Eyes of a Dying Wolf

I looked through the eyes of a dying wolf
to see fires flaming out our horizon
as long as this wild wolf had seen.

He saw a time
when seizures
were currencies of sorcerors,
shamen and shawomen
born of supremely loving matriarchs.

Seizure medicine knew its own advent
echoing sources speaking dreams of manna geese
flying home for our first through last
Win/Win Thanksgiving Day
through fire extinguishing night.

Thanksgiving Peace Dreams
after fires and erupting volcanoing
and also before peace dreams of hope-fired relationships,
responsible as authoritative Win/Win faith,
respect for powers of multiculturing love
over monoculturing fears
of fires for volcanoed hate
of gun-fires flaming out horizons.

I looked through the eyes of a not yet dead wolf
to see fires of restorative justice
for Thanksgiving Days and Nights of Peace
sweeping all Win/Win full-fired horizons
of Wonder as Sacred Flaming Awe.


Fr. Time Commentaries

A few words about my good friend, Fr. Time’s, investment in developing this language and these dialects of evolution.

And yet, not to blame someone for doing too good a job,
but why shine so much light on ecosystemic deductive-languaged consciousness
of sciences and math and metaphysics?

Please stop spiraling these teleological definitions of light’s (0)-centric Origin through PolyCultural full-octave of color ReBirth,
Ta(0)Mega-EcoLogical Soul of Fractal-Regenerative-Function,
deep dark rich ecological language-learning compost,
including a little bicamerally balanced Interior-Exterior Landscape wisdom,
blending our Rightmind Owl-Recessive Medicine
with our LeftBody Moose Dominant Medicine.

Why not invest more in ego-identity
as biosystemic light-positive-temporal-function reception,
functioning with ecoconsciousness of EgoLeft Health
chronically dissonant with EcoRight dualdark diastatic (0)Warm/Cold-centric
EgoDeductive/EcoInductive Balance?

If you wanted to invest more in science and math,
why didn’t you throw some culturally enriching light of evolution
toward important relationships for eco/ego therapeutic self through other care?
Why not talk more about what binomiality adds to nomial-metaphysical landscapes?
And how this reflects what your BiLaterality adds to linear information constraints
on a neural-normative assumption
that positive information about time’s investment
is equivalent to double-negative cognitive experience
of neither past nor future light,
present now a dipolar/bipolar moment,
adds to prime relational (0)Riginal teleological
polycultural trending
UnFold-UnFold light as time
cogravitating dipolar balance.

Fr. Time, we have measured you with light,
do we measure Ego’s lifetime values in light-bright outcomes
emerging from otherwise normal chronic stress
of dualdark pathologies?

And if human nature cannot measure our outcomes in healthy light
v. dualdark pathologies of anger-fear despair,
then why not,
as we do measure time’s light invested
growing warm and cold regenerating
habits of spinning bilateral light,
then dipolar dual dark transparent,
then another,
surfing through diastatic light
of breathing light in
to breath gratitude dense-nutrient light out.

If religion’s GodBrahmanAllahYHWHGreatMedicineSpirit
is also the scientists’ deductive measure of Time
valued as bilateral dipolar CoPresent light,
with dualdark negentropic waves of octave color potential,
then are these three,
God and Time and Light
not some trinitarian form or structure,
or well rooted tree of ReGenerative Time as Light’s
TransParent Beloved Community
and dualdark CoPresent Compost,
balancing co-arising nutrients of light and time and health,
each Now’s light through dark lifetime.

You realize, do you not,
that you do not bilaterally exist?
outside human natured identity,
mindbody memories
include all time’s regenerative investment wealth
in light of now.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire
and where there’s time there’s emerging light,
and where Ego light-memory
then Eco-regenerating bicameral
Ego/Eco perpetuating
dipolar feedback,
Egolife of Time flowing and feeding on Ecolight of Time,
some greener, some darker, not too much transparent bright.

Breathe in the light
exhale bicameral wisdom of time bilateral.
Breath in Fire of Time,
exhale bicameral smokey soul
of integral unitarian love,
synergetic health back toward (0) soul
balanced God of Time’s BrightLight.

Life is your organic deeply reiterative
light-dark balancing investment
in polyculturing Earth’s robust future.

how could you steal time’s echoing thunder?
Smoking Owl Medicine,
how could you cloud
Moose Medicine’s dialects of deductive ecologic,
light/dark RNA/DNA memory streams
of warm/cold etched ecoconsciousness
of SunGod synthesizing-medicine
as God’s Light.

Your investment in light
grows deeper
where it is healthiest, richest,
most informed,
like a pine knot
emerging from spreading waves of light-aptic understory,
like human nature spreading waves of light-fueled nature
across our industrially congested understory
of deep ecology.

Time grows darkest where herstory is richest,
most fertile,
in comparison to transparent light
where she really hasn’t much to add to diastatic dualdark transparent light-potential memory function,
grist of dreams in reverse greyscale,
decomposing DNA’s time investment
in regenerating healthy light/dark midway
cooperative co-mentoring relationships.

I doubt God would invest beyond the temporal limits
on Time’s bilateral perfection,
firmly seated love of synergetic health
riding midway between anger-fear reverse
dualdark pathology.

Time is not reasonably reduced
to a landscape object of exterior worship
however ennobling this might be,
but rather calls us now
to unveil this interior light with dual-dark
as nutritional opportunity
through co-arising confluence of
both EgoInterior and EcoExterior
within as without
climatic cognitive-affective-neural
lightdark doing the best we can
to cooperatively stretch
toward light’s remembered diastasis.


Fr. Time’s Bicameral Homily

Time echoes and resonates without language,
invests in green triumphal backdrop,
below misty blue sky,
blossomed in yellows and spindling purples
blues and flaming orange,
fragile moments of fully fertile tone
bilateral shapes and colors,
flagrant erections of next generation’s timely hope
for full-hued polylife as health regeneration,
perennially emerging through fields,
green-network enraptured
Earth-toning soil and rocks
and weathered blackwet-stretching darker barks
back further through time’s concavely ringing recessing core.

This diastatic summer’s newer time full color;
Elder tunes dressed in fallen grays and browns,
wilting from climate fading memory
into dusk’s deeper hue and cry.

Time’s newer language
laughs through AnthroCamera children
camping near a still-slogging toxic river,
flowing toward surfing, sometimes sulking, Sound
from mountains of older swaying,
silently caressing,
singing tines of trees,
ripe summer leaves.

Newer times hum industry
in jetted skies
through rumbling valleys of human enterprise,
competing rhythms and climax changing patterns
swooshing lanes of hurry fueled tombs
rushed toward some end of prime timelessness,
permaculturally planned,
yet politically and economically unprioritized.

Drumming cooperative heartbeat
surfing co-arising breath
occasional quaking tummy and head rumbles,
Elder tones of humane space
thundering through subliminal Right-mindbody octaves
of timeless unrolling elational memory.

ReGenerating Angel’s Syndrome,
new time smells green fragrant,
older organics fuel richer pungent payment
down into Earth’s old-tinged infrastructure,
roots hunting Truth’s mysteriously flowing RNA estuaries
floating broken platters of EarthTime’s universe creation,
rumbling bicamerally regenerating thunder
warning of ancient slow-aptic- through synaptic-timed lightening.

Capturing Time’s enrapturing voices and visions and climatic verbs,
EcoPresence Language
flowing through silent space,
fractal-faced and paced race
toward co-arising spacetime Prime Relationship,
BiCameral Time’s Interior Eco-LandPlace
echoing Exterior Syntaxing CoGravitational Time;
all else “evil” remainder
fades into PreMillennial cognitive/affective dissonance.

ReGenerative Time’s Language speaks in sacred logos
therapeutic flow and co-arising healthy function.

Peace and Namaste

As Tao’s Time-Bodhisattvas,
we co-arise out and up and forth
toward our
Basic Sacred CoPresent
BiCamerally CoMentoring:

InFormationalYang Universe
ConVexed OVER ConCaving
Unitarian Double-BoundYinYin

Win-Win RealTime PoliEconormal Landscapes.

Congregational Response:

May Time’s EcoTaoPresence be you,
as “We”.




Advent Overtures toward Virgin Birth

Where are my richest arteries
for struggling with
as, in, through
fertile flowing
cooperative co-mentoring

Where is that taproot
going in to deepest routed
Christic song eco-balancing dance
crossing Tao’s revolutionary Tipping Point
of ego crucifixion
gracing polycultural bi0hemispheric
bicameral karma?

Where resides optimally positive psychology
with multi eco-systemic therapy and pathology?

Ecotherapy of organic political-economic
as personal-cultural revolution?

Baptism of Left brain competing for dominance
into co-redemptive Left-Right
diastatic fullness with dipolar ego purgation,
stopping right on MidWay’s
eco-normative birth of ReGenesis?

Where are my Shamanic Cooperative Warriors
of truth
resolving scientific revolution
as natural evolution
of Right-Left balanced mind-embodiedness?

CoArise PostMillennial CoOperators
our Adventure into global mutual re-membering
struggles virgin-pregnant
with polypathic nutrition-rich seeds
drawn from diverse paradigms
of joyful round resonantly resolving octaves.


The World and the Shaman

Banish listening, and teachings end.
Between “Yes!” and “No!”
How much spectral difference is there?
Between “good” and “evil”
Is the difference not normally 50-50?
That which we fear
Is indeed to be feared;
That which we love
Is indeed to be beloved;
But, alas, distant, yet also at hand, is this dawn of awakening
toward loving to be loved as
fearlessly unafraid of Beloved Climax Community!

We merry-make today,
self-congratulate while sub-optimizing,
As if consistently absorbing redemptive nutrients,
As if playing Mountain Ruler in Springs redolent climax;
I alone am mildly wild with harvesting unemployment,
Like a new-born babe that cannot yet smile,
neither grasping at joy nor averting lost identity,
contention with dissonance is like one without a home.

History’s prevailing culture has enough and to spare,
But I am like one left out,
behind marginal invisible boundary,
my heart and mind must be that of comedy,
Being as muddled,
ambivalently equivalent,
nebulously coincident!

Left-brain dominator cultures are knowing, luminous,
strength self-fulfilling and prophesying futures;
I alone am dull, confused, equivalent.

Egocentric culture is clever, self-assured;
I alone, depressed, repressed, suppressed,
impressed, pressed, pressing, birthing.
Patient as the sea,
Adrift, seemingly aimless tipping points.

We all have purposed meaning,
teleological ecological faith;
I alone appear stubborn and irrelevantly uncouth.
I appear to differ from SuperEgo Culture,
In optimally valuing succulent sustenance from Mother Earth,
universal natural systemic P=NP in-formation.


Note: This is a paraphrase of an ancient Eastern shamanic psalm as written by Laotse, translated by Lin Yutang (Modern Library, 1948, pp. 128-9). While the “I” identity refers traditionally to the “Sage,” and functions within this piece as an effort to describe the shaman’s ambivalent role and responsibility, perhaps even authority, within the Beloved Community, my own word choices are at least partially the result of my own marginalized “outsider” and “observer” experience. At the same time, I am not claiming to have any more or less wisdom than those I actively listen to; which takes us back to the premise in the very first sentence of this piece..

P=NP is in partial response to a Clay Math challenge to resolve the issue as to whether rational and predictable Polynomial information trends either are, or are not, equivalent with Not-Polynomial irrational, chaotic irresolution of problems not resonantly resolved through any language algorithm, bionic pattern of rhythms, iconic symbols of linguistic reason and thought. I believe the answer is evolving toward P is equivalent to NP for the same reason of linguistic logic that a double negative contains equivalent information to its appositional positive icon/polarity/nomial. If so, the negative correlational equivalance may also be the subject and object of David Bohm’s Explicate v. Implicate Order, Fuller’s Convex-Positive v. Concave-Negative geometric place/space, and Taoism’s Yang OVER Yin as essential universal binomiality.


Tao’s Coincidental Teleology

Co-incidence is binomial, bionic, binary, double-bound information, energetically measured in protons and neutrons and their quantificationic prime relationship.

Dissonance, cognitive dissonance included, is what happens when coincidention does not, is not perceived.

Time’s coincidention is equivalent to space’s content-ionic form. Functional forms of solidarity balance contentious self-strengthening within cooperative contentment of inclusive self-identity.

Permacultural dynamic shamanic (and early Taoist) comprehension of natural systemic evolution as tipping points, species, faces, spaces, forms, nomials, functional flow and force patterns, paradigms and procedures, policies and identities, language and linguistics, communities and communication strings, rhetorical events and fields are coincidental integrity of each moment’s timeless potential for diastatic balance.

In Permaculture Design and Development, we call these diastolically balancing tipping-point statuses Climax Communities; mature polycultural networks of coincidental and mutually-defining information. These tend toward inclusive regeneration of diverse nutrient cooperative economies.

Cooperative economic intent is also coincidental (dialectical) ecological therapeutic orthopraxis.

Climax Communities optimize cooperation by minimizing competitive, win-lose strategic intent, loss, suffering, dissonance, and disease, both physical and metaphysical-mental-cognitive prehension of systemic function-mentors.

Basic multisystemic attendance (what Buddhists understand as a root system toward incarnation’s compassion-mind flower) to Yang’s ego-intentions and Yin’s eco-reiterative purposes, virtues, values, purgative concave balancing praxis is Tao, ecologos, wise economics.

Unwise economic principles, policies, practices, systems, tend to produce monocultural, monopolistic, “weedy” dissonating  global outcomes.

Just as Yang and Yin physical functions follow ubiquitously coincidental (dialectical, bionic) temporal flow-functions, so too Yin is endomorphically double-negative smooth-structuring ionic temporal encoding functional, resolving RNA/DNA fractal memory structure.

Yang discovers eisegetically-held Exterior Landscape information as Yin uncovers exegetical Interior Landscape resonant functions of rhythm and frequency, flow and tipping point force/fold patterns.

Yang is left-hemisphere linguistic/languaged deductive dominant while Yin is right-hemisphere proportional-temporal-relational-affective-intuitive dominant.

Yin is to enculturing original intent as Yang is to coincidental karmic incarnation, an evolving resolution string theory confluent with Fuller’s Universal Intelligence as diastolically predicting  speciated multisystemic reorientation toward universal life’s eternity; a permacultural panentheism of EarthTribe regenesis.

Yin’s double-negative neutronic-concaving zeroism actively harmonizes equivalent reverse temporal-neural frequencies, inviting Yang’s proton-bionic, karmic-ionic convexing incarnation.

There is only coincidental integrity,

space and time’s incarnating potential



regenerating multisystemic polyculturing networks



strings of culturing form and function

waving binomial frequencies

toward more contentment,

less contentiousness.


Form is content,

well-formed families and communities

avoid dysfunctional content

by grasping its straining stressful mentoring voice

about not only which dispassions to avoid

but also why

and where to set our polycultural pilgrimage rudder’s tipping point

sweet spot Trim Tab

to grasp when aversion overcompensates,

when avoiding karma’s grasp

would trend toward our dis-grace.


Avoid competitive grasping

by grasping cooperative aversions to loss and dissonance.





Great-Horned Owl

I remember that walk

with my Great Horned Owl

lying on wilting green bed of grass

next to her severed left wing,

her eyes so Open Sesame

in a cardboard box

my arms were graced to carry

to her grave.


I remember billowing ribbons of vapored breath

sweeping out toward yellow brown hay stubble fields,

our red barn and fake-brick farmhouse,

carrying messianic wonder and hope,

worry and fear and unworthy sobs

for this Earth,

so richly endowed with ionic wisdom,

to choose us for her

Permaculturing Opera.


But, I was eight

with much to unlearn,

and this may be why Sage Owl

had come to vaccinate me,

to show me through her dying

that Permaculture Tribe

mentors me to ask for water

cupped in my young right hand,

open to her infinite swelling eyes

leaking thirsty freedom justice,

tipping sea salty balance

toward all Earth’s shamanic polycultured Tribes.


I buried her for far too long,

apparently justice flies with older wisdom.

We are each ecologically programmed shamans

blindly dodging barbed wire fences.