Polycultural CLIMAX

There is nothing more healing,
within my own limited experience,
than a good
co-invested CLIMAX.

There is nothing more of a good
well-being CLIMAX
then healing,
restoring peace,
ego/eco-political justice,
democratically-held and interdependently evolutionary,
after-glowing flow.

The thesis that environmental climax triggers
do not cause my love
or anger,
do not make me loving
and do not make me angry,
Is like saying my testicles
do not make me horny;
It’s all in my lustful head.

Like believing Donald Trump’s rabid win/lose narcissism
does not make me angry,
and could not trigger my anger,
were it not for choosing my own egocentric
and capitalistic
and predative
and extractive
and dissociatively unhealthy

I agree it is useful not to collapse
neurologically felt autonomic agency
with social-psychological learned triggers,
but severing environmental stimuli
from internal negative causes,
and otherwise positive choices,
too often results in blaming
and prejudicially judging
the victim’s underlying values
and traumatically learned experience
lacking choice-making toward win-win empowerment
and ecosystemic compassion,

Left/right bicameral
polyphonic resonant flow
with polypathic resilient strength

To remember no cooperative choice
could be more naturally/spiritually healing,
than an ecologically/theologically good
nakedly transparent
co-invested CLIMAX.


Psychology of Political-Economic Constitutions

Shalom, Aloha, Namaste

Kinship and Ego identity co-arise in socioeconomic health of mutual trust,
beginning in utero
swimming about in embryonic nutrition,
rather than active distrust
or more passive mistrust of the relatively unknown
yet somehow paranoic alien, Other.

The psychological fuel for polypathic political trust
is capacity for empathy,
which grows bicamerally within mutually subsidiary economies
of co-empathic positive intent,
co-arising nondually
in more ecstatic peaks of good beatific as beautifully edgy humor.

Empathy is a teachable,
because learnable,
listening and noticing skill,
stretching to include those aliens of self and other doubt,
occasionally even abusive terrorists within.

Mature co-empathic bicameral skills
are what we might call healthy mindfulness,
ecoconsciousness of Self as holonically syncing with Other,
intent toward mutual integrity,
esteemed equivalence,
emerging from comprehension of our Original Intent
as regenerative cycling Earth’s SpaceTime fertile paradise
of Positive Deviance Psychology,
Political ChoiceMaking for Positive Nutrients,
Economically Cooperative WinWin TransActions,
deviant from vacuous dissonance and chaos,
random WinLose irrationality,
endless notnot polynomials of double-binding ambivalence.

Zero-centric mindfulness training
is not only the stuff of sit at home,
chant and drum meditation training and sensory experience
of nutritional sounds and tastes and sights and smells
with concomitant affective feelings
of resonant trust, dissonant mistrust, assonant distrust, hate, fear, anger
trusting things might be better
if I can just cathartically,
purgatively force myself and others to calm back down
from active distrust to at least more passive mistrust
about our continuing future lives together
in more peaceful silence of mutual breathing,
in as out.

While shared centering space and sounds can be useful
especially as household units,
and prior to important political and economic discernment events
systemic networks of positive transitional evolutionary intent,
stretching mindfulness through each active loving moment
of each day and night
is optimally sustained only in a safe-risk environment
of political and economic cooperative nurturance,
where power competitions are normatively agreed to remain subservient
to greater cooperative nurturing,
Both-And powers of consensual discernment
to discover together highest and best political ecotherapy
and economic health optimization outcomes.

We are best within our democratically-inclusive empathic wheelhouse,
rather than the mutual immune fears of unknown
mysterious and unfortunate threats
and other competitive LeftBrain too-reductive dominance
in defining extended families of synergetic confluence,
requires (0)-centric disciplines of mindfulness
but these are more accurately embraced as Tao-disciplines
on behalf of Love as Nature’s KindTrust Expansion,
rather than suboptimizing political/economic goals
of Anger and Fear Management and self repression
of the static/stuck Panic-Terrorist within to feel better
managing damage control,
safety and security,
defensive mutual time out preferences,
restraint procedures
and economic investment boundary policies
to contain our LoseLose worst hunting and ungathering fears.

The Haudenosaunee definition of grace,
“the words that come before all else”
under ideal compost incubating circumstances
of mutual-mentoring
Both-And political and economic cooperative discernment
might bilaterally nuance,
grace evolves the words that come before as after all else,
as above,
so below;
as Exterior Landscaped
so Interior Landscaped.

The belief that anthrocentrism is fundamental
to wise political and economic regenerative planning
for future generations,
is the Original Sin of fundamentalist self-idolatry.
Our capacities for healthy mutual co-empathic trust development
far exceed such a limited and limiting sense of our own personal,
and EarthTribal identity,
history of cooperative enculturation and intelligence.

Radical Revolutionary Earth (0)-Soul Centrism
is bicameral ecoconsciousness
of polypathic highest as healthiest beautiful minds and words
that come both before and after all else.

Our co-empathic democratic multicultural trust
in healthy cooperative futures begins this and each EarthLoving Eternal Day and Rich Composting Night,

Aloha, Shalom. Namaste.


Information Systems Theory and Dialogos Coding Values/Power Design

This document is evolving to incorporate Research Notes for a Social Communication Theory of Learning.  Please see: http://www.socialcommunicationfoundation.org for more on the connection between learning to learn cooperatively, as a Species, inclusively, and the social regeneration mission of our current Transition Generation.

Least effort for greatest abundance may be summarized with “water the flowers, not the weeds.”

BUT, to OPTIMIZE abundance:

1. Notice the suffering weeds

2. Deep understand, PermaCultured Learning, with the suffering weedsw; become one with WeThem. This is a position of radical solidarity, of mutual in-forming, mutual EcoMinistry, the position of abundant, optimized, nonviolent listening.

3. Regeneratively Design, with the weeds, how, together, we can nurture and cherish our mutual Paradise Flowers.

In Permaculture Design, one of the primary principles of systems change efficiency is “Least Effort for Abundant Outcomes”. Therapists sometimes refer to this as “Water the Flowers, not the Weeds.” So, perhaps Deep Learning starts with two students, one more advanced in some ways, perhaps, or maybe even a handful of students, first noticing what they consider flowers, and what they consider weeds, and why. What is confluent, resonant, enthymematically underlying “Truth”, (e.g., Polanyi’s “Personal Knowledge”, or “inductive faith”)? What is dissonant, alien, an underlying “Lie”? How are they related; mutually defining?  In Permaculture, what are the nutrient flow dynamics of the ecosystem, or communication system, or learning system? How do we most effectively, sustainably, water the flowers we all agree are flowers, and engage the weeds in providing appropriate nutrients for those flowers?

I am working on a Regenerative EcoMinistry Development Project, informed by Permaculture Design Theory. My experience to date has been primarily about learning to Deep Listen my way into understanding regenerative evolution Whole-OpenSystems Process.

Currently upgrading credentials in Permaculture Design and in Doctor of EcoMinistry education projects.

Also trying to figure out how to most effectively homeschool my 4 kids ranging from gifted-with-high-sensitivity, to Attention Deficit-slow deductive processing, to Fetal Alcohol-Cerebral Palsy–Mental Illness, to Non-Linguistic–Profound Cerebral Palsy–Mental Aptic, Enthymematically Constant.

Would love to work with some people on Deep Listening and Learning skill-sets appropriate to diversely challenged minds, to help all of us communicate better with each other, with more compassion, more understanding, more Care. So we all teach each other that we are here for each other on a journey that is profoundly inclusive, and increasingly synergetic.

I have begun playing with putting “Problem” statements together with “Solution” proposals to intentionally try to create what look at first like an “oxymoron.”  That is, tease out the apparent polarities first and list them in conversation with each other, as directly as possible.  Then start playing with reversing the polarities on both sides of the resulting oxymoron, one side at a time, until you have listed all options, probably using a Josiah Window framework, but instead of using the Binary categories of “Win” and “Lose” as we do in Game Theory, change the headings to True and Real.  So each oxymoron shows up as True-True, True-Not Real, Not Real- True, and Not True-Not Real.  With the “Left” half of the binary oxymoron occupying the “True” and Not-True” positions, and the “Right” half of the oxymoron occuping the “Real” and “Not Real” positions.

Interesting Information emerges when a group, or even an individual, “steps back” and looks at all 4 squares as one gestalt, or potential “Boson.”  Individuals find themselves looking toward the center of the Josiah Map, regardless of which of the 4 squares felt most comfortable, confluent, when they entered the room.  Or that’s the theory anyway.

RE: the mission of interspirit dot net. I have heard it said, perhaps too often, that Spirituality is God looking for me, while Religion is Me looking for God. I would guess there is some truth in that, but interesting things happen when we pretend that the phrase “Spiritually-Centered Religion” is an oxymoron.

Let’s heuristically act as if Spirit is the +(0) Core Vector of a polarity with Religion as a smooth structured Manifold overlying this Prime Relationship Vector, numerically Coded as +(1). Our search, as the Interspirit Network is for the +50%/-50%  global Value/Power Information (0) position-scaled. From that position, we are best able to hold both ends of any relevant polarity in balance, with the +0 position as constant denominator, and +1 position as constant numerator.

Polarities that seem to be of particular interest from this perspective, when held simultaneously in our Group Theory as: Explicated/Implicated = Encultured Value/Infinite Power, include


exegetical(orthodox)/eisegetical Truth



deductive logic/inductive analogy



Regenerating Growth/Permanence (foundation of “permaculture” design/development) God/Speciation [foundation of both Creation and Creativity v. grayscaled “still-state” Reality Boson-b=()]

Yang/Yin (where “Tao” = “Truth”)



Progenitor/Spirit/Creation [where “Trinitarian-Expressed” is Tao Prime Relationship (%)] Form/Function


Information/-(Information); where not-information may be called “Affect-Temporal Frequency Exformation” implicate order (Closed Set Coded Binary), potentiated Information, negatively predicted Information, Prophecy, Time Traveling, Complex Science, Dense, Dark, Boundary Issue, Incommensurability–depending on the paradigm/Tradition and whether recognizing it as having potentially transposed Information Values, or not.

Prime Information Fractal Relationship Memory/Expectation/Prediction in the Information Code read left to right: +/- = As it was, so shall it be; as it shall be, so has it been OVER As within, so without; As without, so within

Prime Temporal Fractal Relationship:  As it was, so shall it be; as it shall be, so has it been [Golden Rule]—Left Hemisphere


As 0, so 1; as 1, so -1 [Golden Rule]—Right Hemisphere

Right/Left PermaCulture Synchronization = Golden Fleece of Universal Regenerative Value Improvement

This Information Systems Analysis is derived from Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics and Synergetics 2 (1975, 1979), Max Tegmark’s work at Berkeley and MIT, Grigori Perelman’s proof of the “soul conjecture,” and apparent mathematical homologous implicated patterns with the Higgs (“God”) Boson’s structural frequencies.

Regenerative Systems Development and Design Application comes from the linguistic development theory of Julian Jaynes, Catherine Hogan’s work at the www.socialcommunicationfoundation.org, Taoism, Judeo-Christianity, and, apparently, Sufism.

What are the Continuous Quality Improvement Learning Standards for Inclusion Teaming participants?

They have learned how to empty themselves of their own Language Truths enough to be able to receive Information through alternative (“challenged”) enthymematic Language proposals, to consider such communication rationally as it may, or may not, be confluent with their own “Received View” of Truth/Reality.

When a heuristic “sync” is made by the Receiver of Information, how to check for confirmation.

When a heuristic “sync” is not made by the Receiver, a facilitated Storage space for the Team to note as “Concern” or “Data.”, for future reference.

In these ways, the Team learns how to continuously monitor for the quality of mutual and inclusive Information Value/Power optimization. Watering the Flowers, not the Weeds (F. Peacock). At the same time, the “Weeds” of dissonance are noted as enthymematic pattern-tools that may be useful later in the group’s evolving communication development project.

As lists composing Data Storage Coded as 1 or 0 (rather than 2), the “Concern (1)” and “Data (0)” lists, trend toward empty sets, these items will help fill in the Explicated Information Lists, “Problems” and “Solutions.”

At this point, the learning to communicate goals of Inclusion Teaming, Phase 1, have been met.

The achievement standard for each Team in Phase 2, regarding a generalizable “learning to learn” CQI Standard for any Binary Information System, is to learn to translate all items on the “Problems” list into their appropriate positions in conversation with the “Solutions” list. The Inclusion Teaming CQI Standard for UDL meets Information System Design optimization standards, for any (0) Core Vectored Universe, significantly and explicitly defined as:

Information structure: As within, so without; As without, so within.

Where without and within are metrically analogous to -/+, Recession (= “Not-Formed” Open-100% Core Prime Relationship Vector (0) submerged smooth-structured within Group Theory fused 4-Base Positional System OVER 16/Base implicate (assumed) positional metric system. -1=0=+1,  [see Group Theory, Wikipedia]

Information/Not-Formation Universal Polar/Binary Hypothesis.  That is, Information is to Not-Formation as Polynomial/Calculatable is to Non-Polynomial/What Is Trend Predicted as Rooted in the (0) Core Prime +50%/-50% Relationship Assumption, but not yet proven as True, Exegetically speaking.

Prime Relationship is diversely Open Binary System Universe defined as:






Explicated/Implicated Dimensional Frequencies


Creator [Regenerative Learner]/Creation

System Design/Development-Evolution


Issue/Business As Permanently Encultured Usual

Information/Exformation (Not-Temporally-Bound at the Moment Reverse-Formation Design/Development)




encultured/permanent (“permaculture”)




Experience/ Prediction

Message/Syntax (or CODEX)


Hydrogen/(0) Core Vector Binary Universe








Precessed Stage/Recessed Stage




Information/Exformed Syntax

Communication/Enthymematic Sub-Liminal Syntax [not “not-real”?]

Community/Regenerative Communication String

Ex-Formed Reverse-Temporal Regenerative Structure = Metaphysically Created Diversity OVER/ Permanent Synergetic Pulsation (see Buckminster Fuller on “synergy”)

On oxymorons (paradoxial polarities):  especially “unstructured systems” as Exformation.

In Information Theory, the linguistics of an oxymoron translates as a double negative, or 0+1 = 1+0.

Let’s, again heuristically, assign the value of “1” to the first half of all the following dyads; and the value of “0” to all the second half of all the following dyads, and imagine the 1’s as static mental images emerging from 0’s diastatic, permutating, fertilizing, synchronizing, developing, growing, nutritionalizing Prime Harmonious enthymematic influence.





Precession (post-inhalation)/Recession (post-exhalation) [see B. Fuller]

Revolution/Regeneration [in both “Scientific Revolution” and in “Whole Systems Development”]

Encultured/Permanence [root of concept “permaculture”]




Explicate/Implicated [see David Bohm, probably Max Tegmark]








God/Explicated Regenerative Information-Transfer System Codex (Binary Prime Relationship, (0) Core Vector Assumption)

Some of these dyads, when looked at as a 2-word phrase, look like opposites, or “potential” opposites, and some look oxymoronic.

However, if we maintain our heuristic and Information metric assumption that the first position is on the opposite side of any balanced-metric 8-Octave “color” frequency Wheel, we can use this image to create a map of diverse positions on a True Justice Power/Real Peace Value map (see Gregory Bateson on mapping and Information Systems).

An adaptation of the Game Theory/Group Theory Fractal that can be useful for large populations to use apparent oxymorons to mutual advantage may be found in the Dynamic Facilitation/Wisdom Council paradigm.

All positions of individuals within a population are first listed in one of four sections.

1. Problems: encultured, explicated eisegetical (individual) Truth statements about my life.

2. Solutions: permanent, implicated Exegetical (accepted as “Orthodox” by consensus) Truth statements about our shared lives that appear to be True and Real confluent with all data (treating linguistic and numeric proposals as Value-data)  on all 4 lists.

3. Concerns: Statements that note tensions between 1 and 2 above.

4. Data: Metrics and Trend Analysis offered eisegetically (by individuals), potentially germane to 1-3 above, but being Stored for confirmation at a later time.

From this perspective, the facilitator’s “Dynamic” role helps the group decide which square each position appears to fit best in the initial iteration. This may include suggesting a transposition of “Problem Statements.” Can you say the problem reversing the positives and negatives to derive a statement that might better fit on the “Solutions” list, at least for the first iteration?

After the map is complete by quadrant sectors, participants work on clustering information that may emerge as patterned.

And so the creative process toward learning to learn with each other begins. And sometimes, on one of the better days, the creative process toward learning to love together, and live together, also begins.

It tends to help if you start out with a group where Value Information patterns appear to be highly homologous, and a “control” group of approximately equivalent scale, whose selection is either random, or even intentionally scans for Information paradigm/Tradition diversity. These “outlyers” are really good at making sure the total assembly retains Continuous Quality Improvement standards for high replication values, Universal Information Economy. See, for example, http://www.socialcommunicationsfoundation.org, for some interesting pilot work in process, intentionally bringing together “normed” and “challenged” High Frequency Communicators.  The “challenged communicator” outlyer Information Control group tend to exhibit communication patterns homologous to autistic and attention-deficit neural systems.  Catherine Hogan’s theory is that if these kids can learn to communicate together effectively enough to inclusively develop a community-based service project, leaving no one in a secondary (marginalized) role, then they have demonstrated inclusive social regeneration potential, individually, and as a Team.

In other words, yes, we are playing a 0-Sum Game with regard to polarities, but within an Open Group System analogy. We are assuming no exterior boundaries to regenerative power and value.  When power polarities are balanced, sustainable, self-regenerating, then global values are optimized, inclusive of what feels both Exegetically True and Real within each individual participant, and what is most likely to be both Valued and Empowered globally.

Gerald Dillenbeck, M. Div., MPA in Community Development http://www.gdill52.com, see especially “Spaceship Earth CQI” on Permacultured Information Systems Design. Your comments here, or there, deeply appreciated. Including the possibility that this message belongs on the “Problems List.”

But to be clear: I did not mean to say that “Stealth Democracy” argues for a form of government. What I instead tried to say about the book is that it defends our current form of government as providing “stealth democracy.” It does so, for example, when it says (a) that the people can if they so choose remove politicians from office, and (b) that’s the only political role that the people want or ever will want.  It also does so via the title itself, in that it announces that the U.S. is now a democracy. Thus I do not see the book as a critique of the ideal of raucous deliberative democracy; I see is an a critique of any kind of deliberative or dialogue democracy. Indeed I think it is very explicit about that.


Also in case I did not make myself clear in my last message: there is in my view one aspect of majority public opinion that is less deserving of respect than the many pearls of wisdom to which you rightly point. That is the idea that so many people have that there would no basic disagreements at all if people were well-intentioned and unbiased. And that idea (which is celebrated by “Stealth Democracy”) is in my opinion very damaging. Indeed I think it is (ironically) a major cause of much of the vituperative argument that the public so dislikes! That’s because, if someone thinks that all reasonable people will agree, then when someone does not agree with them they are likely to get vituperative and nasty. After all, they we “know” that that other person is being unreasonable (biased, selfish, etc.).  And that is exactly how many politicians act. They do so not because they are bad people but because they believe in the idea that politics of any kind would not exist in a society of reasonable people.

Dr. Phil Neisser

Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences

Chair, Department of Politics

Coordinator, Environmental Studies

Dunn 103/Satterlee 307

SUNY Potsdam

Potsdam, NY 13676

315-267-2230 (o)

315-854-3520 (c)

315-379-9713 (h)


Wow, Phil, that was excellently stated.  And even rational, at least to my eisegetical way of thinking. I am compelled to see if I can translate any of that into Information Theory, just in case someone in the NCDD community is working on the intersection of public wisdom and Information.

“Stealth” Information might also be called “Ex-formation,” it is the transposition of Information. Power-from-within (see Tom Atlee) is Information Empowered.  Power-from-without is Exformed–Information Valued; but not yet Information In-Powered.  In other words, in Information Theory, Not-Rational also includes the Information, as a subset, in linguistic language, Not Yet Rational. It is enthymematic information. The apparently irrational can be “rationalized” by reversing the Power Position, cognitively, in reverse-temporal-planning mode, trending back toward the middle of any Universal Information Storage System, using base Information, Core Vector bit (0), Binary Metric Code.

What we will find, when we all talk together inclusively, especially when we use large numbers of Information Processors (presumably people in this context), is that we are likely to trend toward a confluent median and mean.  Global community-based Information metrics will trend toward confluence somewhere between +/- Prime Relationship Confluence = 0 and Dissonant-Outlyer = +/-1.  If, as facilitators, we have done a remarkable job of being sure to include equally balanced ends of a polarized policy position, then that median/mean emergent trend will, most often, show up centered appositionally at a liminally emergent Core Center +50%/-50% of all value data listed.

The united median and mean Core Information vectors are important to retain as symmetrically weighted to avoid dissonance and distortion between what is recognized by the cultural majority and what may also be recognized by a marginalized minority. Using a directional trend analysis between the median and mean Prime Confluent Vectors, rather than more simply relying on the median Prime-Value, secures the defense of the minority and allows us to capture the full-range value of all outlyers.

In other words, with a large enough, and diverse enough, group of participants, including Received View expert-seeding (the academic perspectives germane to the issue), trend analysis reporting may indicate both where this group was today, and where we, as a society, are heading for the future.

Even so, processes that begin with a smaller range of options that more equitably represent both the “normed” position and the “outlyer” position, giving intentional power-added value to initial outlyers not only helps safeguard minority rights, but also assures capturing those comparatively rare moments of “Wild” Information-genius that may not be immediately apparent within any one Information Universe.  You never know, you just might have some kind of policy genius in your midst.  While rare, it would be a shame to ignore it; rather like having a potential Scientific Revolution (in the Thomas Kuhn sense of that term) on your hands and missing all the fun.

PermaCulture Information Re-Development Program: Global Design Laboratory

Shaman Legend Marketing Plan: Religion, Education, Economics, Cooperative Community Development, Communication System Design, Metaphysics, Learning and Communication Therapy, Sustainability, Continuous Quality Improvement Program Design and Development Standards, Permaculture Global Paradigm

Grades 4 through 16, collaborative learners of all ages and paradigms.

Realizing I could well be insane, I think that what we want to do with our high school and young adult programs is to place each religious tradition in dialogue with widely diverse other faith paradigms so we can all recognize our shared hope, and how that does and does not connect with what we most love about ourselves and our environment.  Once we get all that squared away, then we can figure out what we want to do make things better as a community committed to the vision of Jesus Christ, the Judaic prophets, Muhammad, Laotze, Buddha, the Dalai Lama, etc.

I plan to start a Doctor of Ministry program during 2014, and could use a ministry site for a permacultural regenerative vision of faith education.  It is my aspiration to bring this new faith community cooperative planning model to educators globally, but giving my first priority to religious education.

Risk-Assessment Assumptions:

Memory/Opportunity = P/NP Temporal PermaCulture (0) Prime Relationship Balance

Range: +50% to -50%

1. Past Trends: Contextual Information for PermaCulture Global Design Laboratory, CT

Germane value equivalency trends

a. Projection target +/- 5 years

b. Experience of PermaCulture Information Redevelopment Programming: Global Design Laboratory


Shaman Legend Potential Targets for CQI Optimization


Some assumptions and proposed definitions for our Global Regeneration Project:

Math is to calculating as

Information is to communicating.

Metrics are an Special Case of Information Theory.  A metric system is a system of Information chosen by a Binary PermaCulture Prime Coded Information Processor, with a (0) = +50%/-50% Prime Regenerative Relationship Codex Affect-Temporal Frequency.

If you follow Julian Jaynes back to the anthropological proto-history of an evolving left hemisphere.  This newbie hemisphere became our Symbol Dominant Information Processor within the last 4,000 years.  We can find the origins of a metaphysics of Information Values Theory in the Golden Ratio defined as “As without, so within; as within, so without.” This also fits syllogistically (analogically) with the Eastern metaphysic of Tao where Polynomial Yang is CAT(0) blanketed by Non-Polynomial Yin in Universal equipoised Prime Relationship.

Fuller believes fractal Information function is equivalent to Euler’s e-function (temporal dimension frequency change) for both time and spaciated-time dimensions.  Now this is some Sirius math structure. Fuller says (p. 64, Synergetics 2) We are quite possibly the most complex of the problem-solving challenges of the invention that is eternally regenerative Scenario Universe. [by the way, I think Fuller, post-“string theory”, would have used the word String where he uses the more static-sounding Scenario] In this way each of us might be a department of the mind of what we might call god.

This is Fuller’s version of what later became geometrically defined as the “soul conjecture,” where Polynomial = Reverse-NonPolynomial in a Universal +/- Balanced Core Vector Zeta-Prime Temporally Octaved kinda way.

To Professor Tegmark, historians, economists, geometry teachers agree that, in any systemic process, where you end up is significantly predicted by where you start.  Your starting 0-Core premise is enthymematically related to your conclusion; as 0 predicts 1, as minus predicts plus. If we start our dialogue with the assumption that there is a Physical Universe that is COMPLETELY separate from us, then we are starting with the assumption that we are not necessarily all in this together.  If we start with the assumption that we are not necessarily all in this together, then we should expect that we will end up in some form of random dissonant and entropic still-state, eventually, as well-illustrated by the Poincare Conjecture.

In Hyperreason (The God Series) Mike Hockney states that Hyperrationalism differs from rationalism in one crucial regard. It asserts that all rational truths are mathematical and that the universe is 100% mathematical.

Well, that is true, but it does not necessarily follow that 100% of mathematics = 100% of our Universal Information System.  In other words, I would prefer to end Hockney’s sentence with the Universe is 100% mathematical Open Binary Information System.

The Illuminati and Ayn Rand probably have it right that we live in an Information-based meritocracy of power values.  Yes, this complexity of more confluent and more dissonant, pulsating, wave patterns is a survival of the fittest Universe.  But, the fittest are those who are most Prime-Relationship Rooted with their metric system. Optimized metrics for a relationship-based network of Information is the system that is most rational AND most inclusive. Secrets and exclusions slow down our regenerative system trend toward Pythagorean abundance and harmony. The Prime Relationship assumption of your metric system meritocracy is radical, binary synergy.  Some people call that love.  Those of us in the Wisdom business think of it more as learning to learn.

Your non-Pythagorean logical error is to assume metric form, or structure, trumps metric function; that it is somehow more rational, more hyperrational.  Nowhere is this an accurate portrayal of what is actually the case in any metric system that is bicamerally thinkable. This is your unsupported metric assumption for calculating your meritocracy. If you were to assume the opposite, that Prime Binary Relationship function (for a definition of metric temporal function see Euler, or Bucky Fuller’s work with Eulerian geometric functions, in Synergetics, 1975) is Core Vector in any Metric Functionable (systemizable, v. random) Universe, then metric form, structure, system development is historically and temporally secondary to metric design functionality in any cognizable meritocracy. Look at Poincare’s Conjecture as a metric example of this principle that Prime Relationship +/- Symmetry functionality is enthymematically implicated in any elliptical metric structure.  Basically, Poincare observed, using trigonometric functional assumptions, that when we are all in this together, our value measurements tend to project longer, more abundantly sustainable trends.  Where our numeric values head off into the irrational, asymmetric, withheld, secretive, that is where our value system becomes dissonant, disproportioned, and not sustainable as a regenerative system. Pythagoras was fairly clear that, as within our geometric system, so without, in our value meritocracy permacultured system.

A Value-Merit economy is an improvement over other autocratic, even capital-centric, economies when merit metrics follow PermaCultured Continuous Quality Improvement Information System Design and Development Standards. This PermaCulture Cooperative system does not recognize “secrets” as an efficient stratagem for optimizing global values. Secrets are information vacuums, and we all know how Nature feels about her vacuums! Don’t even think about going there! Trust me, your idea of intellectually exclusive meritocracy is not nearly big enough for the real world of nature, or any lasting metaphysical theory of regenerative system development.

Value is discovered through the reality of goodness, beauty, proportion—Pythagoras lived this Information System. Power is discovered through True-to-Nature collective experience. Power and value are always found together in the Tao but they are mirror images.  When separated, as when True is separated from WhatIsReal, then fracture, confusion, disorientation make way for potentiated information, for regenerative centering in the future.

Value + Power = Wisdom as

Yin + Yang = Tao

Sometimes we forget that Pythagoras found all of this joyful and universally inclusive.  I imagine his self-koan to have been something like: Leap Boundaries with others, Laughing. But, maybe I’m just projecting onto history what I have learned during my personal history.

The Illuminati, in its current incarnation, understands that our universal Information System has paradigm-fusing power value. However, ignoring this System’s Prime Relationship Bicameral Source, it is easy to forget that our Meta-Communication system design can meet optimized value-performance standards using radically inclusive “power-from-within” development procedures. Prime Relationship is symmetrically balanced Trinitarian, including male/female and deduction/induction balanced transfers.

Yang power is only long-term sustainably optimized at steady-state equilibrium with Yin’s power-from-within Value.

Death and dissolution and disarray radiate information toward a new moment, a new environment, resolved only as we understand how its ExFormed structure has made room for regenerated confluence. As cilia makes room for flagella; as creative redevelopment makes room for learning through enthymematic sources.

Math is the economics of communication transfers between a static Information System Form and ExFormed enthymematic Binary Prime Relationship +Confluence/-Dissonance Function. It operates at a metaphysical or abstract and cognitive level more inclusively than System Form Information alone. The difference between metaphysics and physics, metrically speaking, is the difference between calculating metric system optimization values (and disvalues) and using an already developed, or explicated (Bohm), metric system to measure value differences.

When calculating, remember you are measuring both within the isolated value system problem you have selected and the power of the value system assumptions, the quality of the regeneratively-intended design, you are using to do the measuring.

Yoga is union; union is vibration that sometimes erupts into words.  Vibrations we radiate as life energy through our blood coursing within, through our brain-messages processing vibration messages found in our internal communication system. There is deeply breathed, rooted, belief that this yogaunion is accessed, available, through self-thought purgation.  This self-emptying is a communication-system centering and syncing and synergizing process of 4-dimensional alignment; centering our vibrations to our very Prime TaoCore default awareness. The result is a mutual symbiosis of Self/Other-Love and self respect. There is a rhythmic exchange in this vibration of loving and learning, then loving to learn to love to learn and love, to create, to recreate, to regenerate systemic evolution of our internal/external communication awareness.There is an immaculate purity of centric relationship between soul and Manifold; a yoga-vibration of Prime Relationship Balance.

Love: you are part of me, and I am part of you. Left-brained, emotive.

Respect: your creation is regenerated in my creation, and your creation is regenerated in my optimized learning/loving creation. Your people are my people; and my people are your people. Your constituencies are my constituencies, and my constituencies are like your constituencies. Your subsets are like my subsets, and my subsets are iconic of your subsets. Universal vibration union is like my vibration confluence, and my Reality is enthymematically synergetic with all that is.

I have a Big Idea.  In essence, my Big Idea is that you have the same Big Idea waiting at the core of your awareness.  Should that happen to be true, then we have discovered what we might call a Permanently Encultured Prime Relationship Core Awareness of Universal Synergy.

Optimizing our global Value abundance is balancing our love of self with our respect for Other, inclusively, radically, vibrationally, if you will excuse the allusion to ‘vibe. What we love is what we value.  What we respect is what has power for us. These are our affective paradigms (a Right-brained experience of reality).

Learning to Regenerate Our Paradigms Toward PermaCultured Values

What has potential power for us is what we

I. Enthymematic Notice: a problem; an optimized path toward resolution.  The problem is how to learn the solution.

II. Hope Translation/Transposition: This heuristic learning game moves from imagining the problem as a solution through self-emptying as a precursor to understanding the relationship between you, us, and the issue. Each of us needs to be realistic enough to see ourselves as a stakeholder in the problematic system (Boson) of focus.

III. Faith: Then re-member, re-generate, reverse the problem relationship trend in our cooperative imagination. The problem continuing into the future is your disvalue.  Change the negatives to positives, the befores to afters, the withins to withouts, to imagine the solution that is hidden in your problematic relationship with the issue at hand.

When did this problem start?  How?

Do I understand the problem the same way you do?  If not, why not?

What solution elements would respond to the way some or all stakeholders understand the problem, without making the problem worse for any stakeholder?

Imagine a future in which the problem is gone.  What is it like living in that imagined universe? What might it have been like halfway between what it is like now and what it is like then? What stuff happened at the front end of the transformation that set things up for the things that happened toward the back end of the regeneration process?

III.Learning to Learn/Learning Creatively: Re-Creation: You have just learned to learn from yourself, your planning/problem-solving group, from your environment.

IV. Loving to Learn, Regenerative Replication of Creation Story: Now go tell everybody what you did, how you did it, so they can do the same.

Communication and learning and meditation, contemplation are rooted in primal vibrations toward union, toward yogic, or shaman, awareness of self-design, self-designation; syncing, synergizing, connecting.  Radiating vibrations are about diversity, energy, creation, development, growth, wild yeast, intuition, creativity, power. Love and re-spect, to see without what we see within, are two Janus-faces of the same Prime Relationship wave. Breathing in and out is the yogic root of the root of these within/without holonic vibration, synergetic and iteratively rhythmic communication events.

To exhale is purgative, “self” submerged awareness, as

To inhale is sublimating consciousness, encultured wisdom emerges with self-as-other-re-spection; or regenerative power-value equipoised perception.

To share wisdom is to re-incarnate self purely as an icon of Species-Self in all ways that we communicate and commune with Other.  Wise communication is Binary Information System regenerative fuel.

Injustice is to revolutionary momentum as precessed air in a pair of overfilled lungs.

Peace is to regenerative momentum as recessed air in a pair of empty lungs.

It’s best to try to keep the two in balance, and synchronized.

Explicated systemic order is to power, as

Implicated Binary-systemic design is to permacultured value.

As a Binary Species, we look for +1/-0 power/value equivalencytrends to optimize the trajectory of our PermaCultured Value String (or Scenario, or Narrative, or predicted history).

One person’s Science is another person’s Religion, just as

One person’s Religion is another person’s Science, just as

One person’s Fact is another person’s Frequency Issue, just as

One person’s Frequency Issue is another person’s DisFunctional Fact.

Just as one person’s home is another person’s house,

AND that person’s house feels like a home should feel.

Science: What is Exegetical (permanently-to-date culturally accepted as Orthodox) Truth about Physical Reality (Special Case, Closed Set Boundaried).

Religion: What is Exegetical Reality about the Unboundaried Universe (inclusive of the Special Case)

God is to Permaculture System Design, as

Form is to Functional Development, as

Regenerative System Design Ecology is to Scientific Method, as

AND is to OR, in Logic.

The quality of genius is enthymematic design, artistry.

The power of genius is ingenuity.

The value of genius is creativity.

In-genuity is most effectively premised with not being too awfully full of oneself.

If creation is revolutionary regeneration, then it is regenerative speciation.  To get to the core of a newly speciated cognitive string requires humility, a willingness to lose, to give up, to purge oneself, a degenerative stage, entering the darkness of Exformation.  Enthymematic awareness, waiting with expectation, is necessary to open a closed door, to see universe in a new way.

This is easier and more fun to do if we learn how to do this in groups, giving each other permission to explore the full range of our apparent polarities, our pesky appositions, toward building something new.

There is not a care in the world that was not created by our mind.  There is not a care in the world that cannot be reverse-conceived as an area of opportunity for growth.  It’s all about the sand, the pearl, the oyster, and the oyster’s shell.

Problems are in reverse polarity to re-solutions because learning is in reverse appositional relationship to creativity. While we cannot deductively learn to create we can reverse-deductively create to learn. It helps to imagine a future without the problem and then work ourselves back to the current stasis.  It can also help to analyze history back to the nearest time when this problem was not a problem.  From that point, stage the developing trend toward dissonance, back to the current era of the problem.  Now what might it look like to reverse-order those development stages as a resolution plan?

Going back to the (0) Core Vector of the Issue-String, is there a different way of imagining our options now than was known to be available at that time?  If you could go back in time, knowing what you know now, could you have chosen a different option, or additional options, to bring confluent and sustainable values into that future? For example, when you realize that you and another person are no longer communicating effectively, could you stop the unraveling string, together go back to where each of you lost track of each other, and look at alternative word and/or action choices that could get you back in the resonant vibe?

Imagine that the temporal flow of the universe is a bloodstream flowing universe, and that Gaia is an enzyme within that bloodstream. Linear waves are strings.  Each strin is Core Vectored, before which it was only implicated within the blood flow.  If you could reverse time (like reverse-spinning transparent top, each o these strings would re-emerge into view and continue on their trajectory. Non-linear high-frequency waves appear to be a Manifold, or elliptically enveloping us as seen from “within” perspective.  Within the Boson calculating RNA-fueled Information Processors, each of these narrative strings ends in Information glia (Exformed) space.  Each string begins in Prime Core Vector (0); both mental, and physical.

Physically branching plasma strings flow through regenerative revolutions.  The more Information, as wave frequencies, included in a mental  or physical string, the more inclusive, the more dense, compacted, solid, are the linear string-branches, and the longer the emergent branch-string will remain intact as a system.

Thus, the experiential Universe is a reverse-appositional regenerating, evolving, Fractally Pulsating Heart, if you will.  As an Information 3-dimensional cognitive system, this whole looks like an evolving in reverse Tree.  If you imagined how we would look today to the shamans of 1000 BC, we are Exformed future prophesy, while the shaman is part of the Prime Relationship Regenerative Development Creation Story proto-history core vector.

When conceived within Time as 1 dimension, liner,then the evolution of Universe story looks like a tree reverse-radiating, developing, growing toward the Prime Taproot 1/0.

But, when using a 4-Base Equivalent dimension with Time  as a self-perpetuating exhaling/inhaling/exhaling, as without, so within, as within, so without, sort of Heart-Lung combination, a bit like our BiCameral Right and Left-Hemisphered Information Processors, then it is easier to see the unfolding, infolding Fourier series striction of our aptic bloodstream PermaCultured Universe.  We can swee the unfolding symmetric balance between two compatible frequency strings, Yand and Yin hemispheric flow, back and forth, strengthening them as a self-perpetuating bond strength, growing, tightening, harmonizing, as dissonance between their respective frequencies mutually adjust.  This is regenerative revolving evolution.  This is the evolution if Information from the Exformed chaotic glia in our Special Case Physical Universe, liquid frequency static/diastatic oscillation.

It is that moment when enthymematic Exformation fractally synapses into a new (0) Core Vector in any Information System, Physical or Metaphysical, Bionic or Biological, Geometric or Biometric or Ecometric or Communimetric.  Any metric System is an Information System.  Information is the syntax of Metric Systems.  This (0) Core Vector is a Constant PermaCulture Value for each individual string, each person, each species, each Boson, each ellipse, each Universe, each RNA string, each Binary Prime Relationship +/- Balanced Moment. The larger the ExFormed space-gap potential confluence, the larger the synaptic event when -1 Exformed NonPolynomial fractally reemerges as +1Polynomial.

Think of building momentum toward an orgasm between a high, fast, convexed, flagellated penetrator and a cooler, more moderated enveloping “Mental/Physical Space Gap.”  When the wave frequencies harmonize, the frequencies sync, creating a fused new system, a new Boson string is born.  We call this potentiated Hydrogen, the Higgs Boson.

Imaginatively recreating potentiates learning, as

Learning potentiates creativity.

Calculation and creation are appositionally bound as a spectrum. Creating our Reality Story, which may be dissonant from creating our True-Information Story, is what we tend to call “living my life.” Reality is our power-from-within root-source; our structure, plus function, plus temporal frequency pattern, emergent from our soul () Core Vector.

Equipoised, balanced, reality creation is most abundantly self/other empowered, is operating at sustainably optimal frequencies, when awareness recognizes the continuity and flow of the eternal moment as that (0) Core Vector where past meets future, me meets other, physics meets metaphysics, evolving narrative meets permanent regeneration.

In the Now was Time.

In Time was information frequency.

In Information was Exformational Power Source

In Exformed Power lies Prime Relationship

Balanced, Graceful, Proportional.

The quality of genius is artistry,

The power of genius is ingenuity,

The value of genius is creativity.

Ingenuity: is to be an Open Door; not full of oneself; purged and enthymematically waiting for sub-liminal sublimating hope.

In educational, training, development settings, we are collectively engaged in transferring the nonpolynomial into the polynomial within individuals and within the group as a whole.

In developmental settings, the cooperative bicameral Information System Processor is the engine, the propelling mechanism for communication.  Bicameral communication systems are the infrastructure for learning and creating through the growth, development, articulation, incarnation of mutually-defining, polynomial, relationships. The enthymematic field within any rhetorical event, within any developmental setting, is the liminally articulated, heuristic, hypothesized boson, boundary, moment, between that population’s nonpolynomial universe, and that population’s polynomial universe.

As a Species, we are a bicamerally incarnated planetary-organic system, living in a binary Information Physical and Metaphysical Universal System. It’s all about organic and non-organic fractal geometrics.  We live in a (0) Core Vectored Fractal, Tetrahedrally-Octavely designed and developed, 4-symmetrical dimensioned Metaphysically Binary-synergetic Universe.  So that’s who we are and our shared vocation is to remember that this is our Regenerative Creation Story.

Reverse your thought experiment, your attempt to try to learn who you are and who you are becoming.  Go back through your development stages.  Use Erickson and Piaget for you as an individual.  Then use biology to get back to you as an enzyme.  Then use history to get back to the source of that egg’s egg’s egg’s egg….. Eventually you will remember that you are, at core, your entire Species, which you could discern if you imagine how you could have gotten out of your egg, as a species, to become who you already are.  Then imagine creating an egg of yourself by learning what you were like before now (Erickson’s stages of human development), then before that (Piaget’s stages of infant development), then before that.  Pay special attention, while Time Traveling, to the Information that is and is not, yet available on the time-line of history. Jaynes is helpful with regard to the emergent development of Left-hemispheric deductively-confirmed Information, and the development of Languaged (Syntaxed) Information.  Always follow the densest, most nutritious, fertile, Information Core.  For example, we sort of evolved from a Bicameral Information Processor.  Become real friendly with Hydrogen energy frequencies, establishing a mid-vector calculating Root of pi/1e-frequency = 1QBit in a Binary/Reverse-Binary Bicameral Information System.

It is syllogistically compatible with Group Theory and the Soul Conjecture to say that as a species, and as individuals, we started out as a (0) Core Vectored string inside an eggshell Manifold filled with potentiated Coding Instruction Information (e.g. enthymematically ExFormed potentiated Information) for revolutionally precessing, then recessing, then precessing, etc. a Reverse-Binary Tree of Information Memory in a 4-Based Numeric Geometric Design Structure.  This is a Black Swan Soul conjecture story.

Developing Black Swan Souls learn most effectively and inclusively from each other, with nurturing support from one or more mature, adult Black Swan Souls. We are a Species of Creation Story Regenerators.  A mature, adult chicken, or a duck, is a mistake when we do Regenerative Swan Lake.

Information frequencies that are accessible to human sight and sound receptors is not full metaphysical information range.  Higher and lower frequencies cannot send messages to our liquid-normed energy receptors.  Our shared Right brain coding system is not able to differentiate, to contextualize, to organize, to mutually define and therefore individuate, ultra-frequency. These are core-aptic high frequencies.  The frequencies of stasis, rather than diastasis.  They are “flat-lined” sinusoidally intuitive ExFormed enthymematic Information potential Prime Relationship Core ultra-temporal-frequency.

Traditionally, according to Julian Jaynes, this aptic land of the metaphysical imagination was our space-gap of self-awareness. Despite Jaynes’ perspective that this is a land only of historic interest, I believe, as did Jaynes’s father, Reverend Julian Jaynes, that this “land” continues to be our Species’ Prime Relationship Core String of aptic awareness Binary Information.  On the other hand, I agree with Jaynes that awareness became consciousness as sight-sound bicameral receptors grew from other-imaging-only (precameral) to self-perception (bi-cameral). The capacity to be self-aware, the emergence of the Left hemisphere dominance, ushered in the speciating capacity to re-cognize Prime Relationship +/-.

Enthymematic communication, designed to propel a new imaging-string connection, for learning purposes, for dialogue purposes, to communicate effectively and iteratively develop toward other analogous strings, each leading back to Prime Root, we rely on liminal imaging-only temporal ExFormed frequencies. These images are cognitively spaciated as “empty space” in collective memory.  These spaces are eisegetically familiar as hypotheses, as self-proposals, but are not recognized as exegetically real by the individual and/or by the species. Enthymematic communication is rooted in designing between the boundary lines of reality, to create some new narrative, for the individual, for a group, for a community, for a species, for a planet.

I suspect (and I wonder if Jaynes did as well) that there is an audio component to high frequency reception that is internally cognizable as sending inductive veto messages when our imaging messages enthymematically propose a relationship that is logically contradictory to the assumption that Nonpolynomial Information is reverse-equivalent to Polynomial Information.  This proposal, in a Bicameral Information Processor, functioning optimally within a Binary Prime Relationship Information Universe, would be contrary to the permaculture value assumption that as without, so within, and as within, so without.

If so, then our Species’ capacity to learn and explain and create and predict is the revolving, evolving explication of high-frequency temporal awareness within ExFormed, inductively received, analogical Boundary Instructions.  This Boundary Instruction follows primacy for mutually-defining variables and values, connected by their affinitive Power-From-Within relationship-building potential. We are programmed to resist Power-From-Without proposals that would override our exegetical Prime Relationship Root awareness. In other words, if our Right hemisphere allowed proposals that would permit one thing to become another thing that is incompatible with the one thing, then deductive reasoning would not be internally consistent to the population of Information Processors. This is Right-brained Anathema.  In some faith traditions this is known as “sin.”

Creation is the implicating, breathing in, of ultra-frequency between-the-lines ExFormation. ExFormation can cause an inductive Information implosion in precessed (prime-enthymematic engorged) synergetic, fractal ana-logic (anti-logic) generalized metaphysical concepts that synaptically sync with the Left hemisphere’s Special Temporal-frequency liquid-based only.  Calculation Range.  This Calculation Range has been metrically systematized using 12-base duodecimal.

The aptic/synaptic Right hemisphere’s Information System is 16-Based metrically.  ExFormation-Only Right hemisphere Information system is defined by Left hemisphere deduction-only as the absence of Information AND, because of bicameral understanding capacity—sharing the Right hemisphere’s Prime Relationship Root Code Assumption, the absence of Prime Relationship confluence.

Temporal Information frequencies are revolving frequency coded in 12 duodecimal by bicameral processors because the earth revolves, clocks revolve.  There is no speciated “time” in the eternal darkness of metaphysics-only ExFormation.  There is only Prime Relationship+/-, where Polynomial Time = Nonpolynomial Time-In-Reverse.

As Exformed Prime liminal messages breathe into our bicameral awareness minds, so Informed enthymematically nurtured, created messages breathe out to optimize our hope for a regenerative communication string of learning and creating together from our shared Power-From-Within. Breathing out is preparing to re-create, it is understanding what we just created and communicating it back into our environment. It concludes with a recessed, purged, enthymematic pause before breathing in again.

Information is the fuel of communication systems.  It is consumed by sensory receptors with effects that range from highly toxic to highly nutritious. Information is to a communication product, or system, any relational system, as energy value fuel is to a permacultured economy.  Some information is confluent and nutritious within the relational system, and some information is highly dissonant.  Most information transactions within our relational-communication economy fall somewhere between the two extremes.

Continuous Value Improvement of our regenerative communication system:

Continuous = Constant, Sustainably balanced development within an inclusive system.

Value = ExFormed relationship to Prime (0) is Quality, which is some combination of confluent and dissonant frequencies.  Adding Quality of Prime Relationship to Information Power, the ratio of confluence to dissonance, gives us a measure of permacultural Value. Calculated relationship to Prime (0) is Quantity.  Measuring the change in that relationship over time is the permacultural value trend.

Improvement = Optimized system development is a balanced Power ratio of +.50% Confluent Power-From-Within AND -.50% Dissonant Power-From-Without the System, Set, Problem, Issue, Self, Species, Planet, mental Universe.

Spiritual awareness and evidence of learning and evidence of successful communication within any system is iteratively reincarnating continuously valued Information.

Communication System Development is iterative evolution trending toward an enthymematically primed, internally consistent, precessed Information paradigm closure.

Regenerative System Development is the revolutionary trend of Information System Development toward an enthymematically remembered Universal System Prime Relationship +50%Information/-50%ExFormation Open System Harmony.

Healthy learning systems are iteratively-revolving, empowered-from-within, cultural mythos communication systems that are inclusively incorporating Prime Relationship balance for diverse participants. All optimally effective communication systems merge toward the same, shared, prime taproot of binary core relationship, where the awareness of soul reflects our consciousness of both self and universe as appositionally affinitive and mutually defining, and continuously regenerating System.

Educational process:

Learn to accurately value and sustainably communicate internally

Learn to accurately value and sustainably communicate as a team

Learn to accurately value and sustainably communicate as a species

Learn to accurately value and sustainably communicate as a planet

Enthymematic means before-and-within-the meme boundary structure.

Think of any rhetorical event that you are participating in as a community of meme-variables that we call values and disvalues.

The underlying enthymematic field of your meme population is the affinitive default that Polanyi calls “Personal Knowledge” and the Wisdom Literature refers to as affinitive Awareness.

Julian Jaynes and some other psychologists (e.g., John Bargh; the ones I know tend to be associated with University of Michigan and Yale University, but I am sure there are many others) argue that the precameral mind (our shared-species mind before the Left hemisphere linguistic and self-consciousness emerged into what we now call homosapiens) is Business-As-Usual aptic-affinitive, and Exterior-Alien Powered synaptic.  In other words, our intuitive, Right-brained, knowledge is rooted in enthymematic hope of connection between our shared community of memes.  We are DNA programmed to want things to work out, to recognize that we are all in this together.

The liminal meme boundary structure for any meme community is reversely defined.  That is, the centrist value axis carries all the transaction power potential.  Outlyer memes add balance and torq, but there is no hard boundary about what could be compatible except what is logically repelled as incompatible or highly dissonant, resistant, to the centrist value momentum.

Dynamic Facilitation follows the affinitive centrist momentum, watering the flowers, not the outlyer weeds.  Once the meme population gets a good spin going, the affinitive power and momentum sucks in the outlyers in their direction.  Probably not all the way, but far enough to achieve whole-meme-system consensus.

Pretend your Team is 8 Meme sub-systems within one Team Meme Value/Disvalue Communication System.

All the memes within each individual are trying to get along as confluently as possible with each other; with the least amount of dissonance as possible.

All the memes between individuals are also trying to get along as confluently as possible, with minimal dissonance.  That is because our bicameral communication system is designed to expect, hope for, want, desire, like, feel good about affinitive relationships, confluence, between memes. Affinitive awareness is the enthymematic trend for successful message transactions within an ecological system of meme-values. Enthymematic hope for communication is rooted in the affinitive-awareness faith of intuitive knowledge, of memes that are confluent with our personal knowledge, our internal organic system of meme confluent-values.  This is how a regenerative, nonviolent, dynamically inclusive communication system grows and self-sustains; both within, and without.

I do think it draws on the underlying infrastructure that may be most transparently understood as heuristic affinity value, or hope of confluence, rather than dissonance.  Basically all the psychological and communication theory merely asks why this seems to be our species natural default perspective when operating in a communication system, unless there is something seriously wrong, like fear, greed, rabidity, sociopathology.  What you do is set up process to optimize this instinctive hope of confluence, which, in communication systems theory, Robert Norton, Ph.D. (yes, there it is) calls “enthymematic communication.” Joanna Macy calls it “active hope.”  It is more than “nonviolent listening,” but perhaps not more than “nonviolent living.”

In Physics, the question is why do we have creation, synergy, rather than just entropy; which is a lack of system or pattern; merely random chaos. Why does form move to synchronicity, affinitively.  Why do forms move inward, toward each other at least sometimes?  Why do we have In-Formation rather than merely Un-Formation?  How is it that creation happens? That learning happens?  That communication happens?

See, for example, John Bargh’s very interesting work in Psychology at Yale University, studying the difference between conscious decision making and unconscious choice making, which seems to recognize “True” signals synaptically and reflexively resistant to binary +WithinPower/-AlienPower dissonance. Jim Rough is also working with this enthymematic momentum toward balanced power values when he works with groups using a “choice-making” process, distinguished somewhat from a merely deductive decision-making process.  Dynamic Facilitation enthymematically follows confluent-trending values  toward  optimally balanced sustainable group outcomes.

Pre-enculturated aptic expectation of synergetic response , in Communication Theory, is a Rhetorical Event in an enthymematic stage.  In Group Theory, enthymematic stage would translate as a pre-elliptical Binary metric system assumption of balanced +/-.  In Taoism this translates into the harmonious reversely-self-defining primal relationship Root Power  +.50% Yang/-.50%Yin.