Life Thru A Thousand Deaths

Here life waits
with a thousand little discontinuous deaths, again,
right here in The Evolving Self’s
sixth principle of preferable options for more humane revolutions
of evolution,
lurking behind Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

I had seen this life coming
when he began by rooting around
in primally co-arising principles of thermodynamics.

The second Yang-negative principle of monocultural hubris,
entropy as arhythmic yet mutually struggling against competitions,
with Yintegral positive
as first open sesame systemic cooperative principle
of regeneratively abundant flow.

Every system tends to keep its bio-geometric shape
well-suited for cooperative regeneration,
rooted in past DNA,
on back through root systemic RNA,
resonantly symbiotic healthy organic, fractally unfolding, designs,
but also rooting for future healthy cooperative regenerations
living within Earth’s wilderness of ecstasy,
symbiotic networks of sacred nature nurturing informating
healthy Earth ecological rights,
devouring wrongs of Yangish ego-anthro centric over-powering excess.

This first cooperative thermodynamic balance principle,
resolving around and in and through
our 4D spacetime RealLife universe,
is WinWin as Yin-squared equals positive notnot Yang
co-arising nondual ecosystems
with organic self-regenerative
resonantly octaved co-gravitation,
yet multigenerationally positive-centered,
between past DNA exegetical memories of orthodox ecological experience
and future health and safety assurance projections;
between risks and opportunities of kosmic Earth wildness life
where Left and Right do our best to make love
and not quite so much entropic war.

Anyway, back to Mihaly’s sixth dynamic,
suspiciously or radiantly Taoist,
depending on your own predilections,
principle of humane self-governing evolution:

We have two appositional dynamics in our lifetime evolution;
health with pathology potential changes
leading toward WinWin power-with harmonic flow,
using cooperative energy resources
as mutual gratitude invited namaste,
yet also risks leading toward further arhythmic competitions
powering-over Yang’s WinLose mistrusts
about Earth’s life v death egocentric revolutions,
extracting energy for monoculturing hubris,
paternalistic patriotic exploitation of fear and angry condemnations,
further starving ego’s potential health
through a thousand deaths and loss and suffering
of entropic maya,
conflicting competitions struggling against further disorder,
rather than struggling with today’s cognitive-affective dissonance
to deep learn self-ecosystemic care.

It seems perceptually important to believe,
perhaps even to smell and taste and feel remember,
as if implied by this first cooperative yeasty embryonic principle itself,
that Yintegral flow of health
cannot evolve in a total absence of Yang’s darker competitive shadow-memory.

For me,
I have come to see optimally regenerative health,
cooperatively Yintegral power-withing flow,
as health within Earth’s double-binding temporal spectrum,
between pathology of excessive consumption in my accumulating past
and pathology of excessive ego-energy loss through over-production,
self-demoting depressions and repressions,
like a poor Black life voting for Trump.

Either too positive yang powering over others’ equivalent freedoms for becoming,
or too negative Yang recessive
depressive loss of healthy ego/eco
as Left/Right mindbody balance,
become midway inbetween struggling with
rather than against notnot Yang as YinYin’s
WinWin flow abundance.

Within this bicameral Taoist nondual pair of lenses,
our wu wei Tipping Point dipolar trick
is to discern when and where Yang/Yin struggling with less than optimal nondual co-arising flow
veers off into Yang struggling against Earth-as-EcoCentric regenerative polypathic yin-squared proportion,
equivalent to Yang-squared = c-squared Commons
and Yin-squared = Eulerian prime symbiotic relationship,
co-gravitating bilateral past information
with future polynomial-polypathic voyage of languaged time
emerging through dimensional spatial functions,
sustained by nutritional DNA thermodynamic and ecological ecosystemic strictures
of double-fractal = octave harmonic enlightening ecoconsciousness;

Humane evolution as cooperative Ego as Other as Earth iconic
ionic co-gravitationally nondual symbiotic enlightenment,
we are becoming what we have digested from past embryonic regenerate wombs,
nutritional memories of time’s Yang/Yin passing,
yet we are also whom we are Yang/Yin
Left/Right mindbody,
West/East Earth-capital healthwealth ecopolitical value,
power-over/power-with becoming
through future WinWin
positive/double-bind notnot reiterations
of speeding/racing energetic light/dualdark,
emerging from BlackHole stardust irradiating potential
frequencies of co-functioning formations.

It proves difficult to summarize
regeneration as a dynamic verb of becoming balance
rather than as some static Earth-stage
or ground
of revolutionary being ego/ecoconsciousness.

But, at the end of my polypathically multiculturing day,
Climate Health is what we all economically and politically
as ecologically, want.

EarthRights (not so much Yangish hubris Wrongs)
are what we know as nutritionally positive health,
while climate pathologies are both Left and Right extremes
further exposing subclimates and landscapes,
both interior ego identified
and exterior eco-capital Earth-As-Home, identified,
which are what we do not ecopolitically-ecologically desire
because they are not both Left and Right mindbody
nondual ecoconsciously co-arising
regenerative (0)-sum (Fuller, Perelman) health,
without concomitant ecosystemic loss of wealthy futures as co-present
reweaving Ego/Eco Time our bicameral Tao-Selves.

Continuous life
with a thousand little discontinuous deaths
to ego/eco-empowering consciousness
flowing over
breathing and beating and flying and swimming and racing through
Earth’s cooperative multiculturing identities.


Avatar of HealthRights

As we become Avatars of healthier climates
we absorb nutritional empowerment
preferring more therapeutic cultures.

What is the difference between cultural awareness
and integrative communication,
successfully regenerative-potentiated communication,
healthy dynamic vitally redundant communication,
nutritiously benign reiterating viral communication,
further enculturing communication?

Perhaps LeftBrain’s normatively benign,
yet also sometimes synaptically predative, Ego
sees and hears and smells and tastes nutritious enculturing opportunities
and their concomitant risks to others
only when RightBrain remains contentedly communicating
with Ego-as-Earth-Iconic polypathic integrity.

Integrity of nutritional needs v wants,
limited by threats to continued enculturing Ego capacity
to communicate cultural health freely,
evolves co-empathic Left/Right trust
in internally digesting truths
as enculturing, ecopolitical, beauty.

We all nutritionally digest,
and toxically divest,
as integratively as possible,
during our healthiest climate moments and days
and maturing years.

Ego-regenerating Left-Right synergy
reproduces ego/eco-consciousness
of Self as organically networking part of EarthTribe-
Other Life/Death ReGenerate HealthSystems.

Enculturing communication
is what Left and Right compete and cooperate for;
our universally multiculturing integral vocation.

Just as Elder RightBrain is a cultural artifact
of past sacred-natural regenerations,
so too newer languaged communicating Ego’s LeftBrain ecoconsciousness
of cultural-cooperative health
and anti-enculturing, competing pathology
co-arisingly evolves as Iconic Avatar
of Earth’s cooperative Tipping Point potentialities,
free to benignly co-parasite with Others and Earth,
free from predative, non-polypathic fear-rooted distrust
of Ego’s untimely death.

WinWin Avatars of Left/Right enculturing communication,
with benignly ecopolitical cooperative intentions and practice,
digest our communal organic ecosystemic journey
through past regenerations
of Left/Right Brain language landscapes
belonging benignly co-parasitic within
Elder RightBrain’s Matriotic-embryonic health climates.

Avatars virally emerge
regenerate benign co-parasites
for Earth’s healthy futures,
from Earth’s matriotically wombed,
ecologically nutritious,
enculturing past revolutions
of cooperative ecoconsciousness,
doing our best to LeftBrain communicate
what RightBrain regeneratively feels,
both benign climate trusts
and cognitive-affective dissonant fears
about the cultural survival of regenerative time ourselves.

Rather than ego-anthrocentric monoculturing aspirations,
Avatars of healthy ecopolitical climates
absorb polypathic nutritional empowerment
from wealthier ecotherapeutic polycultures.


Money Where Your Mouth Was

Jesus help me,
cried Mother Earth
to Adam’s Sacred Son,
I can’t be birthin’ all these ego-dominating babies,
gettin’ on,
you know…
Makes me sad.
From “Mother Earth’s Laboratory Journal”, post-millennially self publishing

Money, like fertility,
is sexy,
needing attention
to continue regeneratively thriving,
health icons rooted in wealth values.

Our globally cooperative economy
has two primal thermodynamic rules;
you cannot have one without the other,
so they co-arise,
but reverse-correlationally
ebb and flow,
yang and yin dynamic (0)-Tao balance.

First Yang-LeftBrain economic ecological evolutionary thermodynamic half-rule:
Every organic network retains cooperative-dominant ecopolitical function
to regenerate Yang EgoSelf.

First Yin-RightBrain ecotherapeutic thermodynamic half-rule:
In order to survive and to reproduce,
to remain an organic whole-closed-set Yang identity
and an organic open-regenerative-multigenerationally-extended Yin
eco-temporally flowing
for, of, and to deep nurture freedom’s bicameral polycultural DNA incarnation,
multiculturing-futures organic economy developments
require positive OVER double-negative appositional ecopolitical inputs
of further external light OVER dualdark cosmologically regenerative-progressive evolutionary hunter-health OVER security maternal-maturation process
of EarthTribe’s Elder EcoTherapeutic Sacred Vocations, RightBrain (ed.)

You see, Yin, like RightBrain, has no Yangish self-identity promotion voice.
But, if she did,
we might call her Gaia Nature,
regenerative process,
primarily DNA/RNA thermodynamic solidarity,
EarthRight/Left ReVolution
ReWeaving RealTime 4D WinWin EcoPolitically SelfReiterating SpaceTime
Prime (0)Riginal Intent Relationship,
ReGenesis of PostMillennial CoOperative EcoPolitical Investments/Divestments
in Health and CQI Defensive Security,
both Matriotic and Patriotic,
Right/Left Brain TaoBalanced.

First Evolutionary Thermodynamic Principle of ReGenerative EcoSystems,
invites cooperative Right OVER LeftBrain competitive dominance
as primal climate regenerativity.
Earth’s universal network
evolves through bundles of spacetime (0)-centric information/exformation,
with Yang-information standing out from the notnot Yin-balanced background noise;
kept together by health-forces equivocate notnot pathological
decompositional bicamerally-rememing-redeeming polypathic flow.

Science is all about Yang-deductive facts only please,
and is therefore less clear about why some cells are mutually attracted,
rather than dismayed,
and what keeps us united in a permanent positive healthy ecopolitical system,
despite knowing of atomic chemical dynamic geometric bonds,
the ergodic-rhythmic force of wave-linear co-gravitation of light(0)dualdark,
co-arising electromagnetic fractal-octave-fusing
revolving double-bound bilateral-binomial thermodynamic phenomena.

Economic sciences remind us
keep ourselves within a self-perpetuating state
by consuming exactly as much (0) sum energy as required.
To Yangishly try to store more,
will only lead to further Yintegral losses
of potential multiculturally abundant-fulfilling regenerative
PolyNomial PolyPaths = Not(Not-BiNomial) syllogistic
values, norms, intelligent double-TippingPoint designs of nature.

If energy can be dispersed,
then also energy can create self-awareness of time,
and fear and anger about the absence and shortage of time,
gene patterns and meme networks
and polypathic conscientific-artistic paradigms,
great religious ideas and philosophical insights,
to degeneratively ebb dispersed
and regeneratively flow
away from vulgar nationalistic competitions
over LeftBrain dominance of nature’s
matriarchal-patriarchal double-binding tautologies
of all-consuming thermodynamic
permaculturing nutritional
Earth ClimateRights EcoBalance

as (0)Ego/Eco
Yang/Yin Interest
other than full YinYin as WinWin
cooperative polypathic investment/divestment,
yet also politically Yang-ecological,
EarthTribal CoOperative Economics.


Three Faces of Wisdom

I am reading minds and potentially wise political bodies
with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, again.

He speaks of three interdependent aspects of wisdom.
The first is rooted in ecoconscious comprehension
of how and why knowledge, deductive information, facts, beliefs
may be both regeneratively positive
and degeneratively negative.
Wisdom begins with knowledge
but ends in polypathically comprehensive comprehension.

As knowledge evolves,
that it does so following ecologically regenerative trust
and yet also ecopolitically degenerative mistrust
principles of natural symbiotic and entropic procedures
rooted in nature-spirit Earth systems,
becomes what Bucky Fuller called synergetic comprehension,
and what Edward deBono called the combination of
LeftBrain vertical
with RightBrain lateral thinking
to become bilaterally comprehensive
in a deep ecological comprehension
wu wei wisdom way.

The second face of wisdom is yang-virtue,
rooted in the Roman nomial for man.
While ecologically comprehensive consciousness thinks the nurturing thought,
virtue walks the walk of Bodhisattva righteousness,
of acting with integrity
rather then wading through hidden paranoia
about internal hypocrisies
threatening to become public nuisances,
public knowledge,
publicly marginalizing issues,
where public may be as small as one’s spouse
or most nuclear family.

The combination of ecoconscious awareness
maturely integrated with virtuous lifestyle,
including, for some, healthy rich family relationships
of mutually cooperative integrity,
derives the third face of wisdom,
which Csikszentmihalyi expresses as happiness
and which Laotse felt as self and other nurturing contentment;
a kindness that is uniquely accessible to humane nature
in full self-governing maturity.

Where comprehension and integrated virtuous, honest, action
do not result in contentment,
the seeker of wisdom is suffering losses
through cognitive-affective dissonance, dismay, often chronic depression.

Where comprehension and virtue,
ecopolitical deep learning and integrative choices
do not easily settle for our WinLose ecopolitical norms,
when WinWin is the more obvious healthy and wealthy choice,
polypathic comprehension can be seriously compromised by LeftBrain dominant paranoid dissonance,
rather than Left/Right balancing psychological and political outcomes
of Ego peace with Earth justice contentment.

The remaining distance between comprehensive thought
and virtuously rewarding actions
results in internal contentiousness,
which presents chronically as depression,
a withdrawal into existential despair,
absence of hope for ego’s capacity to integrate
given current ecopolitically competitive
and sometimes even anti-ecologically terrifying
climates of pathological enculturation.

Polypathic wisdom,
with active love praxis,
brings multiculturally evolving contentment
within, psychologically,
as without, ecopolitically.

Actively shared contentment of cooperative intent,
as opposed to secretly held contentiousness
of competitive WinLose intellectual elitism,
speaks more co-mentoringly of wisdom’s potential,
optimizing permaculturally nutritious design integrity,
within as without.

Let us not be collectively fooled into suboptimal choices
between wisdom and healthy regenerativity.
No such choices could be truly necessary
to further humane evolution of self,
and Earth.

Perhaps it is of interest to Jungians, at least,
the Trinitarian dynamic of wisdom’s three faces,
beginning with the EcoConscious Universal ReGenerative,
integrating with the Virtuously Righteous CoRedeeming Yang-Sun,
together nurturing a Holonic EarthSpirit Nature
of co-empathic trust contentment outcomes;
and yet also, sadly,
continuing antipathy, mistrust,
internal as external climate pathologies,
rooted in paranoid LeftBrain dominant
premillennial WinLose histories of contentiousness.

Why do I suspect
a more revolutionary history of nurturing contentment
would also speak of matriarchal power-with enculturation?
The medicines of co-passionate midwife nurses
more than reactive surgeons.




Sacred Ecology of Earth

Reading Csikszentmihalyi again,
whose last name would be Csikszenti,
if Mihaly, his first name,
need not also bring up the rear of his family name,
which has nothing to do with anything that follows,
I am sure you are already relieved to know.

I continue wanting to add words in.
Occasionally substitute,
probably not because my choice would be more to his point,
but to mine,
which I hope is the same as his,
only slightly different,
but probably at least as redundant
as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
but in a good full resonant way.

“A person without [healthy] skills
cannot recognize a [pathological] challenge;
but without confronting a challenge
one cannot realize [invest and grow] one’s [healthywealthy] skills.”

Mihaly continues to look for a better term than ‘spiritual’ skills,
for fear it may be too vacuous for vibrant resonance.
He includes wisdom; better.
But, apparently is not familiar with Gregory Bateson’s ecology
of natural regenerativity as also sacredly evolving system dynamics.

Mihaly says these nature-spirit skills involve the ability to control experience directly,
but this does not feel directly accurate to me,
although so close as to often cloud confusion.
Wisdom skills develop capacities to control feelings about direct experience,
including our inability to control experiences,
for good or bad, unilaterally.

Multicultural WinWin wisdom literature
feels less about “manipulating memes that increase harmony among people’s thoughts,”
yet feels more about communicating with optimal nutritional fertility
to increase ecological harmony
among regenerative thoughts, emotions, wills,
consumerisms and productionisms,
investments and disinvestments and reinvestments.

I am less inclined to label those with appositionally bilateral
deep learning ecological skills
shamans; preferring ecotherapists,
priests; preferring wisely helpful parents and grandparents
who never learned a Monoculturing God of Condemnation as themselves,
philosophers; preferring ecologically recreative mentors,
artists; preferring permacultural designers,
but, ultimately, yes, we agree
wise men and women of various bicamerally polypathic kinds.

Wise elders, like trees and rivers,
build credibility through ecotherapeutically respected and remembered outcomes,
rooted in wholesome nutrients consumed
through eyes and ears and nose and throat,
lungs and heart,
minds as bodyfeeling climates,
basically healthy or no more,
yet with diverse dissonant tensions of not-quite-resonant-yet pathology,
small losses within our larger wisdom win-fields of memory.

“What is common to all forms of spirituality [ecology]
is the attempt to reduce entropy [dissonant suboptimization of ecological balance]
in consciousness [Right-bilateral-flow with Left-vertical resonant intelligence].”

“[Ecological] spiritual activity aims at producing harmony
among conflicting [nutritional] desires,
it tries to find meaning among the chance [health v pathology] events of life,
and it tries to reconcile human [regenerative] goals
with the natural [evolutionary] forces that impinge on them
[freedoms toward health and freedoms from pathological exposures, over-investments]
from the environment.”

“It [spiritual ecology] increases complexity [multicultural regenerativity]
by [decompositionally] clarifying the [appositional evolutionary co-arising development] components of individual experience
such as good and bad,
love and hate,
pleasure and pain.”

“It [love-wisdom, love of wisdom] tries to express these [laterally appositional double-binding] processes
in [phylogenic] memes that are [ebb and flowingly] accessible to all,
and it helps integrate them [us] with one another,
and with the external [regeneratively evolving] world
[of health/pathology climates and landscapes,
internal and external bio/eco-systemic
natural phylogenic body-forms
with spiritually ecological/ontological mind-function].”

“[T]he reduction of conflict and disorder through spiritual [ecological] means
appears to be very adaptive.”
[multiculturally regenerative of better climaxing/fertile ecopolitical health.]

That is as understated as suggesting traditional WinLose anger and fear management strategies
are not keeping us preventatively positive enough
for appropriately ecological Left/Right balance
toward WinWin ego/eco-logistic health.



Imagine you live in a daily environment
where and when everything you like
is already yours if you simply ask for this whatever with gratitude,
and is more frustratingly ungraspable if you cannot acquire sufficient gratitude to ask.

And, it doesn’t even matter whom you ask.
So you need not be troubled by complexities,
historically epic narratives,
about who owns what,
and who does not,
because everyone you meet knows it is their vocation,
it is among their reasons for being,
to give you whatever you want,
whenever you want it with sufficient gratitude.

How might you respond to such power and riches,
to both give and to receive
such fertile perfection potential?
How might we cooperatively rule our fertile rich black soils
and sparkling clear clean rivers,
and smile back at our mutually-held blue sky?

And yet, these powers are not yet polypathically magical.
You do not have powers to be someone else.
You cannot look at a perfectly beautiful body
and gratefully claim it as your own.

You do have the power to speak and listen with each of those perfectly beautiful bodies
and/or minds
about how and why and when and where you treasure them,
value them,
and would become a mind and/or body exactly like theirs,
an identical twin.

You do have the power to ask them, with gratitude,
to help you see and hear and smell and taste their beauty,
but not to become their beauty for them.

Becoming health and beauty powers with others
grateful for our most intimate mutually grateful availability,
cooperatively trusting accessibility,
because your powers of acquisition
are constrained only by this magic
of mutual gratitude.

Imagine, as you mature in LeftBrain dominance,
the magic of mutual gratitude
and its more paranoid secretive absence,
when you were a child
was simply Left/Right deep learning chemistry.

Imagine how you might have heard,
You can be anything you sufficiently desire to become
as not so much,
You can have whichever magical powers of acquisition you can imagine,
but more like a child,
We are continually becoming whom and what we wish for
within an ecology of mutually trusting chemistry
we call regard, and sometimes wonder, and even awe,
and we are discontinuously becoming whom and what we do not wish for
within a climate of paranoid
overly acquisitive and competitive
LeftBrain dominant pathology;
this lack of RightBrain outflowing,
self-as-also-other regenerating gratitude.

Imagine you live where and when
all you can take in is ours to give
each grateful trusting other.

What happens in your imaginative chemistry
when WinLose games of Keep Away
revolt into WinWin games of Give Away,
but only when productive for
and consumptive of
co-empathic gratitude?



A Few Years Back and Flowing Forth

A few years back,
in the prior millennium,
1993 to be more precise
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
born without a stage name
had his book entitled “The Evolving Self” published,
by which he meant The ReGeneratively Nutritious Flowing Self,
but he was probably shy of too-long, user-unfriendly, titles,
so we have this more evolutionary psychology
which is also about economic and politically cooperative investment
as recommended by mental health professionals,
not that they necessarily are all that ecopolitically correct themselves
when it comes to public health priorities,
but health science trends have been favoring ecologically helpful,
rather than condemning to starvation and thirst and chemical poisoning, medicine
for challenged landscapes and climates for awhile now.
Couldn’t say exactly,
but, you know,
a few years back.

So University of Chicago Psychologist Dr. Csikszentmihalyi,
as, presumably, many other health advocates,
worrying about all Earth’s many pathologies,
ended the prior millennium’s story of self-evolution,
self-and-other redemption,
with some questions
here posed to CEO of Earth’s ReGenerative Times,
a richly-hued and deeply nutritious paper
too often ignored by her health professional acolytes.

Csikszentmihalyi: What are your thoughts,
your nutritionally evolving trends,
toward forging a ReGenerative Futures Fellowship?

CEO: My health and nutrition trends are your thoughts
toward our co-operative future.

Csikszentmihalyi: What kind of information about your ecopolitical environment
would be most useful for you to have first?
How could you get it?

CEO: I was born through histories of DNA nutritional information
about what feeds and what poisons our ecopolitical environment.

Cooperative power could better optimize
with stronger Left/ElderRight ecobalance,
so either/or deductive thinking
could also incorporate both/and polypathing ambivalent feelings,
so LeftBrain’s self-deluding fascination with reified oppositionals
could become re-embedded
within ecological history’s nondual co-arising appositionals.

So, first information regarding regenerative light as nutrition we already have.
We could better comprehend this syncretic information
with a massive enculturation of bicamerally balancing ecopolitical landscapes
and subclimates.

Csikszentmihalyi: At present, what are the major obstacles that prevent regenerative health from developing in your community?

CEO: Right hand up,
swearing on a Bible,
to patriotic God
to never tell a decompositional lie,
my biggest pathology is too much LeftBrain dominance
not only in my day to day ecopolitical choices
and value-judgments
and priorities for helpful organic co-operative therapies
but also through our AnthroElder language-listening skill development
of and for nature/spirit dynamic creative redemption stories.
Our self-optimizing future fellowship potential
told through folk-tales deeply influenced by, and enhancing, cocktails,
or, even better, more organically-centering substances.

Czikszentmihalyi: Are the problems mainly economic, political, or moral?

CEO: Yes.
Those three together,
rather than holding them less fruitfully apart.

Czikszentmihalyi: Do they involve lack of vision or creativity?

CEO: Absence of recreative vision
is imagination uninformed by evolutionary sciences,
bereft of Left-historic power greets Right-Her nutritional enculturation
as EarthTribe’s economic story of equivalent investment.
LeftBrain is historically-experientially orthodox,
and thereby longs for RightBrain’s more fertile,
eisegetically empathic,
nutritional feelings about ecopolitical health v pathology.

Czikszentmihalyi: Have you ever been involved in grass-roots action? If so,
what did it accomplish?

CEO: To date,
we continue unfolding embryonically cooperative,
organically-fractal (0)-sum ecopolitically fertile DNA
as what you might think of as ‘grass-roots.’
Then again,
you may be thinking of DNA’s
wider RNA extended families with grass-root systems.

What you see
is what you get
regarding what we have accomplished
for cooperative struggling with
v. too competitively struggling against
Earth’s Originally Intended grass-roots nutritional ecopolitical actions
and reactions,
and networks of multicultural health
in tension with monocultural pathologies.
ReGenerative Times doesn’t need more freedom to say whatever condemning slanderous story we might think of,
and we do need more freedom from
LeftBrain’s monoculturing supremacist
egocentric pathologies,
which are,
by definition,
not ecopolitically correct balanced nutrition
for either public or private health concerns,
including issues about not enough cooperative economic health.

Czikszentmihalyi: Are you comfortable with the idea
that the shape of the future
depends on how you invest your psychic energy now?

CEO: Well, the Taoist word for comfortable is contentment,
which the Buddhists, and maybe even Abraham et. al.,
seem to define as absence of suffering,
resonantly co-redemptive health rather than dissonant pathology.

Contentment is our psychically positive-balanced
ecopolitically cooperative powers-with and through co-empathic trust.
So trust in what is healthy, and good nutrition, and safe and secure,
and warmly ecotherapeutic
for future regenerators of Earth’s landscapes and climates
would seem to be our ReGenerative Times way to
truth with beauty invest.

Czikszentmihalyi: What consequences do you draw from this fact?

CEO: To optimize our regenerative health,
we look for absence of cognitive-affective dissonance
born in WinLose assumptions
that ecopolitics and ecologic are not always positively played WinWin,
through mutually held co-empathic trust
absorbing past mistrusting anti-polypathologies.

If I may summarize,
economic landscapes of cooperative nutrition
recreate climates of health-producing Earth Rights politics,
appositionally co-arising greater awareness
of Earth-Devolving Wrongs
as politically and economically incorrect,
sacrificing abundant health.