Sacred Music

Sacred music
is not a performance Thing,
an exterior-focused
ego-enhancement event
that expertly v nascently happens
to win/lose competitive
LeftBrain dominant Me

An individual
dissociated ego-identity
divorced from eco/theo-logically reflective
systemically interconnected We.

muses and amuses
my resonant climaxing relationships
of co-passionate interior robust eruption
revolving voiced resonance
between and around robust WeMuses
forming and flowing
and resonantly reforming
our multiculturally cooperative constellations
of resilient resound,

Standing and dancing
to heart and mindbody sing
ring out and back in-between
Past’s wounding and healing history

Predicating Future’s PatriCapital transcendent
monotheistic Fracture
AnthroDivine supremacism

And Future’s healthier promise
for growing,
watering EcoPolitical panentheistic Yintegral Flow

bicamerally balanced intelligence
of nondual EarthTribes
polyculturing past/future
multiculturing health/wealth

Left/Right Wing
Future GreenCommons Communion
integral EarthHealth
MeWe Golden JusticeWealth
of and for
CoPassionate CommunioNation

A multiculturally cooperative constellation
of resilient MeWe-governing
win/win joy,

Like an often sun-quenched,
occasionally warm rain-drenched,
green cooperatively self-organizing
MotherTree led
natural/spiritual singing
ringing forest

CoPassionately Communioned
cooperative re-education Optimizing
regenerative systems

Are also not-not degenerating
bemused resonant Both/And health process
with and without sufficient resilient wealth
performing resonant
co-empathic progress

Polyculturing music
polyphonically flowing from Right
through polypaths strong syncopating Left
synergetically co-invested
in copassionately integral
resonant co-infestment
re-membering constellations
of amusing health/wealth muses
Past through Future
copresent MeHere Space
WeNow indigenously Timeless.


Born For Which Purpose?

If you live in a non-sectarian democratic nation
with so much energy
we can lavishly spend boatloads
and plane loads
and tank loads
and truck loads of oily public cash
on killing our own Green Commons,
and threatening all EarthTribes with punishment for…whatever,
and building ever higher physical and emotional walls against foreign tribes,
thereby spreading collateral damage to neighboring species
of animals
and once thriving indigenous plants;

If you live in a place
with so little energy to re-invest in feeding
and watering
and nurturing domestic residents
of all colors and stripes,
spots and star shapes;

Then you live in a nation
too poor in democratically proper health reinvestment
to have earned your blinding undivided wealth of loyalty.

If you live in an overly competitive FirstPatriarchal world
with so much borrowed money
we can competitively buy and sell
sweat and swell the entire planet
currently supporting our too conveniently deniable life that kills style,

Then you live in a codependent insane asylum
about to go bust,
leaving all Earth’s nations
as homeless as a crippled sheep
without a healthy flock,
much less a sacred shepherd
or any semblance of a wealthy heavenly fold.

Invite your ego
your family
your community
your nation,
to look for a higher non-partisan
non-defensive active health goal
encompassing all non-insular wealth objectives.

When achievement of WinWin global health goals is mutually inclusive,
commit to this cooperatively wealthy polypathic direction.

If WinWin is not consensually accessible,
not yet secular Here with sacred Now,
then co-determine healthy corrective actions
moving toward non-violent
non-defensive therapeutic actions,

Adopt and adapt communication skills
to replace assumptions that winning secular wealth
requires losing sacred health
at home,
inside our own interdependent egos,
with better integrated win health
to win true and beautiful and trusted objectives of wealth
this day,
then tomorrow,
and so forth toward inclusive polypathic peace

To restore Earth’s health and beauty trusting future,
We, both left/secular and right/sacred, deep learn
non-sectarian happiness and prosperity
2020 revolutionary nutritional goals
for one globally green democratic health paradigm,
cooperative network disciplines
polypathically deep and wide
where trending investment health is far more blessed
than mere pathology divestment focus.

Making war is not actively investing in health-restoring peace,
And acting ugly does not create beautiful karmic grace
or love
or positive energy investments
or whatever the non-sectarian
multi-paradigmatic wealth you choose to call us
more cooperatively nationed
and nurtured


Tao of Strategic Challenges

There is the maxim of military strategists;

I dare not be the first to invade, but rather be the invaded.

Dare not press forward an inch, but rather retreat a foot.

That is, to march without formations,

To roll not up the sleeves,…

There is no greater catastrophe than to underestimate the enemy

(Laotse, #69)

 The word military does not fit with Laotse’s overall intent to talk about dispute resolution. Clearly he sites territorial and proprietary issues, so maybe this is a “maxim of ownership strategists,” which would include defensive and offensive strategies to maintain and re-establish natural balance.

Not being the first to invade goes back to a wu wei principle of mutually cooperative subsidiarity as an ecological systemic norm. Think and act like an eco-cell within a healthy organism; not a cancerous ego-center. To invade is to challenge existing ego/eco value balance. To be the invaded might more fully translate as “become empathetically focused on the challenger’s perspective, values, positions—try to find them within yourself until they have resonance.” Maybe try some reverse role play, like preparing for a debate team.

 “Dare not press forward an inch” means do not even appear to react with ego-resistance. Ask for nothing that might lead to ecological imbalance, “but rather retreat” might look like inviting your challenger to agree with you to an equitable Win-Win resolution, defined as no one allows the other to walk away while feeling they have just lost a positive opportunity to incarnate wisdom.

 “March without formations” may have some reference to Laotse’s primary attraction to natural flow functions. Solid forms lack the flexible flow functionality for evolutionary economic change that one might find in a river, or even a tornado, if you have something more revolutionary in mind.

The title of this poem, Camouflage, is what a Buddhist might think of as Basic Attendance, which has a mutual gratitude understory, or gestalt, understanding each moment as having positive opportunity potential. Basic Attendance, in oppositional and other forms of dissonant, wild, crazy environments, begins with exposing our vulnerability, our fluidity, our confluent intention, a disciplined humility of balanced ego/ecological consciousness.

 “To roll not up the sleeves” reminds us to never show our fist even to our own internal need for self-passion. Laotse mentors non-violent multisystemic communication praxis; most certainly not aggression. He explores the paradoxical orthopraxis of breathing in comprehensive natural-systemic information and breathing out toward our mutually cooperative future.

“Enemy” is just wrong here. Enemies are created through lack of wise response. The word here should be challenger. In Permaculture Design we confront many challenges to optimizing Continuous Quality Improvement, ecologically balanced polycultures that show promise for sustaining regenerative life cycles. The only strong candidate for enemy status might be time, but the seasons and scales of development and design approach permacultural standards with humane ecocentric humility and reverence for the progenitive sacredness of time’s nutritionally absorbent dimensions.