Powers of Integrity

Integrity can feel overwhelming
when compared to underwhelming

Nascent powers of joyful integrity
have emerged perhaps too late in life,
which feels sad,
at best bitterly happy
to take so long
to move from wounded child
into integral binomials

Like thinking universally
feels unitarian,
and global consciousness
grows interdependently intersectional
and even inter-religious,
and ecosystemic health
feeds polycultural joy
breeds polypathic integrity

Synergetic as win/win transpartisan
co-empathically felt
thoughts anticipating co-operative
happy dialogue

While economic co-investments
joyfully contribute
to shared green/blue
revolutionary political co-passions

religioning theological
regenerating ecological win/lose
wounded children
and win/win
joyfully healthy
quietly smiling elders

Feeling sensually sinful
thinking neuro-sensory soulful
silently smirking
sainted biosystems.


Sins of Our Fathers

In hindsight
I suspect my dad silently hoped,
secretly conceived,
vicariously needed his dream
I would become a multi-talented musician.

He said, No.
behind my mother’s gentle apron
strings of soft-voiced disappointment,
but also hidden within unspoken fear
of Catholic influence
when I was invited to join
The Vienna Boy’s Choir.

I was too young.
I would be missed–the farm was an absorbing enterprise.
I wasn’t ready.
They weren’t ready, yet,
to let go.

But, then offers of guitar
and piano
and trombone lessons,
and choir
and worship music leader
soon followed,
as if from straight white watered
and lied patriots
blessed by prize-giving patriarchs
who listened barely long enough
to hear I was marketably good
as an entertainer,
a professional,
not just another deep soul singer
or deeply soiled male dancer.


If I Could Take Time Back

If I could take it back
I would.
When I can bring you back
I will
make our bad word weapons disappear
so your heart and hope need not despair.

If I could repair your strong-heart soul
rich with vital confidence,
you can do this,
you can be this,
you are part of this,
in your way
which is a right way
for us to become with you,
you are doing this,
we are doing this together.

If I can take it back
I do
absorb our black ballistic tones
in minor tragic keys I aimed your way
out of my own fears
I can not love you fierce enough
to remember you must know
this extended Earth-stream has your back,
is your back,
together with you,
part of you,
always voting Yes for mutual wins,
where love embraces our shared hope
and not despair.

If you could catch this hope from me,
please do.


Earth Tribe

God was the child of Earth Goddess

The “I am not Other” voice

sometimes too loudly

sometimes with a question mark

in proto-history’s mind.


We are born of Earth Goddess Elders

our RNA Cell-ders

icons of Her graced ecology

warm wombed ionic nest

for growing bicameral polycultures

and peopled places growing permacultured.


Yang God emerged from Yin Goddess

as individuals self-refine through individuation

as revolutions self-refine through resolutions

as longing emerges toward belonging

as contention predicts contentment

as “I am not You!”

evolves re-adagio

“I am part of systemic nature’s regenerating EcoTribe.”


Both God and Goddess speak truly



where incarnate purpose

meets Original Intent’s meaning-filled soul,

basic polycultural attendance growing

compassionate mindfulness.

We hear them speak from left to right

and right to left

and back again,

reiterating hemispheric strings

developing dialogos bi-elliptical dreams.


This internal playful chatter

of Yang meets Yin,

ego discovering,

supereco uncovering,

a multisystemic integral therapy

rainbow hued

with song and dance abundantly harvested

and winnowed for¬†Goddess EarthTribe’s regeneration.


EgoSelf empowering,

genementors for Gaia’s

equi-peaceful Paradise.