Massively Mediated GreenPeace

Recent confrontations
between older RightWing defenders of orthodox violence
and younger LeftWing liberators for inclusive cooperative peace
and restorative,
therapeutic green justice,
have all been massively mediated
between Donald Trump’s Make America Grotesque Again campaign threats
to promote unhealthy narcissistic uniformity
against more LeftWing integrity
of democratic hearts
for liberal humane-divine love.

Personal political experience
has taught more faith in cooperative webs of interdependent compassion
more cooperatively powerful
than competitive walls
of hostile military-industrialized
automated ballistic autonomy.

Rather than an explicitly resilient conversation
about what we hope to healthy achieve
through wealth of compassion
and co-empathic democratic powers
with all natural/spiritual
ego/eco-energetic people,
non-violent plants
and non-sectarian planet,

The candidates for WiseElder defense
of orthodox Business As Usual capitalistic Truth,
when WinWin cooperative GoldenRule confronted,
by actively hopeful universally democratic youth
for liberally compassionate unitarian liberty
confront a hypothetical Wall
to deny non-apartheid neighbors,

Walls not so overly defensive for White male property enslaving owners inside
significantly contributing to further pathological sectarian divides
rooted in ignorance
supremacy theories

That White northern and western males
were, and are,
more clearly incarnating King James translations
of White male God’s divinely imaged inspired intentions
granting privileged grace
for evangelical BadNews WhiteMale Elders

Colonizing their weaker, but gratuitously better, half RightBrain minded women
and children
and indentured servants
until we get their Win/Lose ballistic and high-walled defenses
more right
than networking compassionately left
dismissively unmediated
through cynical attachments
more WinLose toward long-term climate LoseLose
than rapturous WinWin,
both short and long-term
ego- and eco-systemic healthy wealth.


RightMind Revolution

Left with Right
Allies coarising God’s ecological empowerment,

Indigenous green West with Eastern nature-spirit doors
and sacred flowing windows
Seventh toward Eighth full-color prophetic octaves.

Eastern yin prominance
Western yang dominance
creolizing transubstantiation
of holonic sacred/secular collusion
predestined prescriptions
for healthy wealth inscriptions
of EarthTribe’s original DNA instructions,
sacred integrity meaning

Northern WiseElder
HeartGuide she-wolfs
mentoring international multiultural political opportunities
and monocultural risks,
Southern buffalo adolescent markets,
praying for re-imaged WinWin revolutions
of Truth with Beauty,
despite abundant WinLose
heading toward LoseLose
bad news–
DNA’s nihilistic demise
rather than optimistic destiny

InBetween introspective Bear
sufficiently modest household and corporate economies
of extended family cooperatives.

Gather yin’s patience
with, and not against,
Resilient brilliant yang self-esteem
Dreaming Left toward Right prevailing Lizards,
West secular deductions
favoring East sacred dipolar nature/spirits
conjuring full-octave inductions

Timely slow-grown revolutions


EnLightening EcoSystems

It was Economic Earth
Gaia who taught WinWin me
Yin-diminished Taoism.

It was ego/eco-centric Permaculture Designers
WinWin DNA-with-RNA CoGoverning HealthCare Workers,
and not so much
Competitive FIGHT-MAKES-RIGHT retributional politics.

Instead, restoration
resiliently healthy love
WinWin GoodNews theology
deep listening with inside Sacred Ecology
of YangGod with YinGaia co-gravitation
restoring health of Yang
with wealthy sacred healings
of WiseMatriarchal ElderYin
WinWin Holonic Nature.

Ego would argue,
religion is not,
nor should be,
politically imposed
nor economically dispossessing.
dualdark impeachment
But merely private personally restrained instead,
spiritual experience and theological belief
not necessarily naturally restoring ecological law
and organic-holistic cooperative order.

YinGaia responds
You know by healthy family experience
WinWin GoodNews invitation
from WinLose colonizing Bad FakeNews
furthering patriarchal orthodox domination.

We learn best and longest
with WinWin cooperative investment
in healthy wealth.
How to see eco-culture
as appositional to ego-vulture.

Ecology restrains
images retrain
medium language skill-reins
reading RightBrain
nurturing message map terrains.

Theological enlightening sacred maps
spiral articulate
DNA-RNA co-arising historical health solidarity,
sacred past memories
with secular iconic futures
we have always healthy loved
as DayDream Paradise.

Eastern dawn
through Western dark
Ego-natured drive
with EcoGaia spiritual WinWin co-pressure
for simpler Left with ElderRight
orthodox Christian-Taoist restraint
toward resonant ZeroZone
HolySpirit/Soul resilience.

We need no more LeftBrain
desecrating tools
for mis-managing RightBrain’s
inductive WinWin spirit
of GoodNews 2020 Resistance
to self-justified ballistic violence
against our own polyculturing health resonance
lovely FutureSearch for polypathic resilience,
Work That Reconnects Just ReGenerating CoPresence
with Peace creolizing perpetuance.

cooperatively slow grown spiritual ego/eco-politics
empowering seasonally appropriate WinWins,
including yin-hibernation seasons
and redeeming sleep deficits
for RightBrain YinTrain Time,
reversing toward best WinWin
revolutionary remembering moments
enlightening HereNow memories,
health-wealth images,
actives hopes reweaving Paradise.

win-win cooperative
daydreaming and role playing
GoodNews ecological theologies
to work with each bilateral polynomial as is,
regardless of polyphonic species,
whether polypathically alive,
no longer polynomially with us,
or not yet polycultural 2020 ReVisioning
WinWin invested outcomes
incomes ReStoring Justice
GoodNews Vocational Memories.

HereYang EgoNature
with NowYin Timeless EcoSpirit
WinWin Zero ZenZone.

No more or less Bodhisattva Taoist
than Messianic Christian-Judeo-Abrahamic,
secular polycultural
than sacred multireligious,
political power
than personal economic WinWin empowerment,
than divine,
exegetical truth
than eisegetical beauty,
than Yin,
Ego with Eco creolizing ZeroZone

Transubstantiating co-gravity,
spiral transcripted,
encscripted DNA Left
with RNA sacred Memory to Grow Toward CoGravitating Light
Secular-Sacred EarthTribe Integrity.

CoLightening EGOut/EcoIn-Systems
for Health-Wealth CoEmpowering Cultures.


Two Flaws Make Us Bright

A Fundamentalist Flaw assumes too great a divide
between Left and Right hemispheric cultures.

Left’s deduction gestalt is all about separating human nature
(Ego’s experiential nature)
from Earth’s sacred nature of transcendent truth/beauty,
which is much more of a Right Brain experience
of all Nature,
including home (eco) within this specific EgoIdentity.

LeftBrain, with Right too recessive for healthy sustainable balance,
creates a transcendent unknowable but all-powerful Creator God
who fills spiritually male elite teachers
and messiahs
prophets and rulers of Righteous Men
(and the occasional woman).
This is also the land of static fundamentalist religious Tradition,
coming down from the sky above
into the divinely inspired heart and mind of elite human natures,
and lesser natures too,
but not so much,
more just everyday competitive secular ecopolitical BusinessAsUsual,
for us regular struggling folk.

A Radical Flaw is the reverse face of LeftBrain dominant enculturation.
This is the culture of the RightBrain’s nondual co-arising empathic trust
and mutually-immune assumptions
of active-synaptic distrust;
autonomic regenerative resources
of positive love/health v. negative pathologies of immunity,
antipathy for toxins.
RightBrain is all about radical extremes of internal changes
in body chemistry messages and harmonies and dissonance,
and temporal storage within long-term memory.
Chemistry songs of full-octave harmonic dance within as without.

RightBrain is non-languaged God-Chemistry.
Here the sacred divine godhead of capital-integrity
is profoundly panentheistic.
God is so radically who Ego is that RightBrain makes no distinction
between sensory perception of memory and purpose
in Earth’s ecology
and the Ego’s co-empathic ecopolitical trust
in truth/beauty theological identity.
EcoPolitical Teleology and GodTheology
are integratively evolutioning becoming health/wealth abundant,
ecologically regenerative.
If life right now
(RightBrain has no past or future tense awareness)
looks and smells divine,
then we are nondually recreating God,
because we are richly radically co-present healthy meaning.

Taoist wu wei,
like Systems Theory Tipping Points
between two appositional coarising dipolarities,
like Buckminster Fuller’s rudder guiding
Great Septum-Divide of universal LeftBrain egocentrist fundamentalism,
and integral-unitarian RightBrain’s nondual radicalism
is our Golden Rule/Ratio,
Left Polynomials = Right NotNotPolynomials,
(0)-ecopolitical sum and sacred-soul harmonic bicameral medicine balance.

As we learn to balance LeftBrain’s Fundamentalist Flaw
with RightBrain’s Radical Flaw,
we learn to see and hear and smell and feel and know
that our fundamental trust is in belonging
within Earth’s ecopolitically-purposed nature
as we long for fulfillment
within Earth’s sacred integrative potential.

Two notnot dipolar Flaws
to make each of us polypathically healthy
and divinely bright.