Lonely Nest

of individuals,
and nation-states,
leads insufficient capacity
to prophecy everyone’s collective interdependence,
and thereby remains partially blind
to Win/Win optimal health/wealth outcomes,
which could not be monopolized
by experiential loneliness
felt internal monocultural sadness.

By inviting risk to shift,
notice personal/political Lose/Lose depreciations,
bucket lists of long-standing tensions
causing unhealthy cognitive/affective dissonance
unresiliently stuck in slow ego-depreciating mortality,
absence of furthering resilient appreciative-inquiry belonging
within this
and each
and every
timeless Win/Win left-brain fragmenting
ego-prominent compassion-nest
self/other-perpetuating cooperative polypaths
implied within each unprophetic deeply pre-ingested
re-ingesting healthy/wealthy moment,

Irrational spiraling not not ego/ecotherapeutic self-care,
a dynamic healing ZeroZone
away from repressive solid OneNest walls
of silently atoning loneliness,
healthy hoping toward impressive implicit webs
for pregnant metaphoric
meteoric Earthiness,
EarthTribe nest.


Large Frame Painting

I used to envy still life painters
longing to see
organic geometric relationships
between full-color light
and irregular isolating forms,

These close to self-identity
and those background wildernesses
of bright and happy adventure
or dark and fear-filled
encroaching climate pathologies
unenduring nightmare epic nights.

Now I find healthier
and happier resilience
listening to biometric interrelationships
within ever changing,
not the least bit still dead,
flowing light formed Yang
nudging more or less happily
toward brightest ZeroCore
dualdark fertile pregnant potentialities
of universal Yintegrity
through sight and sound,

For polypathic touch and taste and feel
with polyphonic fragrances
of spring newborn cries and coos
through winter’s wise dream
musical-comedy/tragedy hibernation,
awaiting further new resilience days
with resonant bright sky nights

Ultra-violet souled,
witness to Earth’s great transitory emotions.

I now envy synergetic, not fragmenting,
creolizing, not colonizing
matriarchal both/and feeling
not so angry dominating patriarchal
either/or straight too queer
for mutual redemption,
resilient co-facilitators of communication
role-playing slow and GoldenRule grown
full-life revolving pictures
speaking nutritionally through cooperatively owned frames

Pursuing resilient health/wealth dreams
in ego’s foreground
as witnessed by polypathic
organic voices with rhythm
and pattern,
beat and light and darkly sung emotions
inviting bright and happy resonantly compassionate adventures
with AllSouls living,
and regenerative future

Which is rather a larger
and more robust life-painting skills
integrity agenda.


Integrity Fields of LoveThoughts

There is an irrepressible field of thought
We learn better resiliently together
than competitively apart.

We feel better
in eco/ego-therapeutic teams
more than as isolated egocentric wanderers
more eccentric
than supportive environments
of ego/eco-centric
WinWin players.

EcoCentric thoughts
informing EgoHealthy beliefs,
and resonant practice

Ego-disciplines of WinWin TeamPlay
are nutritional regimes,
health frames,
wealthy multicultural dialectals

For ecological Left-YangStrength
and theo-sensory Right-YinFlow equivalence

Conversing within WiseElder freedoms
to playwork and roleplay
what SolarGod might say
about baking out inhumane pathologies
with His retributive
and unkindly blind
patriarchal justice.

While EarthSoul Gaia RightYin
holds matriotically up
her restorative eco/ego-justice Northern fractal face.

DNA staring wave-linear
ultra-violetly back
into WiseElder RNA octaves
of harmonic deep learning revolutionary health,
secularly resilient
and sacredly resonant,
and together curiously integrative sanity
yet something of a creolic stew.

Steaming streaming with integrity nutritional images
through this post-millennial healthy field of time,
of thought

We deep relearn
our Left-Right EarthSoul
Yang/Yin ecology best
as WiseElders
cooperatively North-Teamed
self with resonantly plotting others,
eco-therapeutic discovers
of healthier ZeroZone landscapes
inside YinGaia’s EarthSoul of Integrity,

With outside YangGod SolarSpirit
of Universal PositivEnergy Democracy
ZeroZone Earth WinWin
Original Nutritional Intent.

Gaia EarthRights
with LeftYang reiterating and evaluating
competing ZeroSum waste streams
and group string theories
of bilaterally explicitYang
implicitYin sacred deep listening Time.

There remains a resiliently resonant field
of Left with Right dipolar thought
We learn
economically and politically and psychologically better
cooperatively together
than too Yang-competitively apart.


Face to Face Reweaving

I remember feeling special

hoping for a path beyond the Law of reason

with shamanic powers

to grasp and change

and save myself,

my family from death,

uninvited decay and dissonance.


Owl came to whisper

“Shaman-child, be born again”

I was afraid to die with Her.

Purgation feels wrong and putrid,

an offense to creating hope and faith.

This death would be too common

for my Self-potential Shaman.


Bear came to teach me

hibernation’s coincidental embrace,

and not death.

My cave of fear is where I sleep

until spacetime is ready

to call forth one of her eternal pearls.

One among all, each with our place

and time to shine



a reincarnating pearl

well-strung strong

in harmonious round octave

to carry forth our future

pearl of paradise.


Yet still I want and wait and balk and fear

disgraced ungrateful,

ungraced disgrateful,

wishing victory for my silent cave

of dark potential integrity.

If I could make it so

I would,

to call out Spring of hope at last

our season of regenesis,

but are we ready?

So still I wait and balk and fear.

I confuse my faith

with our self-consciousness.


Raven calls the Shaman call

within Elder cave’s cell-consciousness;

regenesis is always near

between tomorrow and right now.

We are only this integrity,

Eternal Moment’s potentiality

toward vast polyculturant affection

through present’s winnowing comparison

with past negative effects.

Shared black silo of fearful smothering

alone without relationship to space or time.

Turn around.

Our positive pilgrimage rises convexly,

together toward expanding solidarity.


With obedient trepidation

I face about to face the face

Other knows about,

with timid voice, I hesitate,

“Does the Shaman assembly accept your verdict?”


It’s not my place to speak this way

but silence screams back to me



More confident with building hope

“Does our shamanic assembly accept our verdict?”

Again the reconnecting cave of reconciliating

silent wisdom string

stretching back through cultured history of pearls.


Incarnating faith,

with graceful dance of presence,

“Do we accept present integrity

of future’s positive promise?”

I sing our dance

reechoing strings of eco-normic pearls

toward future’s present past.


Permacultured pearls prance prescient presence.