Peak Empathic Experiences

Send me no more peak polypathic experiences.

They are too dear
for my everyday time budget
of liberal
resonantly exhausting compassion.

I am too addicted
to conserving resilient peaks,
avoiding dissonant valleys
of mundane anonymity
sometimes winning
sometimes losing
in-between equanimity
integrity of co-empathic
co-arising intent
for more co-operatively rooted
heights of sacred generosity
reciprocally felt gratitude,
positive, democratically sustainable attitude.

Every scientific cause-effect karmic statement
of peak interactive experience
does not have to be structurally
routinely tested
before it is accepted,

to become an accepted hypothesis
of peak cultural interest
it must be capable
of being deductively tested
for sequential,
and co-arising peak,
or appositional unpeak, relationship
at least within prescribed parameters.

Every faith statement
need not have been personally experienced
before it is accepted
as orthodox belief,

But, good faith must be capable
of leading toward co-arising
climaxes of copassionate experience.

History of great scientific and religious revolutions
provides examples of paradigms
and medicines
and cognitive-affective
ecological-theological therapies
found explicitly useful
long before becoming autonomous subjects
of reductive cause-effect
experimentally reified verification.

History of great faith revolutions
provides win/win
cooperative examples of medicines
and paradigms
and meditations
and thought experiments
and bicameral polyphonic confluence
found prophetically useful
long before becoming subjects
for inductive co-arising compassion.

Scientific and religious historians
would not reasonably conclude
that testing hypotheses,
of win/win positive correlations,
win/lose negative bipolar reverse correlations,
and lose/lose not/not correlated unpolynomial variables,
independent and dependent
codependent bilateral testing is unnecessary
or ill-advised
or acts of leftbrain deductive peaking hubris.

ecological and theological theories,
physical and metaphysical,
may be politically
and economically
and spiritually
and naturally
and culturally
and socially
and psychologically
and neurologically significant
even before leftbrain dominant tested
for peak winleft/winright experiential outcomes.

The generation of deductive theory,
like regeneration of inductive good faith statements,
grows out of abstract leftbrain thoughts
conversing with rightbrain feelings,
metaphysical thought experiments
faithfully distinct from win/win climax confirming
or win/lose physically disconfirming
or lose/lose misconfirming unexperience.

Bicameral co-arising positive faith formulation
of scientific and religious
karmic theories of causation,

and/or spiraling spacetime,
leftbrain dominantly reductive
and/or rightbrain prominently inductive,
and/or summative,
spatially differentiated
and/or spacetime holistic,

Cooperatively predict healthy resilient relationships
between understanding
and standing under holistic systemic openness
to healing win/win peak experiences,
polyempathic compassion.

Capacity to envision
new co-arising ways
of perceiving peak causal phenomena
and to propose powerful prophetic explanations
for good faith
positive health perceptions
is a leftbrain characteristic
of linear-deductive metaphysical formulation,
3Dimensioned orthodox spatial maps
tropic frames of trophic reference.

RightBrain co-relational observation
and LeftBrain experimentation
do not,
in competitive isolation,
provide bicameral revolutionary peak experience
polyphonic reconceptions
without which
faithful everyday inquiry
is randomly aimless
and dispassionately blind
to peak poly-empathic experiences,

Too unresiliently dear
for ego’s everyday time budget
of good faith liberal
liberating liberation,
resonantly inhaling exhausted compassions
of history’s polycultural peak experiences.


GoldFish WetDreams

So here’s my big insight.
My two cents worth,
which will remain worth only a penny
unless it somehow aligns with your penny
for thoughts and shared feelings.

What if we put our human nature genie
back in Earth’s home-nature bottle?

OK, already I hear Fundamentalists about the great transcendent Sacred Divide
between humanity and monkeys and trees,
and even more so between human biosystems
and any generic ecosystem,
like a river,
or four growing seasons
in a regeneratively nutritious healthy year.

But, if you could just hang in there for a minute
or two
and let yourself wildly imagine theoretical implications
of looking conjecturally at all of creation as one integral Creating Nature;
as a Thought Experiment, maybe?

Just pretend you’re following along in Einstein’s brilliant kind of heuristic exercise.
Enjoy your ride a bit more.
We’ll get back to the Cross and the Ballistic Terrorist Terrors later.

Maybe a lot later.

So we have one united, more or less, nature
and now we have two words sharing a prefix,
rooted in the concept of “home” or “household”,
the study of human value transactions, expansions,
competitive rabidity and cooperative gift-nutrition-forward rhythms
and seasonal patterns.

Then we have this newer word, ecology,
for the study of nutritional through pathological relationships,
weedish monocultural eruptions,
empathic trusts and mistrusts and mutually immune distrusts
within Nature’s ecosystemic organic health lives
and deaths of history.

Yes, you see where my natural organic mindbody is going with this.
In that no one seems quite clear about just what economic science does
very well,
that could not also apply to ecological systems more generically,
maybe if human nature is just…you know,
a slightly demented portion of Earth’s econature,
then we might regain an important clue
about our “home team” ecological nutritional
and eco-dissonant pathological value exchange patterns
and rhythms.

All this, by simply remembering that ecosystems
gave evolutionary-historical-cultural progenitive birth
to biosystems,
including AnthroTribe,
as divine Light gave birth to humane Word.

So ecosystemic development
is also egosystemic healthy wealthy regenerative development,
or ego-suboptimizing degenerative under-development,
sweeping across enculturation’s history
of redundant multicultural languages
and side-by-side specialist paradigms.

And, now we can all just learn to cooperatively get along
and live happily
and healthily ever after.

I feel better.
My job here is done.
I can rest in ecosystemic peace and quasi-justice.

unplug the phone
and fire up the hibachi.
Let’s grill sweet corn and vegeburgers.

And, by the way,
you remember what Bill Maher said about THC
“What? They’re afraid we’ll be smarter than we really are?”

I wonder if that’s similar to why an economist might resist thinking
of ones’ AnthroSelf as an ecologist wanna-be,
but only studying the elephant’s capital-mind-head investments,
as opposed to a full nutritional mindbody analysis,
because if eco-normists were expected to confine their scientific conjectures
to ecological-evolutionary models,
then they might be smarter about forecasting the future cooperative values
of sustainable WinWin health-power
than is your average MedicinePower Person.

I’m frankly not sure what these two insights have to do with each other,
but it seemed to make sense to my goldfish,
who just upped and died
with a smile on her face,
so we grilled that golden ruled ecosystem too.

I’m sure that’s what she would have wanted,
but primarily because,
had our situations been reversed,
that would have been my highest and best
nutritious recycling baptism-dream as well.