Dear NPR Trump Supporter

Dear Lady,

I heard you say that you still trust President Trump
to do almost as good a job as he says he is doing,
despite all the lies,
because “they all do that”,
just say whatever the audience of the moment
would most like to hear.


I believe Abraham Lincoln,
our first Republican President,
would be surprised to hear his Gettysburg Address
was “telling them what they want to hear”
in his best cheerleader,
go, fight, win voice.

And it seems to me that Thomas Jefferson,
one of the PreRepublican forefather type Presidents,
would object to hear his rather specific name-calling
Declaration of Independence from plutocratic,
and perhaps greedy, and maybe slightly cynical, Elitists,
was just telling the good King what he really wanted to hear.

But regardless of whether our quality standards for Presidential integrity
should reasonably be expected to go up,
now that we’re into our 40th-something incarnation of this Office,
or reasonably be expected to go down
after the first two or three, or sixteen,
or whatever
back in ancient integrity times,
when the premillennial pubic person was worth his/her word
in trust repaid.

How can you trust a President
who is significantly less sure of your right to health and climate care giving
and receiving
for yourself
and for our multiculturing grandkids,
than was the former President?
How is that going in a direction that you
and your healthy extended pro-life family,
your tribe,
neighborhood militia,
or paranoid klan,
or whatever
you continue to trust
as some direction that could be good enough
for those you love the most?

like racism
and sexism,
do not optimally arrive in individual-portioned packages;
they only sustain resilient climaxes
on interdependent through empty social scales
of qualities for cooperative wealth v WinLose competing pathologies.

Still Listening

Your Democratic HealthAsWealth-Integrity Advocate