River Voice

Here lies what this aged Indigenous River
thinks s/he needs
and wants, perhaps,
but most emphatically feels,
from us.

We continue to use Her
more like a shameful toilet
than her delivery system
of upstream pure
and nutritious drinking water
would suggest she had coming
from former deep green estuaries

Root flow systems
sacredly emerging functions
from deep EarthMother’s darkest
primal wu-wei
dipolar co-arising
health is wealth compunctions.

Ancient indigenous wisdom
suggests we would be healthier
if we didn’t on MamaEarth,
from whom we eat and drink,
should we hope to keep hunger
and thirst at bay
with and for future regenerations

Pursuing our healthiest dipolar nature-spirit
co-arising win/win wealth
of ecopolitically enlightened nutrition

And empowering fertile poop repurposing
for cultivating improved soil health trends

Ego- and Eco-systemic
permaculturing design,
nonviolent implementation priorities
for local community resilience.



Intelligence v Wisdom

While academics often find
what we are looking for,
a positive correlation between intelligence
and wisdom,
Special occasional confusion
about revolutionary absence of Left with Right correlation
frightens me

Even, and unevenly,
while I am manifesting my best for love
and trust
in humanity’s destiny–
Disciplined trials
proactive investigations
or chaotically dissonant OtherUnwise.

While deductive rational intelligence
develops interdependent quantities
and qualities
And apparently independent bits
of detached paradigmatic information,

Wisdom adds a co-arising ladder
of internal health knowledge
seeking external wealth intelligence
promoting conscious vocational formation
and reformation
and transformation
and unformation
and preformation,

Healthy ego analogy as wealthy ecohabitat political power,
economic energy ecology,
dynamic grace theology,
blending (creolizing, transubstantiating)
Nature with polyphonic singing ringing vibrant internal Spirit,
Humane with Divine golden rules and ratios and elixirs,
Secular with harmonic Sacred,
Health with Wealth of polypathic wisdom

Bilaterally co-gravitating information
internally absorbing
co-arising external exflowing co-present consciousness
Bicamerally valuing past loves and hates
predicating future healthy wisdom passions
more than pathological
foolish LeftBrain over-expansions
of Yang with Yin co-manifest multicultural destiny.


Tao of Optimal Health and Climate Care

Nursing and nurturing
can often be used synonymously.
To nurse a baby
is first to nurture a cherished infant.

They share a nutritional history
of healthcare giving
and receiving,
delivered best and most durably
when care works coincidentally both ways
in all Win-Win bilateral directions.

Up and down and laterally across hierarchies,
dialectal frames,
nutritional and health-care intentional environments,
healthy communities,
extending families,
multicultural tribes,
polyculturing landscapes.

unlike surgery,
is not done as well to and for patients,
from above and without,
and is best done within nurturing gratitude for sufficient patience;
hands on bilateral therapeutic relationships.

like the word abortion,
is about severance,
causing Win-Lose severing effects,
cutting out our regretfully accepted
as necessary loss,
minimizing pathology
as an acceptable exception
to our Hippocratic Oath,
our Golden Rules
of economic and political health-care etiquette,
and just wars against pathology orders.

If healthcare giving and receiving
becomes monopolized but supremacist surgeons,
determined not to accept risk of failure
on their competing against death and decay watch,
within their sphere of authority
and responsibility
and lifeskills,
then supreme surgeons might declare warlike strategies,
wars and fights against
our own holistic multicultural historical integrity
of identity itself, our humane egoselves,
severing us from all other interdependent species
and revolving-nurturing eras
of sacred historic nature.

Surgeons too deductively distracted
by chopping up
and shooting at
and stabbing at
and enslaving
and hating
and fear-mongering
and terrorizing our own Ego-polyculturing selves.

Surgeons medically over-invested in healthcare severance
from our own EarthNature healthcare vocations
and shared nursing identity
as restorers,
as nurturers,
as caregivers
and receivers
healing Embodied EgoCenters within
our nurturing Sacred EcoHome.

Surgery will tolerate cutting hands off
as retribution for theft and greed.

Nursing is most abundant
when hands are left and right on,
inviting appropriately grateful
and humbling therapeutic touch,
voice on,
resonantly singing in multicultural chorus,
feet on,
investing in co-redemptive restorative directions,
minds within
Earth’s bilaterally revolving Sacred Homes,
bicamerally within,
dipolar healthcare
nurturing v stabbing-in-the-competing-bad-back climates without.

Appropriate proactive therapeutic touch
avoids Win-Lose aggressions,
political isolations
and threats of violence,
social severance of the EliteSurgeons
working against NonElite Nurses,
diagnostic surgery of what MedicinalEarth has conjoined
to organically co-nurture together.


Holonic Evolution

Rev. Laotse recently addressed the Permacultural United Nations
on the subject “Our Time of Universal Synergetic Information.”

Namaste fellow time travelers,
seekers of nature’s wisdom,
co-redeemers of Earth’s therapeutic promise.

In this post-millennial time
we have ecologically concluded
that life and death form an ego-economic spectrum,
like yang and yin,
omnipotence and omnipresence,
universalism and synergism,
monocultural practice and polycultural intent,
comprehensive consciousness and benighted entropic oblivion,
neither ideal could be incarnate,
could actually exist within any one entity
without some element of the other.

There is no absolute good or bad
life or death,
yang or yin,
space or time,
Beloved Climax Community or Static Entropic Chaos
but we do anticipate a time of balanced sustainable life.
This is our teleological faith
that the evolution of life’s economy and ecological memory
will sustain through our individual ego resolutions and revolutions
to sustain ecotherapeutic balance.

From this ecological perspective,
absolute life and death exist
only within left-brained ego-ionic language.
Time’s DNA/RNA syntax of regenerative memory,
folds and unfolds a recycling permacultural journey
of time traveling identities,
memory strings transcending generations
by transposing across the language of any one ego-entity,
learning to harmonize
within what is too often a strident,
struggling against nature,
struggling with kindness and justice and human empathy
as our species’ karmic co-redemption
with Earth’s fully inclusive nature.

Delivering sustainable grace to Earth
can only be achieved with Earth,
for Earth’s species,
each natural economy, therapeutic relationship, co-operative transaction,
among all RNA/DNA cellular cultures of universal holonic intelligence.

Taoism is Time’s Permacultural Development and Design
within space and egocentric places.
We are each an ego-season of time
within a sea of regenerating strings of communication,
redeeming investments of our interdependent genetic Elders,
stretching back toward RNA roots,
prescient of capacity for memory,
and eco-consciousness,
econscientific co-gravitational positive confluence,
forward toward (0)Mega Tipping Point,
balancing double-binding exformative dissonance
backward toward Alpha Black Hole.

Eco-time revolves memory,
strings of interwoven culture-systems,
races and species
mutually fertilizing self-perpetuating evolution
of omnipresent time
toward universally intelligent comprehensive consciousness
that globally polycultural information,
in our left-deductive dominant brain
invites synergetic permacultural evidence and right-brain memory
of ecocentric as ecotherapeutic truth,
health and well-being.

Earth grows a natural therapeutic becoming
evolving toward compassionate comprehension
of each and all of eco-we
co-redemptively immersed in our reasons
and seasons of Time.


Melting Ice

Step out with me,
if you would be so kind,
on my melting island of ice.

Full-heated summer sun
feels good on our backs and shoulders
and faces turned down and in to hunt,
to fish.
We start this day with gratitude
for warmth of light and life.

Empathize with polar bears,
or try to.
Not merely sympathize;
actually empathize,
step onto their/our natural icy place and time,
noticing ways bears bare our own lack of global justice
for them
and for ourselves.

we fear human rights and justice
are not ecojustice enough
to sustain optimized and inclusive life
and Continuous Quality Improvement investments
with minimized risk of loss.

We feel like we live on a shrinking island
of hopelessly competitive despair.

We feel climatic heat melting our angry and fearful interior
and exterior landscapes of nutritional potential.

We fear drowning in an understory
of melted cooperative permacultural boundary waters
of natural systemic immersion,
swimming in an icy northern sea
of metamorphic submersion.

We hunger for a lost hunting paradise
of cooperatively synergetic love.

We feel homeless unto a catastrophic miraculous death.

Death dreams in constellations of encultured space,
dynamic time invested in frequencies of place,
coincidental patterns,
gravitational rhythms,
co-operative flow…

Life is what we absorb each day,
invest in,
divest of each night.

Time is what regenerates future
and decomposes past.

Economic balance is found in nutrients we produce,
not toxins we consume.

Eco-logic ratios and rations
portions and proportions
entifies and gives and dispossesses
rectifies and takes and coredeems
plants and harvests
winnows and composts
thins and nurtures
blames and praises
stimulates and responds
causes and effects and affects and infects and defects and reflects
dislikes and values
lives and decays
orders and confuses
confluates and dissonates
frowns down upon and within and smiles up and without
curses and blesses.

Would it not be good to balance justice
so everything adds up without remainder
double-bound smooth-structured perfection,
mutually justified margins
balancing all sides of any story and issue,
correctly aligned judgment,
a logically normative standard,
a natural law
inclusive of all Earth’s living, breathing values and nutrients,
and elusive of all EarthTribal pathologies
and wilting economies,
failing gardens,
competing losers,
summer seared deserts
as polar bares?

Our ecotherapy calls for more cooperative gardens
and recreations,
and employment,
and lifestyles,
and revolving rhyming analogical norms
for economic behavior,
Golden practice and intent
emerging from ancient threads of transmillennialism.

Synergetic Polyuniversalism,
Post-Taoist multisystemic analysis
of Nature Balancing Time’s Right
to struggle and suffer
toward defining,
regenerating our metamorphic root co-operative system
of, for, and by Time’s Equi-Valent Justice,
in four primally dipolar/bipolar fractal dimensions,
like DNA,
to site our most regenerative example
found in each neurally transpositional cell.

Awaking now,
to our melting ice home,
did we find this ecojustice,
or did RNA find and intelligently develop us,
or both somehow?

Only eternal remembered time’s unfolding
will tell upon refolding.


Humane Nature’s Seasons

Tao is Like the Sea
flowing and floating Within,
soul without incarnation,
soil without fertility.

Tao is absolute and has no name.
Uni-versal absolute Not-Not knotted Logos
without rope.
Though Nature unfolds.
Universe cannot be economized, commodified, used
If Wise Shamanic Rulers could sustain undefiled Universal Nature,
Earth would Yin-yield their YangHumaned Nature within,
as panentheistic without.

YangHeaven and YinEarth join,
And fertile compost rains solar-lunar rays,
Beyond human nature’s deductive-only reason,
Yet intuitively natured equivalently within all natural systems.

Our Left-Brained Dominant Culture generated Logos.
With deductive labels, sets, and static systems,
We regeneratively optimize by knowing when to stop,
Wisdom discerns nature’s systemic tipping points,
exempt from danger and dissonant decay.
Tao-Universal Intelligence on and in and above Earth
Ecological to solar rivers of gravity’s waves
reposing in the sea,
polymorphing Earth’s perennially regenerate wise-seasons.

Universe is Human Nature’s Sea of Mindfulness.

Seasons ripen for post-Aquarian  Fall harvest,
At long-last our millennial season for empirical
reductive-deductive Self-Bullying
now bidextrously obsolete
with ambidextrous
PermaTeleological Redemptorist ReGeneration.

Tao incarnates Universal Co-Intelligent Wisdom
as Buddha’s messianic-karmic Left-Right
West-East balanced brain.

We are Earth’s coincidental Sea-sons-and-daughters
reflecting Her universal wisdom enlighteration.


Note: This piece is a post-millennial transposition of Laotse’s “Tao is Like the Sea,” p. 172, Modern Library, Lin Yutang, ed., 1948. It also plays with nature’s 4-season regenerative functionality as human’s nature’s universal “cognitive-consonance” Sea of eco-normativity.


ReGenesis Project Council

Earth’s diverse Trees of Tribes
mentor ecotherapy with me,
echoing sighing resonant waves of wisdom
surfing through lunar waxing-waning forests
of humanly divine burning nuclear bushes.

Show me,
unveil We,
boundary wu-wei issues
waving functions and frequencies,
tipping wild-flowering forms with full-color frequencies,
soaring summer’s Yangish fired threat of melting ashes,
sawdust outcomes
without winter’s quenching white snow and ice-packed
hypothermic branches of purgation
dry-rooting hibernation,
composting Autumn’s ReGenesis windfall harvest
from Spring’s succulent soil
decomposing well-being eco-therapeutic nutrients.

Growing new council ribbon-rings in this EarthTribe Tree,
new leaves of wild grass-fed hope,
new polyculturing metamorphing
Beloved Climax Community Development Organic Compost,
newly incarnating through multisystemic ReGenesis Projects,
ecotherapeutic grace,
responsively coincidental tree hierarchies
reversed appositionally and synergetically
in bipolar-balancing root systemic
negative-binomial structures,
nutrition-compost networks of bionic information,
positive with negative images, analogy, ecological systems,
resolving reverse-e-v-i-L dissonant non-relational place,
non-polynomial race toward ;dispositive entropy.

New rings emerge newly resonant flows and flues,
flutes and fruits,
new frowns but also newly ripening fruit
for Eden’s permaculturing harvest,
then seeding yet another ring.
Ecological Yin-virtue resolvantly sings incarnating,
inviting and absorbing,
economically slow-growth sustainable Yang-value branches.
SuperEco’s lunar cycling virtues,
incarnating eco-normically optimizing solar-fusing systemic values.

How could Earth’s Trees and Tribes not care enough
to enter
my world’s story,
my Self-Other Trees of Life Story?
Why do I struggle to care enough
to new you in to my full-moon dreams
of flight and permaculturing fantasy,
analogies of new through old negative-positive relational design,
unbranching paradigms and generations
racing straight through core rooted
universal space and time?

I love our wild yeast willingness to evolve
active resonance and peaceful swaying branches,
songs and dances,
but can’t say the same for overly domesticated
left-brain dominant willfullness
to exchange our SuperEco belonging
for side-by-side struggling
and discontenting ego-fulfillment longing,
failing to see and hear and feel karma’s becoming
with incarnate natural, organic, simple,
actively peaceful and contenting-informing
poly-confluent Being.

Primal Being together here with now
feeds my soul to yours,
and ours to mine to ours refined,
organic compost
sublime breakfast
wild Being escaping Left-brained dominance
with stir-flying race toward more balanced integrity,
natural brown nice nutrients and green cycles and systems
and language and comprehensive growth of powerful eco-values,
mentoring our stories and praxis and intent with mutual care,
polycultural council of natural permaculturing wisdom.

We try and test and stretch,
tip and trim our tabs
to see and hear and feel beyond the end
of our egocentric noses and dicks,
hearts and minds,
especially with those with whom we live,
those who show me day to day
ebbs and flows of feelings
and energy,
faith and despair,
patients and patience,
and not-so-much,
timely cosmic-humor balancing awareness.

Why do we each and all together share this life expanding stretch?
If we can grow our SuperEco
compassionately mindful love
at home,
within ourselves and among our familial friendly selves,
for our highly amusing ego-tipping and flowing
swimming flights toward active peace within-without,
then among our friends,
then our vocational relationships to Earth
and all EarthTribe Species,
then our Omega Points coincidentally and synergetically
to Here and Now full living
as Yang with Yin’s optimal
Left-Right balancing belonging,
Left’s convex productive leaves and branches,
seeding Right’s concavely enculturing
(0)-core root natural SuperEco-MetaSystem,
ReGenesis DNA Composing Project,
foresting trees of reconnecting
conductive contenting
logos informating co-intelligence council.


EarthTribe’s Beloved Community

Martin Luther King, Jr.,  and many before him,

and since, often preferred Beloved Community to speak of a time and place

and people and all our cousin species

that others might refer to as heaven, or paradise.


This Beloved Community knows our mutually shared hope for our future,

and our future generations,

but also faiths an interdependent present,

our cooperatively regenerating potential right now,

in this moment,

positively and contingently connected to all future moments,

EarthTribe’s Eternally Generating Moment.


This Beloved Community holds together tensions along the way:

diversity and interdependence,

complementarity and mutual subsidiarity,

Yang-productive energy and Yin-gravitational synergy,

compassionate orthopraxis and polysystemic mindful intent,

deliberately informed solutions and wildly eratic irresolution,

form and function,

immunity boundaries and community thresholds,

active peace and non-violent love,

economics incarnating ecologics,

faith and gratitude for purgation,

diastasis and stasis,

EarthTribe Prime Identity and EarthSelf individuation,

RNA encultured cells and DNA encultured minds,

polycultural development and permacultural design,

positive information and negative noise,

nutrition and thirst,

meaning and purpose,

belonging and longing.


Our Beloved Community evolving at hand.

Physical laws becoming icons of metaphysical principles,

thermodynamic balance as

greatest effect with least loss,

as Yang with Yin.


Metaphysical principles stalk liminal relationships

lurking within our positive teleology assumption,

that past meaning intersects future’s purpose

within present prehensile presence,


emerging from past chaos and despair, noise and decay,

why we live between entropy and synergy,

regenerative systems evolving toward Omega Point,

revolving back toward RNA’s Commons Culture of Original Intent.


Human spirit emerges icons from Earth’s nature.

Earth and solar spacetime Universe our Mentors,

and Progenitors,

incarnating Time’s remembering cultural intelligence,

an RNA-latticed synergetic string

from Original Intent

Taoing forward, upward, onward,

relentlessly reweaving integrative love as

positive teleological intention.


Our Beloved Community gardens Earth

communicating active peace through nurturing mentorship.

Distinguishing mentor from teaching with words

the way Mentor practices and multisystemically intends.

Teachers talk as Mentors walk.

Non-violent communication evolves inclusive skills,

teaching capacity to articulate empathy,

growing compassionate mindfulness of, through, and for each EarthSelf Other.

Active peace emerges slow re-ligioning Mentor,

Exterior-Yang EarthTribe Identity conjoins Interior-Yin EcoSelf

balancing synergetic Tao




syncing with

Beloved Community lost.


Our Beloved Community sustains diverse living systems,


evolves universally inclusive co-intelligence

growing rebirth,

regenesis of natural information string principles

of thermodynamic and magnetic polar balance;

rehinging images of heaven’s gate closed,

recreating karmic devolution

spiraling too hot and fast into eco-dislogical hell.


Universal intelligence,

bipolar Tribal re-comprehension

evaporates as entropy if it were true that

nature’s systems are closed,

and binomial spacetime dynamics do not imply reverse temporal density,

explicating natural systems known through implicating metaphysical minds,

Prime-Rational (0)-sum RNA-fractal,

regenerative tetrahedral,

Fullerian bosonic QBit core,

where positive function Vertex intersects negatively dissonant Vortex,

born again in each moment’s phenomenal form.


Today’s Beloved Community replaces coincidence with creative intention;

an intersection of time and space,

of Yin and Yang,

of Eastern karma meets Western grace prediction,

heuristic potential turning oppositional dissonance

into appositional teachers,

held together to predict mutual salvation,

tomorrow’s global community.

Prophets understand time as only flowing forward.

Sages comprehend spacetime,

four equally balanced dimensions,

three spaciated-temporal,

and one prime-temporal polarity,

balancing radiant Yang

and gravitational Yin,

longing and belonging,

balanced Left and Right hemispheres

of exterior landscape deduction

and interior landscape induction.


Our Beloved Community has no poverty vacuum.

Where there is poverty

there is not Beloved Community

as poverty starves human integrity,

a regenerative natural systemic designer species.

Poverty witnesses


insufficient nutrients to produce flowering human natured systems.

Mentor Earth lavishly waters Her grace-flowers.

Depriving Herself of a season of flowers

threatens our interdependent species,

threatens our capacity to sustain rich polycultural future generations.

Threatening polycultures is antithetical to permacultural designers.

Grace and karma float emergent issues, opportunities, risks,

not coincidences,

mentoring fertile outcomes while punishing stinginess,

tragic loss of buoyancy,




pointing us back,

reconnecting us toward polysystemic regenerative design,

our basic compassionately mindful orthopraxis.


Each Beloved Community day



each vista,

each situation



unfolds within our bicamerally bound storybook.

Our felt, seen, touched, tasted, heard, smelled messages

absorb nutrients

organized to feed future bicameral minds,

to recognize experience as confluent or dissonant

with past experience

within DNA’s exegetical messaging patterns.


Evolving sensory message reception

reads each moment’s page in my reculturing storybook.

Memory transliterates messages

between now

and our DNA/RNA’s string,

restricting prehensile neural response,

positively binding,

revolving longing for light of further growth,


elongating toward sustained life’s Positive Teleology,

more fully understood in contrast to our Cognitive Dissonance,

regenerating strings

singing and dancing, often stumbling,

our Beloved Communication Community.