Vitamin D

I have a youngest sunny D
an improvising third of four
in third quarter beating maleness rhyme.

He wears the greatest many hats
but only one spirit-timed

He sings and shouts
C Major 7th inside voices
and outdoor D minor diminishments.

I have a youngest son named D,
improvising three for four
communicating RightBrain dominant
rhythmic looping sound vocations,
easier on my WiseElder
matriarchal years
counted in and by and with
Plan D.


Sleeping with Devilish Angels

My non-languaged son sleeps with angels
by night,
swimming sometimes erotic exotic
running free of AFOs and walker
dreams of past multiculturing lights
and warm glow-voiced richness.

What could it mean to him
to sleep with devils by day,
poking and teasing,
singing and dancing,
inviting his attention and participation
across his bedroom floor,
breathing in his syntaxed-ear
to say

I love you,
as life our abundantly nutritious self

My son can hear this perfect love as life.
We should all become such
wise listeners of
Internal warm nutrition voices
as mutually-held External warm light
contenting ecoconsciousness.

My son would become a Bodhisattva Messiah,
were he capable of maturing images of memory patterned landscapes
as less than already fully diastatic
Beloved Community of Angels by Night,
DNA/RNA Earth-Holonic BeLonging Community
of Cooperative-Contented EcoPolitical Family
by Day.

Now if the rest of us
could just catch what he has,
in part
because we feel free to return
his open-handed love as co-empathic presence,
what a remarkably wonderful cooperative world
we would remember to see
each time we look at,
and listen carefully to,
a human mindbody tree
as another bicamerally
economic ecosystemic
ecologically nutritious
doing the best I can
given the compost I have to work with,