Word Producers

Producing large quantities of words
cleverly without considered substance,

Unveiling my needy novel entertaining intentions
yet not revealing news or even pretensions
about who I today am
or tragically have been,

Is this fertility
or merely self-absorbing pregnancy?

If the distance
between Earth’s nature
and Heaven’s spirit
is as precisely wide
and concisely deep
as a filament
figment of my imagination,

Then what could true or lie between
ecological processes of health
and theological systems of graced wealth?

If nothing lies polarizing between,
Then what more silence
need remain
dissonance unsaid?


Dr. A Wattson’s EC(O)-Arising Response

Double-binding Win-Win
nondual manifest destiny of health
as wealth of eco-consciousness,
like double-transparency of ecologic’s Yang,
with eco-normic YinYin-square-rooted
c-squared = e-squared = Language-squared,
Positive OVER AND WITH double-negative
subjective/objective Time’s decomposing binomials.

“Instead of giving our children
clear and explicit explanations
of the game-rules of the community,
we befuddle them hopelessly
because we–as adults–were once
so befuddled, and,
remaining so,
do not understand the [Win-Lose] game
we are playing.”
(Alan Watts)

“It is an attitude of [win-lose] scarcity,
not of [win-win] abundance,
that has led to the depletion of our natural commons.
Competition and the accumulation of more than one needs
are the natural response
to a perceived scarcity of resources.
The obscene overcomsumption and waste
of our society
arise from our poverty:
the deficit of being that afflicts
the discrete and separate self,
the scarcity of money
in an interest-based system,
the poverty of relationship
that comes from the severance
of our ties to community
and to nature,
the relentless pressure to do anything,
anything at all,
to make a living.”
(Charles Eisenstein)

A double-bind game
is a game with self-contradictory
win-win rules,
a game destined toward perpetual self transcen-dance–
like trying to invent
a perpetual-motion machine
in terms of Fullerian Synergetics.

The social double-bind game
can be phrased in several ways:

The first rule of this game
is it is not not a game.

Everyone must not not play.

You must not not love us.

You must go on not not polyculturally self-optimizing.

Be yourself, but play a deductively consistent
and inductively acceptable role.

Mentor your eco-self and be not unnatural.

Do not try to be not sincere.

Essentially, this game is a demand
for spontaneous behavior of certain “must”s.
being natural or sincere–
all these require a degree of balancing spontaneous forms
of co-operation, behavior:
they happen “of themselves”
like digesting food or growing hair.
As soon as they are not forced
they acquire that natural,
and “truth” atmosphere
which everyone explores–
strong and healthy
like flowers
and nutritious
like mature vine ripened wine
of wisdom.

Life and love generate effort,
but effort will not generate them.

in life,
in other people,
in Earth’s abundance,
as in oneself–
is the attitude of allowing the spontaneous
to be spontaneous,
in its own way
and in its own time.

Faith is always a gamble
because life itself is a win-win gambling game
with what must appear,
in the losing aspect of our game,
to be colossal stakes.
But to take the gamble
out of the game,
to try to make winning a sustained certainty,
is to achieve a certainty
which is indeed co-arising/decomposing life.

From this bicameral win-win double-binding view
of Project ReGenesis
as balanced harmonic-optimizing organic econsciousness,
imperative for death-through-life memory maintenance,
healthy sustenance
and identity fulfillment,
rather than lose-lose playing out
across an oppositional spectrum,
with appositional polarities of confluence
struggling with cognitive-deductive dissonance,
generically analogical,
both ecologically and economically,
more primally than secondary spaciated Language,
enculturing an oppositional spectrum
as Good v. eviL
mirroring ReGenetic Tree RightSideDown Root Systems
of Health/Wealth Live reversing Die.


Eisenstein quote is from p. 247, “Sacred Economics”, 2011, Evolver Editions.

The large majority of this piece reverses Alan Watts’ description of double-bind enculturation. The quote is from p. 73, “The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are,” 1966, Vintage Books–1989 edition. The double-bind game rules and description are largely direct quotes (pp. 73-4) but in “reverse voice.” That is, I have reversed Watts’ description of Win-Lose ecological and cosmological assumptions, into Win-Win permacultural optimization principles, basically changing Watts’ positives into double-negatives, to reconvey his negative dissonance descriptors as a more neutrally Left-Right balancing experience of healthy systemic potential for confluence within dissonance. The end result seems to be appositionally confluent with Watts’ socioeconomic and cultural concern, while simultaneously unveiling the win-win potential hidden within lose-lose economic and cultural praxis, as so grimly outlined by Eisenstein (which is basically a solution-focused exposition, not to be missed by those looking for positive macroeconomic alternatives to Business As Usual)..


Contenting Tree of Life

Futility of Contention
absorbs into Utility of Contentment.

To preserve wholeness, mutually accommodate;
yielding preserves whole.
To become straight, you must begin bent;
bent potentiates straight.
To become filled, its best to begin hollow;
hollow optimizes full.
To become renewed, notice your tattered being,
dissonance resolves toward renewed confluence.
To become possessive, notice what you want,
possessions double-bind prehension.
To become confused, notice your exhaustive riches,
hoarders grow confused, dis-eased.

Therefore the Sage embraces the One Positive Polynomial;
Midway PositivelyNegative Zero,
And becomes the polyculturing model of the world.
She does not reveal herself,
And he is therefore luminous.
She does not justify herself,
And he is therefore far-famed.
She does not boast of herself,
And therefore people give him credit.
She does not pride herself,
And is therefore the chief among bicamerally balancing men.

It is because we do not compete
That no one in the world can discontent,
un-cooperate us.

Yin yield preserves Yang wholeness health.

We might most abundantly,
comprehend Yang as optimizing ergodic community economic developer,
of structure-forms-plans-strategies-logistics-logic,
while also prehending Yin as revolutionarily ionic communication’s functional designer,
implicating regeneration through intuitive comprehension,
of each moment’s,
each Life’s,
each paradigm’s,
each revolution’s dually-manifest destiny.

Primal original intent of ionic-ergodic function
to sustain Prime Relationship balance:
of Plan A with Plan B Harmony (B. Fuller),
Yang with Yin balance,
Polynomial with NotNotPolynomial Informating Eco-normics,
Brahman with WombWe, wu-wei, chi

It’s not so much that most of us have mental health issues,
its more like mental dis-ease is our issue;
primary functional concern.
Body decay and loss,
abuse and neglect,
are our more fundamentally optimal opportunity
to respond to formative issues,
human natured development.
Mental health is more of an aesthetic-intuitive,
symmetric and proportional,
design challenge
between SuperEco and independent Ego’s Self-IdEntity,
while body health is our coincidental peace with justice challenge,
content development.

We are improved well-being prospects
comprehending ourselves,
listeners to dissonance between Ego’s Left hemisphere
and our SuperEco right-brained
full color
full scale octaves,
fractal frequencies and functions,
both metaphysical-metasystemic polynomial-polypathic within,
and physical polycultural SuperEco Universe without.

We could do better
were we to understand “permaculture” paradigm,
not only as an organic frame for designing,
but also an inclusive development through harvest feedback process
to mutually develop polycultural environments
and polypathic regenerative redeemers
of natural health systems
with Manifest Dual-Destiny.

STEM Notes:

This piece builds out from a paraphrase of Laotse’s “Futility of Contention” (The Wisdom of Laotse, Lin Yutang, trans. 1948, Modern Library, pp. 134-5).

When we intuitively step into becoming-ness, evolutionary growth and developmental design stories of other beings engage our more mature comprehension. We are, on many logos-logic levels and branches, chi-structured Trees of Life inclusively shared by all of life’s RNA temporally-fractal cycling prime relationship frequencies.

We mutually incarnate one binomial informating network; nutrient roots with productive branches..

Our lungs produce and consume beating pumping heart’s teleological reason, natural circulating communication-neural design intention, just as our bicameral brains may be our lungs’ raison d’etre, decomposing and regenerating our left consuming and right reproduction of RNA life-coding systems, just as our reproductive organs’ raison d’etre may be to primally produce a well-functioning healthy chi-body; a spirit-natured balancing system explored through a Permaculture Design and Development  and Harvest and ReSeeding, ReDeeming, holistic perspective.

Polymorphic living organic polycultural system science of permaculture design and development is reflected in the very structure and rhythm and flows of our incarnating RNA-rooted language of iconic forms and symbolic functions.

Ergodic development, ionic balance of energy, is also bionically fractal and follows polypathic (metasystemic) information Bayesian trends of polynomial-rational algo-rhythmic octaved strings, positive and negative coincidenting corollaries of naturally binomial and bicameral information.