This InBetween Climate

This in-between place
and time
and space
is queer.

Neither the straightforward seer
of new beginnings
nor the recalcitrant rear
of old sweet and sour endings.

Bicameral climates of transition
listen for our most humane imaged left
and see through our most divine beauty right
complexly bilateral metaphor,
secular and sacred transubstantiation
substantiating disempowering empowerment of creolization,
of co-investments, elite and non-elite,
of left investors
co-arising right effluent divestment
away from competing capital-headed
Business As Usual

In-between lose/lose alpha-point of birth
and win/win omega warm felt beauty
harmonious destiny,

Sacredly holistic resonance
co-passioning left-hemisphere resilient liturgies

Of songs verbally and non-verbally danced
rhythms entranced
co-gravitating with and toward trans-regenerative stories
of competitively deep curious and queer cooperations,
steeped in-between courageous analogical health
as meta-phonic wealth,

Ecologically robust polypaths
toward polyphonic metaphor.


Buddha’s Permaculturing Brain

Can we EarthTribally intuit

confluent therapeutic information frequencies of harmony

averse only toward

Empiric deductive-dissonant Win?-Lose

divinely not-so-inspired economies

of confused and suffering ecologic?


Surely declaring nature as not kind

is not equivalent to experiencing nature as intrinsically unkind,

much less unloving or stupid,

a bully,

just as wrestling with God

is not necessarily wrestling against God?


Each incarnating investment string with which and whom

I gratefully greet and resonate,

mutually karmating our cooperative

solarsynthetic-fueled subsidiarity,

potentially, our regenerative synergy together,

belongs with, by, for, if me

on this our last day of becoming

and our first day of being

this perennially resolving,

harmoniously evolving,

while dissonantly revolving,

Tao true-balancing (0)-centric EarthDay.


Our millennium for Empirical Self-Bullying

now made bidextrously obsolete

with ambidextrous PermaTeleological

redemptively regenerative MentorShamans,

polyculturing our cooperative eco-normic,

positively deviant,

way true belonging lives.


Longing wrestles equivalent eternal encultured belonging,

as Yin advents Yang,

as -(-) predicts + form and lambent flowing-function.