Morning Rounds

I woke up this morning
wondering where I was last night
when this morning,
a glint in my mind,
before wandering how I last got home
here from last night

without probable gumption
maybe if I figured transport out
and in
I might have a clue about why
I woke up yesterday morning
wondering where I would end up last night

And just before last night’s end
when this morning couldn’t yet answer
any endtime circling questions
I wondered how I arrived
at this tomorrow
and the ecocidal same

Approaching win/win play
and avoiding win/lose AnthroSupremacist work

Before becoming fully present
to yesterday’s disempowering promise
once curiously engaging
resilient win/win more

Sacred listening nighttime deeper
and multicultural trauma-prevention
daylight wider
long-term cooperative
co-invested ego resilience
following my most resonant
win/win sacred ecosystemic
re-entry Tao of brilliant
nonviolently communicating
inside/outside balance

Of morning rounds
perilously in-between lose/lose
nightmare traumatic despair
and win/win delight
daytime therapeutic repair.


When I Woke Up This Morning

I opened to my internet this morning
to see an icon of a woman
under bannered “News”

And thought it couldn’t be important
or it would be a picture
of a white patriarch.

I opened to my weather web
this mourning,
to behold an icon of a Goddess
knowing we continue Gaia weeping
important fatalities
if only to each other stormy wise.

I opened to my epic romance history
this morning,
to behold all-embracing love
of eco-passion seeking,
mysteriously surrendered,
absorbing beloved fascinations.

Secularized WinLose promises devolving
sacred threatening to decompose
all Nature’s right with left ways,
sacred-eco with saintly-ego.

I woke up this dolphin breathing morning
to know our spiritual breaded Manna
upside down,
inside eco-naturally Out,
as breathing in
toward Earth’s natural nurture.

I woke up this eco-systemic morning
to turn environmental sciences
into wickedly complex magic
cooperatively owning wondrous jazz
improvising rapture.

I woke up this morning
to this eco-political WinWin bargain
liberating from WinLose doldrums
of every day toward nondualistic night.

I woke up to light this morning
this dualistic life
marooned in WinLose devolution
through patriarchal colonization theories
that might makes fight right.

I woke up to dualdark this night
in non-dualistic secular/sacred epic consciousness,
marooned in WinWin delight
matriarchal creolizing RightBrain experiences
eco-nurturing flows
bilaterally WiseElder
EgoLeft with Sacred Eastern Right.

I woke up to a walkable
and bike ride-able
city this morning
nutritionally sufficient transporting
PositivEnergy Democracy CoOperators
investing in healthy soul-soil systems,
with zero zone inventory.

I woke up to foot and pedal
arm and paddle
this morning
investing billions of empowering hours
with goat and llama and horse powered
and transportation
and animal and cart
and bicycle and kayak
maintenance and repair
cooperative co-investments.

I even woke up this morning
and we were on my mind,
recycling cafes and gardens and farms,
extending healthy family
WinWin infrastructural networks.

restorative agape ego/eco-systems
weathering colonizing fuel spikes,
confronting patriarchal over-investment climates,
thriving past this GreatYang Recession.

I woke up this morning
to an economic ecological system,
WinWin environmentally resonant.

I got up this morning
on a nurturing transportation system
WinWin walkably linked
with cooperative internal soul investments
supporting land
and sea
and air crisis therapies
invested completely
in long-term ZeroZone resilience.

I walked and talked out this morning
with metaphoric resonance
for ego/eco-consciousness
RightBrain felt,
internal/external bilaterally flowing,
epically erupting,
abundantly transporting,
accessible, if matriarchally walkable, health.

I opened to my network this morning
to see a woman icon
under bannered BadNews

And thought it must be important
or it would be another fake news picture
of a white patriarch
speaking into a one-way microphone.


Red Sky At Night…

Once upon a nightime grim

all creatures of Earth dreamed

our Mother was not enough for everyone,

just “me.”


This collective nightmare thunderously rolled out

dark implications:

Earth is insufficient for our needs!

We live in Closed Systems of immunity,

heading toward decay!

EarthTribe is not enough to sustain all this life!

I am not enough, yet!

I do not have enough, yet!

When someone grabs from me

they steal from my self-identity!

Grab back!

When someone strikes and hits to hurt,

is mean to those I care about,

I hit back!

with self-righteous flashing anger,

equity and integrity mere dormant values.

They must learn

or I may perish!


With such dark dreams

our primal twins,

Yang and Yin,

thrashed about in tangled sheets

each unaware of Other’s parallel flight

within this blue-black brackish night,

til Yang whacked Yin upside the head

completely unaware of how this would unfold.

So Yin hit back in fright

and soon this ruckus raised a violent alarm

among their household, neighbors, Tribe.

This outrage spread

sweeping across land and oceans

then back again to where it all began

until exhausted and dark bruised

all earthbound life fell down unconscious.


Within this loss of self-defense,

our open-handed peaceful nest,

dawn quietly crept toward abundant light

for all to feel and hear and touch

her sobbing singing warming beauty.

Scent of sun-baked cotton sheets

invites Yin’s eyes to uncover sight

of radiant light

abundantly growing nutrient wealth,

a yeasty compost sustaining interweaving life,

incarnating karmic response to each species’ evolving wants

and worthy hope.


As her awareness of Earth’s vast creation

lit her eyes of self-discovery

dawn’s diastasis filled hearts and minds

of all coincidental early risers.

We woke uncovered to discover immensity of life

and color swarming far beyond our needs,

nutrients absorbed for taste, and touch, and scent, and sound,

and sight, freely accessed to fit each synchronic need,

each longing to belong,

each Self fading into and out of Other,

sufficient place for each species’ time and space.

Last night’s primal screams of insufficiency replaced

by dawn’s ecology of karmic grace.


Yang woke alarmed at loss of cover.

His arms flew out to hide his fall

from dawn’s radical gift of generosity

and harmonic praxis.

And, in so doing, he hit Yin’s head.

This blow did smart

but seeded tears of redeemer healing.

Yin justly smiled and absorbed around

reminding Yang she is his graceful mentor

interpreting his dreams.


She sang with harmony enveloping unredeemed dissonance and disease,

hope for suffering and insanity’s dark lessons,

dawn’s well-lit vocation for us all

softly individuating within Earth’s optimizing life,

all brittle boundaries of mutual immunity

relaxing into resonance.


In this Transition Time from dark competing violence,

we remain cooperatively nested within Earth’s well-being,

so, dear Yang,

return toward redemptive rest,

regenerating memory seeds,

stringing songs dancing back,

back to stardust’s Ecologic Elders.


Fear and violence display synaptically sharp;

competitive “Loser!” economies;

love’s justice peace remains buoyant, resilient, robustly evolving

cooperating mutual winner revolution

away from red skies of mourning.