To NotNot Saint Hillary Elect

If you run into first smart 1970s feminist to become President Elect Hillary,
please relay this message,
if you would remain so kind
and thoughtful of our regenerative nurturing selves,
cooperating together.

I appreciate and applaud your ability to nurture more positive,
preferably WinWin,
ecopolitical relationships
especially where less generous ecological normativities
remain so premillennially Washington BiCameral WinLose.

And, while I am not accusing you of becoming a saint,
one who consistently listens
to follow shared ecologically nutritious integrity,
consistently cooperatively WinWin,
mutually empowering ownership of political economies ourselves,
for after all,
what otherwise could we mean by a Saint becoming?
born of embryonic ecological-bicameral integrity,
both Humanely regenerative enriching
with Divine dipolar enlightening EcoLogos Fertile CoRedemptive Passion
for Public/Private Health.

I do hope you remain smart feminist enough
to have richly cultivated multicultural relations
and co-investing transactions
without ever having sold out your WinWin integrity,
and thereby missing a challenging economic and political opportunity
to enrich our polypathic ecological future outcomes
as a healthier acclimating nation within an extended family
of interdependently networking relations.

Speaking of which,
I want to encourage you to have a PermaCulture Design Teacher
develop a new transmillennial pre-service training program
for all Peace Corps
and VISTA/SCORE volunteers.
After all,
who better than an ecologically integrative healthy multicultural ecopolitical outcome optimizer
to teach ecological development toward fertile climaxing landscapes
within our public-sector messiahs for and with climate-marginalized populations
becoming better together through mutual-empowerment,
resonant enrichment,
more ecologically peaceful and just,
more saintly, if you will,
eco-missionaries for global public health,
designing rainforests from deserts
of thirsty Middle Eastern Terrorists,
currently breathing too much stinky premillennial oil-polluted air.

Domestic and international volunteers together
rebuilding cooperative global investment and withdrawal networks
where qualitative values
are measured in self-optimizing regenerative outcomes
of (0)-sum healthy cooperative wealth,
gifting forward co-messianic ecobalance
and shadow receiving spiritual loving sainthood
Paradise Enlightenment
in active ecopolitical response
within co-empathic trusting Earth Tribes.

With two or three years of experience,
turning climate pathologies toward climate health,
maybe the Peace Corp and VISTA/SCORE senior volunteers
could train the Pentagon
and all incoming officers of global climate peace,
how to co-invest in ecologically self-optimizing health
and safety within more challenging EcoPolitical Landscapes,
still longing for smarter feminist nurturing climates
with wealthier tribes
of regenerating bicameral-balancing Saints.

I could no more notnot refer to anyone as a saint,
born a saint and yet also becoming an ecological-ecopolitical sinner,
some more self-and-other co-redemptive than others,
but always born both saint and maturing sinner.
Baptism, after all,
does not turn born sinners into saints,
it is a blessing on the family of saints,
to raise another as our grace-filled selves.
Christianity is about a society of saints
ecologically therapeutic for the saint/sinner lines
of Yang/Yin cooperation/competition
written within each fingerprint and heartbeat.

We are all born smart ecological-ecopolitical feminist saints;
but most of us forget,
selling out to LeftBrain dominant empowerment of WinLose
deductive-monopolistic ego-identity concerns,
Yang’s negative agenda about dualdark dissonantly unraveling
while maturing embodied climates.
Positive Psychology favors smart feminists
because cooperative ecopolitics
is rewarded by healthier climates of regenerative Earth.

So, please don’t resist conjoining the Marine Corp
with the Peaceful PermaCulture CoOperative Public Health Network.
The navies could bring therapy to the oceans and seas
and polar caps of ice.
The armies could enrich well-watered nutritious soils,
refreeze our glaciers.
The coast guards could protect the health of rivers
and tidal streams.
The homeless and hungry could grow gardens and organic farms,
cooperatively owned therapeutic communities,
repurposing and recycling networks
expressing nature-spirit reweaving arts
and political ecological sainthood sciences
of permaculturing ecotherapy.

But, as much as I too love Jeane Dixon,
do try to find someone more transmillennially formed in permaculture design.
Talk to Joanna Macy,
she’ll know who to recommend
for teaching/deep listening PermaCultural Climate Peace
as EcoJustice.