Mutually Assured Destruction

Mutually traumatic relationships,
like co-arising declarations of war,
codependent not listening aggression,
co-nonempathic hatred,
rabidly competitive systems,
nationalistic sociopathology,
pervasively dissociative mental illness,
deliberate maladministration
for growing degenerative subclimates
of mutually assured destruction,

Take us nowhere
toward understanding
why Earth
is otherwise a life evolving
spiraling space/time planet,

Much less a therapeutic direction
to resolve why
universal positive energy
is sometimes win/win healing co-relational
recreating co-incidental regenerative events
growing resonance
and resilient holistic interdependent systems
rather than ZeroZone nothing,

Why mutually assured listening
develops win/win resiliently healthy relationships
predicting NonZero Zone regenerational evolution
of complex interdependent systems
and co-relational networks
of positive correlational energy webs

spiraling into resonant health care integrity
and potential for wealthy
robust communication,
mutual deep learning,
wide multicultural compassion.

Win/Lose competitions are what lie in-between
Win/Win health and Lose/Lose pathology,
between regenerative and degenerative
waiting for our further cooperative investments
in mutual bicameral intelligence,
binomial relationships,

Dipolar co-arising Both/And feelings
and bipolar differentiating Either/Or cognitions,
mutually assured resonance
more than antagonistic dissonance,
anthropomorphic continuance
of self/other punishing violence
against EarthClimate wealthy health.


Blind Faith isn’t such Good Faith

Tolerance of differences
quietly lies between passive-aggressive anger,
then fear,
then active hatred,
And all the way on up to enchanting positive awe,
and then ecstatically cooperative wonder,
and then sacred multiculturing,
transubstantiating communion
of whole synergetic multilateral systems.

Neutral heuristic faith in Golden Rules and Ratios–
despite past warring differences,
chaotic oppositions of power
and complex appositions of potential integrity–
Lies between blind LeftBrain degenerating faith
then apathy
lapsing toward manic paranoia,
And all the way back to RightBrain with newer LeftBrain co-enchantment,
cooperatively ecstatic wonder
and then sacred Eastern nondual communion
with active Western secular non-violent ecological relationships
promoting global DNA nutrition
as communal multicultural wealth
through cooperative WinWin economic/ecological harmonies–
efficiencies short through long-term positive
with effective whole-system eco-relationality.

Gospel faith
is substance of relational things yet unseen
yet also actively hoped for,
advocated with new nutritional eyes and solidarity ears.
Good multiculturing faith is not violent bad monoculturing faithlessness,
nor blind and at-war faith
because healthy positive hopes
ethical nurturing systems of life, not death,
are not blind
but inherited healthy v pathological sight

Back through all past DNA fertility strings
of historically regenerative
polypathic love,
cooperatively-owned EarthKarma,

EarthTribe’s future green communion,
EarthJustice of past unseen ultra-nonviolent communication choices,
personal and politically not so entirely blind,
longing to restore good and tasty 2020 democratic trust.


In Season And Out

In and around Auschwitz
Barbed wire still weeps
through too long denied rain.

In and around Annihilation
Denied climates fast creep
toward pathology’s pain.

Through surrounding Anger
Charged hate denies sleep
for those who must explain.

In tyrannic Acid
Barbed boundaries sweep
out lies of monstrous strain.


Rise Up Islamic Sisters

Rise up
my African Sisters
speak your truths
of intimacy and death
internal monopolizations of feeling desperately dark
with hatred and fear and anger
about your man,
your brother
about your here and now lack of relationship.

Listen up
Islamic Sisters
to these Sisters of Perpetual Wisdom
of self-and-other emancipation:

your intimacy and passions
fill me with emptiness and longing
rather than fertility and belonging.

you treat your milk cows
and that lazy ass dog with all her pups
better than you treat me.

your fascination with hatred
technologies of deadly anger,
your greed for Lose-Lose attention
and respect
replace your comprehension of dignity
and producing life-giving outcomes
to regenerate attention,
consciousness of positive values
within our ancient culture, spirit, religion,
passing forward to our children’s hope and faith
balancing life with death,
in cooperative favor and support
for this deep ecological love
of intimacy and respect
and mutual cooperative hospitality,
we call “Allah” together
linked through time and space
of regenerating hope.

speak your international
yet intimate truths
of good and evil
life and death
regeneration of abundantly warm feelings
and decompositional analysis
of where your young men go so astray
of what is Islamic-normative
to be fully human
to become a man
worthy of our Splendid Sisters.

Author’s note:

Perhaps it is just me, and, if so, then I am about to expose my embarrassingly remedial ignorance once again. But, ISIS and all the “Islamic” hatred and anger of which they have become iconic, feels like an overwhelmingly young to middle-aged male dominated late adolescent cultural gasp reacting against the comparative freedom and wisdom of  a cooperative and egalitarian society with emergent strong polycultural values, whether tribal, or nationally, or even religiously, labeled.

If so, then perhaps Islamic women will peacefully engage their own cooperative internal revolution, speaking honestly and bravely and truthfully to their brothers, even their husbands, but probably not their fathers. That could get a girl killed in some unfortunate places where Allah’s sense of inclusive faithfulness and solidarity as sacred Host feels climatically absent in this suffering time.


Allah and Buddha were Talking

You know what I think sometimes?
said Allah to Buddha,
Of course you do
and yet you don’t.

I think I gave this gift of language
because you have a uniquely humanatured gift
of comprehending
and transposing
and translating languages thru-out each and all Earth tribes,
but primally amongst your anthro-Allah loving selves.

Buddha thinks
we under-invest using this cooperatively intended gift
to speak clearly
and honestly
with candid integrity
about what “I need”
and what “I really do not need more of,
or any longer.”

Perhaps at work
in your vocation
you get along fairly confluenty,
most folks act professionally
and politically
and socially
and economically
and ecologically
and healthily correct.

Yet, notice
next time
perhaps even within yourself,
within your family,
with your spouse,
with your kids
especially with those teenagers,
how much time do we invest
prattling happily
and sometimes ranting unhappily along
about what we want or wish for,
don’t want and would never care to see
or hear
now compare to your investment
conversing about what you most need
and what you most critically,
yet also chronically,
most specifically do not need
in your healthy intended and practiced life,
and in your death-trending non-life
of falsely wealthy abundance.

We might turn to our professional colleague at work
say “I could use a cup of coffee.”
but we would probably never say,
“I need more stimulants in my system
or this situation will put me to sleep.”

We might say to our oppositionally obsessed daughter,
“If you throw that one-eyed Zoe doll down the stairs again
in the middle of this clunky throbbing night,
you can predict her immediate demise
in the trashcan of life!!!”
but seldom think to say
“I need for us to figure out a less alarming way
for you to wake me
when you need my attention.”

Why are we more comfortable
telling our life partners,
“I don’t feel like it tonight”
and less comfortable adding,
“but a back and foot and scalp massage would be heaven.”

Seems like we would all be somewhat healthier
and wiser
if we were more articulate
about our bodies’ “need” language
while less reductively focused on
our little ego’s cognitive “want”
“don’t want” messages.

And, for that matter,
Allah adds
it might be nicer
if your national and global political conversations
followed this same trend
of ecological body integrity
with Buddha-mind communication patterns.

Rather than
“If you keep killing those innocent victims,
I’m going to spank you
and starve you.”
as if you had not had quite enough of both
rather than co-mentored love,
what about,
“I do not need you to lead us toward more death.
I do need you to do what we elected
and supported
and expected you to do,
to facilitate positive health and wealth trends
for me
and all Earth’s Tribes,
for life,
and all Time’s incarnating needs for health right now,
through future’s timeless generations,
positively trending outcomes
rooted in needs and not needs,
not-so-much about what you want
and don’t want
for your small-minded exclusive future.”

Our global Buddha body,
Earth as Sanghakaya
multisystemic incarnational economics of ecojustice,
evolves religious and cultural sanity
screaming for cooperative healing
while speaking PC
through appropriate channels
how nice we could all be
through competing for wealth
by following Allah’s nature and nation-building rules
of healthy reason,
inclusive organic seasons without threat of treason.

Our bodies need to compete cooperatively
even more than our minds want
to cooperatively compete.

It                       We
IS                       ISn’t
crazy                  sane
to                        not to
kill                      communicate
against               with
those                   you
“Allah                “Allah creation
has                       has not
created”              destroyed”
without               with
first                      terminally
sharing                killing
Allah                    Allah creation’s
beauty and joy   ugly and sorrow
hospitality           ballistics
generosity            competitive selfishness
integrity.               mendacity.

When economic and/or ecological interest
in ego
exceeds equivalent value
for economic interest
and comprehensive coverage
in eco-healthy wealth optimization,
then ego mind
operates out of cognitively dominant “want”
rather than bodily-centered “eco-need”
rich environmental responses,
and healthy dialogue
of about and for optimizing life trends.

How could we incarnate
economic or psychic wealth and health
not eco-logically balanced,
positively trending toward “beloved”
or “climax”
wealthy-health nutritional optimization
meeting Continuous Quality Improvement
Permacultural Standards
of Positive Design
and universally-uniting Development?

And, even if we could,
Buddha body would hate it
and Western mind
would disrupt into further cognitive-reductive dissonance,
rather than this emerging eco-consciousness
of Allah’s incarnate mind.


Knowing Hate: Growing Health

“He who is contented is rich
He who is determined has strength of will.”
Laotse, “Knowing Oneself”

Those who would be effective
and are also ripe for effectiveness,
when contented,
this is contentment with healthy growth
to share our strength of cooperative will.
When determined,
this is determination to continue optimizing contentment
within growing healthy wealth–
doing what is nutritious for yourself,
and those you meet.

Hatred is a love void,
a hybrid of two fuels,
remembered anger co-arising future fear;
these three an unholy trinity of discontentment,
dissonance within the more inclusive potentiality of confluence.

Hate is to ego-centric survival
as love is to eco-centering thrival.

Noticing our hate-power,
whether directed exclusively toward self
or more heatedly encompassing another,
or even the sociopathology of including all others,
is our greatest opportunity,
and risk,
for changing our world through active love.

What do you hate to love
and love to hate?
Struggling with this dissonance
rather than struggling against this chaos
is important to personal and public discernment,
bringing our diverse ego-anthro centers
into nondual co-arising alignment with EarthTribe’s eco-center.

Thrival of the fitting-est,
most synergetic relationship network
presents a loving polycultural environment,
co-operatively Win-Win rooted
to co-arise positive teleology
of all creative natural systems.
Our deepest ecological meaning
is our richest healthy love of self with others.

Hate presents opportunity for determined internal challenge,
within our species, our localities, our families, our individual ego-selves.
This unholy combination of anger about, and fear of, ego-loss and decay
and deadly dissonance
feels more productive as an internal rivalry,
endosymbiotic challenge rather than ectosymbiotic war,
hate-love rivalries,
occasional survival crises,
more frequent for those marginalized
through our collective lack of active love.

There is only the integrity of this moment’s potential
co-arising evolution from ego-loving subjects
toward our health-optimizing eco-inclusive wealth objectives.

We are this HereNow Moment’s integrative,
synergetically positive, polynomial potential,
AND we are fear+anger double-dark
not-not dia-nomial
negatively ambiguous dissonance
within Earth’s consonant harmonics,
either-or with both-and logical,
full-octave balancing polycultural freedom with integrity.

Thomas Kuhn, for example,
was scientifically revolted by incommensurable paradigms,
challenging and defeating BusinessAsUsual
with not-yet-ripe theoretical replacements,
new generations of cause-effects becoming dominant
where they had lived recessively camouflaged
in prior cooperative research within ReceivedView boundary.

Fear of incommensurability
co-arises Darwin’s problem with endosymbiotic evolution
anticipating that the rich must get richer,
without power to explain a more complex philogenetic re-creativity
and genetic interdependence,
co-arising revolutionary trends
of ectosymbiotic cooperative Win-Win evolution
regenerating a more inclusive diastatic balance
of complexly interdependent paradigms
and health/wealth eco-systems.

We each contain two nondual co-arising epicenters of consciousness,
one interior-cathected ego
informing and informed by exterior-encrypted eco-memory,
dia-nucleic double-transparently negative eco-normative
views of natural, con-scientific, scientific,
endo/ecto symbiotic evolution.

The potential of a beloved community,
or paradigm,
may resolve more ectosymbiotic hate-struggles of public dissonance
long before proving its endosymbiotic success for my ego-survival.

For anthro and all Earth Tribe thrival,
both ego and eco,
Left and Right hemispheres,
endo within ecto co-arising synergetic Win-Win enculturation,
are important,
just as this primal relationship of within/without evolution
remains important to bicameral conscientific information processors.

Our hated release of ego-center,
to transition toward eco-centrism
is not a once-then-done revolution;
it is our lifelong pilgrimage of co-arising evolution.

Unraveling dissonant ego is optimally healed by reweaving eco-normics.

Embrace our endosymbiotic struggle with self-hatred
or continue drowning in ectosymbiotically climatically critical chaos,
to learn love for hate’s co-arising cosmological consciousness.


Labor Day (Vocation Celebration), 2015


Race Management

force of self-imposed ownership
overpowering another’s ego-ownership,
collective ego-morphic tolerance of identity rape,
and the fear and anger, together building hate,
from which enslavement derives;
a culturally camouflaged nondual co-arising relationship
of codependent despair,

Enslaving force perpetuates Ego’s full-blown angry reduction
in self-identity,
deduction of self,
as someone who could “own” another’s Ego-healthy will
for equivalent freedom from my freedom
to enslave another’s life,
exterior and interior.

Slave and poverty development owners
internally enslaved by our own hypocritical hubris,
swimming upstream into economically encrusted perpetuation
of cognitive and affective dissonance,
chronic internal homelessness,
hopelessness that I cannot afford to be better,
than I am.

Those nations,
codependently addicted to retaining
and further developing
vastly disproportionate wealth deposits,
divorced from our own cooperative health and well-being investments,
not only steal from those without enough to thrive,
but also slink away from our own collective mental health,
anxiously fearing freedom’s inevitable reparations,
struggling to repress awareness of nondual codependent enslavement
into entropic death of species.

Hatred combines anger about past with fear of future.
“Anger Management” politics might choose a more transparent therapeutic label,
“Hatred Co-Arising Suppression”.

Decomposing hatred first breathes through “I am Anger,”
listening for Time’s healing simmer,
then decomposing anger about past violations
to embrace rational fears of deadly toxins
enslaving your equitable prospects for a healthy future.

It feels healthy to remember we are Anger
with ourselves
and with each other,
but not against ourselves or others,
for perpetuating enslaving hatred
for stealing wealth from those without sufficient health to thrive
to feed our own unhealthy enslaving greed.

Slavery nondually imposes greedy ownership,
dreadful wealthy lust for power
co-arising with holistic health’s decreasing power,
globally and personally,
without as within.

Very bad karma,
total lack of grace,
not our way to Win-Win race.


Redeemer Howl

Forgive me
for soundly sleeping while you silently weep,
for bold breathing while you belligerently wilt,
for heart beating strong and true
without you and yours,
dust fore-given free.

Challenge us
to never swim without you,
to always win to win rich blues,
love’s lusty inclusion,
heroic trust.

Relent me
for needing to win
on backs aching with loss
for balancing harmonic dross
while children drift to sea
sons and daughters without home
except hunger to live free.

Redeem me
with my up-front birth deposit
within a more nurturent wombing sea,
no choice specific to how I might be,
or not become,
a fairly well-fed lottery ticket
avoiding your draft for violence,
ballistic anger,
seasoning sorrow
for a tomorrow without rational hope
of better than today
or last,
with all those wished-for lasts before,
your chronic path through over-populated messages
that black
and brown
and red
and victimed,
and oppressed,
and unhealthy subliminal suppressed lives do not fucking matter,
poverty trends to eat our young
to digest in tumors of rich fat deposits
before children can leaven hope to ever fly together
through a deeper embracing ecology.

Know me,
your nature’s genetic parasite
afraid of my own absorption
within our regenetic forested wild
while I sleep
to the beat
of a defenseless child
born too soon for time’s enrapture,
born without face
that splatters through dull culture’s consciousness,
no matter
if some grow fatter
while flowers fade
and next year’s seeds cease speaking
within their silo tree,
while others climb her privileged branches
to grow free.

Free me,
from this relentless suboptimizing justice,
for placing lack of empathy
where surplus of antipathy
breathed and smoldered more honestly,
relentlessly burning warrior hearts
in passioned love with eco-we,
reclaiming corporate integrity for ego-me,
free from investing in slow death silence,
quiet laissez-faire mediocrity,
free to live Earth’s incubator nest
of webbing life,
time’s space to be,
letting go of life alone at sea
to invest in fear of death as we
becoming, reconnecting me to echo Earth’s harmonic frequency,
to cosmic jazz-dance solar light of free,
with power to feel your beat as me.


Peaceful Losers

Patching up enslaving hatred is sure to leave some hated aftermath.
How can this be regarded as tolerable,
these interior human natured self-hatred transgenerational aftershocks?
Therefore Wisdom holds the Yang as Loser paradoxical space,
And does not dispossess guilt toward any Winners.
Virtue, like indentured servitude, is for coredemptive patching up;
Violence of enslaving hatred is for assigning Loser guilt.
But, the way of wisdom is partial toward inclusive Winners;
Siding only with coredemptive dispossessive losers
of enslavement, possession, cancerous wealth of entitled self-hatred
and fear of death as loss.

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Oh, well, first, ummm…Slave whom?
And, second, are you sure you intend to knock
on my front door?

First, Slave Hater.
Second, does that sufficiently answer your question?

No, not really, Slave Hater could be most anyone I’ve ever met;
this really doesn’t help me figure out who you are
knocking on my door
in this eternal moment.

So why don’t you open your door
to answer your own fearful questions
about my Hater identity?

Because anyone I would welcome into my life
would never knock first.

What does that say about your identity?
Who are you,
a 24-7 pit stop
only open for those who have a key to you?

That doesn’t sound quite right,
but perhaps not wrong either.

Well then it sounds like we are a good fit.
I’m Slave Hater,
both not quite right or wrong
for your passive-aggressive locked door
Win-Lose logistical strategy.

Wait a minute,
I didn’t say I’m passive aggressive,
and everybody I know locks their door
to win some safety from losers.

But you do say you are passive-aggressive
in your habitual practice of reminding those around you
of what you did not say or do.
You have less empathy for enslaved losers
than fear of becoming one yourself.
Don’t worry so much about it,
all us losers already know you’re a loser too
and we will feel comforted by learning
that you finally recognize you are one of us self-haters.
It’s OK,
You hope that hanging onto that one last key
in your pocket
means you’re not a total loser.
It does.
No one intends to dispute that,
at least no one you are ever likely to meet
to know and learn to love,
as long as you totally invest in that last sole-Winner key.

Patching up a great hatred
is sure to leave some hatred outside
and behind,
downstream for future struggling memories
and generations.


Sacred Pause

What have our children become

that we stand by to not watch them burn

then bury still screaming

shredding skin?


What have we become

that commerce doesn’t even pause

no unholy terror of awed silence

horrific wonder.

Voices continue shrilling

keyboards continue pounding

parents continue screaming

corporate minds still beat

industrious rhythms

streaming enculturing strings

of power without

sufficient wisdom to simply stop….



Silent full breaths of sorrow,

crucifying innocent redeemers

into deaths of ignorant anguish


raging fate

too dissonant to hear

too desperate to bear.