Orthodox Experiences

I was bruised by dogmatically non-evangelical
Christ monotheistic Jehovah judgmental bad faith
of divine powers
equally entitled
to generously create love
and selfishly act out of jealousy
divine punishment for unfaithful sins
of worship omission
and secularizing commission

Prescribed by the inspired
and kleptocratically negotiated
and Latin
and English transubstantiations
of AnthroSupremacist visions
and singing
and dancing
in white male dominant translations

Royal capital is holy
next to divine monopolistic inspiration
of presumably omniscient sacred values
captured by scribes
and conserved by councils
of presumably straight white orthodox
literate males
representing ecclesial royalty

Featuring Jewish Saul
turned Christ Active Revivalist Paul
writing self-governance purification letters
suggesting that ecclesial rituals
of a polytheistic sensual nature
are the opposite
of our most monotheistic spiritual
yet HolySpirit EarthMatriarchal mindful
sacred panentheistic experiences.

I am also more metaphysically resonant
as a YangNatural/YinSpiritual co-passion Taoist
believing through deep listening
to my (and possibly our)
deepest restorative regenerous justice
Yang/Yin co-operative communication intentions
throughout male/female co-investing reproductive
cause-effect linear days
and co-empathic
regeneratively resilient
lunar recircling nights

yintegral humane sexuality
as our deepest,
and best sacred sensory practice
positive synergy practice
health wealthing practice
till we get ourselves
Yang in and Yintegral out
depolarizing balance
resiliently Left/Right
resonant dialogical praxis

co-passionate Left/Right
internal/external communionation
verbally positive thoughts
and metaphysical theories
about nonverbal healthy felt
nonviolent physical feelings.


Oh Sweet Mystery

Said Earth’s Oceanic Therapist
to Heaven’s Meditation Master,

aparting meditation
naturally exhales
toward inhaling wet green co-passion
dipolar communions
following appositive surfing inquisitions
of courageously resilient undercurrents
for co-arising curiosity.

craving an orgiastic climax
dipolar warm and welcome baptizing

Without first give and taking turns
active working,
listening and speaking
nonviolent foreplay
co-passioning cooperative intent,

Is like going to church,
singing Bach’s Alleluia Chorus
before getting back into our aparting cars
and trucks,
trains and planes,
ready for another exhaustive
sexless secular week
of win/lose devolutionary weakness,

Said Earth’s sex therapist
to Heaven’s green communion liturgist.


Classroom Loser

She intended to teach history
of philosophy,
but no history-buffed
economic or political listening philosophers signed on.

So, s/he decided to try
an empowerment class on ecological
and historical interrelationships
as found in systematic multicultural theology,
but no polycultural theologians
with divine win/win synergetic communication experience
came to actively listen
to and for each sacred Others’ feeling

So, s/he offered a space
for polypathically cooperative economists
to speak ecosystemically
among our nutritional health-networking selves,
as both teachers and listeners,
speakers and readers,
but too late–
All her potential consumer/producers
were busily writing
and marketing their own autonomously competing passions
and dispassions,
posting multi-sensory courageous
and curious selfies.

So, s/he opened a blogsite
to facilitate sharing and telling
compassionate historical creation stories
of ecological
theologically multicultural
mutually cooperative WholeEarth-gaming communication

And that was the last robust ecopolitical co-investment
and first we’ve heard
from him and her
ego and eco
left and right
western capitalistic patriarchal culture
still speaking evangelically up and out
with yang-outdoor bipolar shouting privileged voices,
and eastern compassionate inside
healing dipolar co-arising
feeling/thinking choices.

Although now lost in complexity
of robust nutritional life,
I’m fairly sure
EarthMother originally intended to teach history
of emotion-listening philo/sophia,
but no history-buffed
bilaterally listening philo-sophiers signed on
to notice her diverse sensory-neural climates.


Love of Earth History

Love of history
commences a health and pathology journey
toward totalitarian terror
and unitarian awareness,
fragmented numbness of prey
and integral consciousness
of co-empathically benign predators
casing out

Framing one Earth-rhetorical spiraling event
within which herstory
of commodified
and domesticating victims
remains too unlargely untold
to optimize healthy climate trends.

Each spatially boundaried community,

and what would a multiculturing organic community become
without an unstable, yet robust, boundary?

knock it off,
you’re messin’ with my flow…

Each spatially boundaried community
and each temporal regeneration
is a revolving rhetorical event,
often oscillating between left-brain dominance
through predative dualism,

From right brain herstoric
domestic security prominence
and ecofeminist patrol,
praying for secular/sacred nondual matriarchal awareness,
co-passions yang and yin restoried,
virtue valued,
and not so much viciously devalued

Historically between RightWing loyalist redcoats
and LeftWing patriotic bluecoats,
compassion constitution composers
scripture writers and healthy wealth translators
speakers and listeners
patriarchs and matriarchs

Contrasts between economically privileged protectionists
and eco/theo-logically co-empowered
egalitarian liberationists.

Each story
year of mutually regenerating health seasons,

Each predator/prey
healer/habitat-habitual-healing day,
each dream
each image
each memory
each memory of a fading feeling-thought
a rhetorical historical event
which begins with noticing a spiritually developing subject
and our objective natural stage

Earth framing sacred reverence
revering historical political egos
in our economic ecological win/win health habitat,
this primal evolving compassionate consciousness
communing between self today
and other
yesterday’s tomorrow now

Choosing primal graced win/wins
and, when confronted, often settling for win/lose,
left or right,
ego or eco,
self or other,
humanity or divinity,
Either/Or or Both/And
fragmentation or contrasting mutual sublimation,

And, when defeated,
tolerating detached nihilistic lose and lose,
left and right,
ego and eco,

If not yet totally planet
and people
and plants
and soil
and water
and air
dead today,
all that much more likely to collapse tomorrow.

What good is an objective ego
without even one subjectively sympathetic eco-stage?

Who could invent humanity
without first feeling historic divinity?
CoPassioned attachment as ancient as umbilical cords
and DNA strings

Herstoric strands of historical win/win rhetorical events
take the epic story
and globally interdependent changing web of life
stretching out regenerational identity
eager for exploring
curious perennial attachments to past
seasons of generations
and future potential integrity
of well-timed space place
in-between left and right co-rhetorical events,
changing herstoric bilateral story

Veering away from lose/lose
irrationally feels and feeds chaos
entropically off
into dual dark dispassions

Wondering how such an unlikely rhetorical
spiritual event
as Earth’s curious history
could have ever not not become
wealth of health’s inter-grateful
DNA/RNA structures
staging spiral/fractal
spirit/natures feeling rhetorically
dialogical potential,

and not not polyculturally neurological
health-logically resilient
persevering history
co-passionate bicameral herstory

When and where eternally resilient eco-life
is also not not timelessly
breathlessly compassionate ego-death.


Listening for Healthier Scripts

I know,
in both head
and anemic heart,
other climate healers
right here and now,
compassion theaters
across Earth’s internationalized space
and throughout tribal time
breathe integrity’s potential
feeling out and in there and here
somewhere close
and somewhere far
across Earth’s polluted oceans,

Yet my own everyday
immediate family relationships
neither speak nor hear
anything of this cooperative win/win integrity.

What am I?
What are we
listening to instead?

Internal climates of despair
about outside long-weathered detachment,

Win/Lose competitive commodification of life,
evolution of ego-expansion,
anthro-history hubris of detachment,
now rabidly fragmenting
into organic ecosystemic empires
of self-isolated would-be communicators
for and against our future experiential lose/lose outcomes,
or maybe win/lose, though highly unlikely,
in a ZeroSum,
winner takes all, capitalized Wealth economy,
or maybe win/win personal and public
economic and ecological
political and empowering prospects
of secular/sacred integrity scripts

Regenerative transcriptions
still powering with
not not degenerative inscriptions

To Lose exterior nature, is to Lose interior spirit;
To Lose secular faith, is to Lose sacred hope;
To Lose integral health, is to Lose integrity wealth;

To Lose RightWing Win/Lose zealous zero-zone dominance,
is to Lose LeftWing ego-liberated,
not interdependently ecocentric,
climate health EarthTribe prominence.

To Win/Win
breathes in and out transubstantiation,
just this here and now,
appositional cooperative,
secular/sacred compassion.

such lack of re-attaching courage
to give voice to feeling needy
for shared compassion
with each other,
within our families, extended and nuclear,
within ourselves, eco-big and ego-small,
as with Earth’s exterior healthier climate
prospects for future familial regenerators
of all species,
and parties,
and local communities,
and global universities
of ecological/theological inter-relationships.


Meta-Poly ReGenerative Paths

Verbal thoughts of LeftBrain polynomials
follow feelings not not RightBrain polyphonic
when both respect our interdependent polypaths,

Because harmonic feelings,
unlike thoughts of flight or fight,
are much more fleeting
effluently failing and fading away,
while midway winning and gaining toward
RightBrain autonomically faster than plodding LeftBrain calculations
labeling stagnations
enthymematically static staging stations.

Slower LeftBrain thoughts,
but in-between manically
and depressingly essential
for healing obsessive Win/Lose fighting words against non-verbal actions
and compulsive Lose to Win another day-fleeing absence
of effective Win/Win polypathic thoughts
and cooperatively communicating eco-political responses

Resolutions toward geo-empowering/disempowering climates
of internal/external polynomial healthy bilateral
Zero SoulZones
of EarthRights life,
not EgoWrong death,
chosen bicamerally Win/Win wealthy health

Where verbal LeftBrain thoughts and non-verbally hearted feelings polyphonic
follow RightBrain temporal healthy/pathological feelings
not yet polynomially balanced
and yet not not truly
and synergetically polypathic
nutritional DNA’s long-term healthy wealth
optimizing integrity’s thought/feeling potential.


Here As Now

Yang is polypathic health-strength Here,
ego-convexly witnessed,
while Yin revolves Earth’s Four thermodynamic spiraling seasons,
together Zero-tempered wu-wei Sacred Now
within Earth’s cooperative natured Here.

As Positive Polynomial (1)
is to dualdark (not,not) Polypathic-Polyphonic [-,-=(+,-)] fractal bilateral) 0
WinWin ReGenerative-CoOperative EcoPolitics,
TitHere for/of/with/over/under co-arising nondual TatNow.

This primal relationship,
within each 0-sum moment,
within MotherEarth’s sacred ecology
projects both back through Elder RightBrain interdependence
and LeftBrain’s secular-agnostic mistrust
of futures not yet hoped for,
of pasts now underground
with worms and RNA root systems
in a cognitive-affective dissonant understoried world
where only above ground anthro-centered lives matter,
while below, as above, grows fading pathological climates
of dualdark clouds and dusts and rusts
while we remain both secular Left
and Sacred Right
talking past each other,
rather than speaking through
Prime PolyCulturing EcoTones,
anthro-salient as sacred bicameral Earth,
as above,
so below,
as past,
so shall we become
and notnot become future EcoHarmonic.




FireGod’s Rings of Silence

Speaking Peer2Peer,

I belong within syntax
speaking summer’s sappy silence;
ringing resonant rising revolutions,
enthymematic resolutions with round revolving reach,
risk relaxing
full-octave riot,
quiet content consonance,
storming streams of deeply primal systems,
sentient strings of formation
adventing SuperEco’s
TransIt Regenerating Story,
advent’s stealthy camouflage adventure
deep despair diving to undive again,
diastolic drifting back and up
and out beyond sonorous super-surfing seasons
sweeping flight to gather night’s global might,
speaking starlight slyly depth dreaming
down steaming volcanoed channels
reaching vortex roots of echo-listening,
(0) superational

Truly and Justly shout diastatic enchantment
beloving contention churning
charring future’s compost toward evolution’s content-ment,
informating reasoned interdependent seasons
fine and far purposed meanings
boiling trim prime channel tipping
turning spinning dissonant waves
spilling bipolar surf of Tao balancing Yang/Yin iconic looping octaves
revolving temperamental PrimeTransParent
dipolar examinations and bicameral analysis
strategies and games
prime bionic-balance correlating
ecologically cooperative economy.

Straining Yang TransIt from West toward East
reversing Yin SuperEcho sweeps back
eco-ing East through West,
RightMindBody thru LeftLens Dialects of Bilaterally Light (+)/Dark(-,-)Normed
like longing lingering eternal binomial entity
loitering leisurely languish within alpha-belonging,
becoming being,
TransIt’s SuperEco,
Yin’s right spins left-absent
good’s eviL entropy
wrestling Live organic voices
murmuring co-intelligence
pulsing resystemorphing,
messaging massaging rhythm’s blood flows
flying nutrient prime nucleic frequencies
echoing past IdEntities
of stormy still-dancing
through memory’s operatic veins
and rivers swan swollen,
Spring’s raucous
raw-cussing roaring
songs singing
silent ringing.

TransIt ring belongs
spoken diastasive,
Balance Beloving SuperEcoOctave.

Binomial Balancing
Being (0) Tao


CoRevolving Cohen Bodhisattva Presence

“When you recognize yourself to be a very small part of a complex,
multidimensional process,
and see how almost every aspect of that experience
has been produced
by what has come before,
it becomes increasingly difficult
to see yourself
as a completely unique individuated entity.

This perspective ultimately reveals that the separate self-sense
is nothing more than an illusion of uniqueness,
created moment by moment
through our compulsive habit
of personalizing almost every thought,
and sensation we have.”

“When you recognize yourself to be a very small part of a complex,
[0 square root timelessly]-expanding,
multi[ecoBilateralTimesystemic regeneratively therapeutic positive-outcome] process,
and see how almost every aspect of that experience
has been produced
by what has come [through DNA/RNA memory strings of regenetic informating,
it becomes increasingly difficult
to see yourself
as a completely unique [yet still interdependently cooperative MidWay Balanced natural ecosystemic fractal/temporal/holonic-DNA syntaxed] individuated entity.

This perspective ultimately reveals that the separate self-sense
is [both more and less] an illusion[ed Absent-Precessive Presence] of [coincidental] uniqueness,
[deductivelyLeft] created moment by [inductively Right-regenerated] moment
through our [addictively Left-brain Deductive precessively dominant Yang-encultured Polynomially EcoLogical Fractal-Trigonometric Language] compulsive habit
of personalizing almost every [regeneratively ecologically balanced] thought,
and sensation we have
[as positive,
and dissonating
almost every unregenerative disecologically competitive
and ego-anthro-centric
sensation of dissonance and dismay,
as Absence of CoRelationally ReGenerative Present Polynomial
4d-spacetime (0)-soulTao].”

The Principle of LeftDeductive SpaceTime Relativity
emerges Primal RightInductive Implicate Order of CoPolyEmpathic ReGenerativity.



Positive Deviance as PermaCultured Design and The Great Transition

Abstract: Imagine, for a moment, that the information coding of every psychological system is:

LEFT Hemisphere: (+)1.00% Whole-Qbit/(-)0.00% Null-Qbit


RIGHT hemisphere: Yang/Yin Prime Relationship: (+)Self/Not(-)Other

currently struggling for eco-equity as +1/-0 = +Yang/-Yin binary-dynamic balance.


Perhaps it is easier to step into this bionic way of comprehending Spaceship Earth, and Her bicameral research species, for any child overwhelmed by the Received-View message that what s/he feels to be Positively Deviant is, in fact, really and truly, according to all cultures in all times, Negatively Deviant. “Your white has been proven beyond doubt to be black.” If we are fundamentally “wrong,” we suffer from an autistically struggling self-identification wound. To grow up “queer,” “defective,” “dysfunctional,” “perpetual underachiever,” “disabled,” “insane,” “bipolar,” “oppositional” is to develop a core-identity protective layer of cynicism about orthodox values, and the exegetical role of culture itself. The alternative, often simultaneously held, is concern that deviance is not fully, or correctly, human in some way.

Bipolar deviance erupts into cognitive dissonance about what is positively deviant, rather than negatively deviant from our Business-As-Usual psychology, what is teleologically helpful or harmful for “Self” preservation. Stigmatization of bi-polarity, from shaman to Transgender, is itself a primal sociopathology emerging with Left-brained cultural dominance. The evolutionary trend toward Left hemispheric dominance has over-valued deductive-only information since the alphabetization of symbolic icons, glyphs, and nature-based audiovisual information. Back in the dim memories of proto-history, what was natural system information was psychologically centric, and normative (Abram, 1996). The Great Transition toward a Gaian Paradigm is a re-volutionary call to return to natural system-based values, with sustainable Positive Deviant trends.



We are in for the greatest revolution in history. If it’s to pull the top down and it’s bloody, all lose. If it is a design-science revolution to elevate the bottom and all others as well to unprecedented new heights, all will live to dare spontaneously to speak and live and love the truth, strange though it often may seem. (Buckminster Fuller, 1965, p. 160)

Buckminster Fuller predicted a millennial transition crisis of opportunity for Spaceship Earth. Since his death in 1983 many voices have joined Fuller’s Unitarian refrain that the “Universe is eternally regenerative.” (p. 157) When we compile Fuller’s metaphysics with more recent work in Group Theory, including that of William Thurston and Gregori Perelman, the
“soul” of Universal Intelligence synaptically appears when the mutually-appreciative assumption of both Sine (PreGenitor) and CoSine (CoCreator) is “Win-Win,” rather than “Win-Lose,” or “Lose-Win,” or “Lose-Lose.”

Since the post-millennial geometrization (and rationalizing) of Group Theory, Ross Jackson outlined a “Gaian Paradigm,” predicting a “breakaway strategy,” the leading edge of a rapidly accelerating grassroots revolution toward a truly sustainable, equitable, holistic global polyculture (2012, p. 34). He adds that “A very visionary and charismatic leader of high integrity could make all the difference.” Fuller believed this and describes his own intention toward active Positive Deviance with similar words. He thought it of profound importance that we all join him in his regenerative discovery that we are the visionary, charismatic leader-species of universally mindful integrity—as soon as we nail down the “Win-Win” cooperative ecological balance issue. This positive self view, emerging as a dominant global polyculture, will open our sensory receivers to the discovery that we are already, and have always been, engaged in the greatest cooperative revolution in history.  In fact, cooperative and inclusive regenerativity is the teleological message-to-ourselves emanating from our ancestors, to the present moment.

Within this awareness of global climatic impact lurks our growing recognition of systemic dissonance. Elisabet Sahtouris gathers the refrain of three major system crises—energy, economy, and climate—fusing into the Perfect Storm. “This situation…actually makes this an amazing time of opportunity to create the world we all deeply want!” (2012, p. 18). Rather than continuing the messianic hope for an individual prophet of inclusive cooperative integrity, Sahtouris observes that, “The Internet is the largest self-organizing living system created by humanity and is changing everything.” (p. 23). Perhaps Buckminster Fuller reincarnates John the Baptist on our way toward a “We”Messiah comprehensive analysis of Bosons and Information bit-strings, crowding and clouding the eternal World Wide Web.

A bionic agent for global regeneration into a permacultured Gaian Paradigm strangely circles us back to Fuller’s prediction for a post-millennial cultural metanoia.

Electronic means will have been highly developed for continually inventorying all of humanity’s thoughts, volitions, and dispositions regarding all currently evolving problems. Humanity will know at all times what the unique majority volitions may be regarding each and every currently recognized and considered problem. (1965, p. 159)

Here Fuller anticipates an electronically-fueled information system of holistically integrated mindfulness, inclusively accessible for positive, and regenerative, intent.

The post-millennial Editors of Evolutionary Psychology remind us that the evolution of our collective awareness is so accelerated that we are producing unprecedented quantities of information being read word-by-word, sentence-by-sentence, by fewer people. Increasingly we are looking for large data trends, and clouds, and crowds, to notice and predict systemic eruptions, climatic tsunamis, and the bicameral Species’ evolution toward a positive-teleological, economic, educational, cultural, ecological, and nutritional embrace of Jackson’s “Gaian Paradigm.” This Paradigm predicts a holistic teleo-psychology of global regenesis, combining the natural system principles of Permaculture Design with the health and well-being principles of Positive Psychology. This synergetic view of natural and psychological evolution romps through the theory, therapeutic practice, intent, principles, and outcomes of the Positive Deviance Institute (www.positivedeviance.org).

We have a large data cultural trend toward a more cooperative and holistically balanced Positive Psychology. We show ourselves this trend through noting on-line Positive Deviance trajectories for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), while we continue exploring a rational basis for equating psychological CQI with the CQI of polynomial trend articulation. The Tellus Institute (www.tellus.org), for example, studying long-term economic, political, and ecological performance trends, has labeled as “The Great Transition” their most positively deviant trajectory, in comparison to lose-lose economic/ecological norms.

Tellus Institute brings together respected scientists who have been developing algorithms for large trend information data analysis since the mid-1970s. The emergence of their Great Transition trend continues to identify the positively deviant trends within the underlying metric assumption of Information Systems Theory: that “positive” is the binary reverse of “not-positive” in a thermodynamically balanced universe.

As a bicameral Species, we prefer “positive” over “negative” outcome projections because we choose as positive those trends that meet CQI global well-being predictions. The Great Transition trend analysis is positively deviant from a core (0) binary axis. An increase in cooperative global system development, practice, and intent has had the greatest effect with least effort for the survival of bicameral (“bi-polar”) balance, confluence, harmony since the beginning of time.

When good things happen to us as a species, they tend to last, to be remembered, and coded into our DNA. We tend to survive longer, individually and collectively and inclusively. When bad things happen, we note the negative side of our binary information field with “0”s, “noise,” dismay, desolation, demons, irrationality, darkness, and cognitive dissonance. Perhaps this negative polarity is what David Bohm understood as “the implicate order” and what the Dalai Lama might think of as a purgative mindfulness of suffering, within and without. Our implied “antimatter” is ex-formed awareness of what matters only when its absence harms us, is socioculturally, and historically, pathological to our RNA. Neither individuation nor individuals can survive in the absence of formation, the absence of any form of relationship, or difference, or “self” and otherness.

Does Positive Psychology become germane to Evolutionary Psychology because our post-millennial World Wide Web organizes positive and negative polynomials using the same systemic design, a (0) Core Prime Relationship Principle, as does ribonucleic acid’s information string system? Is uracil, then cytosine, then adenine, then guanine a fused self-regenerative informing string with morphological mimicry as (0)-soul (Perelman, 1994) leads to +.50%, leads to -.50%, leads to 1.00% QBit?  This primal 4-fold Group Theory also seems familiar in trigonometric functional sequence as:

(0) Core Vector YIELDS sine/x-axis, YIELDS cosine/y-axis, YIELDS tangent.

The sine definition determines the cosine definition, and vice versa, like Yang and Yin. The tangent, or tension between appositional trajectories, is the greatest effective positive/negative linear trend, with least effort, greatest simplicity, least dissonance and anomaly, between the opposite extremes of the two polarities.

Prophets, psychics, and polymath advocates, organizers, organic farmers, creative-formational educators and designers, deep learning ecologists and economists seem to share a positive teleological psychology. Julian Jaynes, in his evolutionary theory of human psychological development, suggests that our bicameral speciation event was the progenitor of left-hemispheric dominance, right hand functional dominance, the emergence of language, and cognitive application of metrics to symbology. The fractal-axial right-hemisphere uses proportion, balance, power, and 8-bit octave-frequency audio-visual codex for storing potentially recombinant information. These memory strings of Jacobian-matrixed confluent and dissonant events extend back through our proto-historical Eastern horizon (see Abram, 1996) to arrive again, regeneratively, at our Original Prime Relationship. Perhaps the regenerative unfolding of RNA structure is itself a cultural-historical proof of the Jacobian conjecture, and the creative fractal potential of 4-based Group Development Theory.

The positive teleology of Buckminster Fuller, Jackson, Sahtouris, the Tellus Institute, and the younger leadership voices of the Great Transition Generation, is concerned with why what happens really happens. What are our positive syntropic information strings leading toward therapeutic outcomes? However, the urgency for natural and psychological systems change is driven by the reverse, negative, polarity; why what does not happen does not happen—why sociopathology exists. A positive teleological response within nature might sound like “Because nature abhors a vacuum, and weeds, and prefers to follow the path of greatest nutritional effect by watering just the blossoming plants.” Evil is just the absence of good. While this does indeed seem to be true to my positive experience, I am also aware of a considerable precipitation that has fallen on my days with negative delivery and outcome frequencies. Why do bad things happen to positive people? Why does nature sometimes rain negatively on our positively parading paradigms?[1]

Positive and Negative Psychology might recognize that our natural system has its own teleo-psychologic. Rain is a valuable functional resource within this natural ecology. What determines whether this rain on this day is a positive function or a negative function in relationship to me depends on how I individuate my Self. How do we choose to identify ourselves as a Species within nature? Are we part of this recycling in-forming and ex-forming regenerative rhythm? If so, then rain is always a gift, an act of grace, and the Positive Deviant response is gratitude.

The positive evolutionary strings of human memory, of speciated memory, are axially prime rooted, with “positive” geometrically conceived as “up,” while the negative evolutionary strings of  bad memory are reverse-axially prime rooted—subconsciously buried in negative polarity dissonance, chaos, irrationality, the unknown and unknowable; and downright disagreeable.

Psychological in-formation and ex-formative liminal (implied) Boundary Memory Codex, in a somewhat balanced bicameral mind, speak to each other with gratitude and hope for confluence. At the same time, somewhere in our Right hemispheric function, we are intuitively mindful of purgative aptic[2] non-responsiveness to an environmental absence of relationship and  significant information; trending toward a “Self” individuation threat to sanity. Sustained lack of permacultural confluence may lead to chronic lack of sleep, may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, may lead to autistic double-bind, internal inter-hemispheric, struggles at younger and younger ages.

Negative teleological strings are memories of our sociopathology just as positive teleological memory strings are memories of our fractally developed, synergetically-intuitive, sociotherapy. Positive therapy predicts the greatest regeneration with the least effort within a thermodynamically balanced positive/negative psychic system. Some of us call this optimizing regeneration Permaculture Design; others call it Appreciative Inquiry (www.centerforappreciativeinquiry.net), or Dynamic Facilitation (www.wisedemocracy.org), or the TrimTab Principle (Fuller). As a Taoist, as well as a bicameral information processor, I call it the Tao of (0)-soul Yang/Yin Prime Root Relationship. As a communicator, I recognize Positive Deviance as a sustainably and inclusively regenerative “Win-Win” Information String.

The creative act within cognitive, and mechanical, system design follows an aesthetic preference for inclusively positive-trending regeneration, where dissonance is absorbed as further evidence of the potential for positive confluence. This may be why, when I surf my World Without Walls, I am watching Wikipedia fill in, while less cooperative sites for developing holistic information suffer  neglect, why there appears to be more dancing in feminist circles and less marching in macho-squares.

That we live and think within a bicameral information system may also explain why positively-cognized space and time (P) is reversely equal, and analogous, to not-polynomial space/time (NP—implicately ex-formed “antimatter” is “antirelationship”).[3]

Fuller’s greatest effect (+1.00%) with least effort (-0.00%) toward a CQI sociotherapeutic psychology is Tellus Institute predicted to produce globally inclusive and sustainably regenerative Great Transition outcomes. These outcomes may, in turn, be summarized as optimal well-being and eco-equity pervading all species, paradigms, energy fields, natural, spiritual, quanta, and in-formation systems. Optimizing the evolution of our psychology is liminally defined as positive polarity, which is linear-trend appositional to the dissonant extremes of sociopathology.  The Great Transition regenerates the Golden Rule; adding more universal integrity to that Rule. We now move toward applying Appreciative Inquiry within our own inter-hemispheric dialogue. Left and Right hemispheric balance teleologically, even messianically, emerges as the last dying-wish gasp of insight at the conclusion of our left-hemisphere, deductively dominant era. A brief flash of synergy as Earth absorbs the Sun once more; a positively deviant omen for a more confluent day emerging.

If evolution is survival of the fittest within a species, revolution is the sustained survival of the greatest, most inclusive, difference between species and paradigms and nutrient/regenerative strings with least dissonance within a polyculture, or environment, or planet, or universe of ideas. Revolutionary evolution of a new paradigm or species is completed through the mutually affinitive synchronization of cultural change within each individual in a species. The Positive Deviance trend of Information decreases by reducing the appositionally correlated Negative Deviance from (0) Axial Prime Relationship Balance. What was positively deviant, becomes the newly recalibrated Business As Usual, with more sustainable outcomes over longer periods of time, for more species and psyches.

ReGenesis is post-millennial global comprehension of revolutionary evolution as sociohistorical therapy. Positive Evolutionary Psychology is mutually cooperative, self-perpetuating form and self-defining functional balance of Yin-Yang interdynamics. Tao psychometrics articulate mindful intentionality and a

diversely creative,

bicamerally (bi-dimensionally) comprehensive,

teleologically trending

global Awareness.


There is an evolutionary strain among geneticists and historians that the precursor to the regeneration of a species (or paradigm), that our DNA Codex actually loosens up on instinctive or dominant hardwire. This internal reverse regeneration may be the Stage 1 of what potentially becomes a speciation event. This is the sense of urgency. The Code changes from positive or negative to (0). What was exegetical, orthodox, reality becomes, for a transitional generation, eisegetical; maybe true, maybe not.[4]

During Stage 2, after the information/eformation exchange ratios even out, natural systems produce more positive and negative anomalies from what had been the Received Cultural View (and, possibly, the culture of DNA plasma).

During Stage 3, bicameral minds inductively notice which deviations are positive and which are negative, based on which have the greatest balancing dynamic effect that is most sustainable for our long pilgrimage together. Examples coming up for me are bisexuality and androgyny, in the face of prolific human overpopulation of the planet; but that might just be a faulty intuitive string.

During Stage 4, the “Greatest Effect with Least Effort” teleological principle unfolds as no adjustment of the Codex values-culture. Instead PermaCultured Codex is reinforced by the emerging early Positive Deviants. They slowly, then more quickly, become recognized as predictors of a new speciation opportunity.

During Stage 5, the strengths of +.50% Yang-Information are found to be the therapy needed to respond effectively to the -.50% Yang-dissonant reverse trending Exformation.

During Stage 6, PermaCulturally trained bicameral minds diastatically notice that Yang-NegativeInformation equals Yin-PositiveExformation, which functions within any in/ex-formally balanced psychology as Yang = +1e-Bit Polynomial (P) OVER

-(0)e-Bit 4-Based Prime Relationship.

During the comparatively brief pre-synaptic Stage 7, right about now, (0) soul QBit-implicated Bosonic Vortex becomes psychometrically re-cognized as:


ProGenitor Yang+0.50% YIELDS

(-)0.50% Reverse Temporal-Linear Yin TransitionalCOSINE YIELDS

“+” is a Jacobean Matrix, +=1P and (-)=0NP Teleology String (TANGENT) Theory.

So, the metrics of  logic and analogy, unfold as a 4-Staged teleologically developing information string, when the SINE and COSINE are dynamically balanced.

During the climatic Stage 8, Evolutionary Psychology becomes aligned with Positive Psychology and Compassionate Socioeconomic Therapy because psychologists, even without mindfulness training, realize that the reason one positive thing seems to associate with another positive thing is because everything is both caused and effected by everything trying to achieve thermodynamic balance, and reverse-caused (predicative/implicated function only) or exformed in this Eternal Moment.

Yang’s Negatively Deviant polynomials are dissonant exformative polynomials (NP). Our socioeconomic pathology teaches us our most sustainable therapy. Yin is NP, which is not polynomial information, but is reverse-Polynomial exformation. Yin is the reverse-temporal COSINE toward antirelationship in a univariate-binomial unformed (-e) Universe, decomposing into implicated Bosons of potential future moments. The permacultured seeds of futures past, awaiting their time of ReGenesis.






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[1] Thomas Kuhn asks a similar question in the context of scientific learning and research. He called this the “Problem of Incommensurability.” There are similarities to the problem of why we can only label evolution as a true speciating event after the fact, and why even established species sometimes become extinct (physical) or eisegetical (metaphysical/psychological).

[2] Aptic, as coined by Julian Jaynes, is a precameral state of non-awareness of self or other.  It is the reverse polarity of “synaptic,” an event, or difference, from self-awareness, that evolved into Other-awareness.

[3] This questions appears to be of interest to mathematicians and Group Systems theorists, working through the implications of a now logically proven (0)-soul theorem, as it might apply the temporal development of Information Systems (for example, the inverse function theorem), within an In/Ex-Formational Universe. See www.claymath.org for more on the P v. NP info-metric question.

[4] See Dennett (2003) on evolution and positive freedom trending away from instinctive dominance of monocultures and neural networks.