ReCreating Climax

You have to be able to remember
what life feels like
with wealth of health

To believe that Creation is healthy

feels courageous,
boldly stated.

To feel that Creators are not unhealthy
feels like a curiously in-between way
of unboldly thinking
in dipolar double-binding apposition,

Seeing is not not hearing,
believing is not not unfaithful
to change

inside Win/Win’s integral climaxing promise

Where a more interior reasoning left-brain listener
would expect to outside hear
partisan bipolar uncreative
and dissonant
and entropic lose/lose
to the very possibility of re-healthing experience,
or otherwise.

In this great transition
from psychological inside
to sociological outside,

from economic inside
through ecological
prime relational

Lies all our critically urgent
and long-term disempowering
multi/mono-culturing differences

Without any re-creatively useful
experiential distinction possible,
or otherwise

Between left-brain secular experience
and right-brain sacred re-memory,

regenerate/degenerate motion
and emotion,
and re-motion
and pre-motion
and un-motion
and not-motion
and not not motion
motions of and for healthy/pathology

Between natural body
and spiritual mind

Trusted truths
and entrusted beauty

Of healthy creation,
and baldly re-stated
through re-creating health.


CoHabitating Peace

A sustained mystery for more long-term resilient cohabitation
is how to exchange high tolerance for ambiguity,
with, and not for, active curiosity about both/and ambiguity,
vulnerable dipolarity both/anding transparent bipolarity,
merging win/lose stuckness
in our emerging collective illusion
of ego-identity’s fundamental
monocultural autonomy

Autonomy of identity
as if both necessary and sufficient
before humane/divine multicultural interdependence
could grow more robustly possible,

Rather than this Other historical way around
healthy yinterdependent yindivid-yangation
prior to egalitarian sacred identity
actually co-passioning
healthy dualistic potentiality,

While still in EarthMother’s
ego/ecofeminist sanctuary
of integrity,
secular/sacred co-passioning Womb.

A more sustained mystery of more long-term resilient cohabitation
is exchanging high tolerance for ambiguity,
with, and not for, active curiosity about co-acclimating
trans-regenerations of nurturing timelessness.


Rise Up Islamic Sisters

Rise up
my African Sisters
speak your truths
of intimacy and death
internal monopolizations of feeling desperately dark
with hatred and fear and anger
about your man,
your brother
about your here and now lack of relationship.

Listen up
Islamic Sisters
to these Sisters of Perpetual Wisdom
of self-and-other emancipation:

your intimacy and passions
fill me with emptiness and longing
rather than fertility and belonging.

you treat your milk cows
and that lazy ass dog with all her pups
better than you treat me.

your fascination with hatred
technologies of deadly anger,
your greed for Lose-Lose attention
and respect
replace your comprehension of dignity
and producing life-giving outcomes
to regenerate attention,
consciousness of positive values
within our ancient culture, spirit, religion,
passing forward to our children’s hope and faith
balancing life with death,
in cooperative favor and support
for this deep ecological love
of intimacy and respect
and mutual cooperative hospitality,
we call “Allah” together
linked through time and space
of regenerating hope.

speak your international
yet intimate truths
of good and evil
life and death
regeneration of abundantly warm feelings
and decompositional analysis
of where your young men go so astray
of what is Islamic-normative
to be fully human
to become a man
worthy of our Splendid Sisters.

Author’s note:

Perhaps it is just me, and, if so, then I am about to expose my embarrassingly remedial ignorance once again. But, ISIS and all the “Islamic” hatred and anger of which they have become iconic, feels like an overwhelmingly young to middle-aged male dominated late adolescent cultural gasp reacting against the comparative freedom and wisdom of  a cooperative and egalitarian society with emergent strong polycultural values, whether tribal, or nationally, or even religiously, labeled.

If so, then perhaps Islamic women will peacefully engage their own cooperative internal revolution, speaking honestly and bravely and truthfully to their brothers, even their husbands, but probably not their fathers. That could get a girl killed in some unfortunate places where Allah’s sense of inclusive faithfulness and solidarity as sacred Host feels climatically absent in this suffering time.


De-composting Love

Can you truly love a rock,
you’ve never directly seen or touched,
or some other relatively inanimate object,
like ego-centrism,
or a steel wall?

If so, then how is your love
different from a more unilateral “appreciate you”?

If not, then what is different between your “love”
and your “co-passions”,
passion with and toward,
but not “passionate energy received from,” necessarily,
or, Yes! Necessarily!?

How do you know your love is also co-passion,
reiterated and returned,
however un-equivalently expressed it may be?
Is this not a matter of positive teleological faith,
of enthymematic hope,
in that boundary time between stimulus and response,
before and after,
subject and objective,
identity and relationship,
in an environ-mental health that is,
by default,
setting aside mutual immunity barriers,
to more courageously and opportunistically co-habitate,
co-passion love,
rather than fear, anger, anxiety,
all dissonance settings of negative default,
oppressive to self,
suppressive of others’ natural positivity,
default tipping point barometer,
that the value of one positive opportunity
edges out double-binding disvalues of two passively negative non-risk takers,
hoarding against a future
more fully defended as a contentious ally of death-defying hope.