Liberating Perfect Pride

In a perfect world
maybe everyone would have opposite and same sexual attractions,
ambiguously passionate attachments
of compassion’s resiiient arousal.

On a perfectly sanctified Earth,
maybe every species would incarnate only opposite sexual attraction,
attachments of passionate ego-arousal,
male dominant belonging in predation
with female receptively longing prey,
monogamy as exclusive
as monotheistic worship,
monoculturally privileged love,
uniformly felt
in dyadic great nature v spirit divides
between Yang/Yin sexual energy,
faithfully dipolar co-arising,

Rather than endless partisan debates
about which of these healthy freedom
proud visions will unfold
with further commitment to cooperative win/win deliberation,
structuring health optimal nurturing wealth futures,

Perhaps we could join in double-blind solidarity
to recreate this Earthly Paradise
of compassionate integrity
in all relationships,
all curious and courageous internal/external conversations
consciousness and subconsciousness and unconsciousness
from mother-infant primal
on through international co-passionate eco-politics?
And then listen and watch
for which sensory-neural miracle unfolds?

Maybe in win/win Heaven
of our active empowering imaginations,
what looks like internal either/or sexual politics
also comes to feel like external both/and sensory investment.
What feels globally nutritional
also grows personally healthy.

Maybe if we invest less
in predicting who will win,
males or females,
straights or bents,
whites or blacks,
[patriarchs or matriarchs,
yang or yin,
left or right,
north or south,
west or east,
uniformity or unity,
totalitarianism or liberalism,
divine salvation or humane sacrifice,
fragmentation or integration,
apartheid or cooperative co-ownership,
cognitive polypathic speakers or emotive polyphonic listeners,
win/lose or win/win cultures,

We might, instead,
walk in heuristic cognitive
and emotive
solidarity toward recreating
a more win/win experiential
co-relational planet,

Where left-brain health is re-conjoined
with right-brain sacred wealth,
trusting timeless regenerations of life
will evolve such radically profound sensory passions,
that these two great options
remain both curiously
and courageously to-gathering
integrity’s sensual-neural non-mendacity,
longing’s eternally changing belonging.

Like DNA’s fractal seasonal structure
of bilateral appositionals,
in which adenine’s spring adventures
never touch guanine’s autumn undevelopments,
just as cytosine’s full emotive climax
never speaks bilaterally without
thymine’s winterish understory
co-passionately 4D listening
for polynomial either/or’s
becoming sensory valued
with interdependent not-not polyphonic
ambidextrously harmonic
profoundly integral scaled and circled feelings
for Earth’s DNA health-wealth spiraling vocation
belonging within MotherEarth’s paradise vacation,

Sensory experiences in curious thymine
rooting for left-hemisphere dominant
and courageous cytosine
seeding right-sensed bilateral co-prominent.


Sex EcoEquity

Sexual intercourse would feel as odd and unwelcome as the prospect seemed to me when I was ten. Perhaps this second  virginity is equivalent to what has been permaculturally recognized as the sublimation intrinsic to an authentic celibate vocation. Perhaps there is something in here of relevance to  neo-monastic cultural development and the emergence of deep ecological balance.

As my natural immune system unravels, so does my sex drive. Rather than grasping desire, I increasingly feel vulnerable to everyone. This vulnerability is not just a “mind fuck” mentality but a holistic intercourse of curiosity and acceptance, growing compassion and improved comprehension and communication; greater mindfulness of “right” relationship as balanced loving relationships. Balance, in relationship with others, with my environment, is what increases confluent attraction across all sensory spectra.

Learning to accept our mutually equal subsidiarity, vulnerability, recasts earlier normative responses to total strangers, other species, plant life, Earth, as autistic–overly concerned with protecting my ego-immunity, self-identity as Self, rather than an equally individuated member of Earth’s Regenerative Tribe. I grow grateful for this emotive and affective and effective justice and mercy, in turn growing slowly toward our (0)-sum balanced economy of grace (Western term) or karma (Eastern term).

Positive holistic sensual information receptors bring to Positive Psychology, Ecology, Economic, and Teleological Theory what autistically unraveled monocultural chaos brings to Cognitive Dissonance and Commodification Theory of ecological loss and disvalue.

Perhaps it is the normative cultural commodification of sexuality as a substitute for building slower bridges of holistic communication and sensuality that has contributed so loudly and invasively to our overpopulation, climate chaos, abrasively stinky air, and distress about anomalous gender expression.