Taoist Covenants

May supreme Force
become You.

How is whiteness
like straightness?
she asked

And how is maleness
like left-brain dominance?
he responded.

It seems,
to usually curious
and always ancient
right with left dipolar ecofeminist Us,

Contracts are secular agreements
designed to improve mutual odds
of losing less value
as invested across degenerating time.

While Covenants
may be all that contractual business,
But also sacred cooperative accompaniments
designed to improve warm solidarity
of synergetically winning optimal values
empowering We,

and when
PolyNomial We
equals interdependent PolyCultural Us.

Contracts hold ZeroZone transparent space for win/lose,
life/death oppositional evolutionary/devolutionary
EarthInvestment/Divestment Trends

While Covenants expect overwhelming win/win opportunities
can be multiculturally rediscovered
redeemed through appositional dipolarities
co-arising Yang/Yin
EarthTrend egoLeft/ecoRight
cooperatively-held sacrifices,

Yang, past-informed
yet Yin, future-exforming flow out,

Voice inhaled as reverse un-versed exhaled,
Future as re-imaged response to win/lose
conversion into win/win freedom of imagination,
playing and gaming co-invested compassion,
fluid strength migrations,
polyphonic paths of rediscovery
into rapture’s sacred consciousness
climaxing polycultural out/in-comes,
where all values
are intrinsically positive

We more typically contract
to cooperatively resist
against a shared enemy
alien impoverished multiplication
diminishment long-division,
threat against long-term Elite LeftBrain resilience
within a resonant agreement of mutual asylum,
our win/lose silo of internal/external apartheid,
Climates communicating in and outside.

we creolize the colors and climates
of symphonic sacred sanctuaries
through cooperative invitation
within a safe and healthy multicultural-valuing space
vunerable communication of felt and thought co-passions,
Left with Right bicameral communions,
universally egalitarian salvation
through unitarian intersectional passions
for listening
noticing positive and negative climates
embodied right-brain feelings
disembodied left-brain deductive/reductive thoughts

Longing for GoldenRule ecopolitical sanctuary,
brown and black and tan and cream and white,
blue and red,
ultra-nonviolent integral compassion.

do not challenge retributive justice norms
and values.
Except as also Sanctuaries, integral
multiculturally resilient
can restore win/win peace and justice models
of compassionate communication,

Especially as inspired by this post-millennial crisis
of Climate Fragility
degenerative trends of devolution,
now first seen and heard
felt and thought and touched
with 2020 pre-vision

How is whiteness
like straightness?
she, fragile, asked,

And how is maleness
like left-brain dominance?
he, fragmented, responded.

May Earth’s ancient Source
be with Us.


Beloved Immigrants

My LeftYang eye and ear,
and maybe throat
and hand
and probably vocational feet
remain adamantly persuaded

My most successful time for deep ecological listening
and watching
is immediately after inhaling a vast theological lungful
preparing to speak my WiseElderness
into the remaining yin void
of those no longer refuged
or capable
of yin nurture hearing
and seeing
cooperative EarthSoul
matriotically yin within.

my sacred RightBrain ElderYin eye and ear
remain resonantly singing
resiliently winging
resolution zinging

Our most healing time
for deep theological voice listening
is immediately after Yang
has finally run out of extractive
patriarchal breath,

So Gaia Earth can restore some mouth to mouth ringing
and love singing
and therapeutic zinging.

Her resilient resonant health narratives
inward deep listening
WinWin yin-doublebind glowing
for ears to cooperatively notnot hear,
eyes to polyculturally see dipolar,
Positive and Negative Energy feedback
where Yang would most likely have already played-out
defensively preparing his egocentric next offensive
wise remarks
for yins to best listen to,
and yet still resiliently not listening.

Mainly because he continues preparing
too LeftYang Business As Usual
patriarchally loud regimes
of cognitive-affective dissonance
yin-suppressed atmosphere

after yin childhood has adolescent passed,
is just a necessary short-term risk
of losing his already not listening competition
for WiseElder ears,
still deductively stuck
in anti-trust
monocultural nationalism,
colonization of EarthSoul SacredSpecies
inhabiting Secularized LeftYang Dominating Spaces.

He thinks,
or hopes,
he must persuade himself
to teach and hear kids WinLose
in competing closeted dissonance
about tolerating self-justified outspoken ego-defensive violence
long enough exhaled
loud enough
someone might stop Yang speaking
to affectively listen,
effectively see,
infectively absorb,
creolically cascade and glisten
in reposed bilateral response.

GaiaYin grows climate enraged
with Yang’s long exhalation,
extractively hearing mainly his EgoSelf
pursuing Business as WinLose Usual

Then deep grazing RightYin landscapes
sad silently erode
listening with millions of EarthSoul refugees
in voided disempowerment,

Speaking through Her self-emptying YinEmpathy
Resisting Yang’s continuing threatening throat
of angry frightened anti-trusting violence

Violence to steal nurturing nutrient Time
within Future Secular/Sacred
WiseElder EarthSpace.

While Yin longs to heal
within our universal refugee
and immigrant stories
WinWin restoring co-empathic
release into unknown WinWin
pasts toward future bilateral SacredTime.

Dialectal YangYin Frames
YangGod hopes to speak
secular-sacred synergy
While YinGaia waits,
to hear and feel our cooperative love belonging,
beloved EarthSoul rhapsody.

When Yin’s time to sing
matriotic peaceful patriotic revolutions
Yang will be most strong
to listen non-violently,
non-dually dipolar,
We are all YinMother’s beloved
inside-outside refugees.