Viral Social Nursing

Nursing is to restoring peace,
restorative win/win justice,
as judging is to punishing injustice,
retributive win/lose justice.

Nursing ecosystems
and nurturing egocenters
can often be used synonymously,
as nursing is to nurturing.

To nurse a baby
is first to nurture a cherished developing infant
non-zero zone egocenter.

We, nurses and nurturers,
share a nutritional history
of healthcare giving safety
and receiving, in return, wellbeing significance

Delivered best
and most durably,
when care works in coincidental resonant ways

Nurturing all win/win
multilateral directions

All polypathic nursing selections
egocentering healthiest wealth,

Ecological nursing
felt empowerment
and needed co-investment
in ego/theo-logical nurture.


On Health We Agree

Earth History, lectured Fr. Time,
has always favored leftbrain culture,
too either/or bipolar
to rightbrain’s more both/and interdependent way
of feeling and touching,
hearing before seeing and speaking
in rhyming reason,
not out of season.

It was leftbrain’s technology of coins
that led to capital value economic systems
severed from nutritional ethics of ecological relationship
of leftbrain healthy intentions
with rightbrain wealthy sensations

For secular thoughts and sacred feelings
inviting physical integrity
with metaphysical sweet spots
longing for climax

Our leftbrain cognitions
remain culturally suspicious
of rightbrain’s primordial ecofeminist wildness,
attachment to both/and interdependent webs
where leftbrain would liberally build, at healthy best,
egalitarian walls of fragmentation
between identities of loyal egocentric
anthrocentric wealthy nations

Now composed of rightbrain under-educated
under-formed atrophy
of rightbrain both/and co-passions,
healthy-wealth of eco-political family empowerment Time

For MotherEarth and I
to reconnect healthy rapture
with wealthy liberal resilience,
both/and attachment feelings
with either/or discernment revolutions
less industrial
so more organic,
less patriarch competitive
so more ecofeminist cooperative,
less colonizing divestment of under-performing rightbrain properties,
so more robust creolizing transubstantiations
of communal left/right
health/wealth compassion therapies

Balancing nutritional polycultures within
while harmonizing health/wealth climates without.

EarthMother co-responds,
My sacred creation story is this same integrity’s potential future,
but begins win/win upon Fr. Time…

On this we agree,
writes and prints,
publishes then promulgates Fr. EnLightening Time
to and for and with all EarthMother’s fertile tribes
capable of listening
and remembering multiculturing DNA’s regenerate history,

LeftBrain colonization appropriates aggressively
industrially commodifying EarthMother’s healthy wealth,

Exercising supreme ecopolitical control
over Earth’s multiculturally compassionate webs
of polypathic future regenerations
restoring leftbrain natural health
with rightbrain spiritual wealth,

Favoring cooperative capital co-investments
over competitive
capitalism unholy divestments
from Earth Rights and Responsive Responsibilities
of all sacred communing
climaxing EarthTribes.


Investing in Divestment

I become confused, and I so hope it’s not just me, by the ethical landmine of divestment.

Does purging myself of toxins atone for all my sins absorbing them? Does the divestment of a negative value create a positive value, and is it at least as positive as the negative was negative?

Should I, instead, stand among my kindred stockholders in sackcloth and ashes, repenting, perhaps a little self-flagellation helped along by the bewilderment of my fellow sinners about what may seem to them as excessive as a monk transforming into a crackling flame of protest?

Does quiet divestment optimize my opportunities and responsibilities for ecologically balanced values, where negatives greet positives as ancient appositive allies, like Yang and Yin, and space and time, identity and individuation, places and spaces?

Something about the stark simplicity of divestment feels unnatural, like deliberately choosing to ponder the monochromatic negatives of grayscale tucked inside a back cover of my favorite full-color family album.

Holding a stock to protest against whatever values and disvalues may be represented by that stock seems like a lively example of talking talk without walking in the way I am suggesting to others. Divestment is to mentoring as stockholder action is to lecturing others to not do as you have ever done yourself. Why not divest and then send out a memo:

Dear Fellow Publicans and Sinners,

Just want you to know I sold off my stock in Toxic Fuels and Chemicals, Incorporated, for the best price I could get in exchange for an investment in a poisonously unsustainable lack of future for our kids. I claim no moral virtue for doing what is so clearly in my own best interest, just because it also happens to be in your best interest as well. Nor do I mean to gloat over my continuing investments in self-serving corporate structures, rather than cooperative and sustainable, inclusive, and, by the way, icing on the cake, economically buoyant and resilient investment opportunities.

You see, when I finally realized why I want to divest from extractive short-term high risk markets, it suddenly came as quite the epiphany that I want to take that money and invest it in cooperative, long-term low risk and locally nutritious and sustainable enterprises. Rich opportunity and value, indeed!

Apparently eco-logical reinvestment policies and procedures are much less value-ambiguous than divestment quagmires, not only ethically and environmentally, but financially and biologically and sociologically, and, oh yes, teleologically too. The intersection of my experience’s meaning and our future’s purpose, to remember we all got into this incarnational mess together and we will each get out of it what we bring into clearing it up for ourselves and future generations. ¬†As for the rest, it’s just a messy commodity investment confusion, searching for a wiser Left and Right brained balanced economy.

Namaste and Peace Out to all fellow travelers,

G. O. Dillenbeck