Working With Theories

I’m working on this Systems Theory

All existing formal religious traditions
and informal spiritual experience
of Great Sacred EcoLogical Transitions

[e.g. Blue Holocene to
Green AnthroScene]

through our divine monotheistic
and/or polytheistic
and/or atheistic naturalistic
shared one root curiosity system
of healthy resilient enculturing nutrition:

“I’ll believe it
when I can see it,
or hear it,
or maybe safe to smell it,
but probably not safe to taste it,
feel it

Feel spiritually interested
and/or naturally disinterested
in my own personal sensual peak
and valley inside experiences,
yet also our professional education
and empowerment-driven
unconditional integrity
of warm cooperative
co-invested win/win therapeutic intent

Born of body/mind neural root systems
and delivered for
restoring wounded sacred Earth’s
indigenous Physical Resilient HealthSystems
are also MetaPhysically Resonant
Mental Win/Win Synergetic FaithSystems

Yang/Yin BiPartisan Balancing
Natural Economies of Resilient Health Justice
also produce Spiritually Resonant Wealth
of Peace

but not competitive ZeroSum;
more Whole Open Holistic
green cooperative

LeftBrain dominant
verbal enlightening
do not emerge from
Closed MonoCulturally Defensive Systems

dipolar co-arising

Sacred Organically Receptive MotherEarth
RightHemisphere prominent multisensory
indigenously nature/spirit rooted
natural economic nutritional health

cooperative Win/Win
positive sacred co-relationship thrival
robustly complex networks

win/lose survivalist competitive
ecopolitical apartheid corporate transactions

lose/lose negative desecrating trauma-despair
chaotic anti-communion fading egosystems

bipolar not-not polynomially unbalanced

Sacred MotherEarth
spiritually panentheistic
naturally synergetic
ergodic co-balancing energy
positive-1/not negative-0
AnthroPrivileged bicameral balancing health care
neuro-sensory communication systems

matriarchal ancient-lined
spiraling birthing
baptismal waters
within universal
unitarian co-empowering
Original Win/Win EarthMother
peak emergent health is wealth
warm and wet womb
formed and flowing
integral spacetime rebalancing
1-Yang/0-Yintegral co-balancing
Whole Open HealthSystems
incubating mutual warm regard

For bilateral sacred enlightened peaks
umbilically reconnecting
co-empowering valleys

Panentheistically still lurking
in all current quietly mindful
through past nutritional faith-based traditions,
this quiet cooperatively co-invested hope
against all win/lose treasons
of win/win healthy resilient
love reasons

PolyCultural positive perception
was originally rooted in
natural food and elimination
and reproductive
ecological resilient co-operating systems,
biospheres surrounding ego-core identity systems,
plants and living planets.

in this more modern monotheistic branch
of ancient faith traditions
on our Tree of Sacred Indigenous Knowledge,
predative privileged light
and evangelical right
to identify
define and refine
percentage of God’s sacred
humane individuation

As compared against
a monoculturing GoldRuled Standard
StraightWhiteMale supremacist
LeftBrain nouned
monotheistic renouned right to control
exclusive sacred narratives
of divine light’s full manly power
to control all warm nutritioning
water co-gravitating ReSources

Lurking quietly
in poetry and psalms
and parables
of matriarchal sacred history

Rooted in nature-based
oral traditions,
indigenous nondualistic wisdom literature

Not quite so over-invested
in militarized religious war events
and victimizing
in potential win/win ways often ignored
by global ecological history

To write down mythology
and passion narratives
and bodhisattva cooperative
green co-invested
restorative justice healing ceremonies,
passion story telling

Vulnerably personal
and yet transparently professional
ego/ecosystemic open
natural mindbody healthcare
resilient history
iconic, sometimes ironically,
of spiritual eco-panentheistic
indigenous wisdom
Gaian wealthcare synergetic
ancient EarthGoddess integrity
of neuro-organic resonant mystery

Still playing with Her win/win
faith-based resilient
EarthJustice theory

Trauma-informed remains
for explaining to a win/win undamaged child
wondering, in face of emergent ecocide,
why would sacred MotherEarth
think it was a good highest and best use
of valuable organic real estate
to over invest in AnthroPrivilege?

So, I’m playing with this win/win
restoring healthy
wealth co-optimizing
empowering and enlightening
Yang/Yin bilateral ego/eco-resiliently felt
brilliant win/win re-connecting
neurosystemic ancient thrival
organic systems history
of AnthroPrivileged
positive co-relational
lurking sacred mystery theory.


Gratitude with Attitude

A co-empathic sense of trust,
appreciation of echo-resonant
deep-listening resolving life.

Autumnal enthymematic taproot of spring-hope,
just as summer’s nutritional maturation
unfolds Origin of fertile decompositional mindfulness.

Why Thich Nhat Hanh thinks it important to smile
Why Positive Deviance works.
Why Positive Psychology works and plays truths with beauty.
Why regenerative political discernment leads
healthier cooperative outcomes
polyculturally maturing
by monoculturally self-governing balancing networks

Mutual Gratitude
diastolically opens toward agapic/erotic love,
provokes lasting happiness and contentment
while sustained in a culture too often neglecting
more cooperatively embraced and active entertainments.
Necessary and sufficient,
for fulfilling mindful AS healthy sustainable physical life.

Respect for Earth’s grace,
and sustained Mutual Commons Place
leads through hope and toward summer’s full faith,
toward fall’s harvest of love and bliss;
where We Are One,
and prepare Winter’s cycle of hibernating Oneness
in Yin’s recessive advent,
facing toward Spring’s new birth.

When our intent chooses gratitude
practice becomes centered in mindfulness,

When intent is co-mindful reiterative modeling,
our mutually regenerative practice
loves life as grateful love ourselves,
Zero-sum economizes grace.

Becoming grace
requires balancing ecology of Nutritional Yang DeductiveCausaLaws
with Love’s Yin InductiveAffectiveGrace.
These nondual two are inextricably dipolar linked
as are noticing hope with understanding faith,
yang and yin,
leading, balancing together
toward political/economic health assurance comprehension.

Yin’s Grace whispers of hope for a meeting of minds.
To build Yang’s value,
develop mindfulness,
sing and dance
pray and speak our story,
our history of nutritional laws of nature
with love’s grace of spirit,
with gratitude for all those whose voices ring
in our ears and minds as bodies.

for autumn’s forest falling seed,
inoculating our soils with hope
to be held,
through winter’s politically competitive economy of cold discontent,

Winter brings purgative Advent of dormant hope
without current incarnation of embryonic faith,
which returns to 4-seasoned Earth each reborn Spring
of daily life.

This same gratitude enthymematic seed-root of Positive Deviance,
Appreciative Inquiry,
Basic Attendance,
CoEmpathic Political Trust
between pilgrims traveling Earth’s empathic consciousness
of life and death revolutions,
regenerating compost piles of truth as beauty memories.

A graced gestalt,
informed contrast with a nutritional law
of insufficient absorption
into ego-proprietor value-based gestalt,
healthy-toxic affect.

balances a bicameral cooperative grace thriving economy
with our midway TrimTab value
optimizing political survival economy.
This karma/grace gestalt
comprehends OurCommons
as EarthHome Network
to which we equally belong responsibly authoritative
more profoundly,
than understanding this Commons
of Earth-Air-Water-Firey flames of information
as property we own,
and even lecture with great confusion sometimes.

We do no good presenting our best political-economic lectures
while standing empty-handed in our favorite garden
or forest
or mountain or sea or lake
or home;
far better still to listen to these speak their grace
across grateful ears and eyes and nose and mouth,
to know where we might best begin with bicameral hands
and bipedal vocational feet.

Deep Ecology of Gratitude
growth in depth of regenesis,
an economy of nutritional materialism
co-mentoring bodies of graceful co-ownership
through value transfers with other enculturations present,
past and future sentient beings
at their cooperative GiveGraceForward expansive expense,
co-invested interdependent multigenerational
benign parasites
disguised as nakedly benign Hosts.

To comprehend this EarthCommons
calls to listen,
with gratitude,
and thereby increase in mindfulness of abundant comprehensive potential,
graceful loving SpiritYin
with nutritional YangNature’s Laws and Primal Principles
of eco-balancing reciprocity.




Regenerative Leadership for a Global Millennial Community

Robert Dale, in Leadership for a Changing Church, claims we want leaders who make sense.  At first blush, we might be tempted to respond that we also would prefer spouses, children, neighbors, and even books that make sense.  To be fair, Dale further specifies leaders in sense-making as those who can effectively translate across paradigms and eras, and maybe even people, and scriptures.


Leaders provide continuity frames for between-the-times eras by showing what deserves to be preserved from the past and by creating what’s required of us for healthy futures. (p. 101)


This normative hope for post-modern religious leadership finds echoes in unexpected places. David Abrams describes the tribal role of the shaman as


the ability to readily slip out of the perceptual boundaries that demarcate his or her particular culture…in order to make contact with, and learn from, the other powers in the land. His magic is precisely this heightened receptivity to the meaningful solicitations…of the larger, more-than-human field. (The Spell of the Sensuous, p. 9)


In Genius 101, Dean Keith Simonton describes polymathic genius as an unusual ability to perceive patterns underlying paradigm perimeters. The polymathic religious leader maps patterns of confluence and dissonance across physical and metaphysical systems. Our Millennial shamans are paradigm and people transliterators in a Universe of symbiotic meaning development.


It is difficult to imagine what this string of abstractions would look like within one leader. William James argued that the incarnated definition of religious and spiritual genius is a renowned mystic or saint, or preferably both. For heuristic purposes, we might translate “shaman” as “Messiah,” operating within a defined historical-cultural information system.


  • Messiah:  Shaman, a transliterative adept with universal paradigms and languages, and diverse species;
  • Messianic Universal Field: Functioning optimally within an Open Set 4-dimensional sphere with (0) Core Vector soul  (see Buckminster Fuller and Gregori Perelman, and William Thurston);
  • Purpose of Religion/Spirituality: symbiotic meaning development.


Due to constraints of timeliness, let’s try substituting the word “compassion” for the two words “symbiotic meaning,” thereby synchronizing with the Dalai Lama’s, and perhaps Jesus of Nazareth’s teleological belief that “the whole purpose of our practice is to become more compassionate human beings.” (Beyond Religion, p. 183)


Messianic Leadership Purpose: development of compassion.


Even if all that does make sense together (and I have a dissertation thesis topic in mind that would investigate whether the hypothesis proposed is one that could be scientifically and religiously and/or metrically confirmed as “sense-making” or “True,” or not) what might it mean to say that our best and brightest spiritual leaders have the gift of transliteration?


To transliterate is to accurately exchange letters, words, information, thoughts, nutrients, into corresponding values of another language, or paradigm, person or information system. Transliteration is to translation as nutritious yogurt is towarm milk.  Transliteration unveils, decodes, what translation reveals. Transliteration comprehends the why of what translation understands as a correlation of meaning. When we put them together, something diastatically metamorphic occurs, a new pattern of symbiotic relationships across what had been two distinct entities.  Transliteration is the ability to translate, and accurately predict, emergent patterns across languages, individual organic systems, polycultures; each a type of Closed Set universe (or Group in mathematics and sociometrics) information system. The more adept at paradigm and person translation, the more compassionate becomes the leader; the more compassionate, the more adept at communicating with optimized sense-making, or mutual-meaning-creation, mindfulness, and effectiveness.


Christian Schwarz chooses empowering facilitative leaders as the first of his eight necessary qualities for Natural Church Development optimization. “These pastors equip, support, motivate, and mentor individuals,”…. “They do not use lay workers as ‘helpers’.” (p. 24) This is leadership operating in a cooperative transaction economy and ecology. Capitalists and socialists, government regulators and “free” enterprise advocates alike need not apply for the role of post-modern shaman. Empowerment optimizes as cooperation becomes equilateral, mutually initiated and received. This is a highly mindful and effective cooperative value exchange.


Leaders who realize their own empowerment by empowering others experience how the “all by itself” principle contributes to growth. (p. 25)


Mutually empowering iterative loops are the economic-ecologists way of advocating the benefits of local cooperative-based transactions with emergent win-win symbiotic value optimization. This is the kind of reality that sounds like our most abundant purpose is to grow in mutual compassion. The fruits of compassion are cooperative-oriented transactions and relationships of mutual gratitude.


Schwarz further observes that empowering sense-builders enjoy bipolar balance between “goal” and “relationship” orientations. In his theological paradigm, too many of us are either imbalanced toward a technocratic faith or a spiritualistic hope.  It is the adept religious leader who is able to consistently self-and-other empower, keeping both her faith-in-self goals, and hope for relationship development, in equipoised balance.


Our polymatic shaman maintains an internal and external landscape that compassionately balances faith in self as other, and other as self; a combination of the Golden Rule and the enthymematic awareness that “we are all in this together.”  This is a solidarity that echoes our theology of the marriage bond—but applied universally, radically, inclusively, embracingly to all species and all of nature.


Our millennial shaman transliterates the patterns within and between self and other during an inclusive pilgrimage toward a mutually discovered universe of ultimate compassion. This sounds like a good thing. But, is this theology supported by what we discover in natural patterns of healthy development? This, after all, is the infrastructural analogy behind Schwarz’s thesis; we are a system of nature. He implies that a spiritual and/or metaphysical information universe is incarnated as nature, so we can notice nature’s patterns to improve understanding of this metaphysical universe, and perhaps vice versa.


If an ecology of deeply balanced empowerment, internal to the religious leader, and external within the community’s culture, is fertile soil for our millennial shaman, then why,


Now for the good news: pastors of growing churches do not need to be superstars. Most of the pastors with the highest scores in our survey are little known. They generally provide us, however, with more helpful basic leadership principles than most of the world-famous “spiritual superstars.” (p. 25)


It would be interesting to analyze confluence and disparity patterns between “famous” spiritual leaders and “most helpful” spiritual leaders. On what basis does Schwarz establish transliterative ability; the gift of mutual compassion? Religious leaders are helpful, fruitful, to what end, for whom? Is the problem that famous-but-not-especially-helpful pastors are too goal-oriented or is the problem that the helpful-but-not-famous are too relationship oriented, imbalanced toward compassion for others? How do we  balance compassion for ourselves with compassion for others? The problem, and the opportunity, with polarities is they are mutually self-defining.


Even so, certainly the fields of geometrics, biometrics, permaculture design, thermodynamics, and binary systems theory would all agree with our Taoist friends that sustainable optimized values are richer when polarities are balanced, than when not.


Schwarz perhaps misses an application of an old design principle that favors greatest effect with least effort. It is only implied that the six phases of his transformative cycle may be as true for the shaman as they are for the shaman’s exterior landscape, the faith community. His Stage Theory is anciently known and recognized. Perhaps this is acknowledged in his Three Color Compass, but not mentioned in Natural Church Development. For simplicity, compare Schwarz’s Growth Spiral stage theory to Bloom’s Deep Learning Taxonomy and Robert Norton’s Laws of Interaction (Communication and Consequences):



Polar Alignment                      Norton                                    Schwarz                       Bloom



1. Yang (effective)                    Enthymematic                               Perceive                    Knowledge



2. Yin (mindful)                Prima Facie Validity                                 Test                       Comprehend


3. Yang (effective)                  Prior Dependence                          Understand                     Apply


4. Yin (mindful)          Idiosyncratic Understanding                      Plan                            Analysis


5. Yang (effective)           Sufficient Similarity                                     Do                             Synthesis


6. Yin (mindful)              Narcissistic Strength                              Experience                   Evaluation


Yang/Yin Deep              Existential Excitement                              Perceive                    Self-Knowledge

Ecology Threshold                                                                                  Self/Other                   Group Identity


Yang translates Schwarz’s “technocratic” and “goal-oriented,” while Yin translates “spiritualistic” and “relationship-oriented.”


The concept of leadership is directional and temporal, enhanced with analogical balance between one’s interior and exterior landscapes. This leader is pointing us to where or what end in the future, with what evidence that this direction makes sense? Schwarz is working toward regenerating a permacultured planet of post-modern leaders who are compassionate, cooperative facilitators. This translation expresses faith in leaders who share a deep eco-equity learning culture.


The millennial shaman’s mutual ministry is EcoMinistry. This core solidarity, that we are all gratefully in this together, catalyzes a synchronic evolution toward a compassionate mecca of mutual gratitude; in this life, future lives, a trans-generational continuity of re-ligioning, reincarnated from generation toward ReGenesis. To do as Jesus did, to in-form the Body of Christ, to be today our faith for tomorrow, we cooperatively incarnate into our regenerated future, with gratitude. Always with gratitude.