Powers of Integrity

Integrity can feel overwhelming
when compared to underwhelming

Nascent powers of joyful integrity
have emerged perhaps too late in life,
which feels sad,
at best bitterly happy
to take so long
to move from wounded child
into integral binomials

Like thinking universally
feels unitarian,
and global consciousness
grows interdependently intersectional
and even inter-religious,
and ecosystemic health
feeds polycultural joy
breeds polypathic integrity

Synergetic as win/win transpartisan
co-empathically felt
thoughts anticipating co-operative
happy dialogue

While economic co-investments
joyfully contribute
to shared green/blue
revolutionary political co-passions

religioning theological
regenerating ecological win/lose
wounded children
and win/win
joyfully healthy
quietly smiling elders

Feeling sensually sinful
thinking neuro-sensory soulful
silently smirking
sainted biosystems.


Stalking Time

Time echoes and resonates without language,
invests in green triumphal backdrop
below misty blue sky
blossomed in yellows and spindling purples
blues and flaming orange,
fragile moments of fully fertile time,
flagrant erections of next generation’s hope
for full color life
perennially emerging time
through fields of green enraptured
brown soil and gray rocks
and weathered stretching darker bark
back further through time’s ringing core.

This summer’s newer time full color;
Elder time dressed in grays and browns
of dusk’s deeper hue and cry.

Time’s newer lexicon
laughs through children
camping near a still-slogging river,
flowing time toward surfing Sound
from mountains of older swaying,
silently caressing,
singing time of trees’
ripe summer leaves.

Newer times hum industry
in jetted skies
through rumbling valleys of human enterprise
swooshing lanes of hurry fueled time
rushed toward some end of prime,
planned, yet unprioritized.

Drumming heartbeat
surfing breath
occasional tummy rumbles,
older times of human space
thundering through subliminal octaves
of time’s unrolling memory.

New time smells green fragrance,
older organics fuel richer pungent payment
down into Earth’s old-timed infrastructure,
roots hunting her mysteriously flowing estuaries
floating broken platters of Earthtime’s universe creation,
rumbling thunder
warning of ancient slow-timed lightening.

Capturing time’s enrapturing voices
and visions
peering through silent black faced race
through space.
Knotted notched logged time
captured in this sacred place
gracefully crumbling time’s investment,
forgiven and redeemed in last fall’s brown bed
of leafy fading trace,
succumbing to terminating time’s
less aggressive metamorphic place
from logs reversing back into time’s landed space,
impervious to eyes noting her change of race
from convex branches to concave composts.

Time’s darker elder face
haunts richer wisdom
but often fails to find just and righteous pace
for dominating white cultured mind
to find
and recognize.
Elder darker’s timing rhythm
speaks best through white hearts’ new-time memory,
transparently dark embedded cultural time
emerged as new found discovery
recovery through youngish light
most resonantly resolved
through time’s polyculturing brightest night.

Fear of dark raced time
begins with my own white placed skin
accepting time’s inevitable dark embrace
within full-colored humanely timed race,
to see my wilting face
drawn back into time’s dark souled core
dying into light’s progenitor
once more
dark never-enough-right-time supremacy
through dark purgation’s non-anthrocentric palatial door
toward dark time’s eternal color rhapsodic place.

Time’s song and dance
through nonexistential space,
my voice
our opera
time’s co-passion story.


CoRedemptive Miracle

If you are asking me to forgive you
for being born human,
for the sins of making ignorant,
and often habitual,
mistakes of judgment and understanding,
for your lack of compassion and empathy,
for your cognitive and affective and effective dissonance,
for your part in our shared investment
in a cultural pool of violence,
mutual domination assumptions of win-lose logistics,
both intentionally and accidentally causing yourself to suffer,
others to suffer and become angry,
and hate,
and despair,
and wilt,
and develop climate-control issues,
and extinguish;
if you are asking me to forgive you
for sometimes doing more than your fair share of mayhem,
then of course my answer is “Yes!”

Especially if you might forgive me
for the errors of my pathological ways.
If this could be a cooperative double-binding kind of transaction
of mutual forgiveness for sins already committed
and those still on their way,
then this might serve a mutually redemptive dynamic,
as well as mutual mentoring cooperative investment
all in one compost pile of coincidental enrichment.

But, while this is all fine and good,
you do not need my fore-giveness
nor can I participate in your redemptive investments
of life,
of time,
of resources,
of positive healthy sustainable relationships,
in your stead,
nor you in mine.
My capacity to fore-give,
to invest in redemptive right relationship,
is limited not only by my own passioning capacity,
my ability and range of empathy,
but also by your own committed ability to empathize with,
identify fully with yourself,
your significant and also less significant others,
whether human or some other self-organizing
self-regenerative systemic form and force of nature.

like investment and karmic redemption of pay-it-forward commitment
to future hope of positive relationship,
begins as an internal economy
and grows out into Earth’s natural
systemic ecology of cooperative relationship
intention and practice.
You need not compete for my fore-giveness
any more than you could dominate in earning
what best remains a zero-sum free market exchange
of mutual regard,
and hope,
and trust,
positive investment is also negative disinvestment
from further harm,
dissonant dominating win-lose strategies.
This is basic Hippocratic Oath mutual mentorship.

To do no harm
we must at least intend no harm
in actions,
An optimally redemptive economy,
equitable return-to-zero-balance forgiveness
of your investments,
is also a balancing return toward zero-sum win-win ecology of grace.

I can only be your redeemer
if you are your own redeemer,
returning Time’s investment in choosing to continue evolving,
your DNA potential since conception.
We are each coincidental co-redeemers,
redeeming Elder Time’s DNA regenerative investment
in our interdependent,
polypathic prime bicameral relationship
from past generations of Time,
carnating future’s regeneration
of our cooperative id-entity season.

You are your holonic subset
of nature’s informating existence,
conscious of your Time’s regenerating
and dissonant neural memories;
there, fore-given at birth, you know your redeemer lives.

If you’re asking me how I know my redeemer lives,
because my Eco-Time’s cooperative relational
(coincidental) investments
in this ego-ionic id-entity
of left-right neural balance
sing this song of miraculous co-harmony.

Dedicated to Joy


Regenerating Tao

What does our Elder suggest

for regenerative incarnation,

for socioeconomic



change of values,

growth toward inclusive diversity,

away from exclusive monopoly,

toward resilience,

buoyant sustenance,

rich nutrients,

permacultured polycultures?

I began learning from extended families

as a fetal cocoon,

receiving positive nutritional values

through Yin-Mother’s milky secretions

absorbed and transforming

this new EarthTribe creation.

Mother’s milk followed an extended plasma pilgrimage,

double-parabolic enfolding and unfolding,

covering and discovering,

longing and belonging,

intergeneration back to her original nuclear

non-self-acidic abundant confluence intent,

shared cellular mutually subsidiary default,

to recognize Self as living,


transformating cocoon

potential and fulfilled,

echoing memories of Self as time continued,

only capable of willing to continue within this Boundary Self

teleological, existential, phenomenological, analogical,

permanently eco-logical universe.

I grow Not-Other environmental awareness,

shedding dissonant immunity paradigms and frequencies,

re-prehending primal physical and gravitational

mutually positive flow

weaving together temporal flow with digital in-formation,

analogically spacetime positive functional trend.

Only free to choose this life fulfilling at this time,

free to choose to continue choosing

memory or not, or both together,

a choice of freedom already optimized

in each just-now-possible eternal moment.

More recently, our scent of extended family

grows exponentially across species,

traversing Earth,

extending back to Elder trees,

hierarchically binomial neural organisms,

temporally and ergetically,

and stardust plasma flowing

gravitationally waving linear embracing structures,

and forward swelling into future generations

already born as seeds in advent’s uncracked wombs,

Yang forced urgent critical need,

diastolic then diastatic,

folding in and opening out,


Wiser questions,

healthier and more humane:

Who do I most want

each other to become

right now

in this sustainably optimizing relationship

of becoming Tao?

What do I expect of Self and Other,

not just one or the other,

what responsibility, shared authority,

mutually gratuitous subsidiarity,

cooperative economy,

rooted in balanced peace and justice,

systematic religioning ecologos,

but mostly love?


Naked Tree Roots

During summer leaves fill in each tree’s outline,

a green cloud of camouflage identity,

within a fluttering sea of interdependent flowing, blowing leaves,

breathing in and out,

pulling up sap from well-composted roots of fertile wealth,

pushing out oxygen–hydrogen bath for air.


But, in the fall, calico coats float to the ground,

leaving naked each tree’s individual trunk,

pointing graceful branched individuality toward its own bimorphically latticed progenitor,

its hidden root system

who’s purpose disappears without comprehending beauty,


the majestic dignity of each tree’s syncretic meaning in our planet’s atmosphere,

lungs for Mother Earth.

Yet this Tree of Life’s understory grows down and in toward Earth’s warm womb,

as if reaching for a dark-limned sky,

roots toward past searching strings of information down, down, out, back to our dawn of light,

and space,

and this bicameral self-perpetuating tree iconic Universe.


In Fall of abundantly fertile grace,

this vision opens for all to see,

each naked tree reverse-rooted,

growing up,

still reaching toward light of sun,

Yin-Mother Earth concavely pushes up

wrapped within each root to become hard formed,

to receive Father Sky’s teasing caress,

to shamelessly embrace all who breathe.


As Earth’s blanket of summer’s Yang-fullness subsides,

leaves fall,

and Yin-limned standing shadows inform,

interdependently erect,

roots intertwined,

polyculturing yolk embedded,

while a visceral gray army of forested Elders wave

creaking and groaning during winter’s stark-naked cold breeze,


shriveling seeds hibernating dreams of warmth dawn spring.


Our permacultured purpose lavishly exposed with redundant Tree of Life icons,

graced roots pushing up karmic development,

evolving and resolving seasonally,

each one a zero-sum development from seed-skin,

covering internal format-rooted precisely the same within each species,

diversifying across our polycultured global forest floor and sea.


If humane nature chooses to rejoin the natural balance of Elder trees,

then we may realize this explicated polynomial positive Information,


does indeed equal

implicated negative (Yin-concave) metaphysically intuited mythic narrative string.

DNA-encoded limitations inhibit irrational boundary issues,

we respond to chronic dissonance between Left-Right hemispheric sensory receptors autistically,

frequency code prime relationship standards confused,

thirsty for thermodynamic 4-dimension based,

prime temporal progenitive,

Hilbert spacetime valued form and function,

an explicating convex skin covering magnetic polar


through heart, lungs, mind,

this autonomic information system enthymematically shies,

intuited within and before each hunch

rooted in balanced resonance,


patterns of fit with biometrically analogous experience.


Our sideways “8” eternity symbol

iconic of our Left and Right universes for optimizing life,

bicameral icon eyes grow equi-dimensional.

Production of trees and forests,

seas and polycultural systems

explain the meaning of nature’s phenomenally rooted regenerative system.


YangTree: Hi. Positive polynomial up here. What’s your name?

YinTree: Not-Polynomial Negatively in-grown rooting system?

Yang: Of course, so sorry to extrude,

but who are you, I could notice, speaking positively?

Yin: Not You, yet including your resonant memory string of EarthSelves used to be,

and Self becoming once again,

crossing regenerative Spring’s permaculture threshold.


Tao of Universal Maintenance

We are permacultured children of our

Elder Gods and Goddesses.

The Goddess voice within,

nurturing our peace-filled hearts.

The God voice without

speaking through rhythms and patterns

frequencies and functions,

metrics and symbols,

longings and belongings,

longing before language

even before sight,

when “Other”s voice

covered mind-filled aptic Being.


The God voice says

“I am not Other!”

The Goddess voice reminds

“Shall we regenerate each Other?”


And, so it is we rejoin our Elder pilgrimage

conclude our Yangish detour,

re-connect the Oracles

from whom we descend

toward whom we ascend

through left/right-brained research mission accomplishing.


To comprehend our meaning

we would understand positive purpose

dis-covering Other’s logos voice


re-joining what deduction temporarily,



a necessary dominance now outgrown,

toward optimizing comprehensive integrity

of synergy with love,

longing with belonging,

God voice with Goddess graced ecology of mythos,

Yang with Yin.


To re-member RNA’s prime temporally unfolding code

where +U was God

and -C is always Goddess

is not idolatry

so much as Elder Wisdom worship.


We are a polycultured bicameral species

re-covering our sanity,

sustained Golden Rule replacing

pledged allegiance:

I respond with and to others,

regardless of species,

whether I am predisposed to them as “positive” or “negative,”

whether they are alive in this moment,

or in the past,

or in the future,

as I want to be inclusively,



and sustainably treated,

I interdependently and integrally develop our economy,

an ecology of positive vocation and play

communication and comprehension

optimizing our potential abun-dance

as globally polycultured

and eco-balanced players

and singers,

story-tellers and dancers.


Listening to my adolescent sons

I learn to see their world,

an unfairly disturbing alienating place

that has no space or grace for them,

a dirty duty toxic bug-filled threat

best kept outside locked door

with interior womb-like lit by world-wide monitor

and games for joining with each other

this tournament of vast cooperation.

Where “I” am U

and U can -C “me.”


No time to hide,

the God and Goddessed Elders

are justly remembering

their mutually dancing roots.


When hungry [+0=Yang],

dig for tender roots [-1=Yin].

As U becomes C

and C becomes U

graceful dance of generativity.