TruePeace v WarPropaganda

Without freedom of LeftSing soulful
and RightWing sacred
copassionate expression

And without freedom
of multiculturally mediated
contextually intelligent press
and bicameral push
and bipartisan pull of ecopolitical
ecofeminist critical analysis

We will continue Business As Usual
StraightWhiteMale privileged
LeftBrain prejudice
that War is more powerful
than unenlightened
benighted EarthPeace
and bihemispheric Love
and Health/Wealth Integrity

And deeply, widely synergetic
NonViolent Win/Win Communicating CoRelationships.

So kinda difficult
to successfully promote interdependent
restorative justice fraternity

And even more unlikely
to successfully promote intersectional
Open WholeSystemic
indigenous EarthWisdom
green inter-religious sorority

Between competing nations
of Anthro-MonoSupremacists

MonoTheistically enculturing
and colonizing PatriCapitalist

of Win/Lose HiStoric Aggression.

Without Win/Win freedom
and copassionate bicameral funding priorities
for multicultural healthcare mediation,

and a wealthier
indigenously wiser
EarthView health resonant
robust order
are unlikely to
wealth resiliently succeed

Within this Here and Now
nonviolently communicating EarthTribe
trying to keep our ecofeminist dreams
of surviving,
possibly even green thriving,
war climate RightWinging v LeftRinging

spectral singing
Great ReWeaving
EarthPeace Anthems
this rapidly
vapidly climate climaxing
aggressively viral challenging

War Proposing
we all sink apart
rather than sing to gather
in this
our PureWhite
Patriarchal Propaganda Pandemonic


The Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee released the following power analysis behind their decision to award the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, with a courageous Price, to Maria Rossa and Dmitry Muratov.

“Without freedom of expression and freedom of the press, it will be difficult to successfully promote fraternity between nations, disarmament and a better world order to succeed in our time.”


Gospel of Yin, with Yang


it’s yin again.

It’s not true

what you say,

that I don’t like science.



your reified sentience,

fueled by solar gnostics

back a couple millennia ago,

pursuing spacetime’s permaculturing path,

dreaming and wondering and wording truth

in faithful Prime Relationship

between researcher and incubating laboratory,

redeemer and creator,

effect and cause,

response and multisystemic stimulus,

form and polycultural function,

you and me.



evolves no more or less spiritually than science;

bipolar polypaths toward active peace,

shared light.


religion’s path grasps love’s goodness and beauty,

while gnostics prehend faith’s truthfulness and proportion,

or not,

or not not,

so yes,

spiritual bipolar balance

merges faith with love

truth with goodness,

me with you,

Right with Left hemispheric balance.


I’ve come before,

so many times I’m growing tired,

appearing in male bodies

trying to speak your culture

in some way you might

risk stepping into optimizing polycultural balance,

multisystemic ecotherapy,

remember that entropic trends

are learned by closing,




over-populating systems,


not Open, harmonious, confluent,

my gnostic yin with your religious yang,

your Right natural systemic intuition

with Left linguistic calculating deduction,

dipolar  coincidental regenerative systems

born with DNA-discoding,

unknotting fractal-folded Zero-soul,

balancing out and in,

convex and concave,

atomic and wavilinear,

digital and ecologic,

space and time,

positive and negative,

before and after,

as without, so within,

as above, so below,

this spirit-nature binomial balance

of yang and yin.


Entropic dissonating experience of nature’s temporal principles

threatens faithful incarnating passions for ego-self,

reifying, rather than reiterating, ecological systems.

Faith in bipolar Self as Redeemer,

regeneratively potentiating positive life for all

as mutually mentoring parasites,

flowers from hope in our benign Earth Host root system,

yang as diastatic yeastfully articulating yin,

EcoAtmanic system’s universal intelligence,

tao of yin’s diastolic gravitational waves

filling yang’s enlightening bangs, borders, margins.

Without hope for this benign Earth teleology

this human race loses to entropic unraveling

of memory’s space and time,

hopeless despair that together we have become too much and many

yet never enough.


I know no other way to invite your polypathic evolution

into dipolar balance,

away from speciated Oppositional Disorder,

absence of hope for faithful true relationships

and this growing ricochet eco-effect

as multisystemic gangs and bullies

lose faith in face of screaming panic wildness,

meeting defiance with defiance,

rather than a restraining hug

and reassurance that we are all in this together,

keep the faith that Left’s purpose will find peace

in Right’s iconic


coincidental harmonizing

universal mindfulness

of light’s full-octave purity,

transparent Yang

emerging from dark Yin balancing

nature’s diverse systemic frequencies of form and  function.


When yang swings left,

flex right yin,

and vice versa.

Repeat regeneratively.



Yang, for mute Yin.