Illuminating Illusion

The difference
and sameness
I sense
between Buddha’s Illusion
and Capitalism’s Golden Illumination

Lies in my assumption
of natural Yang v Yin awareness,
LeftBrain dominant

AND spiritual Yin/Yang
bilaterally balancing consciousness
of RightBrain regenerative justice
in Earth’s peace paradise

Through this narrow double-binding way
of universal compassion

Bicameral Illumination
becomes strong Not/Not Illusion
when I lose hold of Lose/Lose Aversion
to Yin’s fulfilled feeling of EgoDeath
as also Yang’s loss
of disconnected
disembodied loss
of ego-reductive apartheid life.

The difference
and sameness
I sense
between Yang’s empowering life
and anger about climax-induced ego-loss,
and Yin’s illuminating death
absorbs cold fear,

Warms peaceful promise
of future’s healthy ebb and flowing promise
from Yang’s past wealthy
viral win/win strong edging
and wanting,
climax belonging
and quiet relonging,
and aversion

Cooperatively co-invested
grasping and releasing,
inhaling and exhaling,
synergetic and disintegrative,
compassionate absorption
and passionate longing
to again belong
to primal peace paradise,

Inside re-encultured
as outside climatic
re-acclimating to regenerative pre-historic life
and death
and life again