Follow Earth’s Authoritative Light

Borrowing from David Holmgren, Permaculture Principles and Pathways Beyond [Win-Elite v Lose-NonElite] Sustainability, 2002, p. 1

Health ethics are Beloved Community normative principles
used to guide action toward good and light and right outcomes
and away from degeneratively bad and wrong outcomes,
darkly ego-pathic and monoculturing
rather than polypathically polyculturing.

Regenerative ethics constrain Ego’s Win/Lose (Either/Or) survival instincts
and other ecopolitical constructs of self-interest
competitively driving humane-enspirited-enlightening BothAnd behavior.

Enculturing ecosystemic ethics
evolve mechanisms for growing and extending co-enlightening self-interest,
a more ego/eco bilateral-centered inclusive view
of who and what constitutes “ego-plus-light/dark environment”
evolving a longer-term regenerative/degenerative understanding
of WinWin-good and LoseLose-bad monoculturing outcomes.

The greater the polypathically authoritative power of humane-divine civilization
(due to information/energy equitable accessibility and ownership)
and the greater our concentration and scale of ecosystemic light-power
within our ecopolitical praxis,
the more prescriptively critical ethics become
for ensuring long-term Beloved Community cultural,
and biological,
short-term survival through long-term light-authority thrival.

This ecological view of enculturing ethics
evolves regeneratively central
through the nutritional v toxic development of a post-millennial culture
in, of, and for post-mature climax of paid-out-forward
energy descent
without concomitant authoritative creolizing
ecologically composting
nutritional health-information descent.

Like polyculturing descriptive design principles,
cooperative pay-forward co-investment ethical principles
follow three broad enlightening (v endarkening) maxims
or ecologically polypathic principles:

1. Care of/for Earth; includes, but is not limited to
2. Care of/for people; includes, but is not exclusive of
3. Carefully set authority/responsibility maturing balance limits
to ego’s authoritative light consumption
as double-binding eco-other reproductive responsibiity
and eco-redemptive
redistributing surplus of light-nutrition;
also decelerating degenerative dark-toxic waste.

Health-wealth cooperative principles distill research of and for Beloved Community polyculturing ethics,
as adopted and creole-adapted by older nature-spirit nondual religious
and polypathically multiculturing cooperative groups.

The third principle
embryonically evolves out of the second principle
embryonically evolving out of the first principles of polypathic ecological Earth.

Luke (the HealthProfessional) 11:33-34

The lamp of the body is the eye.
If therefore your eye is polypathically healthy,
your whole body is illuminated;
but if your eye is pathologically ego-supremacist,
your whole body will be dark
[closed off to The Perfect Light, see also Rumi on nature-spirit light v dark].
If therefore the light in you is darkness,
how [monoculturally] great is that darkness!

Dale B. Martin, Biblical Truths: The Meaning of Scripture in The Twenty-First Century, 2017, pp 52-3

These verses are about the importance of [light/dark] perception;
we may say even [healthy] attitude.

If my faculty of observation,
whether of the world,
of other things,
of other people,
of one’s own situation
is bad or unhealthy,
I will myself be in a bad, unhealthy state.
Having good [polypathically mature] perception is necessary for having [and regeneratively retaining] good internal health.
This is not, therefore, just a statement of [descriptive] fact,
though it is that;
it is given as a moral [prescriptive] lesson:
we ourselves are morally responsible for how we perceive things
[light ecologically and dark ego-pathology].
Jesus is telling us to train our eyes to see [ego/eco-conscious enlightened] well,
not badly, not in an evil way.

But this also means we are not destined to only one way of seeing.
We can [re]learn to see [cooperative light v overly-competitive dark] properly.
We can train our eyes to see in a [humane-]godly and [active] loving manner.
And in fact, we [ecologically] have to [descriptively and prescriptively].
Seeing properly–
[humane-]godly [co-operative creolizing] perception,
correct [nondual co-arising light/dark] seeing–
is a learned and practiced [sensory-neural] skill….

Seeing the world around us in a positive [light and negative-dark],
accurate [polypathic ecological] way is a moral,
and social [ecopolitical authority with concomitant] responsibility
(naive optimism that denies the [deauthorizing reverse-authenticating ecopolitically dark competing] facts is no virtue either).

Thus, though [merely personal creolic ecological acclimation] empiricism cannot be an absolutely [exegetical] reliable means to [polypathically] correct knowledge,
we must learn to use it and use [enlightening authority and mutual endarkening responsibility] it well,
even [especially] when doing theology
[and teleology,
and ethology,
and economic and political regenerative purpose,
and meaning of humane-godly lives and deaths].


The Annual Budget Survey

“What most nourishes
and yet also entices
your active love,
your curiosity invested in achieving highest priority outcomes?
What are your outcome priorities?
Talk about the top of your deep-loving bucket list,
your plans for yourself and your loved ones
during this next year,
and throughout your most regenerate project’s life span.”

OK, so, “beloved community” will stand in for world peace
and globally cooperative political and economic justice
within and between all EarthTribes
and EcoSystems.

“What nourishes, yet entices, about this promise of Beloved Community?
Not only, What is your outcome intention?
But also, How does it co-invest in nutritionally deep and rich health?”

I’m coming up with empathic co-arising eros/agape love,
defined and refined by Buckminster Fuller
as “synergy,”
applied not only to environmental design,
but also to our systemic designs
positively nutritional enhancing,
while pathological toxin reducing,
support networks
evolving still-maturing WinWin issue frameworks,
our paradigmatic synergetic integrating concerns,
while increasingly climatic pathological trends
threaten to unweave the fabric of humane life on Earth,
and even unbind root systemic life within Earth’s healthy skin
and atmosphere,
Her primal matriarchal boundary relationships with ProGenitor Sun,
bilaterally revolving Tao-light
as notnot dualdark night.

I remain curious about how I,
and we,
continue this journey toward our (0)Mega Point
of Beloved Community Enlightenment.

“How and where are you, and perhaps we,
already moving from competitive WinLose
toward synergetically cooperative,
WinWin issue framing
and budgeting,
and co-investment reforms?”

My family and I continue working on planting more positive co-empathic seeds
and thereby decreasing our individual egocentric/anthrocentric,
monoculturally competitive,
weedy internal and external
political and economic relationships.
Less angry and frightening flareups
through more gift-it-forward cooperatively synergetic-empathic trust,
stretching toward trust as sunrise stretches toward sunset.
Acting within good faith,
inclusive permacultural health frameworks.
Speaking without hidden agendas
and with active love
of mutual health,
building Beloved Community.
Planting trees of forests dehydrating weedy played-out competitions
for birthing mutual diurnal baptism by warm fires and clear waters.

“Please submit an implementation schedule with your proposed budget.”

“We will be smelting our global political swords
into cooperative economic planning plowshares,
resolving resonant budgeting priority issues
as regenerative opportunities
to start again
on a more inclusive
transgenerationally past through future,
healthy root planning system.”

“In god as healthy-medicine ecosystems,
with ecologically responsible nutrition budgets
and multisensory planting through harvest deep-learning schedules,
we multiculturally trust.”


EarthTribe’s Beloved Community

Martin Luther King, Jr.,  and many before him,

and since, often preferred Beloved Community to speak of a time and place

and people and all our cousin species

that others might refer to as heaven, or paradise.


This Beloved Community knows our mutually shared hope for our future,

and our future generations,

but also faiths an interdependent present,

our cooperatively regenerating potential right now,

in this moment,

positively and contingently connected to all future moments,

EarthTribe’s Eternally Generating Moment.


This Beloved Community holds together tensions along the way:

diversity and interdependence,

complementarity and mutual subsidiarity,

Yang-productive energy and Yin-gravitational synergy,

compassionate orthopraxis and polysystemic mindful intent,

deliberately informed solutions and wildly eratic irresolution,

form and function,

immunity boundaries and community thresholds,

active peace and non-violent love,

economics incarnating ecologics,

faith and gratitude for purgation,

diastasis and stasis,

EarthTribe Prime Identity and EarthSelf individuation,

RNA encultured cells and DNA encultured minds,

polycultural development and permacultural design,

positive information and negative noise,

nutrition and thirst,

meaning and purpose,

belonging and longing.


Our Beloved Community evolving at hand.

Physical laws becoming icons of metaphysical principles,

thermodynamic balance as

greatest effect with least loss,

as Yang with Yin.


Metaphysical principles stalk liminal relationships

lurking within our positive teleology assumption,

that past meaning intersects future’s purpose

within present prehensile presence,


emerging from past chaos and despair, noise and decay,

why we live between entropy and synergy,

regenerative systems evolving toward Omega Point,

revolving back toward RNA’s Commons Culture of Original Intent.


Human spirit emerges icons from Earth’s nature.

Earth and solar spacetime Universe our Mentors,

and Progenitors,

incarnating Time’s remembering cultural intelligence,

an RNA-latticed synergetic string

from Original Intent

Taoing forward, upward, onward,

relentlessly reweaving integrative love as

positive teleological intention.


Our Beloved Community gardens Earth

communicating active peace through nurturing mentorship.

Distinguishing mentor from teaching with words

the way Mentor practices and multisystemically intends.

Teachers talk as Mentors walk.

Non-violent communication evolves inclusive skills,

teaching capacity to articulate empathy,

growing compassionate mindfulness of, through, and for each EarthSelf Other.

Active peace emerges slow re-ligioning Mentor,

Exterior-Yang EarthTribe Identity conjoins Interior-Yin EcoSelf

balancing synergetic Tao




syncing with

Beloved Community lost.


Our Beloved Community sustains diverse living systems,


evolves universally inclusive co-intelligence

growing rebirth,

regenesis of natural information string principles

of thermodynamic and magnetic polar balance;

rehinging images of heaven’s gate closed,

recreating karmic devolution

spiraling too hot and fast into eco-dislogical hell.


Universal intelligence,

bipolar Tribal re-comprehension

evaporates as entropy if it were true that

nature’s systems are closed,

and binomial spacetime dynamics do not imply reverse temporal density,

explicating natural systems known through implicating metaphysical minds,

Prime-Rational (0)-sum RNA-fractal,

regenerative tetrahedral,

Fullerian bosonic QBit core,

where positive function Vertex intersects negatively dissonant Vortex,

born again in each moment’s phenomenal form.


Today’s Beloved Community replaces coincidence with creative intention;

an intersection of time and space,

of Yin and Yang,

of Eastern karma meets Western grace prediction,

heuristic potential turning oppositional dissonance

into appositional teachers,

held together to predict mutual salvation,

tomorrow’s global community.

Prophets understand time as only flowing forward.

Sages comprehend spacetime,

four equally balanced dimensions,

three spaciated-temporal,

and one prime-temporal polarity,

balancing radiant Yang

and gravitational Yin,

longing and belonging,

balanced Left and Right hemispheres

of exterior landscape deduction

and interior landscape induction.


Our Beloved Community has no poverty vacuum.

Where there is poverty

there is not Beloved Community

as poverty starves human integrity,

a regenerative natural systemic designer species.

Poverty witnesses


insufficient nutrients to produce flowering human natured systems.

Mentor Earth lavishly waters Her grace-flowers.

Depriving Herself of a season of flowers

threatens our interdependent species,

threatens our capacity to sustain rich polycultural future generations.

Threatening polycultures is antithetical to permacultural designers.

Grace and karma float emergent issues, opportunities, risks,

not coincidences,

mentoring fertile outcomes while punishing stinginess,

tragic loss of buoyancy,




pointing us back,

reconnecting us toward polysystemic regenerative design,

our basic compassionately mindful orthopraxis.


Each Beloved Community day



each vista,

each situation



unfolds within our bicamerally bound storybook.

Our felt, seen, touched, tasted, heard, smelled messages

absorb nutrients

organized to feed future bicameral minds,

to recognize experience as confluent or dissonant

with past experience

within DNA’s exegetical messaging patterns.


Evolving sensory message reception

reads each moment’s page in my reculturing storybook.

Memory transliterates messages

between now

and our DNA/RNA’s string,

restricting prehensile neural response,

positively binding,

revolving longing for light of further growth,


elongating toward sustained life’s Positive Teleology,

more fully understood in contrast to our Cognitive Dissonance,

regenerating strings

singing and dancing, often stumbling,

our Beloved Communication Community.