To NotNot Saint Hillary Elect

If you run into first smart 1970s feminist to become President Elect Hillary,
please relay this message,
if you would remain so kind
and thoughtful of our regenerative nurturing selves,
cooperating together.

I appreciate and applaud your ability to nurture more positive,
preferably WinWin,
ecopolitical relationships
especially where less generous ecological normativities
remain so premillennially Washington BiCameral WinLose.

And, while I am not accusing you of becoming a saint,
one who consistently listens
to follow shared ecologically nutritious integrity,
consistently cooperatively WinWin,
mutually empowering ownership of political economies ourselves,
for after all,
what otherwise could we mean by a Saint becoming?
born of embryonic ecological-bicameral integrity,
both Humanely regenerative enriching
with Divine dipolar enlightening EcoLogos Fertile CoRedemptive Passion
for Public/Private Health.

I do hope you remain smart feminist enough
to have richly cultivated multicultural relations
and co-investing transactions
without ever having sold out your WinWin integrity,
and thereby missing a challenging economic and political opportunity
to enrich our polypathic ecological future outcomes
as a healthier acclimating nation within an extended family
of interdependently networking relations.

Speaking of which,
I want to encourage you to have a PermaCulture Design Teacher
develop a new transmillennial pre-service training program
for all Peace Corps
and VISTA/SCORE volunteers.
After all,
who better than an ecologically integrative healthy multicultural ecopolitical outcome optimizer
to teach ecological development toward fertile climaxing landscapes
within our public-sector messiahs for and with climate-marginalized populations
becoming better together through mutual-empowerment,
resonant enrichment,
more ecologically peaceful and just,
more saintly, if you will,
eco-missionaries for global public health,
designing rainforests from deserts
of thirsty Middle Eastern Terrorists,
currently breathing too much stinky premillennial oil-polluted air.

Domestic and international volunteers together
rebuilding cooperative global investment and withdrawal networks
where qualitative values
are measured in self-optimizing regenerative outcomes
of (0)-sum healthy cooperative wealth,
gifting forward co-messianic ecobalance
and shadow receiving spiritual loving sainthood
Paradise Enlightenment
in active ecopolitical response
within co-empathic trusting Earth Tribes.

With two or three years of experience,
turning climate pathologies toward climate health,
maybe the Peace Corp and VISTA/SCORE senior volunteers
could train the Pentagon
and all incoming officers of global climate peace,
how to co-invest in ecologically self-optimizing health
and safety within more challenging EcoPolitical Landscapes,
still longing for smarter feminist nurturing climates
with wealthier tribes
of regenerating bicameral-balancing Saints.

I could no more notnot refer to anyone as a saint,
born a saint and yet also becoming an ecological-ecopolitical sinner,
some more self-and-other co-redemptive than others,
but always born both saint and maturing sinner.
Baptism, after all,
does not turn born sinners into saints,
it is a blessing on the family of saints,
to raise another as our grace-filled selves.
Christianity is about a society of saints
ecologically therapeutic for the saint/sinner lines
of Yang/Yin cooperation/competition
written within each fingerprint and heartbeat.

We are all born smart ecological-ecopolitical feminist saints;
but most of us forget,
selling out to LeftBrain dominant empowerment of WinLose
deductive-monopolistic ego-identity concerns,
Yang’s negative agenda about dualdark dissonantly unraveling
while maturing embodied climates.
Positive Psychology favors smart feminists
because cooperative ecopolitics
is rewarded by healthier climates of regenerative Earth.

So, please don’t resist conjoining the Marine Corp
with the Peaceful PermaCulture CoOperative Public Health Network.
The navies could bring therapy to the oceans and seas
and polar caps of ice.
The armies could enrich well-watered nutritious soils,
refreeze our glaciers.
The coast guards could protect the health of rivers
and tidal streams.
The homeless and hungry could grow gardens and organic farms,
cooperatively owned therapeutic communities,
repurposing and recycling networks
expressing nature-spirit reweaving arts
and political ecological sainthood sciences
of permaculturing ecotherapy.

But, as much as I too love Jeane Dixon,
do try to find someone more transmillennially formed in permaculture design.
Talk to Joanna Macy,
she’ll know who to recommend
for teaching/deep listening PermaCultural Climate Peace
as EcoJustice.


Political Messages for ReGenerating Time

This revolutionary message
is brought to you by
TransMillennial EarthTribe CoOperative,
your international ecopolitical sponsor,
speciating Earth’s New PostMillennially Silent EcoLogical Majority.

We think we begin to both comprehend,
in a B. Fullerian metaphysical sense,
and co-empathically trust,
in an economic and political science nutritional sensory sense,
and enjoy
and also find beautifully nourishing and nurturing
your/our spiritual and naturally cooperative family values,
Lake WoeBeGone Golden Ages,
Aloha Paradise Gardens,
Namaste Organic Heavens of Stars of and for GodHead YHWH Light Story ReCreation.

We are looking for political leaders of light
able to give voice to our longing for richer and deeper nutritionally healthy lives,
belonging to, rather than longing for, happy healthy wives and husbands,
regenetically robust Positive Humanitarian Psychology Global parents
of unbounding (0) sum-soul-core bicameral wisdom,
practical and nonjudgmental cooperative-trusting ecopolitical support,
and never ever victims of self-and-other condemnation.

So, dreaming of healthier kids,
with healthy dreams
capable of delivering robustly healthy grandkids,
and on…

We want and hope for nothing more or less
than a happy life prospering positive faith
that tomorrow will bring more smiles of creative,
socially skilled,
mentally and physically healthy,
and graceful more than clumsy,
positive more than negative,
cooperatively surrounded by warmth of empathic trust,
faith, love,
rather than competing with each other to survive
further re-enactments of premillennial WinLose
devolving paranoid nationalistic Yang LeftBrain Dominant lives.

We, both Right and Left,
enjoy good robust food,
and fragrances and sights and fertile-polypathic thoughts,
diastolic climates of health
emerging from static decomposition of competitive wealth
in and of and for Earth’s dipolar spiral of Right/Left
nurture understory
Earth’s ReGenerate NotNot Self-Optimization EnCulturation
TransMillennial Strings of Fertile-Evolutioning WinWin BioNurturing Time.

We, the children of Light evolving good water
then healthy-fertile soil,
want reassurance we need never worry that our supply of healthy edibles
should ever become our last shared multicultural climax,
now hopelessly and pathologically lost
now including tomorrow.

We grow in comprehending impatience with corrupt competitions of WinLose Gamers,
suffering from public veniality,
hypocrisy of nationalist politicians from dinosaur pasts
unable to deliver any hope of positive faith,
or even the basic ecopolitical wisdom of WinWin ecological evolutioning theory
of time’s nature/exterior and spirit/interior bicameral revolutions.

We are exhausted with absence
of strong-nurtured hope for future healthy generations
of EarthCentric bicameral humanization
of Time’s Earth-bound continuing quiet revolution,
Spiral-Spinning PolyNutritional Seasons,
interior/exterior dipolar co-arising enthymematic dialectical landscapes,
Left-Exterior with Right Elder Interior-Historic
back through RNA root systemic nutritional light/dark octave-frequency ecologies
of bicameral mindbody enculturation;
Earth’s Creation Story
as told LeftBrain dominant languaged,
now impatient with past economic and political experiences
of negative,
sometimes a little paranoid,
feelings and thoughts
about corruption and private/public competing hypocrisies,
and maybe even the occasional sinister,
Old Boys Network,
conspiracy theory, or two,
and then there are the worries about liberal politicians
who know about lawyering
but not about working with,
and/or valuing,
skillful hands and legs
and bodies working to make stuff
that everybody needs
so everybody can eat
and have a place to call home,
with some friends,
and healthy air and water,
so some forests and parks and hiking space,
and mountains that still have glaciers,

And maybe a nice monitor,
and a wood stove for winter,
but we would also like to have family and neighborhood histories
for ourselves
and for our kids,
where people enjoy our back yards
and front yard boulevard gardens together,
thrive on deep ecopolitically rich ambiance,
resonant cooperativity,
laughter and loving mutual respect
and regard,
between cultures and language choices and dialects and generations
of multiculturing species.

We want to be surrounded by others with good healthy judgment,
to be used to help,
to become even more kind and thoughtful,
and certainly mutually-cooperatively respectful;
and not ever guilty of using cognitive-affective judgment,
ecopolitical discernment,
to condemn ourselves,
or anyone we know and care for,
and ever have known and cared for
within the entire line of our regenetic memory stream.

What we don’t get
is why some of the TransMillennial Silent Majority…

Oh, we just got it.
OK, so, what we don’t appreciate
is why some of the remaining PreMillennial Silent Majority
cannot see Hillary Clinton as someone who might share our Vision Quest
for a healthier,
more robust,
nutritionally happy life,
and we don’t get how any self-respecting member of the EarthTribe Fundamental Faith in Healthy ReGenerative Economic and Politically Nurturing and Empowering Services
to actively grow more CoOperative Economics and Political EcoSystems,
and services,
health production and nutritional reassurance,
and regenerative consumer safety and nutritional security and defense rights
at optimally sustainable ecological multicultural levels;
would vote for a political leader
who hopes for four years to have his WinLose CEO way
with his formerly rich and fertile nation
of hypocritically religious pussy losers,
as he seems to see us now.

So why would his Win
not make us self-selecting assets for further molestation?

We would prefer a leader who recognizes we are both predator and prey,
over one who chooses predator
so we become prey.


Said Hillary to Donald

Words have consequences,
said rhetorical behaviorist Hillary to Donald,
we would no more cooperatively elect a Donald Trump as President
than we would compete to win Donald Duck for Empire Builder.

Words mean things,
said linguistic behaviorist Anat
to her fellow Economist Collective,
and the absence of words means something too.
We’re not sure what
but I place my bet
on more contenting ecopolitics.

Light consequenced water,
we know this from our history of science books
but this is difficult to see
how exactly this could be
without sufficient silence to recall
what dipolar co-arising energies lie in wait
within this shared enlightenment,
progenitor of stardust
ecologizing harmonic fertile planets
with their wet offspring.

To paraphrase Joanna Macy,
Active economics is not more wishful thinking.
Active ecopolitical words and praxis do not wait for issues
to be resurrected and remembered
by the Donald Ducks
or by some other self-serving would-be savior.

Active Hope wakes up in life’s ecological beauty
on whose silently exquisite behalf
we can act as light.

To the Hillaries:
Follow the light,
not so much the butch rhetoric.

To the Donalds:
Follow your truth with beauty loves,
not so much your prized pathologies.