Einstein and Bucky’s Fifth Quarter

Why didn’t you remind people
that relativity of spacetime relationship
is double-bound and fractally rhythmed
under he Commons Metric Assumption
of 3 spatial and 1 bilateral progenitive time dimension
equals a Zero-Moment spacetime-centric
balancing thermodynamic theory?

Why didn’t you choose my word “relativity”
rather than your more positive-slanted “synergy”
in your geometrics of universal consciousness?

Eulerian prime relationality is midway positive
but also double-knotted and fractal negative,
as convex-within.
If Synergetics has a positive stance,
it may also be true
that “relativity” has a negatively-reductive slant.
Zero-Core Concave/Convex Universe
as Prime Relationship
feels more nondually transparent
than a Universal Theory of Relativity…
but, oh yes, by the way,
this Relativity of space and time story
takes place
within our shared assumption
of 4 equidimensional dynamics
as Prime Fractal SpaceTime Relationship.

I don’t recall saying anything about fractals,
although I did stipulate a 3-Space and 1-Time
as we know it in human-consciousness.

But c-squared begins with a fractal.
Square roots
regenerate metric-logical fractals.
To commodify the speed of light’s 0-Core Time
as “c-squared”
is to point directly at Bohm’s Implicate Order
of fractal form and functional dynamic syntax
st-ringing theory.

You think too much in ecologic.
Math and physics
boil and toil and trouble
more inclusively as Group Theory.

have you been following what Thurston
and Perelman
and those folks
have been saying
about the double-elliptical binding 0-soul core
of any integrative,
and logically possible,
rational system?

Einstein: No, zero is much too small
to timelessly hold
my eternally universal interest.

Not that I always need the last word
but zero is also much too timeless
to share your expansive consciousness.

That was a good one.


Tao = Bilaterally Eternal Time

Father solar systemic Time
and Mother Earth’s Space
regenerated RNA fractal spacetime,
reiteratively sensed
echoing through our dipolar DNA fueled
omnisciently empowering
Right hemispheric memory
of Information’s Harmonic String Theory.

Equitable peace within radically inclusive consciousness,
Earth love with Solar System synergy,
compassion mating right-hemispheric mindfulness,
permacultural orthopraxis,
transpecies and transmillennially expressing
what Grandfather Fuller regeneratively implied.

Transcendent consciousness and communication networks
crowdsourcing ecological values
dreamed with optimal longing tears
by pre-millennial grandelders.

Each bi-generation reincarnating nature’s root bicameral system
of positive teleological hope for this taproot
now emerging into bicultural East-West consciousness,
a spring,
a twig,
a preconscious QBit trend,
promising polynomial branches
with cooperative productive leaves balancing consuming string-stems,
and richly pollinated organic flowers
of glorious gratefully incarnated diversity,
our Tree of Life in Fuller bloom,
now comprehensively conscious,
self-aware of our EarthTime progenitors,
grateful for history’s herstoric nutritional roots,
paradise shared with birds and worms,
sun and water and air,
breathing and beating
our flowing steady stream of dreamy swimming “Yes!”

At last, at last,
we share our Beloved Community InformNational Dream,
full moon beams rapturing Gaia’s radiant dark camouflaging skin,
political economic ecological natural philosophical religion
credentialed with Taoist Permacultural Systemic Consciousness.

Predative production winner function
struggling against victimized consumer prey-loser dissonance,
remerge with Win-Win interdependent cooperative relationship,
as cooperatively predative preying parasites’
thrival of the polycultural fittest.

Fully diastatic consciousness loves a closed 8-frequency prime octave
to emerge one Positive/Negative thermodynamic
and electromagnetic
and mutually gravitational bilateral
binomial fractal form,
of inside is to outside
as what goes up
must optimally
and self-regeneratively
come down as coincidental double-bound spacetime,
where any +polynomial binary information
must also be not-not binomially
and logically
and ecologically
and economically
and culturally
and Left-Right hemispheric
dipolar balanced octave harmonics
of Closed Set Universal Information String Theory.

Each bilateral conscious moment within Earth’s natural space
is equivalently birthed by EcoFather’s Prime Unitarian
seasons of analogical function:
Tao = Time
as +Yang = (-,-)Yin
as Polynomial QBit Information = Not-Not Polynomial Functional Consciousness,
as +1 = (+/-)0 digital binary negative dipolar correlation,
open universally systemic zero-sum cooperatively Win-Win balancing.

This emerges from camouflaged intuitive consciousness
of wu-wei as TrimTab tipping,
toward 4-dimensional spacetime harmonic octaves,
Zero Vertexial Yang OVER Zero Vortexial Yin-Yin’s
bilaterally emergent alpha and omega of present full consciousness.




Enculturing Self-History 4.00

Flying atoms

coincidentally swimming fish

emergent ego identities

planets each in our own orbits

of interdependent revolutions

both through gravitating confluence

balancing radiant SuperEco’s synergetic timeline,

diastatic, thus holonic, universal integrity.


Natural systems prove this Prime Relationship

neither kind nor unkind within contentment,

but coincidentally comprehensive

through faith in SuperOther and Self-id-entity

grow ego ergodically sustaining reincarnations

through mutual confluence

balancing within Earth’s spacetimed Self-Care

comprehensive harmonic systems

of synergetic integrity.


We meet integrity’s stern face of lean justice and self-righteousness

when SuperEco awareness teaches through dissonant personal history

natural and cultural history,

ecological and cooperative economic transactional history.

(-)Yin Teacher grows Positive EcoTherapeutic

eremetical live-systeming permaculturalists,

escaping self-inflicted competitive silos and locked minds,

“evil” reverses live,

decomposing dissonant death

regenerates life’s eternal incarnation.


We meet synergy’s happy face

when SuperEco appositionally resolves

Earth’s resonant polyculturally Implicating Binomial Order:

+Yang = (-)Yin

in natural systemic Prime Relationship Universe

where Positronic Space = (-)temporal-linear ergodically binomial electronic fractal balance,

as +1 = (-)0

in binary balanced teleological optimized Prime Relationship

that P=NP well-maintained heuristic 0-sum Soul assumption.


Both rational and natural faith associated with full-Yanged Summer

as hope swelling from Spring’s rising again regeneration,

dismay with purgative Winter’s adventure

following late-Falling harvest

economic winnowing

ecological synthesis

preparing for regenerative Eco-Therapeutic orthopraxis

waiting for Spring to redeem eternal NOW,

with failing produce




dissonant teachers

poignantly bleak pathological trends of decay,



dissonance dinosaurs failing, while fueling,

Spring’s Permacultured Proof of Sustainability.


While history records five extinctions,

human history only speaks of Dinosaur Age

as analogical speciating, predicated demise.

Could we grow post-millennial dinosaurs,

Boddhisatva Warriors

listening to Elder Mentors

how not to act against and with each other,

how not to misperceive each other as “not me,”

devour, rather than absorb, our nutrient ecosystems,

how not to shit in our water

rather than compost our soil,

and compete for sex and meals and shelter,

when permacultural history recommends cooperation

as at least equivalent positive value

for human natured systems.


We positively evolve our sanctuary

from life’s radically diverse linguistic,

and iconic,

and paradigmatic asylums

and economic ghettos of self-stratifying competition

marginalized absence of full-lived synergy.


Evil oaTs

Primally resolve Relationship

Tao’s Live

Universal Spacetime Metasystem,

+1Yang  (0)-sum binary balances +/-Zeroism

QBit Core Vector/Vortex SuperEco Polyculturing Soul.