Wealth Against Tyranny

Prized poets
gathered to discuss

On the side,
just between us,

Global Marxist tyranny
against our humane families
not quite so resiliently flush.

Truth is bicameral
co-passionately advocating
EarthPeace revolutions,
right now resolutions
in a nonviolently noetic
poetic rush

To make active EarthHealth love;
not so much
a reactive greedy gush

Of violently overpowering
disenfranchising war
waged in Othering
smothering madness mush

Not healthy for children
or wealthy for women
or compassionate men
who recall how to blush.


In Season And Out

In and around Auschwitz
Barbed wire still weeps
through too long denied rain.

In and around Annihilation
Denied climates fast creep
toward pathology’s pain.

Through surrounding Anger
Charged hate denies sleep
for those who must explain.

In tyrannic Acid
Barbed boundaries sweep
out lies of monstrous strain.


Gold Health and Nutrition Standards

If political scientists study power relationships,
could economists study interior as exterior landscapes
for cooperative/competitive nutrient-flow/struggle
and dynamic birth through decomposition trends?

Both political and economic researchers,
one and all together,
of sound ecologically healthy exegetical mind
and regenerating ribonucleic embryonic body.

Our not-so-hidden cooperative political DNA agenda
as this humanizing species,
would appear to evolve toward sustainably regenerative
multicultural ecosystemic
nested networks of communication,
through plural-equivalent freedom to and from information communities,
both verbal and non-verbal egos,
Earth-resident mindbodies,
including English-speaking male scientific researchers,
including wealthy people,
including politically powerful and ballistic totalitarians and terrorists,
but not any more or less so
than any other mindbody,
including your own internal universal plurality
of integrative organic equality.

While not headline news-worthy,
yet neither inscrutable or supremacist,
evolutionary history itself proves we intend developing
a healthy cooperative learning culture
rooted in Basic Attendance,
or functional Yang/Yin Balance,
or BiCameral Balance,
or animus-anima gestalt balance,
or octave-crystal temporal harmonics,
learning whatever creation and self-development story you prefer to invite
from your own encultured repertoire of experience and imagination.

Which life-value culture becomes less salient
as we continue learning all cultural roads lead toward healthy cooperative teleological,
economic research of life’s relational transactions,
investments and divestments,
within each day’s classroom.

We continue to learn by building and dismantling our political,
ecological relationships,
transactional research investments,
struggling together to sort our confluence from our dissonance,
our contentment through our contentiousness.

Our Golden Health opposite of tyranny and terror
seeks globally regenerative equal access to cooperative nutritional enculturation
within our mindbody landscapes,
and without,
1. Other humane landscapes—
learning integrative ecoconsciousness together;
2. Other EarthTribal Landscapes, eco- and bio-systems;
3. Earth’s Universal metaphysical bilateral-temporal landscape
of cold winter nights
through full diastatic days of summer,
then summer through dualdark winter’s reprise.

Cooperative political economic relationships and transactions,
co-mentoring throughout our families and schools,
throughout our health and education and security
and defense systems,
throughout our cooperative financial institutions,
our public sector tax and invest budgets
and healthy cooperative,
nutritionally rich policy planning procedures,
political design parties,
policy discernment through scattered-site networks,
meetings of EarthTribe enculturing minds
with ecoconscious growing bodies.

You did not invite this incarnation,
your Elders did.
You did not invite this humanizing political-economic species,
Earth did.
Just as Earth did not invite SpaceTime Earth’s orbit,
Sun did.
Yet we compose and dance and language our mutual invitations
within this regenerative humanizing species
to continue spreading our Golden EarthTribe CoMentoring Rules
throughout our personal and public orbits,
seeding and refueling our equal plurality of freedom Golden Ratios,
and polypathic polycultured Golden Cooperative Information Networks
predicting WinWin nutritional outcomes.


Naked Aquarian Age

Did our Age of Aquarius evaporate,
fail to regenerate,
to resonate,
fall too far short of what our parents
knew we should anticipate?
Free love could not sustain
weak non-violent resolutions against
whatever they were for.

Yet, if love is synergy,
mutual gravity,
and creation is this co-passion’s regenerate transgeneration,
how could love cost more than free?
How could co-redemption not invest everything
in learning how to cooperatively Be,
free of enslaving supremacist becoming,
free to come together as ecological We?

Those who stop to count these costs of love,
look for ways to divest of co-opportunity,
ignoring Earth’s mentoring economy
of light’s photosynthetic comprehensive consciousness,
of neutral’s dark unconsciousness,
a fog bank evaporating as double-binding time and rhythm
pattern and color RNA’s free-fractal love connection.

If Time’s eternal unfolding presence is 0-dimensional,
and Nature’s bicameral perception is 2-dimensional prime,
bicameral form with function,
ego emerging from eco,
yang incarnating double-yin,
reiterative communicative processors
borrow RNA’s decomposing 3-space with 1-time prime bilateral dimensions,
equivalent seasons;

Shy winterish Uracil of Universal freely decomposing love
greets Cytosine’s full summer-formed regeneration,
as objectives greet their past and future subjects;
while Adenine painlessly springs
for Guanine’s lavishly com-posted integrative harvest,
as verbs form fractal-recycling nouns,
verbal con-science revolutions,
relearning Earth’s organic language,
by echoing universal polypathic syntax.

Global monocultural power of governance
becomes a Left-brained dominant and reductive tyrant,
an Emperor reified of clothes
to cool His naked Ego-thirst.
when power remains integral within co-passionate,
gravitational integrity,
synergetic uniting cooperatism,
then naked power conjoins dark yin-time-ations,
shy bigendering romantic camouflage,
re-birthing this post-millennial
Age of Aquarius.