Complicated Relationships

In complicated relationships,
and complex story telling
with regeneratively developing
and degeneratively undeveloping characters,

Personalities with powers to inflict harmful
and healing

and harassment
or compassion,

and abuse
or solidarity,

Who switches from and
to positive
to negative,
and back again
and last

Depends on where and when we choose to begin
our journey down selective memory’s avenue
of speaking and reacting
and not listening and responding,

But this primary choice
of Alpha and Omega point
is further influenced
by what we choose to notice
and assume is perceivable,

And what we fail to remember
to reconnect
to return again
to restore
to omit
to set aside
to assume

Among all our political and economic
civil and uncivil history of individual relationships
and family systems
and community networks
and EarthTribe polycultural species
come and gone before
on Earth’s round revolving stages
of unfolding

And refolding
restoring historic healthy relationships.


Empowering Health

Positive balances negative energy,
co-arising matter.

Future balances past Time,
co-arising within Space.

Neutral-Draw Yin balances Negative Yin,
co-arising Positive Yang/YinYin healthy wealth.

Positive CommonTime equi-valences Negative “c”
co-arising +/(-)(-) double-binding Zero-PrimeTime bilateral dimension
of light’s emergent speed.

Light as +/(-,-)0 co-arising gravity
square rooted in RNA regenerative enlightenment
as (+/(-/-)ZeroCommons CulturalMetric
within 4 primal spacetime dimensions.

Understanding Elder-hemisphere as Eco-centered “Commons” bilateral,
Time encrypted skeletal-soul cell informating energy;
Comprehending Left-deductive through Ego-centered c-squared
bi-elliptical octave frequency transliterations,
in 4-prime spacetime;
emerges Universal cosmological +/- QBit function
as information/exformation of co-arising matter(s)
co-generating through ProGenitive (0)-sum cooperative ecological economies,
healthy self-optimizing thrival
of Beloved Climaxing Nature.

Verbal logic reveals relationships and transactions
as noun-binomials reveal subjects with their objectives,
to be attained or avoided or confused,
loved or feared
by their co-relational transmutation,
their co-arising praxis,
mutually gravitational life,
precessive and recessive,
inhale expansion toward exhale contraction,
time’s unfolding incarnation
of health and beauty,
sickness and decay,
peace and justice
with violence and suffering struggle,
Left with Right,
Ego with Eco-logical Economics,
Time’s +/(-,-)0 nutritional value,
integrative revolutionary recycles,
co-gravitational QBit trend default strings of P=NNP equivalence,
positive/negative co-arising informating energy,
in (0)-centric Open Universal Bicameral Systems
with Thermodynamic
and Electromagnetic
Yang/Yin Balance.

Co-arising nondual communal communion
silences our screaming segregating ego-defensive screens.
Eco-identity shares faith in hope to yet see
the whites of each Other’s eyes and souls
while we share this warmth of what remains
within our mythic Tribal burning bush,
DNA-encrypted fractal-balancing wisdom,
we can each and all walk away with each other,
not from each other,
understanding differences between what we all need
and what nobody wants,
and we will each and all shine toward this globally inclusive future
with what we each and all need,
and without co-dependent competitive relationships,
toxic to lasting therapeutic coherence.

Revolve Resolve Resonate ReDeem ReMember ReTurn ReConnect
to sustain our co-arising polyculturing time,
our ecosystemic well-being,
our ecotherapeutic homes and communities
and shared vocation,
our cooperative economic transactions of wealth-optimizing health;
this eco-logical,
permanently-enculturing permacultural con-scientific revolution
of co-mentoring within’s paradigms gardening without’s eco-consciousness.

Co-arise this optimally sustained revolution,
this dipolar wealth of meaning for health,
with dissonant noise and chaos for disease,
this robust prose and languaged
consciousness of inclusive bicameral mental health,
this graceful living and breathing and healing poetry,
rhythm, pattern of sound’s reason,
fullness of season;
metaphysically expressed through universal laws of language
and eco-time’s-logic,
while physically expressed through global dancing
and singing
in full RNA-fractal octaves of ringing regenetic circles.


Reheading Rights

In memory of, and with gratitude to, all those who have lost our heads to violence.


We lost our head the other day,

attenuating sight and sound and smell,

severing our capacity to feel

and digest this sacrifice of sacred nature.


With dominant arm of self-righteousness

we practiced malignant intent,

a sacrilegious suicide

this unholy separation of mind and sacred icon

of EarthSpace,

Tree of Life cut down,

leaving this abominated stump

with dying roots

stretching back and down to reach

our deepest rivers of nutrient Paradise.


And now Yin, mourning left hand of justice

grows silently incapacitated

by right-handed hubris

trading self-defensive weapons

predicating tools, offending nature’s incarnation.


Our denatured head grows silent

waiting for decaying EarthSelf to respond.


Why is this eternal silence

not enough,

a global omissioned sin?


Perhaps because our grieving is too loud

to recommit Earth Yinned arm to

restore our sacred space,

a paradise replacing

self-immunizing defenses with

self-immolating gratitude

for deeply graced ecologic,

our Tree of Life Cathedral

composed of countless recycling life rings,

each gradually growing silent

as its individuating season passes,

to move to core support,

endless trunk aligned with

EarthSelf’s permaculturing taproot.


Our beheading self-sacrilege

screams with holy loss,

defilement of humaned nature,

loss of hope for anything

but winter’s silent healing,

nurturing future’s seed.


Teach us bare-boned sacred silence,

grow our gratitude for winterish loss,

our remains deep-stretching hope

to comprehend Earth’s silent despairing diastasis,

sobbing decay weeps for

unremitted memory loss.


Rise up peaceful open-handed grace

of silent witness.

Burn fused weapons

into smooth-shelled water rafts

rising procession, springing sap

for reweaving Earth’s cultured pearls,

sacred silent wisdom,

a left-armed reach up

to greet right hand’s loss,

mutually caressing shared loss of mind.


As one falls silent severed

so do we all.

Dropping arms in empty bow

to rest on Earth’s warm skin.

Cold-hearted seeds of tears

for what we have begun,

a suicide procession

quietly emptying out of Eden.


This pilgrimage bows,

vows to return again

to silent natural grace,


waiting with simpler cousins,

more helplessly free of self-defenses,

trees and hibernating animals,

making do with what rests stored,

vast wealth deposits melting out

toward starving margins of

reason’s boundary.


Winter water’s left-armed brittle peace,

a pacific self-sequestration

lays siege to tired and trembling Righteousness,

until at last we reconnect

our left and right

our Yang and Yin

our song and silence.


We retell our children

and they theirs

of this Great Head Turning.

Iconic scab of homeless body,

a trunk no longer growing rings

sings our silent mourning memory

for EarthTribe’s loss of seed.


Our sacrificial answer to sacrilegious question,

winter’s dark silence

until mourning accomplishes her healing task,

Earth’s dawning regenesis

of heart and breath

springing profoundly diverse sprigs

of interweaving gratitude

for winter’s rich composting blanket.


Fold arms,

stop marching in effraction baring markets,

to dance in harmoniously therapeutic

revolving, flowing

Gaian prehensive circles.









Tao’s Raining Mountain

A mountain of information is our species

some currently incarnating

some reincarnating

some diskarmating



dia-sated with trim-tabbing

exterior and above

fat-filled dissonance;

interior within elder wisdom,

peace about justice and love’s sustained future.


This mountain is coincidental

culturally reweaving information string

of each Self

a humaned “Me!”


More mountain reflective,

more eisegetical,

less Orthodox,

yet not insanely heretic,

we communicate our formation,

our in-formed tribal

culture’s naturally sensionic cooperative identity.

What we say is what we are

until  renewing strains

push out resonant full-stringed songs.


We are Earth’s Information Tribe

part of Native Nature Nation.

Human natural shamans

enculturing our information string

retelling our inclusive story,

magnetic waves of lavish bi-linear

erupting springish youth

to saturate each sensory surface

with compost

growing enculturative strings

of dancing poetry

recycling down and egging in

toward Mountain’s yinnish river core

raining up reversed temporal flow.


Form fractally flows up

emerging out from Time Mountain’s (0) Core

positively confluent streams of

egg-meet-sperm frequencies

form meets functioned dia-bi-metered

norming radiant empowered

North re-binomial ellipse

dawn’s graceful lava

implicately placed for spacetime’s positive pleasuring

nutritious composting wealth

of sequined information,

North radiantly autonomic frequency default.


We weave our mountain

within a volcanic range

stringing back to stardust

and forth toward well-flowed

Earth genetic story.


Home on the range

where binomials roam

North toward Yang summer’s fullness

and South toward Yin winter’s hybergetic wake advent-ure

to spring again as lavish spacetime’s Tao rain.


Mountain’s skies are just-cloudy at night.






Face to Face Reweaving

I remember feeling special

hoping for a path beyond the Law of reason

with shamanic powers

to grasp and change

and save myself,

my family from death,

uninvited decay and dissonance.


Owl came to whisper

“Shaman-child, be born again”

I was afraid to die with Her.

Purgation feels wrong and putrid,

an offense to creating hope and faith.

This death would be too common

for my Self-potential Shaman.


Bear came to teach me

hibernation’s coincidental embrace,

and not death.

My cave of fear is where I sleep

until spacetime is ready

to call forth one of her eternal pearls.

One among all, each with our place

and time to shine



a reincarnating pearl

well-strung strong

in harmonious round octave

to carry forth our future

pearl of paradise.


Yet still I want and wait and balk and fear

disgraced ungrateful,

ungraced disgrateful,

wishing victory for my silent cave

of dark potential integrity.

If I could make it so

I would,

to call out Spring of hope at last

our season of regenesis,

but are we ready?

So still I wait and balk and fear.

I confuse my faith

with our self-consciousness.


Raven calls the Shaman call

within Elder cave’s cell-consciousness;

regenesis is always near

between tomorrow and right now.

We are only this integrity,

Eternal Moment’s potentiality

toward vast polyculturant affection

through present’s winnowing comparison

with past negative effects.

Shared black silo of fearful smothering

alone without relationship to space or time.

Turn around.

Our positive pilgrimage rises convexly,

together toward expanding solidarity.


With obedient trepidation

I face about to face the face

Other knows about,

with timid voice, I hesitate,

“Does the Shaman assembly accept your verdict?”


It’s not my place to speak this way

but silence screams back to me



More confident with building hope

“Does our shamanic assembly accept our verdict?”

Again the reconnecting cave of reconciliating

silent wisdom string

stretching back through cultured history of pearls.


Incarnating faith,

with graceful dance of presence,

“Do we accept present integrity

of future’s positive promise?”

I sing our dance

reechoing strings of eco-normic pearls

toward future’s present past.


Permacultured pearls prance prescient presence.