Radly Bad Religion, and Politics, and probably Sex

wealth of bad;

Not so glad
not so rad
and not really healthy gonad
regenerative gospel.

Sad sex,
mad religion,
wealth of unaffordable,
rapaciously bad politics
seducing capitalist white bad boys
with mad cash investments
in wealthy corporate religions
with win/lose purposive missions

To forget we little regular folk
may all worship different Sons,
but all those Sons and Suns
and heavenly Daughters
share one Holy Green EarthMother

sensitively natural,
ecologically nutritious

Not so unenlightened sad
Not so disempowering mad,
Not so health care bad.

Not choosing life
as love
story’s win/win co-arising cues,
good news

Enlightening glad multicultural nonviolence,
green communion,

EarthTribe here is now
radically empowering
mystical peak
indigenously sacred
co-empathic experiences,

neurosystemic communion

Left hemisphere agnostic
Right hemisphere divinely engaged
bilaterally co-enraptured
with full-spectral spiraling
NonZero OpenSpacious Nutritional Systems
supporting ambiguous
sacred curiosity
of a green health
makes a truly wealthy
bodhisattva messianic Planet.

Who could imagine
One ZeroSum
Earth’s biosystemic Other?

What could be Now
without someday becoming There?

Yang strength resonantly Now
without Yintegrity flowing
healthy wealth balance
we would all like to become

ReMembering healthy Then
without sick Here

Economic yintegrity Then
with politically empowering Yang
co-arising potential green
compassionate Here

Sadly rad,
madly bad
singing and dancing
with glad gospel gonads.


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