Ecological Conversion

“…the ecological crisis is also a summons
to profound [theological] conversion.”
#217, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis

Those who benefit from a StraightWhiteMale privileged,
LeftBrain dominant,
monotheistic image for God’s anthrosupremacist omnipotence,

May have trouble recognizing
that UnStraight,
unprivileged ecopolitical victims
try to thrive with win/win Left/Right bicameral intelligence
despite chronic trauma histories
of Patriarchal-Capitalism

Still stubbornly believing in our PolyCultural-Communion
to experience health-wealthy faith,

Trust in our panentheistic
and intersectionally integral benefits,
kindly compassionate relationships
ego-internal/eco-external political,
empowering and enlightening co-empathic experience
of sacred Earth’s restoration
through healthy democratic integrity
of internal local culture and external global climate,
democratic trust and integrally universal beauty

Intersectionally just,
balanced north/south
ego/eco-therapeutic win/win
blue above and green below
seen from above with full-spectral resonant potential,
organic ego-internal theology of conversion
feeding and fed by
eco-external logical relationships of positively trusted
felt beauty,

Secular or sacred segregation
causing LeftBrain dominant traumatic dissonance;
integral sacred/secular RightBrain interdependent
CommonGood Trust

Kind compassioning
polynomially/polyvagally balanced
NonZero Zone 1/0 double-binary

Positive psycho-ecopolitical trust
Win/Win strategy
is way healthier
and graceful
than Lose/Lose nihilism
of blind faith that patriarchal capitalism
predict active hope that polycultural communion
invites trusted sacred beauty
of health-wealthy win/win peace,

Past through future best cooperative
nature/spirit indigenous trust practice
for healthy/wealthy beauty

For those who benefit with,
but not under,
healthy straight white males
with left/right bicamerally abundant wealth
as safe health prosperity,

Deeply resonant listening
and widely resilient speaking
through multicultural
nonviolent communicating
Earth beautiful regenerations.


Climate Reparations

Come by here, Lord,
Kum ba ‘eah;

Come by here, Land,
Kum ba yeah;

Come by here, Love,
Kum ba yah;

Oh, EarthSoul Mama,
come by here!

Someone’s singin’
Someone’s swingin’

Someone’s in pain
Someone’s dyin’

Someone’s laughin’
while Someone’s weepin’

Someone’s prayin’, LandedLady,
Kum ba here.

Each of us contains
a therapeutic difference
Between bad news trauma
from suffering and pain
untimely lost,

Amid degenerating chronic loss
of resilient healthy prospects

Someone’s coming, Land
with aging bones,
with deep Earth longing
to appreciate this difference

Between ego and eco-fragmentation
despair of timeless souls,
buying and selling out
positive regenerating hope
for negative ungenerously depraved profits.

Come by here, EarthBodies
of wisdom to re-attach repairing climates
with vulnerably resonant messages,
re-memories of Earth’s detritional enslavement,
of apartheid bought
and sold embodied souls

From non-elite historic elders past
prayin’ for reparations
restoring youngsters health wealth futures,

Home safe journeys, Earth reparations
kum ba here.


Investing in Divestment

I become confused, and I so hope it’s not just me, by the ethical landmine of divestment.

Does purging myself of toxins atone for all my sins absorbing them? Does the divestment of a negative value create a positive value, and is it at least as positive as the negative was negative?

Should I, instead, stand among my kindred stockholders in sackcloth and ashes, repenting, perhaps a little self-flagellation helped along by the bewilderment of my fellow sinners about what may seem to them as excessive as a monk transforming into a crackling flame of protest?

Does quiet divestment optimize my opportunities and responsibilities for ecologically balanced values, where negatives greet positives as ancient appositive allies, like Yang and Yin, and space and time, identity and individuation, places and spaces?

Something about the stark simplicity of divestment feels unnatural, like deliberately choosing to ponder the monochromatic negatives of grayscale tucked inside a back cover of my favorite full-color family album.

Holding a stock to protest against whatever values and disvalues may be represented by that stock seems like a lively example of talking talk without walking in the way I am suggesting to others. Divestment is to mentoring as stockholder action is to lecturing others to not do as you have ever done yourself. Why not divest and then send out a memo:

Dear Fellow Publicans and Sinners,

Just want you to know I sold off my stock in Toxic Fuels and Chemicals, Incorporated, for the best price I could get in exchange for an investment in a poisonously unsustainable lack of future for our kids. I claim no moral virtue for doing what is so clearly in my own best interest, just because it also happens to be in your best interest as well. Nor do I mean to gloat over my continuing investments in self-serving corporate structures, rather than cooperative and sustainable, inclusive, and, by the way, icing on the cake, economically buoyant and resilient investment opportunities.

You see, when I finally realized why I want to divest from extractive short-term high risk markets, it suddenly came as quite the epiphany that I want to take that money and invest it in cooperative, long-term low risk and locally nutritious and sustainable enterprises. Rich opportunity and value, indeed!

Apparently eco-logical reinvestment policies and procedures are much less value-ambiguous than divestment quagmires, not only ethically and environmentally, but financially and biologically and sociologically, and, oh yes, teleologically too. The intersection of my experience’s meaning and our future’s purpose, to remember we all got into this incarnational mess together and we will each get out of it what we bring into clearing it up for ourselves and future generations.  As for the rest, it’s just a messy commodity investment confusion, searching for a wiser Left and Right brained balanced economy.

Namaste and Peace Out to all fellow travelers,

G. O. Dillenbeck