite a list of characteristics,
gender and sexuality, age, religion,
occupation, attire,
placement of domicile within v without walls
of acquisitive EgoAnthro-possession,
and on and on….
Then too we have all that slavery,
adding commodification to the domestication
of our value for healthy human mindbodies.

So, yes, the nail of Angry Cultural Climate
pierces Left’s deductive memory screaming past
irrationally unacceptable tolerance
of collective cognitive-affective dissonance
when we are invited into Easter’s new-life resonance
of regenerative health trends.

But, I also thought we were all there
in our more global RNA-centered Right Yin MindBody,
terrified of AnthroEgo’s biosystemic culture
of climatic transitions toward timeless demise.
How could YHWH continue to be Father
to Son’s Becoming
and yet let His beloved EgoSon die?

Did we misunderstand something about our shared
“child of YHWH” status?
Might we be our Father’s first RNA Creation Story,
told and retold through bicameral beating
and breathing
and noticing dipolarity of Time’s Him/Her Self-regeneratively
healthy evoluting climate?

I thought our primal crucifixion story
was our co-redeeming health and safety self-perpetuation narrative
of love as synergetic therapy
for angry history
and fear of future shortage of YHWH-Time CoPresent;
you know, the hellfire and brimey damnation scenarios
all the way through
“I never have enough quality time for myself” plot-lines,
long-reiterated cognitive-affective dissonance
and dismay and decay
and all negatively correlated
with healthy, regenerate YHWH-flow
of Time’s co-arising Positive trends
(notnot negative, and binomial/bilateral, equivalent),
eating and sleeping,
communing in generous nutritional climates.

So, how do we get to this true Easter cultural climate
without first getting ourselves down
off that Left-brain over-dominant cross?

I suppose this is where the Right-brain comes in,
concave and dipolar-temporal recessive tomb,
embracing Ego-purgation.
But, you know, I find it a whole lot easier
to trust it feels and is much safer,
perhaps even a bit relaxing and contenting,
to purge my lungs
when I know we have plenty of fresh nutrition,
healthy cultural climate
to breathe right back in again.

Left-Right bicameral ecoconscious Evolutionaries,
Permaculturist Bodhisattva Warriors,
EcoTherapists and Occupiers,
Medicine Care Optimizers and 7-Generation Sustainers,
PolyPathic Mystics of Revolutioning Peace,
New ZeroInterest Investors
and Lifestyle Mentors and Teachers,
Cooperative Networkers and Game Designers,
it’s PostMillennial Time
to design an Easter
cooperative economics
with polycultural politics
actively co-networking Communion!

We keep telling ourselves
this same creation Easter story
every year.
You can’t spring Easter season
of new cooperative healthy growth outcomes
without first investing
decompositional temporal-dialectic analysis time
in tomb of winter.
And, you can’t dwell within this purgative-embryonic tomb
as womb,
without first letting yourself down from all those angry crosses
and using them to devise
primal permacultural mapping strategies
for WinWin health and equity outcomes
this climatic summer of Time’s DiPolar Diastasis.


Easter Manna’s Genesis

The one who spots the line

before spotting the bait

is the ultimate winner in life.

Rumi (Maryam Mafi translation)


The ones who spot Earth Day’s decomposing line

before spotting Easter morning’s ReGenesis bait

are our mutual messiahs in life.


Each dawn reincarnates Earth Day

as Easter morning’s karmic revolution.


Eastern minds dream of humane fleeing flying,

too often frying, frogs

while Western brains cooperatively


swim through red sky warnings

regenerating Western red horizons

fading full-moon Yin

to more simply rest in NOW

and dream of mutually mentoring messiahs’

Eastern dawn

of Polycultured Tao,

fractured Frog Princes croaking songs

for long-strung graceful Princess ovations

recreating East-West harmonies

for NorthWinter through SouthSummer

weathering Earth Day Opera.


Red sky Earth Days


green horizon Easter Genesis.


EarthTribe Pilgrimage

I am content to walk alone,

but to walk in company with others

adds vigor and passion to the journey.



Good Taoists,

although I am not sure I actually know any,

define their inclusively subordinate clauses,

and sentences,

and contracts,

and lives,

their eternally and mutually satisfactory gratitude,



camouflage their cooperative ecological praxis

confluent outcomes of cultural scientific research

within human natural systems

analogically synthesizing principles of Earth’s nature,

Her flow and function

Her decay and dysfunction;

like post-millennial PermaCulturalists.


But, Persians and Western Cultures

prefer more compassionate vigor in our strut through

this live-system we inherited from Elders past,

comparatively short-sighted about our global future.


All children are scientific researchers of balance,


flow and rhythm.

capacity and lack thereof,

sufficiency and synergy,

and lack thereof.

Human children also evolve as recreative artists

of color, shape, paradigms, stories,

rhythms of patterned confluence,

and denigrated dissonance.


We can,

Taoist or not,

child or not,

use dissonance to show us our way

toward confluence.

We are each free to survive,

sometimes thrive,

in this Tao way,

within double-boundaries of systemic spacetime

and imagination, rooted in regenetic memory.


Imaginations grow intuitively fueled,




with polysystemic comprehension of Prime Relationship

P=NP, binomial thermodynamic balance,

as +1 = (-)0, binary ecological

and cooperative economic dominant cultural balance,

with inclusive competitive subsidiarity

to optimize Earth Day’s slow-growth atmosphere

as one EarthTribe Community,

both compassionate,

and, hopefully, still content

with being somewhat less alone,

hiding behind all that camouflage.




Earth’s Easter Epic

Straight-lined radiance,

spiraling gravity’s view.

Gravity draws,

in search of gratitude,



Radiance flies toward Exterior Light,

Gravity dances with Interior Night,

A flight of fancy dance.


Radiant birth reaches tender tendrils

toward touch of bright.

Rich embedded birth searches below

with slender stealth

toward Other,

where We are One.


Born again in perpetual orgasmic grasp

And release of nutrients,






information conjoins ex-forming

and ex-formed.


Looking back,

Interior Landscape recalls gravity’s reverse,

spiraling toward future flower,

new eyes

raining seeds of hope

for Exterior Landscape’s ReGenesis.


Seeds spiral down


richly rhyming

Earth’s PermaCultured Story.


Sublime Spring’s buds

Ergetically bloom

Facing blind bliss by Summer’s day,

wet caress by night,

Toward Falling gratitude,

Species’ seed prediction:

a wintry purgation of night,

while love unites

what Earth has harvested

for spiral-limned radiance of Spring.


Straight-lined radiance,

spiraling gravity’s view.

Gravity draws,

a song of gratitude,

radiantly requited.