TruePeace v WarPropaganda

Without freedom of LeftSing soulful
and RightWing sacred
copassionate expression

And without freedom
of multiculturally mediated
contextually intelligent press
and bicameral push
and bipartisan pull of ecopolitical
ecofeminist critical analysis

We will continue Business As Usual
StraightWhiteMale privileged
LeftBrain prejudice
that War is more powerful
than unenlightened
benighted EarthPeace
and bihemispheric Love
and Health/Wealth Integrity

And deeply, widely synergetic
NonViolent Win/Win Communicating CoRelationships.

So kinda difficult
to successfully promote interdependent
restorative justice fraternity

And even more unlikely
to successfully promote intersectional
Open WholeSystemic
indigenous EarthWisdom
green inter-religious sorority

Between competing nations
of Anthro-MonoSupremacists

MonoTheistically enculturing
and colonizing PatriCapitalist

of Win/Lose HiStoric Aggression.

Without Win/Win freedom
and copassionate bicameral funding priorities
for multicultural healthcare mediation,

and a wealthier
indigenously wiser
EarthView health resonant
robust order
are unlikely to
wealth resiliently succeed

Within this Here and Now
nonviolently communicating EarthTribe
trying to keep our ecofeminist dreams
of surviving,
possibly even green thriving,
war climate RightWinging v LeftRinging

spectral singing
Great ReWeaving
EarthPeace Anthems
this rapidly
vapidly climate climaxing
aggressively viral challenging

War Proposing
we all sink apart
rather than sing to gather
in this
our PureWhite
Patriarchal Propaganda Pandemonic


The Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee released the following power analysis behind their decision to award the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, with a courageous Price, to Maria Rossa and Dmitry Muratov.

“Without freedom of expression and freedom of the press, it will be difficult to successfully promote fraternity between nations, disarmament and a better world order to succeed in our time.”


Great White Father

About those anti-BadNewsMedia rallies
while our SouthWest is burning
and while our SouthEast is flooding
and wet windstorm conflagrating,
feeling the flamed-up wrath
of an angry EarthGoddess,

Why do you plant and nurture hate
and anger
against potential WinWin integral communicators?

Did it not once occur to you
to wonder why you chose to be elected
in this climate precarious time?

Why are you like BadNews zealously mendacious Saul
when we so obviously need a more integrated St. Paul?
Filled and overflowing with healthy integrity,
Holy Matriarchal Spirit-Nature.

Your mockery
and tongue-lashing
and transparent ego-promotion
will not help one child
recall what a great job you did
while made in U.S. of A. family homes
and forests are burning
longer and stronger
every devolutionary decade.

Your egotism
and anthropocentrism
further inflame climate disasters
and absence of accessible health care,
cooperatively given as received,
and healthy wealth of economic and politically reasonable reassurance
that, together,
as a healthy bicameral democracy,
we can rebuild this co-dominating
co-operative constitutional
integrity we so redemptively WinWin need

We need to gather to heal Earth’s climates,
not to destroy them
with bad attitude and vilifying pathologies
rather than gratitude and health-wealth celebrations
to restore justice and invite cooperatively owned peace
into ego/eco-centered green health hearts
and wealth societies
reforesting our WinLose deserts,

resolve our storming desserts
for past hubris
of Great White Fathers
demanding missionary colonization
inflaming idolatrous hate
rather than inviting
our seas to still
our surviving trees to witness our worship.

One difference between you
and Barack Hussein
I notice you never mention:

You look at historical outcomes
for nature/spirit WinWin Native Americans
and gleefully declare
“They lost!”
Barack recalls those same disempowering outcomes
and sadly, yet more patriotically, notes
“We all lost.”

I wonder if the burning homes
and trees
can hear that terrifying empathic difference
for future integrity
of a mental and physical
mind and body
spiritual and natural healthy democracy.


FakeNews v Gospel Truths

Good news
grows healthy outward actions
from inward integrity attractions.

Pathological propaganda,
fake news,
grows conspiracies
and black magic outside my door,
From unconscious accidents of ignorant mistrust
and deliberately mendacious distrust.

Good news plantings,
fertilizing outcomes
harvest polycultures of healthy wisdom–
more good hope-filled news.

Fake news evermore outgrows paranoid
fake absence of historic news,
lack of weed discernment,
drought of PositivEnergy,
toxic salt and bleach
build sick subclimates,
monocultural worship
desecrating MotherEarth’s healthy karmic grace
with more red Ego Outrage,
anthro-centric bad win/lose business
trending toward lose/lose
absence of secular LeftTruth
and sacred RightBeauty

For example,
Today, in the USA,
declares FakeNews Incorporated,
Donald John saved everybody
in the whole world
from the horrors of Green EcoTherapeutic Cooperatives
restoring Health/Wealth News–
Positive organic energy
devaluing derision of evermore deflating
FakeNews competitions for market share.

AND Donald John saved no one
currently living on RealTime PlanetEarth
with contagious bliss of more Integrity
through RightBrain ego entertainments
observing adrenaline-soaked
over-heated competing subclimates
of pathological Fake Busyness
pushing nothing healthy–
merely more WinLose
trending toward LoseLose devolution,
counter-revolutionary absence of anything
PositivEnergy newsworthy.

Gospel narratives
grow healthy multicultural salvific actions
from Left with Right integrity attractions.