Wise AssEssments

Holy Trinities

Long to be Healthy
in Wealthy

I would really rather be Right
without needing to get into a Fight
about our degenerate infested Might

Become integrity’s full-bloomed Beauty,
authenticity’s long
and widely anticipated Duty,
combining curious creolizations
courageously Fruity

Authentically longing
to be patriotic EarthHealthy
integrity also matriarch Wealthy
bilateral balance
win-just win
with green peace Wise

Whole open systemic Trinities
and secular
win/win wise
interreligious surprise.


Wealthy EcoNormic Promise

He spoke with his ego-systemic body
through his own eco-logical maturation.

She flowed bilateral time
with her ego-eco centering mind
incarnating Earth’s humane regenerate economy.

Together they commune nature-spirit hybrids,
bicamerally creolic
co-redeeming care-giving spirits,
completing each holonic tridium of becoming
one within spacetime’s ecological promise,
three-placed co-present economy
of trilateral political grace,
playing enculturing WinWin games
ego-eco creations of just right mentoring integrity
strategizing cooperative economic-logical health,
this Holy Trinity’s supply and demand
for resonant triaged wealth.

He asked of this grey spirit,
Are we white or black,
male or female?

She responds in gray embodied script
Yes, both white and black,
patriarchs born of bodhisattva matriarchs,
yet not mature all white
and yet not mature all black,
and in-between our ecologic-economic natures meet
enspiriting cooperations
of integrity
with all trinitarian stories past enfolded
and all those yet wu wei unfolding
within Earth’s potential bounty.

Each languaged life,
both embodied left and mindful right relational
internal political landscapes
dawning through Earth’s renewal
of and for external climate health of bodymind
organic integration networks,
integrity of love’s polyphonic wealth.

And so this marriage
of ego-capital,
wisdom’s logical acquisition
and accumulating
and re-investing body,
with eco-normative mind
regenerates nature-spirit nondual wedded stories
co-arising through each reweaving
incarnate Promise Day.


After School Jam Session

How was school today?


Did you learn anything important?

Maybe. I’m not sure yet.

Really? What are you considering?

We talked about Howard Odum’s natural trinity
of altruism.

Maybe I skipped that day
way back in premillennial times
before Permaculture Design had taken over deep learning development.
Who is Howard Odum
and how does his natural trinity
diverge from my traditional Holy Trinity?
Or, maybe it doesn’t.

Howard Odum was an early systems theorist
who studied ecosystemic trends
of nutrition building and disintegration,
of sustainable balance
and runwaway monocultural disasters
like climate and landscape anti-nutritional pathologies.

Did you just say
climate change derives from monocultural overshoot,
a weedpatch taking over our garden,
also known as Earth?

I guess,
but in this case the weedpatch
is also known as over-industrialized
LeftBrain dominant
But, the natural trinity of altruism
is about climates of inter-relational health,
and not about monocultures and anthropocentrism.

I’m sure I missed this class,
if they even had it back in my Baby Boomer day.

You probably just got the Holy Trinity part,
when you studied metaphysics.
I don’t think they were teaching ecosystemic theory
when you took MultiCultural Civics Development classes;
although Howard was published well before your high school years.

It probably took awhile for educators
to figure out the significance
of ecosystemic balance,
within and without,
rather than merely lecturing about unsustainable imbalances
hoping for civil democratically optimizing
and, thereby, self-other regenerative systems
as wellness,
and not so much sickness
requiring Anger Management.

Anyway, so is there a summary version of this natural trinity
that you might share?

Well, yes, I suppose the basic idea is as simple
as any convex and therefore also concave implicated triangle.

I’m already lost.
No recall of convex and concave
in my Holy Trinity.

Oh, right…
you missed postmillennial Bucky Fuller metrics too.
Let’s see…
OK, Odum’s natural trinity
is a dynamic model for balancing lifetime energy investments,
but at two levels.
The individual biosystem.
And, the collective species’ regenerational biosystem,
conceived as a not totally discontinuous
ongoing spacetime ecosystem
sharing Earth with other biosystemic ecosystems.

At both of these levels,
individual and higher-order species,
about a third of energy invested into the system
is required for healthy metabolic regeneration
of each and every mental-physical system.

Another consumed third of energy
feeds back to maintain mutually subsidiary subsystemic prey,
providers of fuel and energy.

The last captured third of energy
produces re-investments outward
to what Odum calls
“higher-order system controllers.”

Do you have an example?
What might be one of my potential investments
in a higher-order control/nurture system?

in class
the hierarchical trinity we used
was grass in relationship with rabbits
in relationship with a predator,
like a fox,
for example.

So the rabbit’s energy waste fuels the grass,
and the more vulnerable rabbits feed the foxes.

Yes, especially the young and lame.
The ones who see and sniff and move less well.

I don’t see how that works out so well as a trinitarian third.
If you are young or lame or blind, especially.
But how does Odum approximate this one-third math
at the individual creature level?

That’s what we’re talking about in class.
I would imagine
if you view successfully hunted and devoured
from a predator’s perspective
you might feel the prey had made nearly a 100% re-investment,
perhaps omitting the larger bones,
in your higher-order controlling species,
a hungry pride of lions.

This natural trinity of altruism
seems to suffer in the end
from more competitive taking without asking
and less cooperative giving without needing to be asked,
which is what I though altruism was more about.

I suppose Odum was looking at balanced ecosystems
as a resonantly deep whole,
in which about one third of a species’ generation,
as seen from God’s Higher Order perspective,
redeems the other two-thirds
by feeding the metabolic thrival needs
of higher-order predators,
controlling risks of overpopulation
leading to monocultural landscapes and climates
of descending, and increasingly rabid,

You mean like mother pigs eating their young
to better feed those remaining in her litter?

OK, if that actually happens
I’m not sure I wanted to know about it.
Also, if that happens,
then we are talking about an out of balance system
between generations within the same species.
Perhaps Odum was speaking of some cosmic balance of energy.
Really big picture.
Polypathic energy exchanges.

And maybe higher order systems
are not limited to controlling predators.
Perhaps a higher order ecosystem
might nurture potential victims
of Earth’s imbalance,
especially our young and enslaved and addicted
to competing sensory blindness
and malnourished projects for ego-identity expansion,
until we each discover
that pain and loss and death
could be revisited
as equal to two-thirds of cooperative life
and multiculturing gain
through monoculturing absence,
loss of egocentric WinLose interest,
divestment of self
as re-investment in higher-order YangControl/YinNurture balance.

So, that would be the connection, then,
between Odum’s natural trinity of altruism
and Christianity’s Holy Trinity
of and for Earth’s multiculturing altruism.

Where is Holonic Spirit
in this dual level trinity
of higher order control
with lower order nurturance
producing self-regenerating healthy wealth
of ego/eco-systemic Earth?

That would be the middle ego/eco feeding balance,
growing out to extend family identity
to include gratitude for nurturing embryonic cousins,
extending on through our ultimate individual biosystemic loss
to and for and of higher order nurturing.

co-arising nonduality

of 0-sum polypathic spacetime energy regeneration,
in 4D bilaterally co-gravitating
Commons-squared Folds
with dualdark ExFolding ExFormations.

You’re making that up
as you go along
aren’t you?

About one third, I would say.
Another third comes from Elder RightYin memories
and the final third comes out through LeftBrain Yang-explicating
not necessarily higher ecological orders of balance
and resonant octave-fractal harmonics,
yet that is our Cooperative Democratic shared ideal,
I suppose?

And do we intuitively and multiculturally share
this 0-sum ecopolitical metaphysical development
do you think?

I hope so.
Otherwise I have a serious case of idolatrous
toxic imbalance going on,
contributing further to climates of dismay
rather than natural-spiritual trinities
of ecosystemic balance,
as was my original matriarchal intent.

You need to update, Mom.
Get more health-wealth centered.

I thought that’s what we were doing together,
just now.

Oh, I get it,
kind of a higher order cooperative nurturance
of ego/eco co-investing systemic paradigms.

Very good!
Building mutual trust and identity expansion
by each reiterating ego-convex
with eco-concave
0-sum bilateral nurturing
creolizing communication order.

Wait a minute,
creolization theory
has nothing to do with systems theory
at least as captured and re-invested by Howard Odum.

Oh, I thought they sound and feel alike,
while one looks outside physical
and the other listens inside metaphysical.

Change of subject:
What’s for dinner?

Not sure.
What would you like to eat
and help me produce
for our future re-investments
in higher-order thrival
and ego-ordering metabolic survival?

Mom, stop.
This happens every time you ask me
How was school?
And I respond with anything other than

Oh, come on,
you’re the one who said I need to update.
And, besides,
you might be able to use this.
Maybe in Political Philosophy next semester,
if not Permaculture Systemic Design this semester.

I’ll have to think about that…
There’s also that Polypathic EcoPolitics of Cosmology thesis
I’ve not quite finished.

Sounds like a tossed salad?


Three Faces of Wisdom

I am reading minds and potentially wise political bodies
with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, again.

He speaks of three interdependent aspects of wisdom.
The first is rooted in ecoconscious comprehension
of how and why knowledge, deductive information, facts, beliefs
may be both regeneratively positive
and degeneratively negative.
Wisdom begins with knowledge
but ends in polypathically comprehensive comprehension.

As knowledge evolves,
that it does so following ecologically regenerative trust
and yet also ecopolitically degenerative mistrust
principles of natural symbiotic and entropic procedures
rooted in nature-spirit Earth systems,
becomes what Bucky Fuller called synergetic comprehension,
and what Edward deBono called the combination of
LeftBrain vertical
with RightBrain lateral thinking
to become bilaterally comprehensive
in a deep ecological comprehension
wu wei wisdom way.

The second face of wisdom is yang-virtue,
rooted in the Roman nomial for man.
While ecologically comprehensive consciousness thinks the nurturing thought,
virtue walks the walk of Bodhisattva righteousness,
of acting with integrity
rather then wading through hidden paranoia
about internal hypocrisies
threatening to become public nuisances,
public knowledge,
publicly marginalizing issues,
where public may be as small as one’s spouse
or most nuclear family.

The combination of ecoconscious awareness
maturely integrated with virtuous lifestyle,
including, for some, healthy rich family relationships
of mutually cooperative integrity,
derives the third face of wisdom,
which Csikszentmihalyi expresses as happiness
and which Laotse felt as self and other nurturing contentment;
a kindness that is uniquely accessible to humane nature
in full self-governing maturity.

Where comprehension and integrated virtuous, honest, action
do not result in contentment,
the seeker of wisdom is suffering losses
through cognitive-affective dissonance, dismay, often chronic depression.

Where comprehension and virtue,
ecopolitical deep learning and integrative choices
do not easily settle for our WinLose ecopolitical norms,
when WinWin is the more obvious healthy and wealthy choice,
polypathic comprehension can be seriously compromised by LeftBrain dominant paranoid dissonance,
rather than Left/Right balancing psychological and political outcomes
of Ego peace with Earth justice contentment.

The remaining distance between comprehensive thought
and virtuously rewarding actions
results in internal contentiousness,
which presents chronically as depression,
a withdrawal into existential despair,
absence of hope for ego’s capacity to integrate
given current ecopolitically competitive
and sometimes even anti-ecologically terrifying
climates of pathological enculturation.

Polypathic wisdom,
with active love praxis,
brings multiculturally evolving contentment
within, psychologically,
as without, ecopolitically.

Actively shared contentment of cooperative intent,
as opposed to secretly held contentiousness
of competitive WinLose intellectual elitism,
speaks more co-mentoringly of wisdom’s potential,
optimizing permaculturally nutritious design integrity,
within as without.

Let us not be collectively fooled into suboptimal choices
between wisdom and healthy regenerativity.
No such choices could be truly necessary
to further humane evolution of self,
and Earth.

Perhaps it is of interest to Jungians, at least,
the Trinitarian dynamic of wisdom’s three faces,
beginning with the EcoConscious Universal ReGenerative,
integrating with the Virtuously Righteous CoRedeeming Yang-Sun,
together nurturing a Holonic EarthSpirit Nature
of co-empathic trust contentment outcomes;
and yet also, sadly,
continuing antipathy, mistrust,
internal as external climate pathologies,
rooted in paranoid LeftBrain dominant
premillennial WinLose histories of contentiousness.

Why do I suspect
a more revolutionary history of nurturing contentment
would also speak of matriarchal power-with enculturation?
The medicines of co-passionate midwife nurses
more than reactive surgeons.




Holonic Trinities

Humility is the doorway to compassion.
Compassion is the doorway to wisdom.
Wisdom is the doorway to humility.

Humility of the Messiah leads toward compassion Creators.
Compassionate Progenitors are doorways toward Nature/Spirit Wisdom.
Sacred Spiritual Wisdom is humanity’s multicultural doorway toward co-messianic humility.

Yin-flowing humility and Yang-empowering compassion,
nondually co-arise Tao of Nature/Spirit ecopolitical Wisdom.
Polypathic co-arising TaoTime’s PermaCultural Wisdom
is our bicamerally nondual doorway toward EarthTribe’s wu wei
multiculturing inclusive sacred gratitude
for Yin’s gift of humanely nurturing fertile humility.


Trinitarian Voices

Father’s Voice

Your ungainly question,
What is the meaning of Life?
reminds of another,
What is purpose to Beauty?
which reminds of,
What is meaning and purpose for Grace?
and Karma?

Not ugly, empty, meaningless death, perhaps?

Life, like beauty, evolves appositional responses
of meaning, outlined, co-defined by negative losses and suffering
and absence of healthy purpose,
staying away from pathologies and toxins
and uglies and means and greeds and envies
and Ego dominance;

Life, like beauty,
evolves toward more nutritionally balanced, blended,
proportional symmetry, equi-valency,
full-color cultures,
more rainbow-octavish dancing in circles health
choices found within
your deep ecology of internal as external beauty
as responsible and wholesome cooperative truths,
all merging toward our universally golden hypothesis
that EarthTribe is in this messy beautiful evolution of regenerativity
profoundly and radically and ubiquitously and co-arisingly together,
as we are each not hypnotically immersed within noisy stagnant ugly competing Ego
monopoly games
losing life’s healthy integrative, assimilative
beautiful beloved potential.

Son’s Response

Seeking purposive meaning for life and beauty and love
feels like trying to gratefully worship a transcendent God
outside myself,
outside my responsibilities,
outside my political and economic authority,
outside my friends and enemies,
outside Earth and all Earth’s bio- and ecosystems.

Yet, all I can know of this outsideness
is absence, loss, death, dismay, abandonment, neglect, violence
competing among themselves for loudest voice
where God is not incarnate,
not omnipotent,
not omnipresent,
not life,
not beauty,
not love.

If God is not my epicenter of healthy active incarnating love,
seeding and weeding and watering and nourishing
and polyculturally-multiculturally harvesting
abundant communication and community and personal
and political and economic cooperative health,
responsible and authoritative ecotherapeutic evolution
of Self as Other
interdependent with Earth’s ecological co-mentoring,
bodhisattva occupier vocational opportunities
responding true within Earth’s radically profound Beauty
as Love
Basic Attendance
mindful ecoconsciousness,
when all feels and smells and tastes and walks well,
then I, dear Faither, have become a practicing atheist.

And, that could work out just fine,
so long as I avoid ego-
and anthrocentric excesses;
yet Love Fertilization
seems so much easier and effective
than Anger Management.

Spirit-Nature Resonance

Perhaps a profound difference
between human nature and Earth’s other forms and dialects
merges our bilateral capacities to choose response
to longing and belonging
with their opposite intentions.

Belonging inspires antipathies of not belonging,
mutual immunities recognized and assimilated,
while longing inspires reiteratively resonant co-longing to help,
and sometimes play with each other.

Because we have opportunities to choose mutual belonging,
this Basic Attendance assimilation
of Earth’s incarnate longing for life and beauty and truth
becomes incumbent ecoconsciousness
within our more cooperative political and economically interdependent,
co-evolving futures.


Double-Binding ReBirth

The dancer becomes dance
as the singer becomes song’s liturgical story.

The player becomes recreational play
and the worker becomes vocation.

The designer becomes bicameral design
and life becomes co-redemptive landscaping,
as space unfold’s time’s seasonal function,
Yang unfurls Yin-Yin’s bidirectional prime frequency.

Co-redemptive economics unfolds regenerative ecological systems
as coregenerating functional seasons develop informative nutritional abundance,
eco-normative value for natural life systems,
development processes,
creative bicameral processors
of form’s function as space’s well-raced polycultural time.

Winter’s transcendent decomposition
opens to summer’s diastatic fullness,
as Yin-time’s regenerative transactions
invite binomial balance to Yang-space’s permaculturing sustainable designs.

Trinitarian spatial dimensions
over unitarian bitemporal dimension
rationally deduces to more smooth-structured Eulerian function:
dualistic prime-linear space diametric systems
appositional and oppositional temporal-spatial values,
are explicitly and concavely our Universe’s metaphysical
+/(-,-)Zero-soul core prime thermodynamic balance
as Core Vertexial Space OVER Core vortexial dark time,
Polynomial Yang embracing Yin-Yin Game Theorem.