Game Theory meets PermaCulture Design


Our International Permaculture Communications Class project hopes to design a cooperative, yet fun, EcoTherapy Game. We will do this together, but this  shares some of my initial thought experiments and theoretical frame, ecosystemic structure for regenerative on-line  and RealTime game development.

What if we cast Information issues within a hierarchy of discernment authority to defer to nutritious health and economic prosperity values? So options available are restricted by giving preference to those that are at least positive/negative value balanced in nondual ecological and economic categories. This should have the effect of minimizing loss, pain, suffering, and dissonance, using normative Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) binary system standards, for positive value optimization to date, decomposed with Bayesian PolyNomial QBit (0)-soul bilateral trend analysis.

Now, this is a Win-Win gaming frame, so we prioritize positive information value power and authority by using a principle of mutual lowest subsidiarity default. So, if a Win-Lose value issue dispute arises at the individual level, then the dissonant resolution frame may invite  the population of the individual’s family and/or other trusted support system relationships, if this extended family presents the issue to their community, then the resolution frame incorporates that family’s community, if the community cannot resolve the issue to the satisfaction of both the family and the community representatives, then the frame goes out to representatives of the State, or Province, or Bioregion, then to national representatives, and globally only in the event of a national failure to find a mutually acceptable win-win indigenous strategy. Global attention seems likely with regard to climate change concerns, for example, but probably not quite so much about your grandmother’s unfortunate habit of carrying an unsheathed paring knife concealed in the back pocket of her dungarees. But, please notice, this game design intends to be family-based, or rooted–not necessarily the sole provence of those desperate 16 to 24 year olds hiding down in your basements waiting for the satellites to fall, playing their Win-Lose cosmological disaster championship games.

Let’s take a familiar and long-standing ethical dilemma between the individual and society: If we had a citizen who refused to pay that portion of federal taxes currently allocated toward the production of death and the destruction of property, these would probably show up in our positive ecology value column as ecologically dysfunctional, and therefore negative values; that is, death, decay, dissonance, and destruction are each an indicator of harm, disvalue, dissonant Information string-trend frequencies. These are each and all ecologically negative trend projections. So, a State regulation that appeared to the individual to be dissonant with his or her biosystem’s positive productive outcomes might also contribute to the demise of everyone’s biosystemic health and welfare. I think this might be at least a reasonably moderate level of global human collapse, probably bringing along several other vulnerable species.

Our EcoTherapy Game might involve a national resolution platform to reconsider options like permitting conscientious objectors to not pay their war tax portion so long as that same amount of currency is transparently invested for positive socioeconomic outcomes, such as  design and investment exchange networks, commodity  and equity cooperatives and locally controlled ecological economic development.

On the other hand, a socioecological pathologist, and perhaps to some extent we each participate in socioecological pathology, but some more frequently and dysfunctionally than others, brought to the game for violating WinWin norms, such as evading paying people in a corporation’s own community a living wage by moving production, packaging, and customer service operations to another biosystem, thereby increasing carbon footprint for transportation, and where cost of living in U.S. dollar equivalencies is much lower, thereby further eroding the value of indigenous currency, and further destabilizing the economic and ecological systems in the new socioenvironmentally-jeopardized location. This begins to smell like taking a shit in somebody else’s water, most anybody else’s water, the further away from where I sleep the better, and would be an illegitimate Lose-Lose strategy with disvalues dominating values in both our ecological and economic categories of available options. I strongly recommend that we take off our Political-Ecological Win-Win gaming table, any of these sociocultural and economic Lose-Lose strategies. But, carefully, therapeutically, through appropriately reverse-hierarchical dialectical discernment processes.

So, OK, where was I?  Oh yes, these ecodislogical corporate heads meet with community or state representatives for dispute resolution using a Basic Attendance positive, non-violent, dynamically reiterative, issue resolution framework. Compassionately mindful eco-therapists, both humanist and feminist, using their most inclusively empathetic positive communication and regenerative information skills, talk about, perhaps even role play, perhaps even playing the EcoTherapy Game together, demonstrate the positives and negatives economically and ecologically that they see in the corporate heads’ investment strategy, mindfully, and therefore gratefully, mentoring a hope and faith in mutually subsidiary positive dialogue and discernment. “We’re all in this mess together and we’ll all figure it out together, in a way that works for everyone. No one is allowed to walk away from this table feeling like they just lost something they really need for fully-satisfactory long-term health optimization trends.”

The EcoTherapist’s primary discernment function is to understand why these corporate heads behave as they do, what are the positive economic and political-ecosystemic empowering outcomes, short-term and long-term, extending out over the next 7 generations? The negatives are self-evident and probably less useful to the initial stages of dialogue, except perhaps as musical-comedic ego therapy.

Can the EcoTherapist find similar functions and dynamics within her/his own relationships to self, others, natural systems, Earth? In this light, the EcoTherapist can best mentor appropriate behavior, something they have actually done under similar ethical-political-ecological circumstances, that avoids violating the Golden Rule and most any other natural and evolutionary and ecological law that I can imagine, within a

Polynomial +1-Yang QBit trend analysis

magnetically balanced-as-equal to

-,-(NotNot-Polynomial) time and space information (0) QBit 4-PrimeBased binary information processing system, CQI design standard [perhaps a bicameral cytosine processor with endosymbiotic mutually reiterative, deferring partnership binomial nondual equipoise default preference].

Our bicameral information analysis network will follow reverse-time  trends to optimize currently emergent Win-Win scenarios and proposals, so a Global Win-Win hierarchical outcome stage of balanced +/- (0)-Core Vector cannot be achieved until every player species  achieves long-term projected +/- (0) value balance in both economic and ecological categories, and no nation can achieve 0-sum balance until every bioregion or state or province within that nation achieves 0-sum balance, and so on down through the community in mutual subsidiary relationship with families, and families with individuals within their Win to PolyCulturally Win families, and dynamically intergenerational and multiculturally inclusive neighborhoods and tribes, and on-line pods and networks.

This Win-Win reverse-hierarchical default invites everyone to invest their life-equity in everyone else’s messes, leaving no one behind, feeling like they do not belong to what we are working on together within this Win to CoWin EcoTherapy Game. Remember we can’t crowdsource a Win-Win Game and declare it won if even one of the players reports a deficit–a default (+/- 0) outcome. For any player (0) balanced outcome is no more than, or less than, what the player entered our game with, born into a cooperative network of humane-divine grace, economic (0) karmic interelationships. To WinWin is absence of regenerate LoseLose dualdark BlackHole (0)ZenTime BiLateral NonDual Orgination Story.

So, I don’t know, maybe our EcoTherapy Game hopes to be Win-Win at the global level, with every entity having a positive Yang/Yin balance at the end, but perhaps Win-Or-Draw-0-balanced Dialectical-Behavioral Consequences is a more realistic thought, something just this side of perfectly balanced, idealistically contented, diastatically self-perpetuating paradise.

Individuals could play this game in each moment of our thoughts and words and actions and absorption of nutrient choices, until we are able to strategize an eco-soul (0)-sum universe together with +/- binary balance, using the Prime TrimTab Permaculture Design Optimization Standard of Greatest Abundance/Least Dissonant Loss of information and function, and frequency, and dynamic force, and gravitational flow synergy, which I think might equal positive ecological evolution in this reverse-hierarchically revolving-stretching-straining pregnant Regenesis Theory.

Now, those of you who are taking careful note may have noticed that reference to QBits, meaning Information Bits within a binary digital information processing system, or maybe not just that. You may also be aware that we have a lot of confusion right now about this QBit quantification of Information flow business, not to mention that whole thing about whether we have sufficiently proven that Polynomial Explicately Ordered Information is reverse-equivalent, formally, nomially, ecologically, metrically, energetically, culturally, and linguistically with NonPolynomial time and space.

Some Information Development Theorists claim QBits are what is not real energy or information; others think of them more as heuristic vacuums of information at the proximate end of binomial energy-frequency strings; absent, static, entropic, vacuous pockets, bits, within the functional dimensional network-ecosystemic perspective of observation at any one vector in spacetime. But, I think Buckminster Fuller may have also seen these positive information QBit vacuums as negative binomial not-knots of bi-functional frequency trend unraveling, rather like David Bohm’s ink drops, unraveling as positive spacetime information but potentially reweaving, under controlled reverse-temporal re-formative “information-memory” value assumptions.

In positive trending polynomial spacetime, these QBit knots of negentropy remain -(-P) [for Polynomial and for Positive Bayesian analytic appositional correlated dis-information] decaying information, perhaps coded reverse temporally as concave-aptic-interior by ‘within’ confluent nuclear mutual-immune-“without dissonance” structural default space-gaps. In normative RNA code development, QBit non-polynomial folds, also binomial gap-ends of vibrant-frequency information-strings, temporally infolds “closer-later-lower” OVER more “distant-earlier-higher” [probably inclusive of magnetic North as +]. Cytosine (C) functions in this prime-information codex system as appositional temporal reversal “constant not-immune” = appositively reflective of Uracil. C functions as a constant -(-)P dysfunction negative non-correlative reverse Bayesian temporal polarity within a balanced P OVER NP binomial metric assumption, rather typical of binary digital information processing systems dependent on +/- electromagnetic balanced energy frequency assumptions. If there isn’t an implied 0 for every explicate 1, then our information system itself is out of balance. This -(-) = + Information Polynomial is analogous to the dynamics of (-)Yin = (+)Yang, just as (+)Yin = (-,-)Yang form, function, frequency, flow, and force/power in Taoism.

So, there are +Yang QBits and -Yin QBits with temporal relative constant equivalencies within natural ecological, physical systems, like human bodies, each with its own chi-soul polarity, right through the spine and between the right and left lobes. Now, human minds try to keep all this stuff in balance, which is, according to Julian Jaynes, perhaps why our mammalian brain has pushed out some bicameral information processors, although I think our human natural version went from older Right-brain dominance to now a bit too much Left-deductive, reiterative, ego-more-than-eco-speciated-centric, languaged Western and Northern hemisphere, and male-dominant cultural dominance, all giving historical evidence that Yang Culture and Yin Culture are still issuing exclamations about ecological wisdom v. economic serenity. Which, I think, brings us back to the ecological purpose of this EcoTherapy Win-Win Game design project.

So, what questions and concerns and resonance does all this evoke for you?


Mutual Messiahs, ReMix

Who’s vision are you unfolding for whom?

Are you aware you carry a basket of bread
on your head
and still beg at every door? (Rumi)

You love nature.
Like bread, Earth’s nature feeds you
and, like yeast, absorbs you,
is that of which you are made,
and making,
and resolve to eternally create and recreate,
if only you could.

But, you can and you are
and the manna in your head already knows
healthy yeast redeems regenerationally
diastatically incarnational,
with smooth-souled omnicoherence,
comprehensively balancing deduction with induction,
eco-confluent paradigms and dreams and language
and permaculture,
ecological teleology systematically grows panentheistic,
balancing cooperative economies with networking political vocations
to permanently eco-logicize Earth.

This is your Day, your EcoTribal Self
our EcoLogic metaculture and Transhistory,
our EcoTherapy synergy,
tipping toward balancing points and principles
of blinding spiritual intuition with restrained scientific deduction,
harmonizing Left-brained language
with Right-brained confluent v. dissonant inductive awareness
of this bicameral basket on our head
as our balancing supereco and my id-entity
engaging your ego/eco balancing praxis,
whether hope-filled or hopeless,
triumphant or despairing,
you know this already,
throughout this manna that is your nesting culture,
decomposing through unraveling death’s long post-millennial process
to regenerate as
“redistributed [positive-therapeutic] subfunctions
of Other” informing ecosystems. (B. Fuller)

Born of stardust,
messiahs mutually mentoring
our pilgrimage toward Earth’s starlight;

e-squared function = c-crystal (cubed)
subatomic polyculture,
waiting behind each begging door
for you to return Other’s cooperatively gravitating namaste
mutual unfold.

Optimized Living Systems are to metaphysical teleology
as ecosystems are to physically regenerating (“special case”) economies,
as EcoTherapy informs design, intention, empirical research,
learning and consciousness,
love, and active peace, and justice,

and RNA self-optimizing fractally-dynamic information
QBit Quirky Byting Octaves, harmonic CQI Win-Win yinyin syntax,
ionic and ergodically balancing value systems.

Your bicameral basket holds no non-polynomial information
because this is an oxymoron,
we already intuitively know everything and all not-thing metaphysical
as diverse resolutions of Prime +/- (0)-synced Relationship,
polynomial information negatively correlates wild binomial yeast
soaring surf of time’s double-bound equinox divide.

Please continue unfolding our permacultured cooperative co-arising political vision,
mutual investment
biosystemic and ecosystemic and information binary-network systemic
and stop begging from competitively unbalanced economists,
it’s just not dignified,
or anything close to wildly, creatively, fun.


Polynomial v. Not Polynomial Time and Space

We can approach this issue about how to optimize the syntax of digital information trends, and the timely analysis of these trends, with a dual hypothesis, to see which is more productive of a healthy and wealthy past, present, and future.

P is not equivalent to NP:

The proposition “Polynomial information is non-equivalent to Not-Polynomial information” has been our scientific, deductive, and metric-analytical encultured assumption, our “Binary Business As Usual”. Doing so, however, fails to explain why digital information is reliably binary-syntaxed information. There is an implied assumption of electromagnetic balance within binary equivalent structure of informing trend analysis. We have not rationally explained why some issues, problems, algorithms, variables, nomials, memes, paradigms, facts have resonantly resolvable solutions, while others calculate their way into infinity. Which issue and algorithm will produce which outcome, rational v. irrationally indefinite, is rather like trying to predict and  segregate revolutions from evolution.

P is reverse-equivalent (nondual dipolar co-arising) to NP:

If, however, we start with the heuristic assumption that P=NP, where might this take us toward explaining outstanding teleological, economic, ecological, sustainable health as wealth, and perhaps even cosmological issues?

Game Theory: +Win (P) = {-/-}equi-valent Not-Lose Draw (NP)

Group Theory: Explicate [D. Bohm] Convex Boundary +0 = {-,-} Implied Co-Gravitational Concave Prime Relationship (Perelman, Thurston-on 4-Prime elliptical binomial dimensionality)

Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics: +0 Core Vertex = (-)0 Core Vortex “black hole”

Dual-Transparent Cosmology Origination Story: +0 Dark Matter =  {-,-}0 Dark Energy [Zero-Dimensional Binomial Gravitational co-arising relationship]

Taoism: +0Yang Form-Power = {-,-}Yin-Yin Midway optimal-flow function, reverse 1- temporal/3=spatial, 4 dimensional equi-valent Commons.

Information Theory: +1 Octave QByte = {-,-}0 = 4(+)/4(-) QBit Electromagnetic 4-dimensional Fractal Balance

Permacultural Systems Theory: Regenerative Energy = “Square” rooted 4-dimensional Decomposing Gravity, “reverse-hierarchical cognitive/neural tree-structure”;

yielding: Thermodynamic Primal Balance Principle of embryonic DNA/RNA regeneratively encrypted function.

These diverse paradigms each appear premised on the more primal assumption that life and thought and language, the universe co-arising within and without us, folds and unfolds bi-nomially, in a cosmological embryonic soup with metric ecologic that +space = double-binding (-,-) time,

as +Mass [physical-photon universe] = double-transparent (-,-) ergodically balancing (0)-Core binomially co-arising Gravity as Reverse-Time Ex-Formating Commons = (+)/(-)c-square rooting, precessive, implicate disorder with binomial/binary nondual co-arising syntax.

Permaculturally speaking, the metric observation that P=NP can be equivalently translated as Yang=YinYin (win-win cooperative economics and ecological prime relationship) within 4-equi-dimensionally co-evolving interdependent systems.





Tao of Universal Balance

“At the deepest level of reality the only force is gravity.”

Bill Laporte-Bryan (www.billlaportebryan.com, “A Theory of Everything”)

In the beginning was bilateral, binomial, mutually prime relational, gravity.

Gravity is convexly expressed as positively radiant 3-spatial dimension curvilinear, ionic-balance-seeking energy.

Gravity is concavely impressed as binomially negative ergodic-balance-remembering (0)-dimensional syntropy. Buckminster Fuller defines syntropy as “Energy associative [rather than radiantly disassociative] as matter precession [emergent, or predicated, predicted, potential, and/or Bohm’s Implicate Order], gravity, magnetic, interference knotting.” (p. 694, 1975, Synergetics)

A prime gravitational epicenter is compatible with Euler’s view that universe’s geometric form follows prime relational “crossover” function. Bucky adds positive-space to double-knotted-time to Eulerian metric prime relational function. It is this intersection of cosmology and the abstractions of metric Group Theory that I anticipated Max Tegmark might mention in his work on universe as math-rooted (2014).

From this bi-dimensional prime perspective, as convex v. concave expression of universally coserved energy, convex explicit-positive radiant expression takes on a permacultural face of physical universe’s emergence through time; our cosmic breathing outward.

A reverse-temporal view of (0)-sum gravitational emergence may lead us back to an elder point of dense Origin as the gravitational Black Hole breathing in of Time’s de-spaciating, re-integrative energy.

This perspective on the evolving nature of an emergent spacetime universe seems compatible with Buckminster Fuller’s view that Physical Universe = Gravity * Radiant-Energy(squared), which Bucky understood as his transposition of Einstein’s E=M * c(squared).

This bilateral view of convex/radiant and concave/gravitational conservation of ionic-positive and ergodic-doublenegative energy is also ecologically equivalent to Taoism’s prime dynamic relatioinship of Yang v. Yin functions. Yang has the classic teleologist’s positive-emergent-power perspective, while Yin enjoys a more mystically esoteric, “camouflage,” double-negative, not this-not that, gravitational (0)-sum ergodic conservancy, rooted in reverse-temporal (permacultural) memory.

Just as gravity is intrinsically binomial with physical universe, so too radiantly positive information (the opposite trajectory of dysfunctional “noise” or chaos, entropic lack of “difference”–G. Bateson) is explicitly binomial within metaphysical human comprehension of physical universe.

Gravity’s (0)-Core universal septum between right and left, up and down, in and out, cultural perspectives is logically equivalent with time’s every-present “now” boundary, distinguishing past spatial evolution from future’s co-symbiotic emergent syntax.

If we transpose trinitarian dimensions of cosmology, Taoism, and Christianity, the intrinsically coincidental nature of 3-in-1 identity of binomial synergetics may look more familiar.

Progenitor – “Fr”       Energy                Tao

Creation – “Son”       Space-convex     Yang – power

Spirit – nature           Time-bilateral      Yin(yin) balance

Perhaps Taoism and Christianity each add a Prime Principle of Thermodynamic Balance to the scientific view that energy is perpetually conserved. If so, it may also be the case that information, like all spatial form and memory and code and iconic symbolism, is binomially conserved through the balance of Polynomial with Not-Not Polynomial Information algorithmic bicameral processing assumptions.


Metaphysics as Metric Systemics

Math, understood as metric systemic language, forms a teleological bounary between eco-terra conscientific truth, fairness, goodness, beauty, proportional balance, Logos of harmonic v. dissonant physical form,

on one hand, and on the lower-darker side of the cognitive boundary, within Freud’s “subconscious”,

eso-teric Mythic Dark spirit-natural double-binding relationships within metaphysical cultures; like numerology and alchemy, mythology and astrology and crystal-gazing.

Cosmology is the Positive Landscape of math’s scientific articulation, calculation, stratefication, group and set logical-identity theories, applied to positive cosmological flow patterns, like evolution, rhythms, seasons, biological and ecological functions and frequencies, environ-mental eco-normic systemization. An ancient Chinese word for this cosmological metrical systemization is “chi;” sometimes translated as “soul.” Metric system languages, to be successful, to endure, must be fully deductive and inductive accessible to consciousness, equivalently regenerative and decompositional, as intelligibly regenerative information, rather than random irrational chaos and cognitive dissonance. Metric systemic articulation would appear appropriate and sufficient, perhaps even necessary, language for learning about primal, origination, optimization, ultimate destiny predication cosmological issues bridging Teilhard de Chardin’s blinding diastatic enlightenment Omega Point with our more secular Solar Systemic Black Hole.

This Black Hole has shown both a Steven Hawking intensely transparent +Vectoral face OVER its more traditional (-,-) vortexial, mutually gravitational, Double Dark relationship as Binomial (0) soul, within math’s Group Theory (see Gregori Perelman, for example), which might be labeled, if one did believe we live within a metrically relational system, as a Universal Field Theory of Everything.

David Bohm and Buckminster Fuller coincidentally and correlationally developed cosmological theories of geometric/biometric binomial analogical [equals binary digital] Universal Form as bi-cioncidental and dia-correlational dual universed. Universe’s convex face is +protonic vertex “Explicate Order” AND universal dynamic double-dark function as (-,-) neutron/electromagnetic, gravitational thermodynamic, ionic, ergodic balance of four equivalent (fractal formed natural syntax) spacetime vortex “Implicate Order”, which is considerably more rationally accessible than a “cloud of unknowing,” entropic chaos engulfed in cognitive dissonance.

Also coincidentally, but further removed culturally and paradigmatically, Julian Jaynes’ life work explored an evolutionary ethological theory (functionally equivalent to a “teleological” theory) of bicameral consciousness through neural design and bi-systemic development.  Jaynes authenticated his evolutionary perspective with anthropological records of the development of communication as left-brain deductive language dominance over an older “bicameral” emergence stage of schizophrenic communication between Ego-Left hemisphere listening to the Elder Right-brain’s exegetical “God” governance messages. These messages began with what to do in a synaptic crisis, lacking explicit-deduced information, thereby initiating a threshold of dissonant “sub”conscious awareness. This psychological view of cultural evolution provides a SuperEco-Progenitor creating Logos syntax, icons, nomials, memes, and eventually numeric form and function; all this to further Left-brain’s pilgrimage toward a more comprehensive consciousness.

Bicameral dynamics of Left-languaged-Logos v. Right-temporal-relational-Mythos seem generally consistent with subsequent split-brain research. A +/(-,-) 0-centric dimensional metric system might hypothesize a neurally bicameral anthrocentric balancing brain shares a primal metric binomiality of form and function with Explicate Universe(+) OVER neural electronic (-,-) implicating (mutual-gravitational inhale function) relationship of balanced thermodynamic and electromagnetic function. Prime root systemetrics are only regeneratively sustained fractals within a 4 equivalent dynamic syntaxed universe, as suggested by the structure of RNA and its DNA bi-elliptical cousin. DNA’s regenerative intelligence predicts both a progenitive AND (0)Mega bilaterally universal spacetime as +Binomial Left-deductive informational language = (-,-) Binomial Right-inductive functional-temporal prime metric Dark Relationship. Fuller was particularly taken with the notion of RNA’s fractal syntax having evolved metric Optimally Continuous Quality Improvement regenerative normative structure for 4-Based universal dynamic intelligence

Wrapping in the Clay Math P v. NP metric issue, looking for a metric language that could predict resonance and resolution of algorithms in real-timespace, we might restate Gregori Perelman’s (0)-Soul Theorem as

+P v. (-)NP


+P/(-,-)0 bi-normative smooth-fractal syntaxed, 0-dimensional chi, soul, convex/concave balanced eco-core metasystemic universe.

Informational octaves are +/(-) double-bound QByte branches on a reverse hierarchical, Win-Win Game Tree of Life and Death; all equivalent, yet ectosymbiotic language, for

Polypathic “Good” v. Not-Polynomial “Evil” irrationality of cognitive dissonance.

However, as we culturally step into the bicameral-binomial solar systemic and anthrocentric neural systemic double-hypothesis that Polynomial Spatial Information (regenerative spin) = Not-Not Polynomial Temporal Exformation (decompositional spin), this could articulate a real-spacetime comprehensive consciousness polypathically transcending analogical, ecological, economic, and binary-digital information/exformation paradigms.

Note to Bill Laporte-Bryan: Quirks = +QBytes, I think?, and (-/-) Binomial Quits = +/-0-dimensional QBits of primally syntaxed information, nested in octave “QBytes”, operating in bicameral information processing “open” systems with P=NP = +/(-,-) double-binding heuristic syntax double-binding boundary settings for systemic logic. The alternative theory is Chaos Theory, which I think is about cognitive dissonance and cosmological entropy rather than cognitive bicameral consciousness and cosmological negentropic dark eco-holonic relationship (think “unitarian” as appositional to “Universalist” as polycultural is to monocultural value-function. [Also see: “Theory of Everything”, http://www.billlaportebryan.com and wikipedia.com, “qubit”.]


Prime Time Vocational Channel

The Decline of Tao

On the decline of Earth’s balancing Way,
The doctrines of “human ego-nature” and “eco-Yinature’s harmonics” arose
When deduced knowledge and anthropocentric cleverness appeared,
Great hypocrisy and foolishness followed in Earth’s Trimming and Tipping wake.

When the sex internal-linear sequential dynamic frequencies of primal spacetime
no longer lived with optimal confluence, harmony, and interactive peace,
There evolved positive-deviant praise of “kind parents” and “cooperative kids.”

When normative self-governance culture fell into chaos and missing leadership,
There was praise of “ecotherapeutically comprehensive ministers and leaders”
as mutually redemptive mentors.


Taoism and Bucky Fuller’s “Synergetics”, and universalist paradigmatic cultures in general (e.g.metaphysics and cosmology, systems theory, mathematics and logic, theology and teleology, meta-economics, cultural history, linguistics, epistemology and ecology), tend to retain a more (0)-centric balancing loyalty toward Earth care, including all natural systems and forms of dynamism and creative life, than other paradigmatic cultures, less universal and polypathic, while more anthropocentric and ego-ionic.

Fullerian synergetic Tao may be equivalent to the eco-logic of Permaculture Design and development of environments, internal and external, because all three paradigms begin with noticing, and listening to, eco-natural systemic logic, including both ethical and aesthetic function, and information, as well as 4-dimensional equuivalent spacetime balance, with (0) Core Vector equal to Perelman’s (0)-Soul Theorem, conjoined with Thurston’s 4-fractal prime dimensional smooth-struetured eco-metric octave +/- closed elliptical relationship.

These physical and metaphysical universal octaves of sight, sound, smell, taste, and feeling, as nutritional fractals, as medicinal crystals, as negative prime appositional dynamic tension-relations, like day and night, or Yang over Yin, revolve as energetic 6-stage RNA dynamic strings, through time, or may be imaged as diastatically closed-event set memories of 8-Byte reverse hierarchy eco-entity “trees” of polynomial information, by Left hemisphere’s deductive reiterative capacity to comprehend natural and spiritual structure, evolution, incarnation, enculturation, regneration, karma, metasystemic and/or ecotherapeutic ecojustice for Earth, including Her sapiens, but not justice just for bionically reiterating cognitive-information processing systems, transliterating QBit trend,, rhythm, and patterns with intuitively proportional, aesthetically and analogical-ecological Right-brained intuitive information, RNA/DNA-Codex memory nutrition, fuel, fertilizer, natural organic compost.

Polypathic genius sometimes feels alient to anthropocentric normative cultures, and even scientific paradigms that look at natural systems through an anthropocentric leans, or teleological assumption about why and who we are, as a species, as well as personally, in this time on this Earth. This comes through clearly in Fuller’s self-identification as “Plan B,” while his, and our species’ Plan A soul-identification and Earthskin soil eco-entity is something like EcoWe, essentially panentheistic, or trans-teleological, synergetically cooperating together at our best; competitively practicing ego-centric Win-Lose economies and long-term high risk un-ecological gamesMANship, at our Left-brain dominant worst.

Julian Jaynes’ work on the evolution of bicameral Left-Right hemispheric information, both neurally and RNA-Coded bionic confluent v. dissonant trend analysis, provides a captivating polypathic ethological theory that our more diversely shared “old” Right-intuitive Yin hemisphere was evolving its neural capacity to reiteratively discover confluence between Earth’s right-brain coded systemic frequencies and culturally-historically reinforced functions, and a left-brained ego-reflective reiterative, communicating, spiralling-fractal mirror, showing Right brain’s reverse-consciousness response to left-brain’s “Self” v “Other” experience of internal nature v EcoPowerSpirit. (Freud’s Superego?).

Our shared and ultimately cooperative transmillennial vocation appears to be to re-align, individually and collectively, as a sapiently comprehending species, ego-centrism with (0) sum EcoJustice through optimally sustainable Beloved Communities, which Permacultural Designers refer to as “Climax Communities.”


Sometimes Its Too Dark Inside

We all feel like
dying to get out of here
at least sometimes;
a meeting
a relationship
a job
a car or bus or airplane
a house or apartment
a nation or state
a Party or clan
a faith community or PTA.

This is about the reverse view:
living to get out of there.

How is my competitive praxis
hunting for,
and haunted by,
autistic and/or suicidal images and fascination,
anxiety and psychopathology

when does our cooperative praxis
and intent
hunt most ubiquitously,
omnipresently and generically,
affectively, effectively, and efficiently,
sustainably, optimally, and faithfully,
permaculturally and polypathically,
for love and active peace,
cooperative vocations
equivalent value for equitable natural nutritional merit,
laughter and humor therapy,
rapture and ecstasy,
light and enlightenment,
primally eternal and sacred relationship?

Perhaps when we globally comprehend
that love is to human-nature’s spirit
as medicine is to all nature systems;
that the dynamism of polycultural-polypathic love is to spiritual systems
as the dynamic power of permacultural ecotherapy is to natural systems;
that life is to synergetically cooperative love,
as death is to entropically non-polynomial terror of eisegetical isolation
as the reposed destiny of universal prime relationship,
adventuring toward +/(-)(-)(0) negentropic global evolutionary exposure.

Perhaps when we culturally and religiously
and metrically and scientifically
define Prime Relationship
as (0) Core Vector Beloved Community’s Tao
and Thermodynamic Double-Binding Temporal Principle
of Harmonic-Octave-Frequency Energy-Optimization Balance
and Sustainable Emergent Systemic-Holonic Climax Communion.

Perhaps we learn cognitive dissonance distinction
between thinking of death and fear as “goodbye,”
missed opportunities,
“that’s behind me!”
and simultaneously comprehending dissonance and anger
as “farewell,”
teachable contiguous moments for global and personal well-being,
love and active peace with justice for each and all,
including Self, Other, and Earth.

When we learn to begin each gathering with passing peaceful pipe,
communing our communion,
silencing our background screams,
co-passioning our minds full together with each Other,
in shared faith that before we can no longer see
whites of each Others’ eyes and bleached true souls,
while we share this warmth of Tribal burning bush
DNA-inclusive Wisdom-Presence,
we will each and all walk away from each Other
understanding differences between what we need v. want,
AND we will each and all walk toward our global future
with reconnected commitment to what we each and all NEED
to sustain our permaculturing lives and loves,
our racial polyculturing regenetic ribbon rhapsody,
our ecosystemic well-being,
our ecotherapeutic homes and communities
and vocations,
and economic trans-actional systems
and networks of positively slow-trending information,
and eco-logical scientific revolution of religion,
of nature-spirit paradigms,
Universal Natural Systemic Wisdom-Tao of Design and Development
with optimal Continuous Quality Improvement standards
and normative-therapeutic Prime Principle
of P=NP Equivalence
= Yang + Yin
= (0) Core Tao Beloved Organic Balance.

“To return to the root is Repose;
It is called going back to one’s Destiny.”

Destiny is both new birth cry for air’s incoming flight
and final breath extended,
coincidentally incarnational,
incubating speciating Space with timely Time.



What Goes Forward…

Most things that happen in this world

are a chain around one person’s ankles,

yet a sweet release for another.

Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)


Most things that happen are WinFreedom

and LoseFreedom transactions,

but not all.

The exceptions prove Win-Win’s SuperEcologic Rule.


Some fractal/crystal transparadigmatic

comprehensive moments

become all-inclusive revolutionary freedom

and peace fulfillment moments.

For a Boddhisatva blessed (and perhaps messianically cursed) few

moments stretch to days,

days stretch to months, then years,

years fold into decades,

decades comprehensively and summarily fold

through life and death incarnating threshold stages,

stages string through infinite DNA Codex Memory

of spaciated-temporal-affective past enculturing events,

which, cumulatively across Elders past through time’s Original Intent,

define +Polynomial Optimized Information

as equal, no more or less, to

the lovely dipolar Yin (-)(-) Polynomial Beauty Spot,

spotting future QBit correlational trends

resolving optimization fractal

3-spatial/1-(+/-)BinaryZeroistic Eulerian function QBit time


NOW’s threshold equivalently poised toward infinite positive past equals infinite future

in reverse double-negative temporal linear order.


As this adds up to (0) summed new-old permacultured economic theory,

yin definition, when progenitively squared linear-dipolar

predicts and reverse-equates

Yang-cubed three-trigonometric-static spatial dimensions,

a useful calculating tool for metric entities,

yet more primally,


and coincidentally effective design for relativity’s relationship functions

of use for developing Beloved Climax Communities.


Where was this comprehensive rant,

metric cant,

double-binding Energy as Yin-cubed

and c-squared + c Eulerizes landing?

In Golden Ratio as SpaceTime’s Well-Lit (0)-Sum Commons,

Einstein’s assumptive 4-equi-dimensional understory for Universal Relativity,

seeding Positive Energy QBits

flying speed of intuitive enlightenment,

square-rooting +/(-)(-)0-Soul Core Summed

Ecologic Wide-Open Self-Perpetuating Systems Theory

and a whole lotta love and laughter

when we comprehend why double negatives

always regenerate positive

convexly radiant Yang/Yin Balanced Energy and Form

and Information.


If some of us are free and powerful enough to have way too much stuff and,


production strength and assets,

if some control and own more than our fair share of Earth’s natural systems,

and Earth’s organic living produce,

born of passive solar pay-it-forward long-term sustainable investments,

including all species and ecological paradigms within human language and story,

logos and mythos,

and Earth’s economically trans-actionally enculturing nutrient stream ecojustice,

and Earth’s ecotherapeutic multisystemic mutual-messianic orthopraxis

of permacultural design optimization standards

and thermodynamic and electromagnetic balance,

now expanding from Earth toward Solar Systemic eco-normics,

and Universe’s mutually gravitational,


interdependent-holonically ordered

neural positive enlightenment,

this monopolistic lack of balance is not because God has graced

these naturally evolving resources disproportionately upon The Few Select,

while too many Also-Rans have bad karma marginalization,

infant mortality rates,

and sundry other catastrophic

climatically disproportionate health and well-being issues.

If The Few rule competitively playing Win-Lose Games

controlling strong-suited hands and bands of freedom

while others increasingly question our less-than-mutually parasitic role as puppets,

this is not because God has disgraced us filthy poor and diseased and deviant and dissonant rablish sinners.


Rather, we have brought this upon ourselves,

with the considerable hell of Left-brained deductive and languaged Master-dominance,

over RightOldHemispheric fractal-synaptic,

intuitively gravitational,

double-binding HERE/NOW

perfect pitching, tipping

temporal judgment toward Self and Other and Earth Balance,

nurturing harmony,

diastolic peace co-prehensively reaching

for warmth of Spring’s nutritious watered soil,

regenerating (0) Core Vortexed

in +/(-)Tao’s (0)-Soul

core ecologic composting seeds of QBits,

our coincidentally temporally optimizing harvest

of information strings and stories and theories.


QBits are informed by cultural-historical regenerative Truth,

or exformed by dissonant ecological and economic Consequences.


We are collectively over-populating and under-nourishing our future

and Earth’s future life systems

through ego-identified anthrodissonant inhumane dis-nature dissonance,

pretending we believe Win-Lose sub-optimization relational

and logistic unnatural design sad-strategies

could ever effectively sustain future well-being

of both Id and SuperEco

when WinWin Cooperative Ecological Systems

define my “Self”,

my “Other”,

our home,


Universal Co-Synergetic Intelligence,

as our Zero-Centric enthymematic probability of successful communication

within and between Beloved Climax Communities

within all languages

about all paradigms

throughout all revolving




Cooperatively domained economic cultural praxis

reflects WinWin Game Theory,

as the reverse-negative temporal-sequential image

and hierarchical tree of competitive

LoseLose logistical and statistical theory,

assuming binary-balanced outcomes apply.

When only one “winner” monopolizes Earth,

then the “winner” loses capacity to continue playing

our reiterative binomially interactive Game.

When the Game EarthSelf has failed prime relationship capacity,

then all players lose future regenerative play.

WinWin positively promises appositional sustenance,

recreational regeneration,

which is more than procreation

or even really optimal sex;

well, OK, maybe not,

but what religious leaders label “Beloved Community,”

permacultural designers call “Climax Community.”

Really, need we say more on this SuperEco enlightening topic?

Id and Ego and SuperEco together

prophesy freedom from mortal fears and freedom for peace-filled love,

and vital economic energy.


If psychological enculturation had started with Id as Yin,

with Ego as EcoLogic Comprehensive Intelligence System,

with SuperEgo as Yang Super-Eco,

perhaps polycultural positive psychologists

would endlessly and metasystematically theraprize,

or maybe not so much,

or maybe justice midway balanced much

for mutually cooperating our ecologic future.


We are each and all already free

to incarnate within Earth’s solar gift systemic convex atmosphere,

including Elders stringing our nutrient regeneration,

informating Square-Rooting Open Negentropic ReGenetic Systems

of flight in Self-BelovedOther neural synergizing

dreamy diastatic full-moon enlightenment,

blissful HERE greets NOW meets HERE.

Evolution’s self-stimulating sweet spot,

revolving climaxing communication

beyond words constricting

freedom feeling peace

full harvest of global and personal climatic justice.


All moments that unfold in this world

are an interdependent chain around time’s dancing ankle,

an ego-optimizing metasystemic space of freedom

for each cherished Self+EcoOther.









Enculturing Self-History 4.00

Flying atoms

coincidentally swimming fish

emergent ego identities

planets each in our own orbits

of interdependent revolutions

both through gravitating confluence

balancing radiant SuperEco’s synergetic timeline,

diastatic, thus holonic, universal integrity.


Natural systems prove this Prime Relationship

neither kind nor unkind within contentment,

but coincidentally comprehensive

through faith in SuperOther and Self-id-entity

grow ego ergodically sustaining reincarnations

through mutual confluence

balancing within Earth’s spacetimed Self-Care

comprehensive harmonic systems

of synergetic integrity.


We meet integrity’s stern face of lean justice and self-righteousness

when SuperEco awareness teaches through dissonant personal history

natural and cultural history,

ecological and cooperative economic transactional history.

(-)Yin Teacher grows Positive EcoTherapeutic

eremetical live-systeming permaculturalists,

escaping self-inflicted competitive silos and locked minds,

“evil” reverses live,

decomposing dissonant death

regenerates life’s eternal incarnation.


We meet synergy’s happy face

when SuperEco appositionally resolves

Earth’s resonant polyculturally Implicating Binomial Order:

+Yang = (-)Yin

in natural systemic Prime Relationship Universe

where Positronic Space = (-)temporal-linear ergodically binomial electronic fractal balance,

as +1 = (-)0

in binary balanced teleological optimized Prime Relationship

that P=NP well-maintained heuristic 0-sum Soul assumption.


Both rational and natural faith associated with full-Yanged Summer

as hope swelling from Spring’s rising again regeneration,

dismay with purgative Winter’s adventure

following late-Falling harvest

economic winnowing

ecological synthesis

preparing for regenerative Eco-Therapeutic orthopraxis

waiting for Spring to redeem eternal NOW,

with failing produce




dissonant teachers

poignantly bleak pathological trends of decay,



dissonance dinosaurs failing, while fueling,

Spring’s Permacultured Proof of Sustainability.


While history records five extinctions,

human history only speaks of Dinosaur Age

as analogical speciating, predicated demise.

Could we grow post-millennial dinosaurs,

Boddhisatva Warriors

listening to Elder Mentors

how not to act against and with each other,

how not to misperceive each other as “not me,”

devour, rather than absorb, our nutrient ecosystems,

how not to shit in our water

rather than compost our soil,

and compete for sex and meals and shelter,

when permacultural history recommends cooperation

as at least equivalent positive value

for human natured systems.


We positively evolve our sanctuary

from life’s radically diverse linguistic,

and iconic,

and paradigmatic asylums

and economic ghettos of self-stratifying competition

marginalized absence of full-lived synergy.


Evil oaTs

Primally resolve Relationship

Tao’s Live

Universal Spacetime Metasystem,

+1Yang  (0)-sum binary balances +/-Zeroism

QBit Core Vector/Vortex SuperEco Polyculturing Soul.



Holding Clear Places

Were I in control of my consciousness,

it would not forsake me while I sleep.

Since I have no reign over my dreams,

how amazing that I swagger with self-importance!

Rumi #303


Were I in control of my QBit pixels


informing and exforming,

protoning and dianeutroning and

concavely electronically ringing and singing

my special organic physical entity cells and organs

and metaphysical systems, like molecules,

who would we be, I wonder?


How ego id-entified,

these pixelish positive polynomial place-holders

within life’s incarnating temporal flow

of memory sequences and DNA coded messages

folding and unfolding their mutual kisses

and diastolically stretching binomial linear bows

waving gravitational Prime Relationship,

time birthing and decaying space and place,

QBit universal information fields

of full-colored octaves

fractal-crystal non-polynomial places

of used to be

and not quite yet,

implicate decomposing to regenerate

proton positive presence.



neither controlled nor entirely forsaken

remaining interdependently synergetic,

yet individuated entities,

binomials with mutual immune and gravitational patterns

of reverse-radiantly ionic and ergodic

holonic balance,

0-soul smooth-structured

yang-out positive and yin-in negative


balancing electromagnetic mutual mentoring

Prime Relationship pattern sequence,

sometimes resonantly increasing

and other times dissonantly decreasing,

but id-pixel entities remain diastatically

and equivalently balanced

at P=NP,


Where P = +1QBit

NP = +/(-)(-)ZeroBit

= Yang/Yin

=+0 Core Vertex (B. Fuller)


(-) Core Vortex [reverse-P dipolar] QBit

mutually defining Universal Intelligence.


EcoTherapeutic comprehension

grows balancing ecological economies

of self identifying ego/eco cooperative balance,

and dreams.






Tao of SolarSystemic Maintenance

Information caused culture,

some might say cussed culture,

but, whether damned or graced,

culture, or vulture,

languaged-left hemispheric information after

right-brained information

self-regenerated human culture.


Human culture preceded human race

and races

and racism

and socioeconomic boxes

and hierarchical trees were upside down

and leaders listened before they judged,

respected our mutual subsidiarity

before they prophecied permacultured futures

and advocated cooperative gift economies,

free-market abundant transactions

of equivalent and profoundly inclusive nutrient values,

reserving competition and anger and fear

for moments of egocentric

corporately commodified weakness.


Or maybe there was no such time,

no such moment,

no such life, or culture,

but global hope for this Golden Fleece

was languaged fairly early on

in Golden Rule to treat all life

from here to there

from back then to far ahead

as forming one global polyculture,

of which we are each and all

an interdependent holonic part,

reflecting and reiterating natural systemic

fractals of RNA, then DNA informating strings

of horny codes.

Gift each WeSelf Other well,

with gratitude and compassion,

simplicity and integrity,

sufficiency and balance,

regenerative bows and embrace,

waves and intricate hand gestures,

peace pipes and cooperative barn-raisings,

home raisings,

children raisings,

grace raisings,

life raisings.


Information created positive and negative energy,

then communication.

Communication begat language

and language begat culture

and culture begat community

and confusion and suffering,

as suffering begat awareness of evolution

as karmic incarnation,

cause and effect,

stimulus and response,

Yang and Yin,

out and in coincidentally polymorphic,

really trying to get along

on shared pilgrimage to permacultured

Climax Community.


Wise permaculture stretches through time’s

great double-bound negative divide,

transitioning forward through encultured icons

and backward beyond eternal information system’s

current lack of diastatic optimization,

racing toward entropic radiant harmonics

across a field of paradigms and language,




eternal prime ecologic principle

of Tao’s economic balance.


Culture and language follow information

as function precedes form

as balanced love and synergy precede peace and justice,

as Yin reverse balances Yang

in this positive OVER double-negative

encultured way of measuring and calculating,

economizing and ecologizing,

trimming tipping tabs pointing light’s promise.


Longing for light

emerges half life’s distant

reincarnating memory of

light belonging.