Sorting Through BiNomials

Where do I draw my bilateral line
in a polycultural sandbox?

In-between a merely personal traumatic
loss and suffering event

And a larger staged
critical systemic
potentially multi-generational
traumatic climate event.

Why does it feel important
to distinguish,
and perhaps discriminate
personal from ecopolitical systemic trauma?

Against an InsideEgo post-traumatic stress disordered
And against an Outside EcoClimate post-traumatic stress
Patriarchal/Capitalist disordered
monoculturally fragile
non-universal health
and non-unitarian education
eco-political delivery system

Contrasting EgoIn/EcoOut-gravitating polymathic deductions
rationally concluding wealth optimizing bias
for GoldenRule WinWin health communications

Both/And non-linear nuancing
EitherCause/OrEffect LeftBrain dominant
debate boundaries,
deductively labeled
and crisply verbalized
words as pointed weapons
when more compassionate tools
feel too abstract
and post-traumatic win/lose
chronically stressed,
not articulate,
polarizingly defined

Dipolar co-arising RightMind inductions
invite non-linear Both/And feelings
double-binding cognitive compassion
win/win internal communications

X v Y LeftBrain
Either capitalist economic Space
Or patriarchal political Time
constant zero-sum variables

On our best non-traumatic thriving days
also X/Y-exponential NonZero Zones
exponentially expanding
RightBrain unsuppressed
co-arising resilient health/wealth systemic
binomial dipolarities

Taoist YangSpace valued Matters
equal bilateral in/out
Yintegral Earth health/wealth
restorative justice Time

Bilateral dynamic spiraling,
ecofeminist integral,
bicameral infusion
of resonant serotonin
and resilient dopamine
critical well-being waving back

To and through deep
and wide Post Traumatic StraightWhiteMale Disordered
of indigenously felt nature/spirit
secular/sacred reconnecting
Either/Or = Both/And resilient inter-religioning
polycultural communion
bicameral harmonics.


Its All In the ZeroZen PolyNomials

If facts can be reduced to polynomial information bits
then wisdom might be expanded through polypathic exformation bytes,
double-fractal octave-co-redemptive folding/unfolding
weaving/unweaving stages
of Left-geneticYang with Right-memeticYintegral
co-arising ecopolitically nondual trust
in co-ecologically strictured autonomic-affective
internal climate of health v pathology development.

(0)-sum investments in these biting facts of wisdom,
where we continue healthy-wealthy hunting and finding
no inductive-Right difference of feeling
that could make any possible deductive-Left ecological difference.

CoIntelligent living with others
as we would have others live with us
includes wisely ego-dying with others
as we would have others die as Allies
rather than competing Enemies.

Earth’s interior regenerational bliss
is also Ego’s degeneratively refining mutually cooperative purging
of monoculturing anthro-willfullness
LeftBrain cognitive dissonance
yielding to internalized
polypathic-DNA inspired
nature-spirit exegetically ecological messages
with multicultural-becoming wisdom,
in an of and through and for our Golden Left/Right BuddaAge
of Tao-Zen Interdependent(0)Empty Centering Rules
Rhythms of ReSonant ReGenerate ReSolutions.