What Goes Forward…

Most things that happen in this world

are a chain around one person’s ankles,

yet a sweet release for another.

Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)


Most things that happen are WinFreedom

and LoseFreedom transactions,

but not all.

The exceptions prove Win-Win’s SuperEcologic Rule.


Some fractal/crystal transparadigmatic

comprehensive moments

become all-inclusive revolutionary freedom

and peace fulfillment moments.

For a Boddhisatva blessed (and perhaps messianically cursed) few

moments stretch to days,

days stretch to months, then years,

years fold into decades,

decades comprehensively and summarily fold

through life and death incarnating threshold stages,

stages string through infinite DNA Codex Memory

of spaciated-temporal-affective past enculturing events,

which, cumulatively across Elders past through time’s Original Intent,

define +Polynomial Optimized Information

as equal, no more or less, to

the lovely dipolar Yin (-)(-) Polynomial Beauty Spot,

spotting future QBit correlational trends

resolving optimization fractal

3-spatial/1-(+/-)BinaryZeroistic Eulerian function QBit time


NOW’s threshold equivalently poised toward infinite positive past equals infinite future

in reverse double-negative temporal linear order.


As this adds up to (0) summed new-old permacultured economic theory,

yin definition, when progenitively squared linear-dipolar

predicts and reverse-equates

Yang-cubed three-trigonometric-static spatial dimensions,

a useful calculating tool for metric entities,

yet more primally,


and coincidentally effective design for relativity’s relationship functions

of use for developing Beloved Climax Communities.


Where was this comprehensive rant,

metric cant,

double-binding Energy as Yin-cubed

and c-squared + c Eulerizes landing?

In Golden Ratio as SpaceTime’s Well-Lit (0)-Sum Commons,

Einstein’s assumptive 4-equi-dimensional understory for Universal Relativity,

seeding Positive Energy QBits

flying speed of intuitive enlightenment,

square-rooting +/(-)(-)0-Soul Core Summed

Ecologic Wide-Open Self-Perpetuating Systems Theory

and a whole lotta love and laughter

when we comprehend why double negatives

always regenerate positive

convexly radiant Yang/Yin Balanced Energy and Form

and Information.


If some of us are free and powerful enough to have way too much stuff and,


production strength and assets,

if some control and own more than our fair share of Earth’s natural systems,

and Earth’s organic living produce,

born of passive solar pay-it-forward long-term sustainable investments,

including all species and ecological paradigms within human language and story,

logos and mythos,

and Earth’s economically trans-actionally enculturing nutrient stream ecojustice,

and Earth’s ecotherapeutic multisystemic mutual-messianic orthopraxis

of permacultural design optimization standards

and thermodynamic and electromagnetic balance,

now expanding from Earth toward Solar Systemic eco-normics,

and Universe’s mutually gravitational,


interdependent-holonically ordered

neural positive enlightenment,

this monopolistic lack of balance is not because God has graced

these naturally evolving resources disproportionately upon The Few Select,

while too many Also-Rans have bad karma marginalization,

infant mortality rates,

and sundry other catastrophic

climatically disproportionate health and well-being issues.

If The Few rule competitively playing Win-Lose Games

controlling strong-suited hands and bands of freedom

while others increasingly question our less-than-mutually parasitic role as puppets,

this is not because God has disgraced us filthy poor and diseased and deviant and dissonant rablish sinners.


Rather, we have brought this upon ourselves,

with the considerable hell of Left-brained deductive and languaged Master-dominance,

over RightOldHemispheric fractal-synaptic,

intuitively gravitational,

double-binding HERE/NOW

perfect pitching, tipping

temporal judgment toward Self and Other and Earth Balance,

nurturing harmony,

diastolic peace co-prehensively reaching

for warmth of Spring’s nutritious watered soil,

regenerating (0) Core Vortexed

in +/(-)Tao’s (0)-Soul

core ecologic composting seeds of QBits,

our coincidentally temporally optimizing harvest

of information strings and stories and theories.


QBits are informed by cultural-historical regenerative Truth,

or exformed by dissonant ecological and economic Consequences.


We are collectively over-populating and under-nourishing our future

and Earth’s future life systems

through ego-identified anthrodissonant inhumane dis-nature dissonance,

pretending we believe Win-Lose sub-optimization relational

and logistic unnatural design sad-strategies

could ever effectively sustain future well-being

of both Id and SuperEco

when WinWin Cooperative Ecological Systems

define my “Self”,

my “Other”,

our home,


Universal Co-Synergetic Intelligence,

as our Zero-Centric enthymematic probability of successful communication

within and between Beloved Climax Communities

within all languages

about all paradigms

throughout all revolving




Cooperatively domained economic cultural praxis

reflects WinWin Game Theory,

as the reverse-negative temporal-sequential image

and hierarchical tree of competitive

LoseLose logistical and statistical theory,

assuming binary-balanced outcomes apply.

When only one “winner” monopolizes Earth,

then the “winner” loses capacity to continue playing

our reiterative binomially interactive Game.

When the Game EarthSelf has failed prime relationship capacity,

then all players lose future regenerative play.

WinWin positively promises appositional sustenance,

recreational regeneration,

which is more than procreation

or even really optimal sex;

well, OK, maybe not,

but what religious leaders label “Beloved Community,”

permacultural designers call “Climax Community.”

Really, need we say more on this SuperEco enlightening topic?

Id and Ego and SuperEco together

prophesy freedom from mortal fears and freedom for peace-filled love,

and vital economic energy.


If psychological enculturation had started with Id as Yin,

with Ego as EcoLogic Comprehensive Intelligence System,

with SuperEgo as Yang Super-Eco,

perhaps polycultural positive psychologists

would endlessly and metasystematically theraprize,

or maybe not so much,

or maybe justice midway balanced much

for mutually cooperating our ecologic future.


We are each and all already free

to incarnate within Earth’s solar gift systemic convex atmosphere,

including Elders stringing our nutrient regeneration,

informating Square-Rooting Open Negentropic ReGenetic Systems

of flight in Self-BelovedOther neural synergizing

dreamy diastatic full-moon enlightenment,

blissful HERE greets NOW meets HERE.

Evolution’s self-stimulating sweet spot,

revolving climaxing communication

beyond words constricting

freedom feeling peace

full harvest of global and personal climatic justice.


All moments that unfold in this world

are an interdependent chain around time’s dancing ankle,

an ego-optimizing metasystemic space of freedom

for each cherished Self+EcoOther.









We Tao the Hokey-Pokey

What goes up

must come down.

What goes out

must come in.

What goes before

must come behind.

What folds

must unfold.

When time is knotted

it must unknot.

When space explains radiantly


then time implies mutually gravitationally and cooperatively,

and concavely.

What information organizes square rootedly

must decompose fractally and binomially,

in binary octaves of reverse Win-Win hierarchy.


We place love as apex of our hierarchy of values,

but what we most love is peaceful justice for all,

including ourselves of course,

and what might peace become

while being sufficiency of time to live together fully,


with full-octaved integrity,

as our daily incarnational belonging habitat

both within our metaphysical eco-landscape

and our physical-logistical-metasystemic ecotherapeutic praxis.


Perhaps we might grow more permaculturally accurate,

and balanced,

more harmonically loving,

more crystal-fractal Commons-Clear,

when our primal vocation re-issues forth transgenerationally,

transgenetically and transgenerically,

across all paradigms and id-entities,

all metasystems and life,

all spacetime,

all Yang with Yin,

to regenerate our mutually peace-filled EcoTherapy

optimally decomposed with permacultural root metasystemic analysis,

as we have power of memory and imagination of possible futures

to swim and fly and breathe peacefully belonging synergetic love

rather than wilt mono-longing entropically apart.

Make love not war,

in metasystemic


polycultural languages and praxis of choice.


We are paralyzed by fear and despair and anger and envy

that we do not know and have everything,

or at least not enough,

about and for ourselves,

about nonviolent sustainability of fragile egos.

At the same time,

when we do believe we know and have everything we want

we merely demonstrate remarkable lack of curiosity

about Others,

about before and after

about what our wants and needs look like when we network them all together.


I can more fully comprehend myself

when I more fully comprehend our evolving co-intelligence itself,


The more we uncover our heart and mind integrity

the more empowering our metaphysical and physical nutrient streams

dwelling in,

swelling out,

from Tao that is our (0)-Core Soul,

our sole,

our soil,

our seed,

like an acorn to a tree,

evolving from trembling tendril,

emerging through past incarnations,

reincarnating through future annual rings

of our Tree of Life’s polyculturing root system,

absorbing Earth’s enriching economy

of permacultured compost.


Original intent and meaning

purpose and teleology

of each event and moment,

each life and planet,

each language and paradigm,

each system and metric languaged universe,

may be considered mindfully from a historical and scientific perspective

or compassionately from a cultural and metaphysical paradigm;

either way

space ordinally explicates what time non-polynomially implicates,

binomially intuits as coincident-primal relating,

metasystemically binds and boundaries and double-negatives as binary balanced

trigonometric temporal-linear,

polynomially-positively organizing information,

assuming a 4-equi-dimensional spacetime universe

both thermodynamically and electromagnetically balanced fractally,

as did Einstein, and Bucky Fuller,

in his primal assumption underlying our SpaceTime Theory of Prime Relativity

and Cooperative Relationality.


And, Einstein’s Prime Relationship assumption

that space-cubed equals linear binary time-squared

is one we all are invited to continue cooperatively sharing

as metasystemically ecotherapeutic

rather than unraveling and flying apart

with toxic over-populating competitive climate changes,

and cognitive-emotive dissonance,

and emergent anthropocentric autism,

and collective dimentia,

growing politically rabid

when we could choose peacefully balanced economic ecologic

of permaculturally just design.


What deductively grows Left hemispheric

evolves coincident intuitively balanced Left/Right bicameral information,

what goes dominant

might evolve recessive

until we land together on transmillennial tipping points

toward zeroistic Tao balance.


What radiates out

gravitates in

then we turn ourselves about.



Enculturing Self-History 4.00

Flying atoms

coincidentally swimming fish

emergent ego identities

planets each in our own orbits

of interdependent revolutions

both through gravitating confluence

balancing radiant SuperEco’s synergetic timeline,

diastatic, thus holonic, universal integrity.


Natural systems prove this Prime Relationship

neither kind nor unkind within contentment,

but coincidentally comprehensive

through faith in SuperOther and Self-id-entity

grow ego ergodically sustaining reincarnations

through mutual confluence

balancing within Earth’s spacetimed Self-Care

comprehensive harmonic systems

of synergetic integrity.


We meet integrity’s stern face of lean justice and self-righteousness

when SuperEco awareness teaches through dissonant personal history

natural and cultural history,

ecological and cooperative economic transactional history.

(-)Yin Teacher grows Positive EcoTherapeutic

eremetical live-systeming permaculturalists,

escaping self-inflicted competitive silos and locked minds,

“evil” reverses live,

decomposing dissonant death

regenerates life’s eternal incarnation.


We meet synergy’s happy face

when SuperEco appositionally resolves

Earth’s resonant polyculturally Implicating Binomial Order:

+Yang = (-)Yin

in natural systemic Prime Relationship Universe

where Positronic Space = (-)temporal-linear ergodically binomial electronic fractal balance,

as +1 = (-)0

in binary balanced teleological optimized Prime Relationship

that P=NP well-maintained heuristic 0-sum Soul assumption.


Both rational and natural faith associated with full-Yanged Summer

as hope swelling from Spring’s rising again regeneration,

dismay with purgative Winter’s adventure

following late-Falling harvest

economic winnowing

ecological synthesis

preparing for regenerative Eco-Therapeutic orthopraxis

waiting for Spring to redeem eternal NOW,

with failing produce




dissonant teachers

poignantly bleak pathological trends of decay,



dissonance dinosaurs failing, while fueling,

Spring’s Permacultured Proof of Sustainability.


While history records five extinctions,

human history only speaks of Dinosaur Age

as analogical speciating, predicated demise.

Could we grow post-millennial dinosaurs,

Boddhisatva Warriors

listening to Elder Mentors

how not to act against and with each other,

how not to misperceive each other as “not me,”

devour, rather than absorb, our nutrient ecosystems,

how not to shit in our water

rather than compost our soil,

and compete for sex and meals and shelter,

when permacultural history recommends cooperation

as at least equivalent positive value

for human natured systems.


We positively evolve our sanctuary

from life’s radically diverse linguistic,

and iconic,

and paradigmatic asylums

and economic ghettos of self-stratifying competition

marginalized absence of full-lived synergy.


Evil oaTs

Primally resolve Relationship

Tao’s Live

Universal Spacetime Metasystem,

+1Yang  (0)-sum binary balances +/-Zeroism

QBit Core Vector/Vortex SuperEco Polyculturing Soul.



BiPolar Dissonance

When oppositional cognitive dissonance deflects focus,

it tends to go back to when I deflected focus from her.

She sends me passive-aggressive messages,

bread crumbs leading back in time

to where she began to feel alone,





If you don’t want a sopping wet tile bathroom floor

because I have thrown all my naked Barbie and Ken parts,

especially their water-filled hollow insides,

and the five saturated pools of clean washcloths

I took out of that drawer just like you said not to,

and the nice sudsy soft bar of soap,

then you might want to reconsider leaving the bathroom

during my bath.

You might want to think of telling a story

or imagining with my behavioral lectures

I so mercilessly inflict

on the shattered heads of my daughters,


I mean dolls.


Perhaps oppositional cognitive dissonance

is what Republicans have about Democrats.


If you folks would be so kind as to return to cooperative civic and civil discussion,

about our intrinsic dignity,

immaculate integrity as a permacultured orthodox tradition,

intrinsic to optimize sustainable and resilient health

for All Americans,

including those who happen to have become embarrassed

by their wealth of health and extravagant disregard

for uncommodified values,

like the synergy of all natural systems,

of religious cultures

delivering a united and interdependent positive teleology

that we all created this rapacious, extractive mess together.


So, please stop leaving the bathroom

every time we complain about your shitty attitudes

about wealthy compost and sustainable,


optimized economic growth.

Then complain when we go right on doing

what we intended to do

while we were throwing water

on your slippery-floor economics

of radical,

reverse-hierarchical interdependence and mutual subsidiarity.



our Democratic family value parents

hear their oppositionally disordered Republicans

as if they were of some dysfunctionally alien species

devoid of deductive rational accessibility,

of even one of four corners of truth,

and  without capacity to empathize with their well-mentored praxis,

of continually forgetting you could not climb a higher priority

right now

than telling your oppositional daughter Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, 

interpreting each voice as your own Lorax,

wondering why you continue competing

to reach a Win-Win Cooperative Game,

and political

and economic

and ecological

and cultural finish line,

alone in your Permaculture Designed polycultural Loraxed paradise.

When you think about it,

you can see that your competitive political

and economic assumptions are not ecologically,

or even permaculturally,

sound, rational, integrated,

much less synergetic or holonically comprehensive.

You can’t win a P=NP,

4-fractal/spiral (0)-sum

cooperative economic logistical plan

until everyone else has the freedom

and integrity

and ecotherapeutic orthopraxis comprehension,


to win-win with you, coincidentally.


With this perhaps un-Christian,

and vaguely irreligious perspective

that Democratic political culture

is closer to (0) sum Core Value Balanced Heaven

rationality than appears to be the case

for our benighted Republican

and wealthy fat-cat residents of Earth,

we have turned rather too far

our spinning cultural revolution pendulum

away from the racist sin of polycultural difference,

poverty and the commodification of human lives,

and the commodification of other species,

and the commodification of Earth’s fire, water,

soil and sky,

Her capacity to regenerate fertile seeds,

turning away from sin as insanity,


to now prophecy the sins of wealth,

and power,

and competing, dissonant tipping points

of monocutural,


monopolistic competing economic uncertainty

and ecological dysfunction for all nations,

including its more humane DNA-informed

bicameral information processor branch of our EcoTribe,



multisystemic and polycultural Climax Community,



coincidentally straining and stressing to comprehend

Polynomial SpaceTime = Not-Polynomial Open Systemic Binomial Prime Relationship Temporal “Now”

as Yang-convex/positive = Yin-concave/negative,

as +1.00% QBit = +/-(0)% Soul Core-emergent universal Vertex/Dark Recessional Vortex (Perelman, 1993)


So, yes, maybe somewhat closer,

but closer doesn’t count

when playing Win-Win economic logos.

Horseshoes don’t fit elephants.






When we see regenerate systemic structure,

Then we know regenerative prime function,

of time and relationship,

of space and sequential proportion,

of polyculturing revolutions

devouring monocultures in warm synergetic baptisms.


When we know regenerative primal function,

We learn to hear regenerating frequencies,

We fear unregenerative force,

We evolve  faith-praxis through ReGenetic Intelligism,

(oops, did I say that out loud?).


When we evolve multisystemic orthopraxis through ReGenetic Wisdom

Then we mentor co-regeneration,

mutual evolve-informing subordinate,

reiterative listening and syncing,

positive generous timeliness,

in Basic Attendance spaciousness,

diastatic lungs and heart and consciousness

in peace-radiant love with Earth’s unfolding song and dance.


+/-Eulerian + RNA 4-Based Binomial Geometric Evolutionary Logical,

Ecological and Biological,

and Regenerative Nuclear Linear-Polar String Revolving 4-equi-dimensional

thermodynamic and electromagnetic prime relationship balance,

where +Polynomial = -(-)Polynomial Open Hierarchical Balanced MultiSystemic Information Win-Win Assumption.


See Buckminster Fuller on prime tetrahedral revolving dynamic evolution of spacetime,

fractal information as energy,

(0)-sum Core Vector [convex] OVER Core Vortex [concave].

And also consider a post-millennial revision of cultural Taoism

so Yang = +1 QBit, as

Yin = (-)-1 QBit, and

Permaculturing Tao = +/(-)- Prime Fractal Ergodic 0-soul Theorem (Gregori Perelman, et. al.)


The President’s EcoChaplain

Sr. Kathleen Brennan, of the Order of Positive Intentions, is the 11th Interreligious EcoMinister Chaplain to the U.S. Congress, where she has been unusually…useful, and apparently ubiquitous. President Fuller is suffering from 2nd-term despondence-syndrome. His Cabinet seems to be leaking, the House is total chaos, and, while the Senate is somewhat more bicamerally balanced, good intentions far outweigh sustainable outcomes. Fuller feels ironically emptier of hope, much less faith that this mess will reweave into a viable fabric within his life time, much less his remaining two years.

When Ms. Fuller, his wife, found him flirting with suicidal ideation, she rather firmly invited onto his schedule a pastoral visit with the Congressional EcoMinister. Although not exactly sure that this appointment would add up to a regenerative future, his not-so-little intuitive voice resonated hopefully with this suggestion because of Sr. Brennan’s reputation as somehow unusually…useful.

President: Sr. Brennan, good of you to stop by. Hoping you might be able to help.

Chaplain: In what way, Mr. President?

P: Well, certainly not that way. Just “Bucky” please. “Mr. President” feels much too heavy right now, like somebody else I never really wanted to be.

C: So presidential Bucky isn’t unfolding as you had hoped, or intended, somehow.

P: I see what you did there, that reference to your Order’s vocational formation. What does that mean, anyway, I don’t recall meeting anyone else from the Positive Intentions Order. Ironic, Washington is a veritable compost pile of good intentions that don’t seem to come together anywhere close to whatever it is you are doing with this Positive Intention ecotherapy, or whatever you call it.

C: You covered quite a lot of ground there, Bucky. Maybe it would be helpful to talk about this disparity between your good intentions and how you define Positive Intent.

P: Well, maybe that’s part of my problem, while I am painfully aware that the road toward good intentions has killed far more people than malignant intent, I can’t work out why, exactly.

C: I doubt you know anyone with malignant intent.

P: What would you call suicidal ideation?

C: I would call that an oxymoron, If you have a positive intent toward self-destruction, you cannot actually incarnate that potentiality without sacrificing the positive polarity of your intended trajectory toward a sustainably peaceful life.

P: My life has been to try to be useful, where most needed, as inclusively as possible. But, it is the inclusivity itself that seems so utterly impossible from this position in Universal Intelligence.

C: Which is…?

P: As I am sure you know very well, the Regenerative System Development Platform has advocated for a cooperative (0)-sum post-millennial Trimtab transition for optimizing global Continuous Quality Improvement.

C: Quite a circular mouthful. So, your positive-teleological position revolves around this (0)-PrimeMutual value system. Is that how you define our “good intentions?”

P: Probably, although I would certainly use a lot more words, and numbers, and generate many polysyllabic hybrids about natural-metric systems development.

C: That does seem to be where you lose your constituency, all the irrational words, numbers, and assumption of malignant intent within the belief systems of those who oppose you, those malingering “Nay!”-sayers.

How do you reconcile your faith that we are all in this mess together with this fear of some proactive, organized, Order of Malignant Intent? While I doubt you have met anyone wearing society’s imprimatur of “Hopeless Sociopath,” I have spent some time in your prisons. A bicameral system with addictive sociopathology issues explores homicide as vicarious suicide. It feels like naked-wild risk, with the prophylactic of clothed hiddenness.

My (0)-sum win-win faith, and positive teleological intent, are not compatible with the view that your constituency would elect representatives who are addicted sociopathologists.  In other words, I wonder if you are confusing Positive Intent toward a regenerative, and sociotherapeutic, economy with Negative Intent toward globally inclusive suicide, as a species, and personally, within yourself.

P:  While I would be vastly relieved to learn that I am confused about the Other-Side’s malignant intent, I just can’t get my data-crunchers to come up with that optimized sustainable outcome trajectory. I mean, for example, if the rich and powerful define Winning the Economy Game as continuing to grow their wealth deposits, then all our synthesized projections for the future show exploding global population of increasingly marginal poverty, to say nothing of what it is doing to the dimming prospects of any (0)-carbon air-bound/soil-bound balanced ecosystem surviving anywhere on Earth.

C: So, your global information system is telling you that we cannot play a Win-Win Sustainable Ecology Game using Win-Lose socio-economic strategies.

Try this metaphor. Imagine that your constituency is a population of lotus flowers, able to physically see each other only above the surface of our Earth-pond. Your Prime (0)-sum cooperative economic platform is the pond’s surface. But, when you plunge down, under the surface, you can see that our species’ (0)-sum ecological center goes deeper down to where we share an emergent root system reaching down, with diminishing, yet still positively-regenerative intentional structure, into Earth’s rich polycultured compost. This cooperative permaculture feeds our root system, so nutrients flowing up have a regenerative infrastructural trajectory for all the individual lotus flowers, and their seed-bearing future generations.

On the other hand, one of the lotus flowers decides that he and his neighbors are more important than some other weedy-kinda-flowers on the other side of the pond, so they start sucking up all the nutrients, watching their distant RNA-cousins wilt and suffer, under the mistaken belief that they are protecting their childrens’ future while they are actually strangling their entire economic and ecological root-systemic capacity. The apparent suicidal ideation of those wilting flower-cultures on the other side of Earth’s pond are a lesson to all of us: Don’t forget that we are all (0)-sum centered where information fully reflects our most inclusive root system. This deeper ecologically balanced plateau emerges endosymbiotic Win-Win cooperative economies for nutrient flow up toward the next generation of lotus flowers.

Your suicidal ideation is your poli-cultural teacher, reminding you that we are all in this together, regardless of all the push-back necessary to bring global peace to the surface of Earth’s pond. You have no more right to choose suicide, Bucky, than a bipolar sociopath has to choose homicide. Choose to regenerate inclusive, cooperative polycultures; avoid malignant competitive monocultural silos of us-v-them, and me-v-we boundaries.

P: Is that your spiritual advice?

C: That’s my eco-equity Continuous Quality Improvement permacultured advice, straight out of the Order of Positive Intent’s prayer book, for greatest effect with least dissonance. We used to call it the Golden Rule, but now we are learning to apply it somewhat more broadly, to how we treat all species, all information, all communication, moments, days, lives, learning, and generations, past, present, and future, as EcoSelf (0) = Grace of Thermodynamic Balance [+ = (-)(-), as Yang = Reverse-Yin diametric restraint, as P = NP]—not so much Self-Centric, and refusing to play nice.

P: I think I regenerate, theoretically, what you did there—and I’m feeling positive, even hopeful, about this analogical way of comprehending QBit spacetime, and bicameral in/ex-formating systems development, and comprehensive coincidentalism, and universalism, and integral intelligence, and sociotherapy, and bicameral psychotherapy, and bioethics, and….

Assuming this might go on for a few hours, Sr. Brennan, EcoMinistry Chaplain, excused herself; without any apparent interruption of Bucky’s positively regenerative, and inclusively analogical, string theory, traveling its regenerative pilgrimage toward self-perpetuating organic compost.



Normative-Balanced Revolutionary System Development: ReGenesis

For one minute, imagine that the information coding of every living/natural/organic system is Uracil = +(0/0/0)-bio/geometric and syntropic [string-regenerative = implicate/intuitive binomial eco/geo-structure] functional sequence OVER Not-Thymine (Not-polynomial information)= -(-/0/0)Negative Deviant frequency [-e-function], implied, potential, dissonant, negentropic, chaotic, climatic, frequency trending toward Millennial Re-Valuation Synergetic comprehension that +1Yang (polynomial space and time, deductively understood) = (-)0-souled (Perelman, 1994) yin (NP); if, and only if, this comprehension is quickly incarnated to restore thermodynamic balance for sustainable CQI outcomes for human lungs and hearts, and minds and brains, and bicameral information processors.

Important mutually defining meme-polarities, tools for our journey toward a retro-future:

(0)-Soul: In Group Theory, a binary +50%/-50% elliptical Core Vector (Positively Deviant) and Vortex (Negatively Deviant from the core prime axial/4 +/-Binary-based space/time tetrahedrally spin-balanced perpetual equipoise).

(1)-Individual: Holonically/holistically co-valent, confluent, with (0)-Soul

(2)- Prime InfoMetric-Relationship of +Yang1.00% Complete Boundaried Universe Explicated (In-Formed-Polynomials) Syntropy  OVER –Yin0.00% Empty Unboundaried Non-Relationship Neg-Entropy OVER –Yang1.00% Complete Un-Boundaried (NotSpecial Case-Metaphysical Only) exforming reverse-trending toward Syntropic (from the past,  intuitively predicted for the future-in-reverse). Polynomial information perceived as Binomially organized due to binary information-processing cooperative structural network-building positive bias toward dynamically intricate regenerative string-development cultures.

Syntropy is analogous to  +1.00%/-0.00% perpetually trending love and mutually-regenerative gratitude.

An ecology of grace is analogous to an ecology of cooperative value exchange in which the greatest effect with least effort meets CQI standards for Binomial Information System Integrative Development. These may also be expressed as mutually transparent Win-Win Game Theory strategies in a double-helixed interactive revolving window of optimally inclusive opportunity.

Perhaps it is easier to step into this way of seeing Spaceship Earth, and her bicameral research species, for any child receiving the overwhelming, exegetically-delivered, message that what s/he feels to be Positively Deviant is, in fact, really and truly, according to all cultures in all times, Negatively Deviant. If we are fundamentally “wrong,” we suffer from an autistically struggling self-identification wound. To grow up “queer,” “defective,” “dysfunctional,” “perpetual underachiever,” “disabled,” “insane,” “bipolar,” “oppositional”  is to develop a core-identity protective layer of cynicism about “orthodox” values, and the exegetical role of culture itself.

Bipolar deviance erupts into cognitive dissonance about what is Positive v. Negative Deviance from Business-As-Usual, what is teleologically helpful or harmful for “Self” preservation. Stigmatization of bi-polarity, from shaman to Transgender, is itself a primal sociopathology emerging with Left-brained cultural dominance. The evolutionary trend toward Left hemispheric dominance has over-valued deductive-only information since the alphabetization of symbolic icons, glyphs, and nature-based audiovisual-information values were psychologically centric, and normative (Abram, 1996). We used to believe that the Golden Rule really, literally, proportionally, normatively, ecologically, economically, cooperatively is a Prime Rule of Relationship. This view seems to be making a comeback.