Resilient Redemption

Probably few of us
have capacity
to see ourselves
as both Angel
and Demon.

Many of us
have had the experience
of demonizing
and punishing ourselves
for sins of the past
extending into our present
unresolved trauma.

Hopefully many of us
have also had the experience
of forgiveness
and saving ourselves
from sins of the future
because someone shared with us,
in some effective way,
that nothing
is always your autonomous fault

If only because
no organic creature,
anthro or otherwise,
is born
or can survive
radically autonomous
from non-ego centers.

Personal identity
follows interpersonal
ecosystemic individuation
and effectively.

I hear healing opportunity
in this responsible
yet not solely responsible
both/and way of consciousness

As well as traumatizing risk
of denial,
too cheap self forgiveness,
too easy hiddenness
of our secret
most private
feelings of guilt
about harming another

Both intentionally
and without malice,

A woman’s reluctant decision
to abort may feel unresolvable
between angelic win/win desires
and demonic win/lose fears
and angers

As might
her reluctant decision
to buy a gun
and several ominous rounds
of deadening ammunition

To protect herself
and her children
from traumatic demons
at her flimsy door

Not considering
her lack of experience
with braver angels
hoping to reassure her.

Therapeutic angels
may also wait,
and impatiently,
outside that same door,
searching for health’s
most wealthy bell
to dispel
shared dark shadows

In-between silent demons
we abhor
and sacred angels
we redemptively adore.


ComPetitions for DisRegard

Am I unhealthy and unsafe oppressed,

Not really all that:
competitively impressive,
first through last impression
enticingly marketable,
profitably commercial,
slickly corporate,
predatively intelligent

More camouflaged
unnoticed and undefined
and, frankly, perhaps unstable
because of my environmental circumstances?
as liberal lovers
would have failing to ego-thrive anthrosupremacists
monoculturally privileged
and multiculturally misunderstood
and Othered


Am I health/safety oppressed
because of my personal
bad ecopolitical choices?
like having unprotected sex
instead of going to the mall,

Not really reflecting on
wider and deeper context
like True Faith
and Healthy Happiness
monotheistically delivered
monopolistically endowed
StraightWhiteMale privileged
monoculturing LeftBrain transcendent
AnthroDivine judgment
falling shy
of unconditional regard

As win/lose divinely inspired Capital investments
support PatriarchalGod’s purely patriotic hierarchy
not-so-blindly selecting
who deserves Restorative Win/Win Justice
and third
and fourth chances

And who should not
escape Lose/Lose Retributive Dissociation
(repression, suppression, oppression, depression)

A social sympathy so thinly simpering
judicial powers are too comfortably scampering
to throw away personal freedom keys
with polarized dispassionate Disdain

Icing on Earth’s soggy cake
for feeding climate rabid
lose/lose anthro-victims,
producers and consumers of Othering.

To get out from under-cussed non-classedness,
must I truly choose
between circumstantial ecological Voices
for resonant healthcare,
Or personal theological-felt internal Choices
for resilient wealthshare?

Do natural
polycultural healthcare systems
not co-arise
egowealthy green EarthPeace
spiritual co-investments?

So yes,
I guess,
answers to my oppressed prayers
by our liberal lover circumstances
and my conservational personal
either Saint
or Sinner Choices

Do LeftBrain ignore
Both systemic conserving circumstances
And internal liberating intuitions

RightBrain questioning
interdependently unrecognized


Listeners With Power

are seldom the most powerful voices
in Earth’s wombed room.

whether intrapersonal individuals
or interpersonal incorporated persons
and both,
listening to the most diverse voices
usually become cooperatively empowered
advocates for Earth’s open rooms
birthing eco/theo-logical Grace
from within God’s re-creating history
as above Gaia’s Paradise
cooperatively heard muses,
colors of vibrant heart music.

Ego sung and Eco-danced
with messengers
and lunar
and in-between
co-arising transubstantiations
gathering revolutionary therapeutic powers
for health of multiculturing happiness

Buzzing messengers,
joy-filled sin-clear angels,
silent but lively superpowers
becoming cooperatively re-invested
in polypathic listening,
then polyphonic speaking,
then polycultural re-listening again
then polynomially re-iterating yet again
then multiculturally listening
to eco-messengers
actively healing ego-listeners
cooperating yet again.


Beloved Sacred Communities

Prisons fester further desecrating guilt by association
as churches
and synagogues
and temples
and mosques
foster sacred innocence through re-association,
communion of the wanna-be saints
and Bodhisattva suffering warriors
for EarthRights Peace and Justice.

When our faith communities
feel like monoculturing monotheistic prisons
of fundamentalism,
then our non-elite prisons
begin to sound more like gospel protests
against further guilt containment
through hypocritical disassociation
with the great unwashed sinners
and economic cheaters,
and politically competing liars,
and lack of polypathic lovers.

Ecology is about oikos,
habitats of and for progress
noticed in two appositional directions;
progressive enrichment of nature-spirit systems
and regressive decomposition,
heading toward death unless balance can be restored
to help our systems
become more cooperatively resilient,
from prison through cathedral
through capitols of nation-state investments.

If decomposing guilt
can grow through imprisoned associations
then no ecological surprise
that regenerative innocence of Bodhisattva Saints
can grow through polypathic
poli-economically balancing
positive nature-spirit good faith communities.

If we removed more not-funda mentalistic bad faith
from GoodNews communities,
then perhaps we would become clearer
about how we each and all live love between guilt
and innocence,
associated with fellow prisoners
and hardy integrity of mutual trust investors.

Prophets of prison habitats
as our own defensive nation-states
grow in violence
and enslaving racism
and addictive sexism
are tragic comedians,
self-fulfilling and perpetuating
hate and fear futurists
predicting necessary further bad descending climates
of evil ecopolitical faith
and further Business As MightMakesRight Usual
guilt by disassociation from ecological wisdom.

Mentors of good faith communities,
polypathic and polycultural health outcome predictors,
are, sadly,
about as likely to be found on death row
as in the back row of kneelers and prayer rugs.

Our loss of faith in a resilient nature-spirit future
is also our gain in bad faith resolves
to continue disassociating
from impending climates of violence
and supremacist nationalistic racism
and monoculturing sexism

Imprisoning separations
inviting regenerativity of GoodNews,
sacred ecological reweavings

Suffering and guilt and grief
inviting healing of cooperative ecotherapies
from death row to front pew,
EarthTribe patriotic health
of good faith solidarity.

An anti-ecological denialist notion of systemic ego-identity
derives from over-active disassociations
from our native nature-spirit imprisoning wombs
inviting rebirth
into Left with Right
Ego with EcoConsciousness
of prisons opening revolving doors toward good faith
and fundamentalism’s bad faith closed doors
against EarthTribe PolyPathic Solidarity.

To be present to our own imprisoning pain
is to grow toward communities of habitual polyculturing outcomes,
cooperative economic investment
in political solidarity,
mutual trust among all Sacred EarthTribes,
living in profoundly sacred animated forests
and oceans
and deserts
and full through new moon stardust skies.

Beloved EcoPolitical Communities,
where half sacred cooperatives Yang-full
also see and hear and feel
notnot half degenerating Yin-emptying
flow of nondual co-arising
double-binding WinWin
Tipping Points toward TaoTime.


To NotNot Saint Hillary Elect

If you run into first smart 1970s feminist to become President Elect Hillary,
please relay this message,
if you would remain so kind
and thoughtful of our regenerative nurturing selves,
cooperating together.

I appreciate and applaud your ability to nurture more positive,
preferably WinWin,
ecopolitical relationships
especially where less generous ecological normativities
remain so premillennially Washington BiCameral WinLose.

And, while I am not accusing you of becoming a saint,
one who consistently listens
to follow shared ecologically nutritious integrity,
consistently cooperatively WinWin,
mutually empowering ownership of political economies ourselves,
for after all,
what otherwise could we mean by a Saint becoming?
born of embryonic ecological-bicameral integrity,
both Humanely regenerative enriching
with Divine dipolar enlightening EcoLogos Fertile CoRedemptive Passion
for Public/Private Health.

I do hope you remain smart feminist enough
to have richly cultivated multicultural relations
and co-investing transactions
without ever having sold out your WinWin integrity,
and thereby missing a challenging economic and political opportunity
to enrich our polypathic ecological future outcomes
as a healthier acclimating nation within an extended family
of interdependently networking relations.

Speaking of which,
I want to encourage you to have a PermaCulture Design Teacher
develop a new transmillennial pre-service training program
for all Peace Corps
and VISTA/SCORE volunteers.
After all,
who better than an ecologically integrative healthy multicultural ecopolitical outcome optimizer
to teach ecological development toward fertile climaxing landscapes
within our public-sector messiahs for and with climate-marginalized populations
becoming better together through mutual-empowerment,
resonant enrichment,
more ecologically peaceful and just,
more saintly, if you will,
eco-missionaries for global public health,
designing rainforests from deserts
of thirsty Middle Eastern Terrorists,
currently breathing too much stinky premillennial oil-polluted air.

Domestic and international volunteers together
rebuilding cooperative global investment and withdrawal networks
where qualitative values
are measured in self-optimizing regenerative outcomes
of (0)-sum healthy cooperative wealth,
gifting forward co-messianic ecobalance
and shadow receiving spiritual loving sainthood
Paradise Enlightenment
in active ecopolitical response
within co-empathic trusting Earth Tribes.

With two or three years of experience,
turning climate pathologies toward climate health,
maybe the Peace Corp and VISTA/SCORE senior volunteers
could train the Pentagon
and all incoming officers of global climate peace,
how to co-invest in ecologically self-optimizing health
and safety within more challenging EcoPolitical Landscapes,
still longing for smarter feminist nurturing climates
with wealthier tribes
of regenerating bicameral-balancing Saints.

I could no more notnot refer to anyone as a saint,
born a saint and yet also becoming an ecological-ecopolitical sinner,
some more self-and-other co-redemptive than others,
but always born both saint and maturing sinner.
Baptism, after all,
does not turn born sinners into saints,
it is a blessing on the family of saints,
to raise another as our grace-filled selves.
Christianity is about a society of saints
ecologically therapeutic for the saint/sinner lines
of Yang/Yin cooperation/competition
written within each fingerprint and heartbeat.

We are all born smart ecological-ecopolitical feminist saints;
but most of us forget,
selling out to LeftBrain dominant empowerment of WinLose
deductive-monopolistic ego-identity concerns,
Yang’s negative agenda about dualdark dissonantly unraveling
while maturing embodied climates.
Positive Psychology favors smart feminists
because cooperative ecopolitics
is rewarded by healthier climates of regenerative Earth.

So, please don’t resist conjoining the Marine Corp
with the Peaceful PermaCulture CoOperative Public Health Network.
The navies could bring therapy to the oceans and seas
and polar caps of ice.
The armies could enrich well-watered nutritious soils,
refreeze our glaciers.
The coast guards could protect the health of rivers
and tidal streams.
The homeless and hungry could grow gardens and organic farms,
cooperatively owned therapeutic communities,
repurposing and recycling networks
expressing nature-spirit reweaving arts
and political ecological sainthood sciences
of permaculturing ecotherapy.

But, as much as I too love Jeane Dixon,
do try to find someone more transmillennially formed in permaculture design.
Talk to Joanna Macy,
she’ll know who to recommend
for teaching/deep listening PermaCultural Climate Peace
as EcoJustice.


Saints and Nutritious Prophets

Bodhisattvas turn airflow into flames,
water into Earth
as Jesus turned baptismal waters
into blood red rivers
of warm nutritious wine.

like Messiah prophets and saints,
long for
belong to
the baptismal political economy
of cooperative ecotherapeutic waters,
as yin flows air MidWay notnot pathological
through Yang’s Great Transitional flames
eco-diastatically leaping,
poli-ecosystemic “hungry”
for air’s co-arising health-optimizing
enculturing love

as ReGenerative
balancing-temporal “BeComing” co-waving
evolution of eco-conscious language
as logos
as mythos
as ecologically polyculturating ethos.

When our political voices become too didactic
we listen wiser for more lyrically cooperative outputs
with denser harmonics,
singing and dancing with bicamerally ecoconscious balance
of bilateral polynomial
optimally nutritious for self-perpetuation,
regenerative yang/yin dipolarity of time.

While these singers and dancers
disconcert their way of maintaining (0)-investment PlaceHolder
SpaceTime Unitarian-Integral Occupier,
unfocused polypathic attention to eco-conscious ethics
and norms
and cooperative economic-political evolutionary values,
with nature role-playing economies of cooperation v competition,
co-arising nurturant politically polyculturally dense wealth outcomes,
these are all held in Common Language
as invitations to positive individual freedom development
values whose nutritionally regenerative purpose
merge future Bodhisattva ReGenerators,
composed of past,
and disposed toward future healthy love
of ecoconscious balancing
fractal-dialectical light

where red flame of dawn’s Earth warning
meets red Heavens of long dusk-swept past.


SuperEcoTeleologic Humor

Our most entertaining wise prophets,

our saints and messianic geniuses

are those who mentor us about what not to do

to sustain abundant life,

what could not possibly truthfully communicate,

what could not become orthodox faith again,

how not to become,

how not to cooperatively come together,

how not to commodify one’s life and relationships to other people,

and other natures,

and why.


Polypathic saints without a globally embracing sense of humor

about what we should not be doing and being,

yet continue becoming despite our organic orthopraxis

and permacultured plans,

are either hypocrites,



or all of the above.


Under our shared Sun,

on our shared Earth,

nothing grows more grace-filled,

or karmically appropriate,

or mindfully compassionate,

more content,

more enlightened and wise,

than optimally sustaining a kind

and mutually grateful sense of humor

about our interdependent selves,


futures and pasts,

our messy shared-Earth home,

a paradise of stand up together comedic opera,

and mutual applause,

however silently smirked

through soft-eyed gold horizon stares.


Prophetic Water

In the recently published¬†Death of a King: The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s Final Years, Tavis Smiley reminds us that living a prophetic and integral life does not result in winning popularity contests. While prophets may become mystics, saints, and geniuses post mortem, Dr. King was no exception to the historical rule that no prophet is broadly welcome in his own time.

This thesis reminded me of a Taoist aphorism:

Who receives unto himself the calumny of the world

Is the preserver of the state.

Who bears himself the sins of the world

Is the king of the world.

[Translation by Lin Yutang, 1948, Random House, NY]


While Dr. King had gained broad support for his positions regarding racism, as he retained a consistent ethical voice in support of equal rights for women and against the culture of violence and war epitomized in the Vietnam War, he would have had increasing difficulty had he ever aspired to elective office. His allies in D.C. resented Dr. King for biting the hand that they believed had fed him more than sufficiently already. His African-American clergy colleagues often did not appreciate King’s views on the rights of women in society, much less within their churches.

Both Mr. Smiley and Laotse speak to the creative tension between powerful prophecy and effective redemption. The strength of prophecy for redemptive effectiveness, to support regenerative change, becomes compromised by cultural dissonance. Too much cognitive dissonance is dismissed as insanity or marginalized as appropriate for the saint and martyr, but not realistic for universal human nature. Yet as redemptive comprehensiveness is softened, contained, diminished, the prophetic voice is softened for more confluent ears.  Regenerative potential can be largely residual potential; less incarnated.

The cutting edge of regenerative optimization is a rationality that ebbs the flow and follows the flowing-confluent edges  around, and eventually through, the ebbing knots of cultural dissonance. Inviting society into a more rational future becomes more effective through the weakness of optimally ebbing and flowing water, energy; both listening carefully and summarizing astutely the echoes and distresses within historical and cultural trends.


There is nothing weaker than water

But none is superior to it in overcoming the hard,

For which there is no substitute.

That weakness overcomes strength

And gentleness overcomes rigidity,

No one does not know;

No one can put into practice.

[Ibid, p. 306]


Perhaps no “one” can put water’s wisdom into practice because the flow of regenerative energy is intrinsically interdependent, swelling where there is confluent and sure flow, and cautious and much slower, gently inviting more positive and inclusive discernment, where the diverse sprays of mutual dismay remain more complexly knotted. But, gentle invitation is the land of the facilitator, and not the stand-alone prophet. Active peace-making walks between these two worlds–which Dr. King did rather better than most of us.