Trees of CoRelationship

are things that invite my active RightBrain hope
despite all my leftbrain dominant distancing experience

And win/lose 0-Sum absence
of sacred faith
in Loves yet unseen,
on this deep and wide-hearted
co-relational Earth.

In healthy relationships
I feel a great difference
between a neglected,
wounded BodyMind
suffering in lonely silent distance

Separated in despair
away from a shunned
actively co-empassioned,
transparently and vulnerably wounded,
ReMembering MindBody,

Verbally co-empathing
invitations into win/win feedback circles
toward pleasured peace
of healing non-elitist
well-lit empowering Paradise

Becomes a great win/win economic
cooperatively co-empowering opportunity

Among all bicamerally intelligent anthropoids
reconnecting re-ligiously indigenous experience
with compassionate
impassioning rhythms

For conscientious left/right balance
bicamerally therapeutic
communication loops
and spiraling reiterations
far exceeding eco/theo-logical traditional risks
of BusynessAsUsual

Monoculturally incorporating DeathCulture sentences,
RightWing military-industrializing
LeftBrain dominating extractions
of all Earth’s Living HeartPath
co-arising care
giving/receiving Truths
with Great Transitional Beauty

PostMillennial EarthJustice Wisdom
restores wealthy reverse of war,
GreenPeace ReNewing EpiCenters,

CoResponsibly led
by wise indigenous
ancient green ecofeminist
multi-regenerational Wisdom
of a MotherTree

Not so much preoccupied
with inside Patriarchal viral verbal dominant
leftbrain literature,
information printed
over powering
on top of paper
made of wisdom’s green organic trees.


Catalyzing CoEmergence

S/he reads, with great enthusiasm,
Andrew Cohen’s take on “Catalyzing Emergence.”

“The most challenging aspect of vertical spiritual development is the evolution of our value spheres. Given the right circumstances, it is not difficult to enter higher states of consciousness and in those higher states, to glimpse the exciting possibilities that await us on the other side of the status quo, beyond our predictable and fixed way of perceiving how things are. But it is another matter altogether to dislodge those predictable and rigid perspectives and embrace new and higher values.” (p 185, 2011, “Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening.”

S/he hears:
A challenging aspect of deep ecological development
is this continuing evolution
of our political-economic
(reductively labeled “military-industrial” in Left-brain dominant languages) bicameral spheres of co-arising influence.

Given sufficient rationally ecological comprehension,
it is not difficult to enter deeper states of ecological consciousness
and in those deeper states of polycultural nutrition,
to glimpse sustaining possibilities awaiting us
on tomorrow’s more paradigmatically confluent side
of the present moment,
beyond our predictable competitions
of ego- and anthro-centered monocultures
and our fixed way of perceiving
how our own nature evolves toward health
and/or pathology.

But we are altogether an Other’s co-passioned matter to balance/tip
those predictable and rigid ego/anthro elitist perspectives
and re-join deeper (0)-centric co-intelligent wealth
and higher health/ecotherapeutic values.

And s/he is glad for such rich compost to fill Earth’s Day,
Catalyzing Co-Emergence.


Economic Rights of Earth

Rights of nature,

truths, not wrongs,

goods, not so much bads,

are eco-logical.

Eco-pathic sanity

emerges away from ego-normic irrationality.

Divestment from extractive-based capital investment

predicts investment in cooperative-based diversity of cultures

and economies.


Natural systems emerge more fully, globally,

from well-composted soil.

Economic systems sustain optimized Trees of Life

when we invest every breath








in cooperative inclusive systems of Earth’s Care,

shared karmic vocation to grow

our paradise of graced economy.


Pathology has invested in ego-centric win-lose strategies

so our permacultured wise design

discovers therapy divesting of ego-centric incarnations,


commodified self-strategies to win.

We are learning nature’s deep eco-logic,

regenerative optimization invests in (0) sum global

win-win fair share policies

mutual priority

our shared subsidiarity to Earth’s logic,

Original Intent’s Omega Point,

peaceful air of mindful practice,

evolution of Green Revolution,

spins and weaves our Great Transition season

to produce new leaves of grass-fed transactions

with mutual gratitude for winter past,

as Right-brained Yin’s inductive swell,

our pregnant vein of time

balancing her well-Yanged Left brain dominance,

egocentric individual-ism.


Discovered Spirit,

uncovered Nature.

Nothing more,

nothing less,

than (0) sum positive teleology,

transforming meaning with purpose

marching eco-normic balance.

Nature’s righteous law

reveals spirit’s leftover

mergently abundant grace,

a (0) sum Win-Win global game

our positively balanced spacetime economy,

thermagnetic balanced, deep eco-logic harmony;

less marching in extractive market squares,

more dancing in globally networked circles,

harmonizing active peace,

love’s permacultured psalm.


Greatest effect with least effort, loss, and suffering,

winnow investments toward cooperative practice,

our Original Permaculturing Intent.