Saturday Night

It’s another Saturday night
ending this week
as started
alone again.

I came here
almost two years ago
to my retirement hermitage
but oddly,
and often uncomfortably,
shared with my hurt kids,
mental and physical illness
adopted and then adapted;
an asylum for the perpetually incontinent.

Cars pass by.
Sometimes a loud motorcycle
or two or three or four
or even more
here on the southern boundary
of a county seat
in a State
where rural counties
have been disenfranchised
of political purpose.

Our largest employers
are two tribally owned casinos.
One across the Thames River
flowing past our backyard retreat.

Our second largest income producer
may be the County Courthouse
where attorneys and police
collude to extort voluntary donations
from poor young adults
red and yellow,
black and white,
guilty of speeding
and texting
and smoking medicine
without a license
in Great White Father’s sight.

I have been listening and watching
for what this half acre is.
We are not as rural as I had hoped,
with State highway 12 too near my front yard,
but this place is also not urban
or suburban.

What it is not,
whom we are not,
seems more clearly articulated
than any positive definition,
refining our becoming quiet place,
alone together,
shunned by healthier neighbors.

It’s another lonely ending
anticipating yet another not new beginning
tomorrows stretching out alone
long retiring shadows
on this southern edge
of a Connecticut County Seat
without apparent purpose
or co-defining meaning.


Climate Addictions v Adaptations

It appears that Feyerabend presents a more accurate normative gestalt
for RightBrain epistemological climates,
how RightBrain solves chaotic environmental puzzles,
while Popper is better for LeftBrain deduction,
diastolic evolving unfolding
of syllogistic logic.
Together evolving toward a dipolar truth
of balancing flexibiity
trending toward regenerative health optimization,
accuracy of truth meets beauty,
as yang embraces yin,
as deduction reweaves induction.

Julian Jaynes and Carl Jung
describe a redundantly held ecology of mind and body,
spirit and nature,
anima and animus as did Laotse,
each within an interdependent histo-cultural paradigmatic dialect,
or gestalt.

This interdependence may be explored
using Gregory Bateson’s mapping v referent model,
searching for WinWin health outcomes,
using ecological-fractal strictures
of seasonal folding and unfolding,
cause and effect,
primal Creation Story analogies
in geometric ecosystems with (0)-sum Tipping Points.

Buckminster Fuller
and other alchemists present dialectal patterns confluent with climate
and chemistry
and anthromorphic character dipolarities
of appositional metric self-referencing design.

This interweaving revolving architecture
of Earth’s metaphysical and physical evolution
is easier to see
from an Eastern philosophic nondual co-arising nature
as spiritual systemic polypathic universal assumption.

Bateson’s economic and ecology
and logical type epistemology
is also about generating great and small revolutions
in healthy gestalt homeostasis,
in which human mindbodies adjust within Earth’s environment.
For example,
internal acclimation is human nature’s response
to altitude change in atmospheric climates,
where initial cognitive/affective/autonomic dissonance symptoms
cause stress,
until lung-brain body resolves internal climate discord.
Flexibility refers to readjustments in Tipping Point balance
between TooMuchYang/TooLittleYin,
where Yang is Positive Polynomial
and Yin is NotNot POlynomial equi-valent balancing,
so that internal polynomial ecosystems
become once again confluent with NotNot Polynomial Earth’s climatic
effects on human Tao (0)-souled nature/spirits,
ecology of minds and bodies,
reverse analogies and correlates of Left Deductive with Right Inductive processors
of dialectal exegetical information
AND eisegetical inductive decompositional function
of prime (0)-sum thermodynamic dipolar co-arising regenerate relationship.

This might be easier to see
if Bateson had adapted Russell’s ‘higher’ logical type language
to emphasize revolutionary,
as opposed to BusinessAsUsual evolutionary
cultural day-to-day development,
climate searches for more health and less pathology
are a return to a deeper ecological balancing flexibility physiology-psychology gestalt.
Whether using ‘higher’ or ‘deeper’ is an arbitrary perspective
within any universal field of inquiry,
as Buckminster Fuller perhaps too redundantly reminded us,
unto near death.

Addiction to acclimated cultural norms, then,
is ecopolitical marginalization,
and sometimes criminalization,
rather than the more positive adaptational flexibility expected
of human nature’s kosmic evolution
on and within Earth’s RNA/DNA encrypted
(0)-soul-sum-core-eco/interest power-balance.

To be consistent,
society must yet resolve our willingness
to live with patently fascist conclusions
that all mental illness is a form of negative addiction.
And, even if so,
which seems unlikely,
then precisely how are we addicted (adapted)
to which climate pathologies
and which ecopolitical therapies
might resolve these culturally normed symptoms
of too LeftBrain dominant mental illness?


Broken Family Pilgrimage

Broken hearts
neural systems
heal in a profoundly broken,
sometimes revolutionary,

Almost 18 now,
youngest son Yin speaks no domesticated,
marketable language,
only primal syntax of saintly glory,
heroic internal/external story
without distinction between “life” and “love;”
he can only know life/love as co-arising NOW,
inviting his perfect insight,
eco-self thru interdependent-other consciousness
flowing through DNA-engorged neural norms
of autonomic karmic grace
and Presence-Centered beauty,
ZeroCentric YinYin polydextrous
mind-body flow
primally rooted in
“love-as-happy” snaptic
dipolar correlated with
“loss-as-absence” aptic
polycultural faith
in Time’s unfolding harmonic abundance.

Teacher of Mystic
full-bodied mind-dreams
in sea of child naivete
of Win-Lose evolutionary revisionism
of his Earth Host’s
rainbow revolutionary evolutionary re-membering
of what only human language has exegetically severed.

Sainted SunSon
with primal gifts
to smile with intelligence of good-reiterative humor
to dance with feet and hands
with skin and ears and bones,
to sing bicameral balance in neural-cranial vibrating septum,
dia-hemispheric vision
voice of all Earth’s bicameral livings
and minds
and hearts
and legs
and arms
especially stereophonic ears,
echoing eco-resonant deep sound,
co-gravitational nondual voice.

Mystic Son
resounding fractal-octaved crystal memories
of primal forested seasons
with reasons for Heaven Dawning
Golden Rules Upon Earth’s
Bilateral In-Formation,
I is You is Me.

ego/eco double-binding
buddha body consciousness
rich in healthy wealth nutrition.

Perfect son.
Perfect co-mentor.
Perfect neighbor and family member,
sometimes rather verbal family contract renegotiator,
bus always right and true,
noble and good and just,
good-humored contentiousness
about our collective cognitive dissonance,
thinking we are healthy and he is not,
as usual,
half-ass backward.

Perfect co-messiah
of regeneratively full life.

Perfect icon
of low anxiety
grows low neural synaptic activity
emerges (0)-centric ego/eco Angel-not-so-manic Syndrome,
silent siloed saints
of cooperative ecoconscious conscience
regenerativity as beauty with good humor.

Excellent zen-guru,
tao transducer,
in our dipolar incubator,
regenerative nest
floating in our polycultural timeless sea
where seasonal syntax
speaks bicameral reality.

Yin-sun knows “family”
only as ballast
toward regenerative kinship
“we cooperatively
eco-culturally are
and ionically share”;
without shadow of
ballistic weaponed
“you’re not family”
eisegetical creed
deductive reductive dominating
exegetical greed
to cooperatively feed each other
nutrients of healthiest wealth
regenerative open-optimizing
reverse hierarchializing
in-formating full-health function.

Yin-son’s family
means you are loved
with dignity and co-respect,
co-investors in Earth’s tribal gifts,
and cellular intelligence,
octave-harmonic frequency
Midway balancing
between hopeless tumor
and faithful humor.

Our Yin-Sun
who teaches me everything
I need and want to know
to love and care for him
is to learn love and care for self.

Broken hearts
neural systems
heal in a profoundly broken,
sometimes revolutionary,
world turned rightside down
deeply transitional and climatic,
even clinically chronically decommodifying
degentrifying, decompositional
yet still-inceptual
wavey wu-wei way.