Masters of Association

“My decision
is not any negative reflection
on you.
It’s not personal.”

This would be a Business School graduate,
meaning, if it is personal,
then it is not political or economic.

“It’s your decision,
for you to personally
and responsibly make.”

This would be a Social Work graduate,
or maybe some variety of therapist,
recognizing that what is personal choice
is also political, empowering or disempowering,
and possibly economic investment or divestment.

What is personal,
like what is political,
is about power
and vested interest,
even if short-term.

“Our decisions
about who runs for office,
who votes which way,
who nominates whom and why,
are matters of individual conscience.”

If this statement
is made by someone in political office,
who knows?
Maybe s/he gets it
that personal is also political,
that individual organic corporations
are also economic actors and investors,
or not.

So, what do you think?
What is your personal preference?
The Business Party view,
segregating personal faith
from political powers of relationship,

Or the Social Worker model
of power analysis,
individual through global,
competitive through cooperative,
personal through ecopolitical.

I suppose this is at least one reason,
my Republican colleagues,
when I was in a Master of Public Administration (MPA) program,
found the cultural distance
from a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program
while the Democrats
and Green Party students
found differences between MPA
and MBA cultures
cooperative v competitive,
looking for Win/Win resonance
as opposed to searching for Win/Lose
ZeroSum endless growth of market share.

If all organic energy systems
are also ecopolitical communicators,
then we all have ecotherapeutic opportunities;

Some great,
some small,
but all one moment,
one message,
one relationship,
one rhetorical association
at a personal political time.


Love of Earth History

Love of history
commences a health and pathology journey
toward totalitarian terror
and unitarian awareness,
fragmented numbness of prey
and integral consciousness
of co-empathically benign predators
casing out

Framing one Earth-rhetorical spiraling event
within which herstory
of commodified
and domesticating victims
remains too unlargely untold
to optimize healthy climate trends.

Each spatially boundaried community,

and what would a multiculturing organic community become
without an unstable, yet robust, boundary?

knock it off,
you’re messin’ with my flow…

Each spatially boundaried community
and each temporal regeneration
is a revolving rhetorical event,
often oscillating between left-brain dominance
through predative dualism,

From right brain herstoric
domestic security prominence
and ecofeminist patrol,
praying for secular/sacred nondual matriarchal awareness,
co-passions yang and yin restoried,
virtue valued,
and not so much viciously devalued

Historically between RightWing loyalist redcoats
and LeftWing patriotic bluecoats,
compassion constitution composers
scripture writers and healthy wealth translators
speakers and listeners
patriarchs and matriarchs

Contrasts between economically privileged protectionists
and eco/theo-logically co-empowered
egalitarian liberationists.

Each story
year of mutually regenerating health seasons,

Each predator/prey
healer/habitat-habitual-healing day,
each dream
each image
each memory
each memory of a fading feeling-thought
a rhetorical historical event
which begins with noticing a spiritually developing subject
and our objective natural stage

Earth framing sacred reverence
revering historical political egos
in our economic ecological win/win health habitat,
this primal evolving compassionate consciousness
communing between self today
and other
yesterday’s tomorrow now

Choosing primal graced win/wins
and, when confronted, often settling for win/lose,
left or right,
ego or eco,
self or other,
humanity or divinity,
Either/Or or Both/And
fragmentation or contrasting mutual sublimation,

And, when defeated,
tolerating detached nihilistic lose and lose,
left and right,
ego and eco,

If not yet totally planet
and people
and plants
and soil
and water
and air
dead today,
all that much more likely to collapse tomorrow.

What good is an objective ego
without even one subjectively sympathetic eco-stage?

Who could invent humanity
without first feeling historic divinity?
CoPassioned attachment as ancient as umbilical cords
and DNA strings

Herstoric strands of historical win/win rhetorical events
take the epic story
and globally interdependent changing web of life
stretching out regenerational identity
eager for exploring
curious perennial attachments to past
seasons of generations
and future potential integrity
of well-timed space place
in-between left and right co-rhetorical events,
changing herstoric bilateral story

Veering away from lose/lose
irrationally feels and feeds chaos
entropically off
into dual dark dispassions

Wondering how such an unlikely rhetorical
spiritual event
as Earth’s curious history
could have ever not not become
wealth of health’s inter-grateful
DNA/RNA structures
staging spiral/fractal
spirit/natures feeling rhetorically
dialogical potential,

and not not polyculturally neurological
health-logically resilient
persevering history
co-passionate bicameral herstory

When and where eternally resilient eco-life
is also not not timelessly
breathlessly compassionate ego-death.


7 Grain God

In my 7 Grain ecosystemic theology
God is ProGeneOctave Time
evolving transparent light
revealing Earth’s day and night languages,
rhetorical events unfolding daily
photosynthetic fertile rich regenerative temporal balance,
bilateral prime (0)-soul intentions
toward a diastatic (0)Mega PolyCultural Climax
of DNA/RNA thermodynamic dipolar solidarity,
Yang co-arising with Yin co-gravitational Tao wu wei syntax.

I suppose this falls under some label:
Polyculturally Diastatic Panentheistic Evolutionary Creation Story of Healthy ReGenerativity within NatureSpirit EcoSystemic Rhetorical Growth and Decay Events.

That’s cumbersome, at best, for entitling polycultural nutrition-time,
political as economic
as eco-normic
as eco-logically comprehending EarthTribes,
evolving natural energy of RNA/DNA BiLateral Light/DualDark
eco-root systemic
poli-economic co-arising forms with strong flow-functions.

Yet, actual RealTime experience of becoming enlightened ecoconscious god-events
of light and dark
and time as timeless liturgical syntax,
awareness of EarthTime rhetorical-contextual unfolding,
merging through shared prime-relational dialects
transcending secondary paradigms and spatial power-structures,
ego-culture’s aggressive competition to control labels and titles and history,
rooted in Left brain egocentric dominant enculturation of language
rather than choosing
Left-Right is to Yang-Yin TaoTime Balance
as PolyCultural Time is to Not(Not PolyCultural) DiPolar ReverseTemporal
Fractal (0)-square rooted
God of Black Hole
through TransParent Enlightenment Revolution Time N(0)W.

I need to reiterate this rhetorical message.
One more revolution,
or maybe two to four,
for overemphasis,
if not ruminative stuckness.
I am not saying
I am a God-event
any more or less
than I am saying
you are a God-event.

I am saying
we can comprehend our regenerative Right/Left bicameral brainbody eco-centers
fully and sustainably
only through shared cooperative relationship, transactions, interdependent integrity
with at least one other polyculturally bicameral balancing mindbody.

Ego-anthro centric enlightenment
cannot rise to fully absorb eco-centric ecoconsciousness of love
in absence of co-arising cooperative, ecologically balancing, healthy love
of each rhetorical incarnation,
filled with wondrous light and dualdark demons.

In my polyculturally systematic God-event
I eco-worship Time’s SelfConsciousness
of Earth as Light/Dark CoPresent
within each individual
within each species
within each space
within each place
within all bilaterally co-arising nondual Time.

Politically and economically together,
we are Earth Time’s opportunity
to choose this time of climaxing revolution
of harmonizing our ecoconscious culture,
our global cooperative networking rhetorical event,
economic program,
political agenda,
evolving square-rooted in (0)-interest soul ZenTao Time.

No one person is able to fully experience ego as a God-event
just as no person is an island.
Together, we are emerging our God of BiLateral Time Revolution,
permacultural designs with cooperative poli-economic implications
for fertile polycultural conversations,
healthy events,
and cultural outcomes of regenerativity,
with low maintenance and insurance,
taxation and financing risks and costs and loss,
lower climatic disease and drama risks for future global regenerations.

God of Time’s logos-voice sings to me in mythic dialects
reweaving network stories of polypathic light
as notnot dualdark LoseLose monocultural might.
Why suboptimize
when together we can all belove us all?

Why design our God-event
with any image that could not regenerate our light together?


EcoTribal Dreams

I am,

Identity insists.

We are,

Individuation explains.


We are,

beat heart, breathe lungs, bicamerals brain,

this coincidental life, this day, this moment;

implied positive potentiality nesting within tomorrow,

and next moment,



communication strings and strains

informing life,

exforming death,

transforming life

as fractal-cultured compost.


Myth refines,

Logos defines;

while Yin and Yang make hoopy-swoopy,

wavilinear strings of QBit formating confidence.


Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Heron’s Re-Ligioning Response

As Dr. Beaver was so laboriously trying to say, life is a rhetorical field of potential relationship strings, diastatically enfolding, emerging from monocultural boundaries precessively and binomially, as enthymematic self-regenerative communication/information strings, coded and decoded and recoded in our bicameral information processors. There are external and internal rhetorical fields, eisegetical and exegetical. These can lead to endosymbiotic or ectosymbiotic evolution of the species, paradigm, population, or person.

Enthymematic communication outcomes are sustained, healthy relationships, characterized by peace and justice, mindfulness, mutual gratitude and compassion. The Permacultured Golden Rule is amply applied by all parties in these rhetorical re-ligioning string–communities and conversations and cultures. Each life, moment, person, day, unfolds within a rhetorical field of potential relationships. Some seeds sprout roots in confluently permacultured nutrient balanced, and enriched soil, others, well….not so much.

And yet the diastatic Codex within each seed is itself (0) Core vectored and binomially strictioned, 4-Based RNA development responsive, appreciative, endosynergetically poised for enthymematic overtures from confluent nutrition streams, through tender square-rooted tendrils reaching toward optimal positive confluent sources of continuing light. Some root systems must be much more robust, resilient, indigenously, intuitively adept toward permacultured wealth deposits due to barren environmental soil conditions of birth. We call this poverty and its experience as one of living on the margins of survive-to-thrive, or not; marginalization. That’s why all religions advocate that everybody just needs to do the best s/he can and why we expect more of those who have more.  These are reverse views of the same balanced peace and justice standard.

Enthymematically engorged seeds tend to produce more robust and resilient strings of development,

branches on the Eternal Moment’s incarnated Tree of Life;

this moment now,

this life and place here,

that community of relationships over there,

supporting a cultured self-identity,

an individuated info/communication string/branch from permacultured roots,


and nutritious soil,

producing flexible and full-hearted compassion

and mindful string plant-systems



with new moments,




nutritious relationships,



creation of flowered abundance,

ectosymbiotically fertilized by a grateful synergy of need and desire

for flower’s seeds of regeneration,

falling to enrich nutrient soils,

feeding the next generation’s permacultured revolution

within our universally shared

rhetorically eternal

field of synergetic permacultured strings,



cross-rooted in value-seeded,

(0)-soul informed

therapeutically enriched soil.


Finally got to the dirty part….