Green Repent

Birthing genesis back to We
Falling out as from freedom’s favorite tree
Rebirthing Earth wombs warm content
Extending out where gospel time grows bent

Through Creation’s prism for network Time
To originally fall from divine sublime
Into rising place of uncultured wandering
Back to exodus from which we came
Regenesis longing free fall belonging

Death lies squandering
Last of climate originating Falls
Tolerating winter
To rebirth genesis
Back to Spring
Summering in a sycamore tree
Rebirthing Earth watching warm co-investment
Passions growing out
Where green revival Time flows rebent

Repent warm womb falling
Into unspent wandering to rise.




Recycling Values

Values and disvalues
absorbed through communication
of felt relationship,
absence of connection,
hopeless excommunication.

The Left bereft
Brain justified,
weaponed for rational utilitarian consistency,
reified verbal logic
of neurological systemic Spirits,
feeling co-related events,
critical memories
epic predator/prey histories

Recalling ecologies of sensory attachment/detachment,
felt experience networks of virtual spiraling health values,
virtuously co-arising felt re-experience ecosystems,

And viciously degenerating
unraveling disvalue cycles,
pre- and post-cycles,

Feeding healthy value feelings,
unhealthy disvalue memories
and back
and back to when Space first felt Earth’s shift
balancing bilateral TimeFlow
for virtuous communication

Ego in Here listening kindly
within EarthTribe’s perpetually felt spirals
of revolving Now light,
Then dark…


Classroom Loser

She intended to teach history
of philosophy,
but no history-buffed
economic or political listening philosophers signed on.

So, s/he decided to try
an empowerment class on ecological
and historical interrelationships
as found in systematic multicultural theology,
but no polycultural theologians
with divine win/win synergetic communication experience
came to actively listen
to and for each sacred Others’ feeling

So, s/he offered a space
for polypathically cooperative economists
to speak ecosystemically
among our nutritional health-networking selves,
as both teachers and listeners,
speakers and readers,
but too late–
All her potential consumer/producers
were busily writing
and marketing their own autonomously competing passions
and dispassions,
posting multi-sensory courageous
and curious selfies.

So, s/he opened a blogsite
to facilitate sharing and telling
compassionate historical creation stories
of ecological
theologically multicultural
mutually cooperative WholeEarth-gaming communication

And that was the last robust ecopolitical co-investment
and first we’ve heard
from him and her
ego and eco
left and right
western capitalistic patriarchal culture
still speaking evangelically up and out
with yang-outdoor bipolar shouting privileged voices,
and eastern compassionate inside
healing dipolar co-arising
feeling/thinking choices.

Although now lost in complexity
of robust nutritional life,
I’m fairly sure
EarthMother originally intended to teach history
of emotion-listening philo/sophia,
but no history-buffed
bilaterally listening philo-sophiers signed on
to notice her diverse sensory-neural climates.


Departheid Attachment

He once met a girl named Divestment,
She once heard a boy name Detachment,
they tangoed as two
and tangled til blue,
Then bore a misery child of deportment
divisioned DePartment.

S/he once met a god for Attaching
and heard herself named for Reproaching,
they tangoed as two
then tangled til through,
Then bore a hope for encroaching

There once was a feminist named Courage
who met a patriarch named Curious,
they tangoed as two
then tangled, tis true,
Creating compassions less Furious.



Liberating Perfect Pride

In a perfect world
maybe everyone would have opposite and same sexual attractions,
ambiguously passionate attachments
of compassion’s resiiient arousal.

On a perfectly sanctified Earth,
maybe every species would incarnate only opposite sexual attraction,
attachments of passionate ego-arousal,
male dominant belonging in predation
with female receptively longing prey,
monogamy as exclusive
as monotheistic worship,
monoculturally privileged love,
uniformly felt
in dyadic great nature v spirit divides
between Yang/Yin sexual energy,
faithfully dipolar co-arising,

Rather than endless partisan debates
about which of these healthy freedom
proud visions will unfold
with further commitment to cooperative win/win deliberation,
structuring health optimal nurturing wealth futures,

Perhaps we could join in double-blind solidarity
to recreate this Earthly Paradise
of compassionate integrity
in all relationships,
all curious and courageous internal/external conversations
consciousness and subconsciousness and unconsciousness
from mother-infant primal
on through international co-passionate eco-politics?
And then listen and watch
for which sensory-neural miracle unfolds?

Maybe in win/win Heaven
of our active empowering imaginations,
what looks like internal either/or sexual politics
also comes to feel like external both/and sensory investment.
What feels globally nutritional
also grows personally healthy.

Maybe if we invest less
in predicting who will win,
males or females,
straights or bents,
whites or blacks,
[patriarchs or matriarchs,
yang or yin,
left or right,
north or south,
west or east,
uniformity or unity,
totalitarianism or liberalism,
divine salvation or humane sacrifice,
fragmentation or integration,
apartheid or cooperative co-ownership,
cognitive polypathic speakers or emotive polyphonic listeners,
win/lose or win/win cultures,

We might, instead,
walk in heuristic cognitive
and emotive
solidarity toward recreating
a more win/win experiential
co-relational planet,

Where left-brain health is re-conjoined
with right-brain sacred wealth,
trusting timeless regenerations of life
will evolve such radically profound sensory passions,
that these two great options
remain both curiously
and courageously to-gathering
integrity’s sensual-neural non-mendacity,
longing’s eternally changing belonging.

Like DNA’s fractal seasonal structure
of bilateral appositionals,
in which adenine’s spring adventures
never touch guanine’s autumn undevelopments,
just as cytosine’s full emotive climax
never speaks bilaterally without
thymine’s winterish understory
co-passionately 4D listening
for polynomial either/or’s
becoming sensory valued
with interdependent not-not polyphonic
ambidextrously harmonic
profoundly integral scaled and circled feelings
for Earth’s DNA health-wealth spiraling vocation
belonging within MotherEarth’s paradise vacation,

Sensory experiences in curious thymine
rooting for left-hemisphere dominant
and courageous cytosine
seeding right-sensed bilateral co-prominent.


Robust Bonding

resilient economic exchange systems,
political empowerment,
personal revolutionary conversion,
all diverse names for one feeling of integrity
comes to us through our wise Elders;
So foolish back in their day
they had not thought to divide
sacred health from secular wealth.

Through their,
and our,
of natural divinity
and spiritual goddesses,
muses of beauty,
smart nurturing arts
and wild sacred sciences,

Love of earliest other-worldly voices
grows emotional attachment
and promotional bonding,
compassionately co-inviting communion,
feeling comfort
through timeless robust health,
interdependent security
of primal
nutritional relationship.

openly framing discoverers of intuitive right-hemispheric co-passion
also known as
health-effective left-hemisphere co-bonding;
Integrity co-arising felt articulation,
sacred inviting secular deduction.

Win/Lose Drama,
industriously privileged anthro-dominant,
over-valued lack of therapeutic song
and liturgically healing dance,
displaying ugly punishing lose/lose ego v eco-choices,

Profane/Integral Voices
speaking either sacred or sinner survival risks
and thrival to win both ego
and win ecofeminist opportunities.

Win/Lose capitalist Advocates
rebuke Win/Win cooperativist Healers,
“Emotion must be briefly noticed,
but then commodified,
bought and sold.”

Too much emotion,
like “too many notes” in Earth’s symphony,
is and is not
a primal ZeroYin feminist problem
in Earth’s climate fragmentation.

Should win/win co-passion
no longer be listened for?
Fed and watered
to grow trusted resilient wealth
from transparent vulnerable health.

Do I really believe
only dysfunctional inferior species
and subclimates
and historic patriarchal left-hemisphere dominance
need to grow more interdependent compassion?
Multicultural curiosity,
polypathic courage,
polyphonic EarthSoul celebration

Devil’s left-brain Advocate challenges,
“Healthy species,
like healthy adults,
are stronger autonomous,
self-capitalized sufficient.
Only losers need organic interdependence,
wealthier ecological natural relationships.”

But, inside/outside passionate motions
and bilaterally informed emotions
are what build babies
and lives
and marriages
and Paradise
and Business as 2020 ReVisual,
rather than
more uncreative Western white male hetero-monocultural privileged
left-hemisphere too prominent
win/lose patriarchal colonization histories.

To change our story,
we might release our grasp
on anger management as not only necessary
but also sufficient
for analyzing early win/win pre-languaged communal childhood,
learning how to win/lose debate louder,
too often with grand sexualized violent gestures,
experimenting with new extractive power-hungry emotional positions.

To re-create
co-passion poly-path back and forth toward
original sensory-bond attachment,
emotive winwin love,
co-dependence with our wise Elder resources,
divine healthy-wealth nurturing,
sensory-sexual smooth soothing
messianic protection.

Humane/Divine history
of communion communication
unveils complexly reciprocal experience
less distorted by metaphysical
absence of touch
and lick
and smell
and kiss,

But polyculturing space/time
of win/win sacred emotive bonding
is both mono-humanly left-hemisphere universal
and polyculturally right-hemisphere unitarian,
eco/ego bicamerally feminist/patriarchal,
nondual dipolar/dualistic bipolar,

Yet, even here,
interdependent win/win
crosses all future
and past sacred/secular
vocal and non-vocal generations.

resilient economic exchange systems,
political empowerment,
personal revolutionary conversion,
all diverse names for one feeling of integrity
which comes to us through our wise Elders.