Playing Old Maid

I recall a card game
probably extending back past the 1950s
called Old Maid.

There was also Authors
and a few other choices
less popular with me.
But Old Maid sticks in mind
as blatantly sexist
and ageist
and, for a country kid
in redneck rural Republican Michigan,
the most fun
of admittedly limited card playing options.

Whoever was stuck holding the Old Maid
at end of game
was the biggest loser,
for obvious reasons.

Who would want to be associated
with that old and useless appendage?

National politics in the U.S.,
all about the marketing, purchase, and sale
of two-year
and four-year terms of public greed responsibility,
increasingly reminds me
of OldMaid gamesmanship.

And, yes,
I don’t really mean gamepersonship.

This game for avoiding loss
of responsibility and authority,
loss of face
rather than gain of grace,
embracing mutual Wins
of shared commitment to health
and cooperatively prosperous safety,

This game in which the OldMaid
is played by aging fossil-fuel industries
played-out too often militarized
ballistic violence,

These OldMaid industrial choices
have most ballistically justified
plutocratic wars
inviting young,
and often most marginalized,
to live with losses to OldMaid political stuckness
in the name of patriotic duty,

Although not matriotic integrity
to our own healthy hands
for better Win-Win games
and political
and economic
and personal
and family therapy strategies,
less violently impinged by nationalistic traumas,
fear of losses
holding OldMaid over-industriously held cards.

No one wants to be in unlovely public office
when the last drop of oil
and last glistening gasp of gas
wears through now useless OldMaid pumps
and pistons,
unhappy triggers
and transdegenerational switches,
unlubricated OldMaid economic bitches.

No one wants to be in office
holding the last OldMaid dry-humped card
from a 1950s stacked deck
when 2020 revisions
change climate changing hands
into feminist story books
of how our generation
deliberately and stubbornly chose,
like stiff-necked self-chosen people
of OldMaids and PatriarchalMen,
counter-intuitively choosing the climate pathology card,
fascinated by our own death
and the death of our habitat
and the death of any future
of humane proportion and design,
rhythm and pattern.

When we have so many post-millennial cooperative Win-Win options
to actively hope
and act
and restoratively plan
and therapeutically draw climate health
for both ego and eco justice
and global peace for all,
including sacred Elder Matriotic Maids.

If only Old Feminist Maids and Matriotic Men
had written all required history
and civic lesson school books
and ecopolitical philosophy texts
and medicinal prescriptions
and legislated cooperative multicultural ethics
lesson plans
to practice

I wonder if having the Elder Matriot card
would have been how to win our Win-Win game,
and to do so,
would require letting go of all Old FakePatriot cards
of plutocratic,
and often patriarchal,
Lose-Lose economic-ecological exploitations,

Also post “ClimateChange”
known and named
as habitually competitive ClimatePathologies
longing to restore ClimateHealth.


Infometric EcoSystems: Tegmark meets Fuller

By Max Tegmark – Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality (12.8.2013)
I appreciated Tegmark’s growing awareness of scientific research as a cooperative enterprise. It reminds me of Gregori Perelman’s reasons for disappearing into the metaphysical universe of anonymity after rejecting the Clay Millennium Math Prize for what became the 0-soul theorem.

Going back a bit further into the history of metric systems as reality and as metaphysics, I was disappointed to not find any relationship between Tegmark’s double hypothesis and the earlier work of Buckminster Fuller’s “Synergetics,” Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking in turn rooted in Euler’s understanding of metric systems as not so much about numeric symbols and forms, but about function. Fuller recognized both physical and metaphysical universes sharing a (0)-Core Vector, or Vortex, in a verb-functional relationship, and potentially rational, Whole System Universal Intelligence. So, I was surprised that Tegmark modeled and analogized about a universal metric stability, unchanging structures, rather than potentially regenerative when fractally wave-functioned, within a 4-equidimensional Information System, following Einstein’s 4-prime dimensional equi-valent assumption.

In Fuller’s field, or stage, theory of synergetic regenerativity, information explicates, emerges and sustains, our Physical Universe, just as a “Dark” exformed-implicated reverse-trending magnetic-ergetic wave frequency implicates our bicameral Metaphysical Universe. As without, so within, but right-brain cognized as an unraveling negative-reversed-film-fading icon of sensory memory. While this remains a conjecture, there is an appealing aesthetic quality to its thermodynamic and magnetic wave trend balance, with information synergetically wrapping into a physical universe string, composed of intertwined solar system strings, composed of planetary threads, and this one, called Earth, more recently pushing out a double-elliptical binomially-balanced DNA self-regenerating string.

All these string-systems are teleologically imaged as unraveling in reverse-implicated temporal wave streams of exformation. Perception yielding understanding, yielding paradigm development of raveling/unraveling relationship conjectures across rhetorical/relational/culturally-bound specialized languages and gestalts, intertwining toward theories, and theories emerging into prime relationship universal principles of emergently co-prehensile [comprehensive coincidental] systems.

I am disappointed that Max Tegmark has apparently missed the geometrics and the Universal Intelligent design of Bucky Fuller. This conversation would be a more synergetic read, and a read of this synergy might emerge as a scientific cultural Trimtab–greatest effectiveness with least anomaly or dissonance. Perhaps, underlying the other laws of thermodynamic/magnetic waving and stringing about, is the proto-historical teleological assumption that the Prime Law, or First Systemetric Principle, is the Law of Thermodynamic Balance, where + = (-)(-), and +Polynomials in any n-dimension = (-)Polynomials OR spacetime geo/biometrics are intrinsically irrational and dissonant without sustainable systemic formation, function, wave frequencies, or bicameral/binary/binomial balance.

In a balanced and positive teleological formation trend, metric form is to function, as +/- function is to positive/informative and negative/exforming frequency trends. All of this within a (0)-soul vector(+P)/vortex(-P) smooth-structured self-regenerative double-elliptical torus. Imagine a self-perpetuating tree-information system in which informative nutrients develop richly nutritious seeds that fall down into the soil providing enthymematic nutrients for the tree’s magnetic-south trending (implicating tendrils reaching down into the fertile rich soil) root system. What is positive for the root system is also positive trending for the leaves and blossom development.

So I guess the greatest sustainable effect for this +/-(0)Prime Relationship infometric development system is to water the flowers of cooperative intent and mindfulness, while listening with wisdom to the weeds of competitive paradigmatic monocultures, information silos of specialization, hoarding fatty wealth deposits, and lack of intent to communicate back through the wisdom of our elders and colleagues for the Continuous Quality Improvement of future generations.

Tegmark seems better at balancing ethical values than he is at balancing metric values and functions. And, if I had to choose which is most important to learn about, I would choose his flowers over his weeds.