GreenDemocratic Health Images

Imagine your healthiest body
is a democratic
self/other empowering organism

most nutritionally,
nurtured by an also open,
dynamic win/win preferential,
revolving planetary universe,
in many sacred times and places
also known as MotherEarth.

your democratic bodymind
is an open
co-invested re-centering,
co-acclimating interior and exterior
bilaterally systemic infrastructure
for democratic health,
rooted in mutual trust.

If your brain is in charge,
this is a democratic charge,
a coordinating
complexly inter-communicating
organic whole system responsibility,
leaving no individual organ or health function
irresponsibly behind.

Not an autocratic,
from above,
hierarchically patriarchal,
head-mind over felt-body matter,
unilateral authority
capable of long-term
win for leftbrain dominant mind
only at the cost of a lose
for rightbrain democratic
interdependently felt nature/spirit
body/mind bicameral communion intelligence

Bilaterally ego/eco communing communication
looking for win/win neurological
whole system
democratic resolution of health issues,
pathologically autocratic cancers,
cognitive/affective predations,
viral dissonance,
rabid and rogue behaviors,
win/lose anthropocentric ego-inflations,
lose/lose terrors and global humiliations,
rather than win/win wonders
and sacred awe of Earth’s resiliently healthy
democratic regenerativity.

Now, recall important political statements
influencing your own development:

A family is not a democracy.
A classroom is not a democracy.

Both implied “should not be” statements
almost certainly true
in your own predominant civil empowerment/disempowerment
formative experience,

Embracing win/lose
either-me/or-you competitions
between empowered teachers and preachers
and not yet mature and experienced
sometimes you win,
usually you don’t,
children and adolescents
and young adults,

Many of whom,
especially those poorer and darker,
will graduate into military-industrializing subcultures,
where patriarchal
leftbrain dominant autocracy
of commanders
over enslaved
and rented both/and repowering bodies
become reduced to untrusting tools
and win/lose
high risk strategic weapons.

These young left-brain autocratic adults
will certainly not be gathering rich Trust experience
in democratic dialogue
over autocratic debate
about the weakness
of win/win EarthJustice restoring democracy.

So, is it possible to hear?

Families, like competitive classrooms,
intending young life healthy empowerment,
often autocratically disempower

An economic and political warning;
A challenge to overcome not-yet mature democracy
rooted in experience of robust cooperative Trust,
rather than an unintended civics lesson
in rabid leftbrain dominant autocracy,
as if capitalism
were patriarchally inevitable
as racial
and sexist
and homophobic
and xenophobic
and anthropocentric apartheid.

As if mutually mistrusting
competition for individual investment power
were democratically healthier
than win/win cooperative models
for shared mind/body
eco/ego-systemic wealth,

Resonant trust,
resilient love,
trusting compassion

Imagining our healthiest bodies
are democratic
self/other empowering
Earth responsible organisms.


Why Capitalism Failed

I’m reading a publication of Yale Press,
a “centrist” polemic against the LeftBrain’s libertarian excesses,
and against RightBrain’s sinister shadow
of totalitarian uniformity
playing nihilistic lose/lose
on a global interpersonal
public sector stage three
of nationalistic climate annihilation,

Where RightBrain’s win/win golden shadow
prefers indigenously universal integrity,
communion of ancient multicultural diversity,
playing democratically healthy win/win games
on an intrapersonal through global climate stage four
of 20-20 revolutionary peace
as also restoring LeftBrain cognitive bicameral consciousness.

Here I’m finding a Roman Catholic skewed analysis
of a “sexual revolution”
as sinister shadow
of Enlightenment attraction to individual freedoms
over social responsibility
and even public sector moral rules
of natural/spiritual law.

While I can see and feel historic accuracy here,
at the same time
this Liberalism
as described
is not at all the Liberal Religion I experience in UU,
or even the Liberal Education
I receive and give
in compassionate win/win dialogue
and everyday conversation.

Nor is this misnomer for Patriarchal Capitalism
what I experience with Friends
and in mature mainline Christian meetings
sanctuaries from win/lose zero-sum
Business As Monoculturally Usual
way too theoretical and theo-unlogical and transcendent
to inform everyday natural communication,
much less ecologically healthy relationships.

Nor is libertine sexualized pathology
what I have experienced in the Liberal multicultural love
of compassionate Earth,
multiculturally interdependent EarthTribes,
and ecologically healthy inter-relationships
of natural/spiritual compassion.

The Liberal I am concerned about conserving,
and the Liberals I celebrate multicultural communion with,
are strongly
emotionally committed
co-invested in Earth
and natural law
and spiritual order
as an interdependently freeing web
connecting egalitarian dignity
of all
living healthyLeft/wealthyRight
polynomials not-not ZeroSum
becoming bicamerally ego/eco
secular/sacred liberated lovers
of integrally conservational co-passions.

This Liberal I would myself, with others, conserve
for healthy purpose,
The Liberals I conservatively know
in my own reserved
yet internally changing
co-passioning way,
would no more let go of our interdependent web
of Earth’s truthful
and beautiful nature/spirit nondual interface
of Enlightenment,
than grab hold too conservatively
too tightly to individual rights to speak and do
that would infringe on Others’ rights
to freely listen to transparent truths
and behave with openness to change
for growing healthier and wealthier and wiser
vulnerably interdependent Beauty Paradise.

Which, if I recall,
takes us back,
full circle,
to the internally felt Light
that originally
and democratic constitutionally
sparks individual RightBrain Enlightenment Eras,
interdependent nutritional augmentation of organic health-webs,
in response to
LeftBrain Industrial-Weaponed Violent Revolutions,
autonomous capitalism’s fragmentation
born of white male privileged apartheid.

What is midway central
is also narrow-way double-bound
egalitarian Left nature
interdependent Right holonic spirit.

Now that’s in the book Iain McGilchrist wrote
and Yale Press also published.


Love Seasoned Health

Negative Yin flows
pride’s depression
as Negative Yang down-blows
humility’s oppression,

As Positive Yin knows
bilateral awed impression
as Positive Yang grows
healthy-wealth wondrous compassion,

Winter in as Summer out
WhiteHouse down as GreenHouse up
Yin back as Yang forth,
BrightHole Alpha
as Matriarchal (0)Mega Womb

Depressed Alfalfa
as oppressive OliveOil,
in another LoseLose childhood dream.

These four faces of change
are like four-horse seasons
of worship,
liturgical summer life
through winterish death
of ego’s LeftBrain Robber Baron dominance.

Negative Yang with Negative Yin,
both self-oppression and other-depressing,
represent winter
as advent of creolizing chaotic rebirth
through grief and messianic weakness.

Positive Yang with Negative Yin,
self-compassion with residual depressing memories
of winter’s coldly violent revolutions,
nightmares of loss,
hibernation of interdependence,
usher spring’s replanting schedules,
organic developments
for environmental and interior rebirth.

NewBorns cooperatively search
and knock
and find
summer’s PositiveYang-PositiveYin
co-passion with awed self-esteem
Yet late summer Musing maturity
already predicts Autumn,
early harvest stages
of WiseElder beloved community discernment.

PositiveYin with NegativeYang
speak up
for a healthier Left with Right ego-eco balance,
a return to secular/sacred worshiping
health quantities and love qualities
of ElderRight procreator
with YoungerLeft co-awed
intra-interior personal
inter-exterior political compassion,
harvesting our best WinWin seeds,

Rejecting LoseLose historical experience,
Negative Yang with Negative Yin
eternal winter
both Ego and Eco-demise
rather than
PositiveYang health
with PositiveYin wealth,
wondrous FullSun compassion for myself
impressed by awe with sacred EarthTribe Other.

Regarding what we will
now more polyculturally
polypathically plant
this polyphonic WinWin
ZeroZone Spring.


Silent Lurkers

Silent watchers,


ruminating parents,


scientists are often leaders at listening selectively,

looking for resonance,

yet not ignoring dissonant noise double-boundaries,

from where and when they first emerged,

to where and when they might become redeemed,

wherein might lie a poignant replicable deep-learning moment,

life is what unfolds

for our co-redemption.


EarthTribe’s Beloved Community

Martin Luther King, Jr.,  and many before him,

and since, often preferred Beloved Community to speak of a time and place

and people and all our cousin species

that others might refer to as heaven, or paradise.


This Beloved Community knows our mutually shared hope for our future,

and our future generations,

but also faiths an interdependent present,

our cooperatively regenerating potential right now,

in this moment,

positively and contingently connected to all future moments,

EarthTribe’s Eternally Generating Moment.


This Beloved Community holds together tensions along the way:

diversity and interdependence,

complementarity and mutual subsidiarity,

Yang-productive energy and Yin-gravitational synergy,

compassionate orthopraxis and polysystemic mindful intent,

deliberately informed solutions and wildly eratic irresolution,

form and function,

immunity boundaries and community thresholds,

active peace and non-violent love,

economics incarnating ecologics,

faith and gratitude for purgation,

diastasis and stasis,

EarthTribe Prime Identity and EarthSelf individuation,

RNA encultured cells and DNA encultured minds,

polycultural development and permacultural design,

positive information and negative noise,

nutrition and thirst,

meaning and purpose,

belonging and longing.


Our Beloved Community evolving at hand.

Physical laws becoming icons of metaphysical principles,

thermodynamic balance as

greatest effect with least loss,

as Yang with Yin.


Metaphysical principles stalk liminal relationships

lurking within our positive teleology assumption,

that past meaning intersects future’s purpose

within present prehensile presence,


emerging from past chaos and despair, noise and decay,

why we live between entropy and synergy,

regenerative systems evolving toward Omega Point,

revolving back toward RNA’s Commons Culture of Original Intent.


Human spirit emerges icons from Earth’s nature.

Earth and solar spacetime Universe our Mentors,

and Progenitors,

incarnating Time’s remembering cultural intelligence,

an RNA-latticed synergetic string

from Original Intent

Taoing forward, upward, onward,

relentlessly reweaving integrative love as

positive teleological intention.


Our Beloved Community gardens Earth

communicating active peace through nurturing mentorship.

Distinguishing mentor from teaching with words

the way Mentor practices and multisystemically intends.

Teachers talk as Mentors walk.

Non-violent communication evolves inclusive skills,

teaching capacity to articulate empathy,

growing compassionate mindfulness of, through, and for each EarthSelf Other.

Active peace emerges slow re-ligioning Mentor,

Exterior-Yang EarthTribe Identity conjoins Interior-Yin EcoSelf

balancing synergetic Tao




syncing with

Beloved Community lost.


Our Beloved Community sustains diverse living systems,


evolves universally inclusive co-intelligence

growing rebirth,

regenesis of natural information string principles

of thermodynamic and magnetic polar balance;

rehinging images of heaven’s gate closed,

recreating karmic devolution

spiraling too hot and fast into eco-dislogical hell.


Universal intelligence,

bipolar Tribal re-comprehension

evaporates as entropy if it were true that

nature’s systems are closed,

and binomial spacetime dynamics do not imply reverse temporal density,

explicating natural systems known through implicating metaphysical minds,

Prime-Rational (0)-sum RNA-fractal,

regenerative tetrahedral,

Fullerian bosonic QBit core,

where positive function Vertex intersects negatively dissonant Vortex,

born again in each moment’s phenomenal form.


Today’s Beloved Community replaces coincidence with creative intention;

an intersection of time and space,

of Yin and Yang,

of Eastern karma meets Western grace prediction,

heuristic potential turning oppositional dissonance

into appositional teachers,

held together to predict mutual salvation,

tomorrow’s global community.

Prophets understand time as only flowing forward.

Sages comprehend spacetime,

four equally balanced dimensions,

three spaciated-temporal,

and one prime-temporal polarity,

balancing radiant Yang

and gravitational Yin,

longing and belonging,

balanced Left and Right hemispheres

of exterior landscape deduction

and interior landscape induction.


Our Beloved Community has no poverty vacuum.

Where there is poverty

there is not Beloved Community

as poverty starves human integrity,

a regenerative natural systemic designer species.

Poverty witnesses


insufficient nutrients to produce flowering human natured systems.

Mentor Earth lavishly waters Her grace-flowers.

Depriving Herself of a season of flowers

threatens our interdependent species,

threatens our capacity to sustain rich polycultural future generations.

Threatening polycultures is antithetical to permacultural designers.

Grace and karma float emergent issues, opportunities, risks,

not coincidences,

mentoring fertile outcomes while punishing stinginess,

tragic loss of buoyancy,




pointing us back,

reconnecting us toward polysystemic regenerative design,

our basic compassionately mindful orthopraxis.


Each Beloved Community day



each vista,

each situation



unfolds within our bicamerally bound storybook.

Our felt, seen, touched, tasted, heard, smelled messages

absorb nutrients

organized to feed future bicameral minds,

to recognize experience as confluent or dissonant

with past experience

within DNA’s exegetical messaging patterns.


Evolving sensory message reception

reads each moment’s page in my reculturing storybook.

Memory transliterates messages

between now

and our DNA/RNA’s string,

restricting prehensile neural response,

positively binding,

revolving longing for light of further growth,


elongating toward sustained life’s Positive Teleology,

more fully understood in contrast to our Cognitive Dissonance,

regenerating strings

singing and dancing, often stumbling,

our Beloved Communication Community.








Sex EcoEquity

Sexual intercourse would feel as odd and unwelcome as the prospect seemed to me when I was ten. Perhaps this second  virginity is equivalent to what has been permaculturally recognized as the sublimation intrinsic to an authentic celibate vocation. Perhaps there is something in here of relevance to  neo-monastic cultural development and the emergence of deep ecological balance.

As my natural immune system unravels, so does my sex drive. Rather than grasping desire, I increasingly feel vulnerable to everyone. This vulnerability is not just a “mind fuck” mentality but a holistic intercourse of curiosity and acceptance, growing compassion and improved comprehension and communication; greater mindfulness of “right” relationship as balanced loving relationships. Balance, in relationship with others, with my environment, is what increases confluent attraction across all sensory spectra.

Learning to accept our mutually equal subsidiarity, vulnerability, recasts earlier normative responses to total strangers, other species, plant life, Earth, as autistic–overly concerned with protecting my ego-immunity, self-identity as Self, rather than an equally individuated member of Earth’s Regenerative Tribe. I grow grateful for this emotive and affective and effective justice and mercy, in turn growing slowly toward our (0)-sum balanced economy of grace (Western term) or karma (Eastern term).

Positive holistic sensual information receptors bring to Positive Psychology, Ecology, Economic, and Teleological Theory what autistically unraveled monocultural chaos brings to Cognitive Dissonance and Commodification Theory of ecological loss and disvalue.

Perhaps it is the normative cultural commodification of sexuality as a substitute for building slower bridges of holistic communication and sensuality that has contributed so loudly and invasively to our overpopulation, climate chaos, abrasively stinky air, and distress about anomalous gender expression.


Following Revolutionary Dialogue

Back in the day, a “follower” was someone who had faith in the leadership of another person; a leader trusted, in part, due to their adherence to some faith in a solution to dissonance. Mystics and prophets, politicians and mobsters, tycoons and polymathic geniuses, teachers and ministers had a “following.” Since the internet, this Transitional Generation and their allied elders would add to this list: bloggers and on-line journalists.

I have been following the NCDD discernment strings pertaining to the desire for a global political revolution and the more technical desire to facilitate large-scale grassroots  discussions about what we do and what we do not want as a global human species. In several of the senses of being a “follower,” I have also been following Joanna Macy’s peaceful revolutionary strategy as it unfolds internationally.  While I do not have any authority to interpret, or speak for, someone I greatly respect, and would not want to exceed my place as a follower, rather than a mentor, I think the connection between Joanna Macy and the NCDD listserve is that both urgently desire an internationally sustainable Earth ecological economic design system.

That gold-standard “design system” must be resonant and a well-patterned, balanced, theorem. More than a conjecture about what might inspire this peaceful revolution. A conjecture says “isn’t this an interesting pattern, a dynamic analogy?”; while a theorem adds “we have a positive teleological function for that form-pattern.” Conjectures are not yet polynomial memes. Theorems are polynomial, and binomial, patterns.

Faith in “ecological economics” fits more comfortably into Macy’s (0)-Centric Zen Theorem than into the NCDD discussion and culture. However, probably every NCDD member recognizes that the term “faith community” has an internal redundancy just as the term “faithless community” sounds oxymoronic. There is no community, no dialogue, no communication, no ecologic, no probability of cooperative economic intent where there is no faith that we are all in this mess together, whatever it may be, and that the primordial rules of discernment are best attuned to a radically inclusive “Golden Rule” that we must always treat others, regardless of species, and regardless of whether currently living or not yet living, as we wish ourselves to be sustainably and confluently, even therapeutically, treated.

It seems to both the Macy and NCDD Revolutionaries that there not only already is a global consensus in this basic positive teleological faith, but further, this global consensus is quickly learning to find each other across traditional divides of borders, water, special interests, and language–all we need, which we now have, is a global information system. The discussion has well begun, now it is time to move that from a perhaps sometimes too free-wheeling, and polarizing, discussion, to a positive discernment process. In other words, as a species, we are moving from our already shared positive teleological conjecture toward a positive teleological discernment theorem.

Perhaps NCDD culture is evolving this positive discernment theorem. As I have said perhaps too often, if we look at Positive Deviance, Appreciate Inquiry, Nonviolent Communication, and Dynamic Facilitation as each establishing a mutual discernment event culture that is the opposite of Cognitive Dissonance Theory [we tend to not hear well what does not fit with our current learned landscape; on the other hand we tend to learn quickly from what we all agree we don’t want], perhaps this is our Positive Confluence Theorem:

We hear very well, and revolutionarily embrace, what does fit most abundantly with all of our current learned landscapes. When we mutually acknowledge that we each do trust that we live in a positive-trending teleological economy and ecology. when that is our mutual intent and practice, then we not only comprehend, but incarnate and mentor, this Positive Confluence Theorem.

This Positive Teleological Theorem predicts that we will, globally, increase our investment in cooperative economies and pedagogy and design systems as three faces of one cooperative ecology.  As we do so, our current over-reliance on competitive strategies for learning, making a living together, building a polyculture together, will fade away into our collective memory of “back in the pre-millennial day.”