Hate-Love Relationship

Where we embrace love,
Grief is as strong as death;
love lost.

Where we are afflicted with hate,
Gratitude is as strong as death;
loss wished for.

Grief rages against loss,
Yet gratitude lost
can become violently angered,
terrorist frightened
of present and future
as past’s reincarnate vulnerable pain.

Grief begins
felt in solitary vulnerability.
Gratitude eventually heals
through transparently shared solidarity.

Love is as strong as
mortality’s vulnerable weakness.
No more,
no less,
as these merge into one healing face
of gratitude for co-relational gain
more than mere absence of pain.

Habitual love,
Earth-inhabiting resonant life,
as strong as


In Love and War

You’ve heard it said?
All’s fair in love and war!

most ethicists,
even war-mongering philosophers,
disagree with the “All’s fair in war” part,

As do just everyday Earth-patriotic folks
who loyally prefer not to be bombed
and automatically rifled
just because some crackpot(s)
in the nearest capital city plutocracy
decide to make war,
using our kids and tax dollars,
instead of love,
solidarity with Earth’s pro-life health.

All ethicists,
and folks who find compassion
to responsibly risk vulnerability
of a loving relationship,
disagree with the “All’s fair in love” side
of this unmindful equation.

Fairness, equity, of powers to freely say
or No
to another’s invitation into passion
is a prerequisite to sustainable love,
mutual integrity of thought and feeling,
regardless of how short- or long-term projected.

It would be more valid
and validating
to observe,
All is at risk in both love and war,
but, unlike violent acts of hate
and fear
and anger
and greed,
risks of love are often fairly balanced
with opportunities for growing healthy cooperative resilience
and certainly not warring unfairly apart.


Viciously Virtuous Cycles

Like cooperatives explicitly known
and felt,
most virtuous circle systems
love meaningful ecological theology,
a WinWin reiteratively continuous choice
grows political democratic
tit=tat resilience into multicultural perpetuity,
whether virtuous ego inside
and/or eco-habitat therapeutic outside.

Like implicit competitions,
not not corollaries make most vicious
LoseLose degenerative non-choices toward WinWin,
prejudicial leaning toward
inside ego-economic priority
over outside green theological opportunity,
continues stuck in pathological violent nihilism,
dissonant absence of resilience,
ego-inside rabid
as climate pathological revenge,
for anti-ecological LoseLose reactionary ecopolitical choices
growing short-tempered mendaciously rabid
LeftBrain dominant expedience

Secular vicious cycles
pursue wealthy growth
to autonomously achieve fleeting desperate health,
before deficit played-out absence
of further future expiration dates
predicting Earth’s pulselessness–
attenuated rootlessness

Sacred virtuous long-rooted recyclers
pursue ecotherapeutic healthy memories
of more nutritiously wealthy forests,
wild undomesticated RightBrain sacred spaces

To cooperatively achieve resiliently balanced
multicultural theology of meaning
ego-green wealth
pursuing ultra-nonviolent Tit health
for ultra-violet Tattling wealth…

Long-term cooperative virtues
absorbing short-term viciousness

absorbing EgoRabid Virality

absorbing Dementia

absorbing Yang

Like cooperative cytosine
absorbing autonomous uracil.


Therapeutic Investments

Economic messages,
investments and divestments,
restorations and extractions,
therapies and punishments,
health and pathology
come from diverse secularized capital media,
like egos,
and nutritional flows,
health norms
and energy centers,
power points.

ecological messages,
transfers of nutritional resources
and toxic demons,
are read in diverse media climates
of water restorative balance
and extractive flowing floods and pollution,
of soil health and pathology,
of wind power and superpowers of hurricanes,
of fire restoring warmth
but also extractively devouring,
therapeutic restorations
and punishing retributions through over-extractive imbalance.

Capital is to economics
as Energy is to ecology;
each resiliently mediated by WinWin positive intent
to cooperatively invest
and predative WinLose negative intent
to compete against other capital-centered climates
of holonic unrest.

Capitalism extracts nutrition
where ReStorative CoOperatism co-invests cultures of loving health
in budgets,
creolizing plans and designs
and mutual intent toward polyculturally positive outcomes for All
students and mentors
followers and inclusively democratic leaders
DNA and co-arising RNA
children and parents
patients and healers
PostMillennial ClimateLovers and WiseElders.


Dillen’s Continuing DMV Adventures

I wrote a sad but true urban legend called “Dillen and the DMV” last week.
Here follows an update.

Background Review:

One of my health care employees, Dillen, has wicked ADD, borderline intelligence, not qualifying for disability supports, which are few
and those few minimal at best anyway,
but also challenged by things like getting to work on the right day at the right time,
challenged by processing verbal communications,
whether written or spoken more slowly than Business As Usual pace and pattern would permit,
challenged with struggles to establish and maintain healthy positive social relationships,
much more challenged by intimacy,
so often settling for companionship that does not foster mutually therapeutic co-mentoring,
challenged by his felt urgency for speed while driving,
challenged by States Attorneys who persuade him it’s OK to accept guilty as charged
for driving 45 in a 35 mph zone on his way to work,
never mind that so were all the cars in front of and behind him,
not to worry that this will inevitably result in a 3-month suspension of his license
because he can get a Work Permit,
except, oops,
never mind,
the DMV will not give Work Permits to suspended drivers
with more than three moving violations,
encouraged by State Prosecutors to go right ahead,
send in that Work Permit application
with his $100 nonrefundable fee
because the DMV is really all about punishing DUIs,
of which Dillen has none
because he doesn’t drink
because, in part, he knows it is bad for his mental health,
especially his chronic issues with depression.

In “Dillen and the DMV” I write to the DMV Commissioner,
the Chief States Attorney, and the Attorney General
about this series of unfortunate events.


I hear back from the DMV.
This letter patiently reviews Dillen’s multiple infractions.
Two involve having others in his car with marijuana or concomitant paraphernalia,
(why not just “supplies” or “equipment”?)

“Marge, did you order the paraphernalia for the copier machine yet?”
Word choices in the public sector often distract me.

but Dillen was not charged with driving stoned,
because he wasn’t.
He was the designated driver for his “friends”
who did not have their Medical Marijuana cards on them.

Then there was the time he might have been going 35 or 40 and hit black ice,
totaled his car
which ended upside down,
for which the local police felt they must issue some form of moving violation,
after all, we do have those towing charges
and the need for all those emergency folks to stand out in the freezing ice storm,
and there are these two drug-related violations on his driving record
so he was probably stoned anyway, right?

And then there was this time,
when Dillen was pulled over
ostensibly for speeding,
but really this was about driving on a suspended license
without a Work Permit
which he didn’t have because
(1) DMV didn’t have a current address to send him his notice,
so he didn’t know he was driving on a suspended license, and
(2) no one had told him,
including the Police Officer who pulled him over,
there is this Work Permit thing
which would have covered his butt
on this particular adventure in high speed suburban crime.

However, this letter from the DMV Director of Programs leaves out some details,
as does my summary.
Then the Program Director reassures Dillen and I of her concern for Dillen’s mess,
which someone else might have called unemployment
and yet another round of couch-surfing homelessness,
but CT’s pesky State Statutes wouldn’t allow her to refund his application fee,
and, besides,
the application form says right on there that it won’t be refunded
even if the application is rejected

Apparently for reasons that remain in the shadow of the public eye.
My two page letter was too subtle for government comprehension
of our own collective abuse and neglect.
She confirms the DMV does have explicit standards for rejecting applications,
including more than three moving violations,
but fails to apologize for designing her Program’s communication plan
to be sure that disproportionately young urban minority low-income males
with mental health and self-medication issues
would be fleeced of their last $100
ripped out of their hungry pockets
to apply for a Work or Education Permit
that State Statutes prohibit her,
so sadly,
from handing out like mother’s milk to a starving baby.

She also does not speculate about why State Prosecutors Dillen has met
are all apparently unaware of stipulated public, but effectively private, criteria for rejecting
pricey applications.

She also fails to mention what she might do to correct this situation
of not providing transparent public information
in a way that allows respected residents of the State of CT
to make a fully informed decision about wasting their money
by further investing in the future miserable outcomes
of shoddy DMV Programs.

She also does not explain where we,
the tax-payers of CT,
were when concerns about the need for job security,
especially for those in hard-to-employ populations,
where we were when needs for food and housing,
healthy wants for continuing education and training,
including the need for continuing education and training,
including the need for reasonable transportation,
even in the winter,
where we all were when these were not being weighted sufficiently against risks,
allowing licensed drivers with complex histories
to continue on their journey
the best they can.

Personally, I know Dillen responds much better to a warm hug,
a patient smile,
and expressed appreciation for continuing to improve,
and encouragement to continue with work
and sticking with a healthy daily routine,
which does not include speeding,
even if everyone around him is racing to nowhere good.

Yesterday I was mesmerized for several hours by a TV series
about the Railroad prior to the U.S. Civil War.
A champion anti-slavery attorney
confesses to his Northern wife,
as a younger attorney he used to settle estates,
including estates of slave-holders,
which sometimes led to the awkwardness of arranging for resale of people,
often resulting in the tearing of children from their mothers’ arms,
and other similar heinous crimes against nature
and mental health.

For some reason
I kept thinking about that clerk at DMV,
reading Work Permit applications,
after depositing the enclosed nonrefundable $100,
looking at the high security publicly invisible list of reasons not to help
depressed people living mostly in their cars
have a modestly better chance at life,
as if what is a right for him or her
on his or her way to work and home again,
is a too luxurious privilege for a fragile at-risk criminal population,
enslaved by their need to self-propel their freedom futures.


Turquoise Dawn meets Purple Dusk

Earth’s Day issues our collective invitation,

echoing out and back through all incarnation,

enculturing all EarthTribe’s living natural systems,

to celebrate balancing harmony,

confluent peace with fairness,

contented mutual equity,

mindful compassion between

Caesar’s commodified Physical Universe,

also known as branching Yang,

and SuperEco’s graced Metaphysical Universe,

also known as rooted Yin;

both economically and ecologically self-optimizing

Prime Relationship of Tao’s mutually compelling

0-sum Win-Win Group Game Soul Theory.


To optimize Earth Day’s here and now contentment,

minimize suffering silos of stratified separation

from humane nature’s cooperative eco-normic balance

between Purple MetaPhysical paradigms polypathic

and Turquoise Physical 4-dimensional dynamic math polynomic.


With gratitude to G. Perelman, W. Thurston, D. E. Beck, and C. Cowan


Self Mind-full Therapy

What lies within my dark cave’s name?

What’s in a name?

A tropic nomial, perhaps.

Within my nomial, this Me


If Me and Self

why not WeSelf;

half part of WeEarthTribe progenitor,

and You my other half?


Other, poly-nomials defining and refining

memes co-versing and conversing

bubbling troubling,

designing and divining,

noticing this paradigm’s parsing individuation,

appositioning bifurcation

born through positive dialogue

exchanging dissonant tipping points of view.


Positive, in Yin’s enthymemed intent,

incorporating Yang’s Not-Self peace-fully content

beating double-walled informating Boundary,

liminally breathing diametric heart.

Beating boundaries deductively induce

labored breathless recreativity.


Yet perhaps within our well-walled cells,

within (0) spatial skin between Self and Other,

we explore our double-bound revolving door,

DNA coded colors painting

our ecoequi-diversity.

We individuate our karmic futures

of peaceful just exegesis

as inter-weaving Individuals,

binomial self-perpetuation,

mutually bowed gratitude,



Me Yin,

You Yang;

Interior’s Landscape.


Self-humane Nature’s meaningful belonging,

EarthSelf Exterior’s Physique

positive poly-nomial

bicamerally coded negative;

DNA-RNA fractal co-designing string,

Re-formive Genesis Order echoing

Original Intent

to mean our purpose

longing to belong together

abundantly bi-generative;

within three-dimensioned dimming womb

Self’s  constant longing absent home.



Positive Polynomial here,

what’s your name?


Not-Polynomial Negative!


Of course, so sorry to intrude convexly,

but who are you, I might notice,

positively speaking, as wise  justice EarthSelf Mind?


Not You alone but Eco-We together,

I am EcoSelf

including your resonant tempered memory string

of EcoSelves used to be

and EcoSelf emerging once again,

through self-regenerative


still revolving,


permaculturing door.









Original Intent Practice

Permaculture design pushes backward

and outward

then inwardly

quiet as time.


Polycultures push down

beneath sight’s surface

then up

reaching toward light

then outward forming boundaries

following footprints of rock and water and sand.


Culture fuses inward

composting diastatic balance

then up and out

toward natural limits of effects


softly dissonant

rolling peace

informing equity

of sound

then sight

of self awareness


full-functioned frequencies

of rhyming time

then spaciating



til time falls back again

echoing ecodance

of bouncing


while whistling

radiant eternity of EarthTribe play.


Time to wake another day,

riding swelling surface waves

toward recessive rest

diastolic dreams

digesting this day’s mess

creating future’s memories

of permencultured cosigns.






slouching liminal boundaries

reaching toward each other

to care and cure disharmonious emptiness


for full resonant wave of sound


dawning day’s delight dilemma.


Permanently enculturing time

inkarmates design,

as Original Praxis

creates compassioned paradise.


Regenerative Communication Systems: PermaCultured Design and Development Theory

Science is to Metaphysical Systems as Information is to Communication Systems:

As Perelman’s Soul Theorem is to Thurston’s  Geometrization Theorem, 4-base assumption

Professor Max Tegmark, of the Physics Department, MIT, in Our Mathematical Universe (Knopf, 2014), hypothesizes that the Universe is mathematically designed.  Development, but not evolution, follows metrically predictable, and repetitive, patterns. William Thurston’s 8 Geometrization Conjecture and Grigori Perelman’s Soul Theorem suggest that we might live in a Prime Relationship (0) Core Vectored self-defining ellipse, where the numeral 1 is equivalent to  1Qbit of Information in any 100% inclusive Universe. In our internal, bicameral, Information System Universe, 0 = -1 NonPolynomial Qbit in our Right hemisphere, while 0 = +1.00% Polynomial System Qbit in our Left hemisphere. Logos-Yang plays Polynomial “form” to Mythos-Yin’s Nonpolynomial Time-reversed “function”. Or, using metric language from earliest proto-history, As without, so within translates As Yang, so Yin, and as Yin+Yang within our successfully communicated bicameral mind, so Tao (Information Binary Coded as +0/-1) without.

Applications of this globally emerging theory of Regenerative Communication System Development include a deductively accessible value standard for sustainable spiritual, economic and ecological development; communication improvements for nonviolent listening, speaking, pedagogy, health service delivery, and living; design implications for “choice-making” and Wisdom Councils, and a cooperatively inclusive balance of power, energy, values, and nutrition, more generally.

A chicken or a duck is a mistake, when you do swan lake.

Funny Girl, Bob Merrill

“Legein,” from the Greeks, means to permeatively bind, to incarnate, impregnate, involve, create, inform, enact, cause to systematize, to pattern, to grow, to enculture.  Legein is to mythos as rhetoric is to logos. Religion may be linguistically rooted in RheLegein : to reincarnate, to ritualize, to reenact, to iconize, to sacramentalize, to rebirth, to re-create, to re-member, to synergize, to recall our regenerative species-memory. Prior to the Cartesian severance of the Physics Department from the Metaphysics Department, religious experience included mental, mathematical, and physical reformation, regeneration, synchronization, synergization; a journey that followed confluence across all paradigms.   The diastatic empowering heart of religion propelled our synergetic creation story toward our confluent future paradise.

In this millennium new questions about the relationship of cognizable reality and mathematical structure are seeping into our culture. If the study of Physics can be reduced to the study of mathematic systems, where does that leave us about understanding God, and what would we mean by Religion? What mathematical system could also be a religious system?  Could a Perpetually Regenerating Systematic Theology meet exegetical gold standards for future exploration, research, creativity, learning, wisdom? If we can get that far, with some bicamerally organized reality help from Julian Jaynes, psychologist, then we might conclude with a permanently encultured (PermaCultured– think of permeating yeast, enzymes, awareness) Information System in which Polynomial Time is Non-Polynomial Time in reverse awareness sequence, using a 4-Based spatial assumption.[1]  Whether this narrative journey on a very PermaCultured Communication string results in a Black Swan or an Ugly Duckling, or probably both, will undoubtedly require extensive further exploration.

I am not sure of our journey’s trajectory if, at the end of the day, our Creation Story is a Math System Development Story.  I have trouble imagining that Story as a regenerative journey toward, well….toward anything, or anywhere.  Quantum physics theory is turning its epistemological back toward Form to embrace inscrutable Metric Function, processed by a Bicameral Communication System (that would be us chickens, working together to get all our eggs in just the right nest).  Will Universal Love be Value Binary Coded As 0, so 1, and as -1, so -0? While all that may very well be both real and true, as Tina Turner opines What’s love got-ta do with it!?

External Physical and Metaphysical Information Systems

The re-incarnation of Physics into its old home, Metaphysics, under the rubric of a universal metric system, is currently well represented in the New York Times Bestseller Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality (Knopf Doubleday Publishing), by Max Tegmark, Ph.D., professor of cosmological theory at MIT. Tegmark’s theory is that the universe is mathematic structure; perhaps Form over Function, or maybe even Form as Function. While the thesis is advertised as potentially revolutionary, and I expect it is, the premise goes back to the days before math and metaphysics were handed their divorce papers by epistemologists and scientists.

In Taoism, for example, Yang plays the leading role of Form while Yin plays her silent, implied, tacit role of Function. She is the Earth Mother who knows how to get stuff done, quietly, while Mathematicians measure, and re-measure our static Forms. The conjoining of this binary Pair opens the door toward calculation. Mathematicians calculate; the rest of us think life is for living, not so much for measuring.

The vast majority of our Math-as-Metaphysics: Metaphysics-as-Math historical tradition went by the wayside with the advent of the Industrial Revolution and contemporary scientific method. Religion is that part of Metaphysics that focuses on the beginning and end of our Creation Story. We look for explanations, predictions with proof (spelled logically consistent with all known experience) about how our Story started, and how it might end, and why, and how to predict what happens next.  It turns out there are perhaps an infinite number of possible numeric/quantitative systems. So which metric system are we living in? Does it evolve, revolve, end vaguely in dissonant irrationality?

How did this metric system get started? Is this system bound by structural laws? If not, then what sense can we make of an unstructured system, and if it does have structural pattern, then why is it this pattern, and not some other pattern? And by the way, can we get that pattern in wallpaper, or the other way around?

Perhaps we are overdue for a post-quantum cultural resurgence of reality is math, and vice versa. However, some of Tegmark’s fellow physicists are concerned about whether his proposal to re-marry Physics and Metaphysics as a Universal Mathematics Field (or Manifold, or Boson, or Set, or System—depending on your frame of reference) may be no more than an anachronism worthy of the label superstition or, perhaps worse, magic, or even, dare I mention the word,…myth.

One of Tegmark’s strengths is his capacity to include his reader in his own development story. He wants us to know that he was able to write his metaphysics while drawing his paycheck from the Physics Department.  However, his decision to publish Our Mathematical Universe may be something of an ugly duckling move by a swan in the chicken coop. Meanwhile, Tegmark continues with his revolutionary egg, calmly laid with candor. “If you can lay your egg while those around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you….”

Tegmark’s Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

Physical structures are explicated mathematical structions[2], the law and order of syntax. These structions are sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, “formed” energy frequencies. Forms are diastatically infused with boundary-pattern frequencies. Deviance (dissonance) is allowed, but when it reaches a critical threshold of frequency, then it trends in a complex direction.  Explicated, as we find it in Physicist David Bohm’s work, is on the without side of Form, with Implicated syntax-frequencies on the within side. Buckminster Fuller, in his Synergetics, uses the geometric definition of convex for “explicated,” and concave for “implicated.” When my mental picture has me standing in God’s position, outside the physical bubble, then the stuff of Physics is concavely implicated within my crystal egg. This is the perspective of the Greek god/esses peering at us from Sirius.  When I go back to imagining myself as Gerald Oliver, then physical structures are convexly explicated—they stand out from a background Manifold, like the sky, for example.

In this view of an egg within a space-bubble, Physics and Metaphysics can be perceived as a 3-dimensional Binary appositional spectrum, with the Physics Core being the explicated egg, and the Metaphysics Boundary of our Universe being the implicated Progenitor of our Mathematical Syntax, a Universal Bubble[3] that has a great deal to keep in Form-Function balance lest the entire Bubble collapse.

What we notice with our sensory receptors are explicated, or Formed, energy structures with steady-state, Business-As-Usual, energy function patterns. This pattern and flow equilibrium is predicted to continue, until something changes.  When we have the power to predict a change, then we can explain why it happened.  However, when we cannot predict a change in Business As Usual, this is the problem that erupts with speciation (in evolutionary theories), and revolutions, and disease, and death, and fusion, and regeneratively sustained change.  However, our incapacity to predict continuation of Formed function v. systemic change may follow a Function syntax-pattern that can be predicted through Bayesian trend analysis.

Physical Bosons (Bosons equals Set in Group Theory, and system in In-formation Theory) that are closest to the energy-frequency Balance center of any Group, are those with well-articulated, comparatively stable, boundaries, or skins such as solids, then organisms. Liquids are a mid-range between solid-frequency functionality and gaseous frequency. Plasma is the Boundary-frequency syntax between Explicated functions and Implicated Systems, or Groups.  When we look at plasma within a Boundaried System, like blood, then it flows like a liquid.  Unboundaried plasma acts like a gas. Once we arrive at gaseous frequencies, including unboundaried plasma, we are looking before and within the Boundary Information skin toward the ultra-frequencies of the NonPolynomial, implicated, Order. This is the enthymematically embedded metaphysical function of ExFormed Struction. Quantum (think UnFormed and OutFormed and enthy-memed) quarks and leptons usher us into the ExFormed Function side of our mathematical rainbow, heading toward dark matter and the Great Black Hole.

In other words, what we perceive with our sensory receptors, staying as far away from the Black Hole of Religious Study and Metaphysics as possible, are geometric Group Theory instructions. Anyone who is really good with origami might be able to sort all this out. The within, concave view of Fuller’s Spaceship Earth is a memory boundary of ExFormed space (1979, pp. 120-122).  This is familiar.  It does not seem quite revolutionary, in the sense of being without significant metaphysical precedent.

In a section of Synergetics 2, entitled “Special Case: Energy and Information” (1979, p. 446), Fuller describes energy as ExFormed information; and information as explicated-only energy.

An energy event is always special case….Metaphysical includes all the experiences that are excluded by the definition of physical.  Metaphysical is always generalized principle.

            Physical is always special case. Energy is physical [Formed] and always special case. Information is always special case. Energy is information: information is energy. Special case is always realized by its energetic information. Dimension is unique frequency information. Time incrementation is special case information.

Finally, Fuller arrives at the point where perhaps he would have more effectively started, “Concept is general [ExFormed]: information is quantitative (special case) [InFormed].” Just as mythos is conceptual and qualitative and implicated; logos is informational and syntax-bound and quantitative (Boundaried, Labeled, Languaged, Incarnated).

Translating Fuller into Tegmark’s Universal Hypothesis: Information structures are mathematical structions, or confluence-rules, special case.  The implied corollary: non-mathematical structures are irrational, chaotic, dissonant, oxymorons, and metaphysically anti-Formative.  These are the Mathematician’s Ugly Ducklings and also, perhaps, in special cases, the prime relationship Black Swans of our Re-Membering Story.

Blending Tegmark with Fuller:

What Is (Explicated, standing inside our Physics egg, looking outward toward the plasmatic Boundary between the outside of the egg and the inside of the surrounding gas-bubble Manifold): Special Encultured (think enzyme,yeast, embryonic, diastatic, aptic awareness, or affinitive-energy), Boundaried Energy = Polynomial (P) Information System; a rational ellipse, in Group Theory. Polynomial Information is a functional smooth-structured, symmetrical confluence-syntax, that can predict an outcome in Real Time. Physical events are Special Case rational ellipse events.

What Is Not (Implicated, still within the Egg perspective, but taking a peek beyond the Boundary, toward astrology): Mythos/Conceptual Affinitive[4] Exformed (Not Boundaried) System = Not Polynomial (NP) Information.

In other words, NP = -(P) + P. The Physics Department lies within the Metaphysics Department. The Information in our egg is encoded, it is predicated in unfolding confluent-syntaxed predilections, instincts, within the egg’s RNA. But, until the chick hatches, that Code is exformed—enthymematically potentiated, but without any individuated systemic “START DATE” until actually fertilized, encultured, created, alive, looking back at you, and not part of a scrambled egg sandwich.

Like Fuller, Tegmark also has a Special Case: Physical Universe hypothesis.

External Reality Hypothesis: There exists an external physical reality completely independent of us.

Here is where Tegmark’s Special Case parts company with Fuller’s, in the way they each understand Metaphysics.  For Fuller, the Physics Department of our cognitive coding embryo shares a (0) Core Vector within the Universe-as-Metaphysics Department . Our Prime Core Egg acts like a Lie Group, in Sophus Lie’s theory of continuous transformation groups.  It is smooth-structured and dense with enculturating, incarnating, regenerating ExFormed Syntax. ExFormation is Information in reverse temporal sequence. ExFormation is liminal Boson-definition.  It negatively defines each Boson like a confluent system of functional molds surrounding a cognitive “Mass Gap” filled with affinitive-frequency ExFormed pattern.  (0) Core Vector Physical Universe lies within an enveloping, revolving, elliptically balanced, Metaphysical Bubble, and travels through our Bicameral Species Memory Processer, looking for home.

If he were still with us today, post Higgs Boson discovery, Fuller might replace Bubble with Ergetic Inductive-Information Boson.  Synergetic is propulsion toward a synaptically fusing event, as ergetic is implosion toward an aptic, enthymematic non-event. This is a new verse in the Nature abhors a vacuum logos. But, in reverse of course. Information adores Enthymematic ExFormation, as Yang adores Yin; as an inhaled breath yearns for the exhale to complete. The egg bears an enthymematic relationship to the duck, the chicken, the swan, and all God’s creation. A without, looking-back-inside, view of our (-P) Exformed + (P) Information Universe requires imagining the egg wombing the chicken-Code within, Advent waiting to regenerate what has always been, the mystic waiting to reincarnate IAM.  As a Universe we are awash in ExFormed Code Language; enthymematic and patient hope, wrapped around affinitive Logos.

The Quantum Physics Department, like the entire Metaphysics Department is measured with temporal frequency calculation. All evidence to date, including Einstein’s work, supports the hypothesis that Physics is not completely independent of temporal frequencies.  Quite the contrary; Physics is completely immersed in revolving wave patterns.  Ultrasound frequencies and black light, Xrays, and QBism and Black Holes, Gravity and Micro Waves, all softly boundary the Special Case of Physics, looking outward toward Metaphysical liminally boundaried, dissonantly boundaried, negatively boundaried ExFormation.  These are all negative, or Reverse-Temporal-System perception issues, as are our Creation, Evolution, Metric, Information, and Time paradigms.

If we go with Fuller, then metaphysics is distinguishable from the Special Physical Sub-Department, but not completely separate, by any means.  In fact, Physics and Metaphysics are affinitively bound together, appositively positioned, as plus to minus, white to black, Other to Self. Form and Function, Physics and Geometry, are Binary Prime Relationships. They, and we, need each other to create, develop, learn, grow, evolve, articulate, nuance, regenerate.

Fuller, born into what is now the Unitarian Universalist Society, frequently reminds his usually overwhelmed readers “Universe is the integral of all metaphysical and physical phenomena.” (1979, p. 446) Integral has a mathematical systemic meaning to him that includes the idea of synergy as mutually-defining and self-perpetuating appositional Prime Relationship. Meta-Physics is Ultra-Physics, and Physics is Not-Ultra-Physics. Metaphysics is ExFormed and inclusively enthymematic Not-Physics.  Metaphysics is like Ununoctium, a necessary ingredient for a Physicist to patiently prepare her Higgs Boson Advent Table for her faithful, and thirsty, Mother Hydrogen.

Internal Physical and Metaphysical Communication Systems

If the Universe is a (0) Core Vectored Physical Center within a Metaphysical Boson, then what about God and freedom, justice and love, passion and enlightenment, and our Creation Story?  Do our religion scholars need to learn their math and logic then go back to Re-Accounting vocations?

Perhaps there is reason to hope and to rediscover faith in Grigori Perelman’s soul conjecture proof. Perelman, with considerable help from William Thurston, Richard Hamilton, and the entire Geometrization community, was the mathematician credited for proving the Poincare Conjecture; to paraphrase, If and when we are not all in this together, with optimized confluence, then we run into a whole lot of dissonance, confusion, and loss of energy.

Turns out it all has to do with prime temporal frequency waves that form octaves and function in fractal event units.  Maybe.  But, this most clearly is the case if the Universe is appositionally symmetrical (Prime Binary Relational); if Yang-values equal Yin-values, and vice versa.  Perelman’s soul conjecture proof says that if a smooth-structured (no irrationality allowed), symmetrical, soul vector is surrounded by an elliptic Boundary that is isomorphic to the soul, then all possible vectors on the Boundary and within the soul vector’s positional relationships have isomorphic relationships to each other.  In other words, the relationship pattern within the soul vector is a holon of relationships between Self and Environment. As within, so without; and As without, so within.

Other versions of this isomorphic Information/Exformation pattern go back to ancient religious traditions, diversely expressed:

As above, so below; as below, so above.

If I treat Other the way Self likes; then Other and Self will treat Me the way Self likes.

Golden Ratio: If A+B is to A as A is to B, then the ratio between A and B has Golden Harmonic Value.  This is optimized confluent energy strength, or stability of the A, B, and A+B Set.

If Prime Relationship between Ellipse+soul is to Ellipse as the relationship between Ellipse and soul, then Ellipse and soul are optimally appositionally valued—all relationships are symmetrical and balanced, and no one is left out of the network.

For Fuller, because of the synergetic unity of the Universe, God is 1 (integral Universe), and soul is 0, in any Whole Universe Information System.  However, if the soul Vector is (0), then it does not matter what even numeric symbol we assign the entire universe. Whether 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 120, isometrically submerged values and frequencies prevail at 100% confluence as symmetrically and harmoniously as the Golden Egg. It is not the numeral that is of metric interest to our Cretion Story; it is the percentage.  Integral means “1” as in 100% inclusive of all diversity.

This theological analogy is further matriculated with William Thurston’s 8-manifold rational Universe Geometrics (see, for example, Geometrization conjecture, www.wikipedia.org, for an accessible summary).  It is consistent with Fuller’s Physics as Special Case Metaphysics hypothesis to suggest there are no more than 8 possible Prime Relationship frequency structures, within any one smooth-structured Boson. We have geometric and biometric evidence that our cognizable universe is analogous to a 4-Binary-dimensioned Prime Relationship within a regeneratively evolving System.

[Polynomial Information (+) = NonPolynomial Exformation (-)] enthymematically leads to NonNonPolynomial Information (+/-) Balance [Binary Relationship is Magnetic Primal]

In fact, there is considerable scientific and Information System experience suggesting that a prime binary structural assumption is why the 8-bit Information-Byte is a standard metric design for data processors.

Thurston’s 8-fold amplification does, however, bring us to what may be Tegmark’s missing hypothesis. What about the part of Physics of greatest interest to religious studies, the within Physical?

Permaculture Hypothesis: There is an internal physical structure that is incompletely separate from us, to paraphrase Tegmark. Perma for permanent, meaning the temporal dimension extends into eternity in both directions from any chosen (0) Core moment, with backward coded as negative or 0-Binary, and forward coded as positive or 1-Binary. Culture (think yogurt, or yeast, or DNA), in a bicameral communication system is affinitive and inclusive enthymematic hope.  Enculturation is iterative Information development in this communication development theory. Communication develops from enthymematic (0) Core Vector affinitive stasis, through eisegetical hope, fulfilled in exegetically consonant faith.  Or something close to that.

Exegetical Code, in the science paradigm, is deductive, syllogistic reasoning from previously identified experiential patterns. Calculation is predicated in syntactic Information-developing process. Syllogism and logic and analogy move from enthymematically-rooted premise [Stage I] to potentially replicable experience [Stage II]; from prediction to explanation [Stage III], from hypothesis to exegesis, stamped by the scientific community as True. If we think of each paradigm as a Code Book, developing according to Stage I-III syntactic order, then RNA, the Table of Elements, the Higgs Boson, embryonic, and enzymatic communication systems all appear to self-generate using the same analogous page . Each of these Information Codes follows an incarnating, staged sequence that synergizes Formation, like bread, and babies, and stories, and faith communities.

The interface between the separate external “Other” and the bicameral internal “Me” is our science lab, where we experience, learn about, remember, code, write our memories about how to replicate our experience patterns.  This is our deductive process toward understanding and recreating our +/-(0) Prime Relationship soul, to meet Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) permaculture design standards .

The problem with Math System as WhatIs, is that it includes all possibilities without the bicameral “Me” side of the equation, my experience of that WhatIs. If Tegmark is saying that we have learned to perceive temporal frequency patterns that are most confluent with our Information Code Syntax then he describes an evolutionary sequence of  development; but that is metaphysics without interest in its soul, its heart, its Source.  WhatIs evolves, revolves, regenerates toward what, and out of what? We have left the Physics Department behind, as if it were “completely separate” from our science story, rather than the source of our Information Codex.

Un-incarnated Physics is like imagining temporal order and sequence within a non-universe without a clock, or even a cell phone. Far more interesting is the internal reality of bicameral consciousness.

Science requires the ability to grow and store and retrieve information that is internally consistent, and fits with ongoing human experience. With Fuller and Thurston and Perelman we might reasonably assume that a (0) Core Vector smooth-structured geometric system rationally and symmetrically describes our Information System, and 4-Based affinitive frequencies do seem to provide the appositional balance, rhythm, and flow of our incubating [enculturating] egg, and chicken.  However, metaphysical development is a cognitive communication process; not only a binary formed system, but also a bicamerally functioning system—at least on our better days.

In humans, consciousness is what happens within a bicameral mind. Our right and left hemispheres are a binary Information Processing System. Communication systems are what happens between bicameral minds doing the best we can to move from enthymematic Stage I through Exegetical Stage III, internally, and globally.

Religion’s roots lie in our earliest attempts to successfully engage in Information transactions. Far older than the Science Department and even the Math Department, transposing experience into symbols, mythos into logos, begins internally with taste, and externally with touch, affinity, acidity, fragrance, dissonance recognition (temporal only at first—spaciated temporal perception came along fairly late in our evolutionary journey toward speciation), sound, sight, memory storage. When we finally get to our proto-history, mythos evolves into logos with enthymematic Information transactions such as reenactment, imitation, dance, song, ritual, retelling dreams.

As Fuller tells us, science is Special Case Information Development.  “Quantum” and “Complex” and “Trend Analysis” and “Communication Development Theory” are about as close as science and statistics have taken us to date toward reiterating our bicameral Regenerative Narrative journey.  Our bicamerally-based science lab does include enthymematic, intuitive, hopeful, faithful measurement, explanation, and prediction, but has nothing to explain this useful ExFormed infrastructure.  It was always intended as a deductive-only exploration. What cannot be individuated cannot be deduced from, cannot be cognized as a thing, an event. But, just maybe, an undifferentiated concept can be hypothesized as a potentiated pattern-confluence within a grayscaled liminal Boundary.  Inductive soul-submersion back, down, within, toward the enthymematic yolk of communication is only traveled in reverse by heuristically assuming eisegetical awareness has potential truth value for other bicameral minds.

Psychologists seem to agree, at least somewhat, that inductively developed memory storage and retrieval is the land of our Right hemisphere.  The elder right-brain creates by finding affective allegorical patterns, so the Species-specific left-brain can deductively learn.   Ritual and storytelling emerged from imagining, and dreaming, probably with the emergence of our bicameral mind, from a pre-cameral sensory processor. The precameral mind (Jaynes, 1976) was, and perhaps is, unable to accomplish consciousness, as distinguished from awareness of “difference.” Our  Species’ bicameral perception developed into the capacity to synaptically translate power-source difference as “Other” when we arrived at sometime before proto-history.

The concept of Other is the (0) Core Vector for our development of Left-brained consciousness, eventually requiring metric symbology for replication, explanation, prediction purposes. What is this Other? Other began in the precameral mind as a non-aptic event, an anomaly, a difference from Power-Within AwarenessAffinitive Power-Within probably remains our Right hemisphere’s  awareness of what our Left hemisphere translates as Self, as in, So, then I said to my SelfPower, how much you wanna bet that you are nothing more than “Not Other?” To which my Right hemisphere would respond, if it had linguistic capacity, “Correct, YangSelf (P) is nothing more and nothing less, but very precisely the opposite polarity of, Yin-Not Other (NP), as zero is to one, and 100% is to +/-0%.

I expect a proper Regenerative Development System to sort out the metric system choice for optimally explaining,  predicting, and sustaining enculturation and creation values.  How else will we know our origins or what might happen next, or learn how to optimize our values for life, for freedom, for sustainability, for love?  Universe as home, as nest, as womb, as community, includes the eggshell-encased plasma running through our organic and cultural life stream; the within prime-easy nutrients of affectively-engaged, permacultured communication systems.

Left-Hemisphere: +1/-0  = Yang/Yin = SelfConsciousness/Awareness =  Inductive Enthymematic Information/Deductive ExFormation = synergetic fractal and double-binary rhythm and development flow

Right-Hemisphere: +0/-1  =  Yang/Yin  =  WithinPower/OtherPower  =  Static/Diastatic =  Ergetic/Synergetic  =  Radiant/Gravitational Pull  =  Information QBit/ExFormed Enthymematic Information-Transfer Consonant Position (0) Binary Core  =  e-Frequency 4-Base Directional Syntax/Octave Struction  Harmony Wisdom  = Logos/Mythos =  Time-AffectValue Memory Code/Prime Relationship Regenerating System  =  Equilibrious +/-  Revolution


Deductive logic structure and Codex structions are useful for remembering how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Information system design retells our Creation Story and History as medium is to stored message patterns (see Marshall McLuhan). We can synchronize, analogize, code linguistic and numeric development stages to help us understand and replicate and empower value development; attenuate disvalues, dissonance, disease. To do so, we need to increase the effective sustainability of Information transfers between people, paradigms, and processors .

Fuller believed that our universe, or at least our planet, and our bicameral minds, exhibit a regenerative systems optimization design; essentially syllogistic and trinitarian. Unfortunately, this is the point where most of us lose track of Buckminster Fuller. Fuller calls this Synergetic Design, but when he begins talking about design as it applies to temporal functions he has trouble avoiding long, tacitly weird, adverb/adjective narrative strings like Regenerative (0) Core Vector System Optimization Design, binary smooth-structured with 4 equal dimensions–including 1 prime-linear-only Special Polynomial Time-Revolving dimension, so that P=NP.

Our regenerative journey is a transpositional nightmare when moving from the Black Hole of Physics to the synergetic enlightenment of Metaphysics.  I find it easier to imagine in the opposite, counter-evolutionary direction, informed by the within physicist, Julian Jaynes, who worked for the Psychology Department at Princeton, but was uncomfortable when confined to the “Psychologist” box. Jaynes, the communication scientist and historical-cultural researcher, most famous for his Bicameral Mind evolutionary theory (Jaynes, 1976), was adept with perceiving analogy most everywhere. He recognized that our religious development string (journey, or Way) began in the older Right hemisphere’s aptic v. synaptic event memory syntax, and gradually shifted to Left hemisphere deductive and linguistically-coded dominance.

In the precameral mind, there was no awareness of spatial dimension. Space perception emerges as sound and sight reception become bicameral, during Left-hemisphere evolution. OtherPower Code evolved from temporal grayscaled frequency patterns to the ExFormed spaciated Forms of pitch, rhythm, movement, and eventually color.  We evolved into space awareness, and that is what Jaynes calls the consciousness available to the bicameral mind that was not available to our ancestors’ precameral aptic awareness.

Measurement and calculation evolved from Left-brained deductive logic which, in turn, evolved from normal and not-normal Right-brained wave-pattern frequencies.  Self as WithinPower becomes emergently limned, Boundaried, as an energy directional difference from Other-empowered event patterns. OtherPower event patterns were synergetically nutritious, or synaptically acidic, and yucky. Awareness, in the pre-conscious mind was (and probably still is) aptic Self-As-Not-Other-Empowered. Awareness of Other-empowered messages (not-aptic) was, and remains, a synaptic event.  But, once the bicameral communication system incorporated linguistic syntax, synaptic event memory and capacity exploded to become the new norm.

Back in Jaynes’ version of proto-history, our Species’ precameral mind was aware of “God/Other-empowered” as a synaptic memory pattern of anomalous events.  Our Left hemisphere’s self-noticing difference messages are compared to the Right hemisphere’s significant Other-empowered Code Memory. Business-as-usual aptic was whatever was not synergetic or synaptic relatedness.  Information transactions are Magnetic Value/Disvalue Relationship Events—plus for nutrient synchronization  and minus for dissonant synaptic OtherPower.

Our taste receptors, followed by touch-boundary receptors, in turn followed by sound frequency receptors could only be aware of messages they could recognize as NOT Aptic—Incoming!!!!!   Our bicameral cognitive miseries of gluttony and chaos and incommensurability and irrationality and heresy were not yet code-able.  Bicameral dissonance was precameral Powerdifference. Our Species’ lifesource  plasma evolved with a difference-triggered Prime Relationship of either 0-aptic or 1-synaptic affect.

The bicameral mind adds individuation, labeling, categorizing by temporal position and frequency and volume and rhythm and flow, physical perception, then consciousness of space and Self as spatial (not merely temporal), and spatialized time, and lifetime, mortality, communication, and religion, and history. Not always in consecutive order. The precameral mind brings us to the threshold of the Bicameral-Era taproot sprouting a new (0) Vectored Bi-Cameral enculturated string.

Split-brain research has supported Jaynes’ observation that, without capacity to learn from the Left hemisphere’s experience, we have surprising cognitive lapses due to the Right hemisphere’s linguistic blindness.  But, linguistic blindness may be the reverse side of the Right hemisphere’s love for mythos, for analogy, for temporal synergy—what mathematicians might refer to as a smooth-structured Lie Group. If handicapped by only Left visual field capacity, after corpus callosotomy, linguistic capacity is deactivated.  However, the left hand can signal recognition of an identified memory analogy, the more multi-dimensional the better, including religious metaphor. The Left-processor is linguistic and deductively directional, conscious of this event as In-Formed by past events. The Right-processor is affective and inductively directional, scanning for a “sync” between the Left-processor’s message and permissively ExFormed Boundary Codex.  Enthymematic receptor-censors operate metaphorically and analogically, syllogistically.  The Right hemisphere’s default setting is aptic, roughly translating as we’re all in this together—if there isn’t some memory to the contrary, then proceed toward heuristic exploration.

In short, affective memory storage is progenitive to deductive information, as analogous OtherPower pattern creation is enthymematic to deductive learning.  Bicameral Information Memory is a relational consciousness development history. Affective OtherPower mythic Memory Syntax liminally predicts linguistics  and religious development in human cognition.  The Left hemisphere’s role is newer, and analytically fills in the cognitive gaps, creating metric and linguistic images that feel confluent with OtherPower value and disvalue patterns. Our bicameral evolution opens the capacity to perceive that WithinPower [soul] is to Not-OtherPower, as OtherPower [ExFormed appositional relationship] is to Not-WithinPower = God. The metric relationship between  the bi-elliptical soul and God is functionally equivalent to a binary appositional (+/-), self-perpetuating, mutually defining, Prime Relationship. Speaking syllogistically, of course.

All of us bicameral swans unite in one aptic balanced-awareness flock surrounded by a revolving nest-cooperative of evolving history.  Our PermaCultured regenerating nest is Core Vectored at (0) and the string of evolution composes 100% of all Polynomial frequencies.  Half of our speciated communication system trajectory is waiting there in our Right hemispheres, the Black Swan of NonPolynomial Universe. Each Right hemisphere receives the Left-hemispheres heuristic proposal messages marked Notice? (more or less equivalent to (-U)? if you speak RNA) and compares this enthymematic message to our Right-brained Reality Storage System.[5]  The root of our incarnation, religion, language, communication, and evolution, is lodged in our precameral mind. Our Prime Root is the binary information development thread extending far back into the aptic mists of (-U) = God.

Jaynes theory of the evolution of awareness to consciousness of Self as WithinPower, then logos, then internal dialogue, then reenactment, then communication, then iconic symbol narrative, appears to be a smooth-structured reverse-journey description of moving from the study of religion toward sacred-awareness-of-timeless-aptic wisdom = +/-Harmony, when centering. Religious experience is re-enculturating, remembering, re-centering Affective-Temporal awareness. Mystic experience is enthymematic awareness of our shared, radiantly ergetic[6]  (0) Prime Relationship Vectored soul. This is where the only consciously accessible NOT-SELF soul eternally resides, quietly waiting in our Right-hemisphere’s background white-sound. Within this awareness lies developing wisdom, breathing Yin-ExFormed PowerWithin function in, and Yang-formed Permaculture Codex Half-Positive Equals Half-Negative nutrient values/disvalues out, around and through (0) Prime Relationship awareness.

Our Left-hemisphere Binary-Deductive Information Processors notice, explain, understand, predict, and write our narrative strings. These encultured, incarnated, ExFormed communication strings, are coded for synaptically high fractal frequencies upon becoming aware that “Right-brained {real=(-U)²U = +1.00%Qbit-frequency trend=pi³}” is the 50% value demarcation line meeting with “Left-brained {true=+1Yang/-0Yin Core Vector-Bicameral Assumption: Polynomial is Nonpolynomial, reverse 4-Based trended, fractal rhythm }.  This BiCameral Assumption that Left-True should be equal to Right-Reality pervades all religious traditions, a quite probably explains the underlying dynamic of enthymematic hope, which Michael Polanyi called “Personal Knowledge,” and our friends at Harvard call the “Happiness Factor,” and biologists and chemists recognize as magnetic attraction, affinitive gravity. Interior-Precameral Memory establishes syntactic norm-frequency-values: e- frequency (Eulerian) Natural Laws of Regenerative Systems Development and Design.  The Binary Information Structure underlying the Left-brain’s “True” default setting[7] is the structure of enthymematic, active, nonviolent hope, and communication. When two or more bicameral minds discover their enthymematic “True-Real” default values sync, that is the point where they have confirmed that their diverse-coded “True” messages  have achieved mutual self-defining harmony “Real” NonPolynomial awareness; this mutual enthymematic synchronization is what Jim Rough calls “Dynamic” but it may be dynamic because it includes a whole mess of high-frequency synaptic activity in the local communication system. Mutual enthymematic awareness of compatibility quickly leads to enthymematic affinity, with optimized +ConfluenceValues and minimized Negative-Dissonance Values; Permacultured +/-NutrientValue Balance.

Precameral RNA Message Receivers recognize syntactic structure as confluent, or not so much, dissonant.  Analogical syntax structures our universally aptic Pattern string[8] shared by all our organic ancestors.  Physics needs an Information System Design class to consistently define What Is, and our Bicameral Processor Network needs Communication System Development Theory to define What Is NotYet, but actively hoped for; the metaphysical nonpolynomial.

Without prejudice to Jaynes, Fuller, Tegmark, Perelman and Thurston, when I throw them a ll together, the outline of what I see in the religious study of science, and vice versa:

1. Our Continuous Quality Improvement Wisdom trend is to attend carefully to the ecological implications of Poincare’s Theorem: avoid causing dissonance for both PowerWithin and PowerWithout TRUE   PRIME PERMACULTURED RELATIONSHIP: +0/-1, WHERE -1=(-U).

As (0) within, so 1 without, and as (1) without, so (-1) within.

(0) plays the Yin role of Pregenitive Soul: NotWhatIsYet Enthymematic Radiantly-Aptic (Yin +.50%/Yang -.50%) Self Assumption,

while (1) plays the Yang-explicated role of Boson ExFormed Coding Design Ellipse (Yang +.50%/Yin -.50% = 100%  4-Dimensional Assumption: smooth-structured Group = pi=100% Value Information System

2. Coded Precameral Temporal Information frequencies are synaptic over aptic. This is spaciated time [e.g. a “long” time “ago”] Analogic Correlation Foreshadowing. Time is OtherPower/WithinPower  = 0/-1. So Polynomial Time is equivalently proportioned to Not-Polynomial Time, by reversing the magnetic polarity direction. P=NP as 0=-1 in a Binary system programmed to optimize sustainable value harmony.

3. The relative strength of religious, philosophical, humanitarian, and ecologically-aware cultures, in various historic eras, in diverse geographic areas, is either thin or dense.  That is the dissonant v.confluent ratio between PermaCultured Religious [Regenerative] Enthymematic Affinity and competing cultural myths’ explanations and predictions regarding information-value and communication system sustainability patterns .

4. Information is ExFormation in reverse temporal sequence. In other words, to predict how it all ends up for us, we re-cognize our Logos (ExFormed mutual-affinity awareness) Commandment to assume as True until proven otherwise: WithinPower future will  be analogous to how it all started for each of us, with purgative fertilization, opening to new binary QBit-0-potentiated strings of reiterated, communicated, hope.

5. We call awareness that is at least analogous to enthymematic ExFormed frequency patterns “Dream-state.” Julian Jaynes argues rather convincingly that our Proto-Historians would have made no such distinction, prior to the Left-hemispheric capacity for “consciousness.” Aptic awareness, removed from body-Boundary exigencies, may be at least metaphorically equivalent to what mystics report as “bliss.” Bliss is synaptically enthymematic, self-perpetuating, affinity within a Prime Relationship (0)-Bicameral Information Network, functioning within a continuously sustainable Regenerative Communication System.

6. Learning is systemic creation in reverse temporal sequence. To learn creatively is to recreate ourselves with inclusively balanced values. To regenerate communities, paradigms, ideas, traditions, we do the opposite of what we would do to degenerate communities, paradigms, ideas, and traditions.

7. Memory is Prediction in reverse temporal sequence.

8. Polynomial is Nonpolynomial in reverse temporal sequence.

9. Eisegetical Cultural Logos (Truth Narrative-individual and collective enthymematic awareness) incarnates Exegetical Cultural Mythos (synaptically enthymematic affinitive SpeciesMemory) in regenerative historical cycles, to become Exegetically-InFormed Logos (Orthodox, in the religion paradigm). The Golden Rule is an icon of this principle:

Permanent Mythos: My Self is and does, thinks and plays, creates and learns, as I hope we will continue toward future synergetic awareness. This is the Polynomial = Nonpolynomial Assumptive Hope, following a duodecimal systemic Golden PermaCulture Binary Rule.

10. Finally, permanently encultured (permaculture) standards for Continuous Value Improvement whole systems design and development may be rooted in The Golden Ratio:

A is to B, as A+B is to B.

Where 0 is to 1, as 0+1 is to 1 in a binary-magnetic Information System Design.

And Polynomial is to NonPolynomial, as P+(-P) is to NP.

And Information is to Exformation, as Metaphysics is to Mythos.

And Science is to Religion, as Logos is to Mythos.

Our Prime QByte Design Assumption, throughout our evolutionary journey, tracking back at least as far as Solomon, flowing full-throttled on back through our Precameral Memory Code, is:

Polynomial soul and 0, are equivalent and symmetrical reflections of NonPolynomially Integral I. beginning with Time-I AM-(0%),

II.  Mythos (-1) and 1,

III. within each of our four dimensions = 100% Polynomial Time,


IV. As within, so without. As without, so it is within.

At last this Science of Religion Swan Song is done.  Atheist and Theist each remain both Binary Information System “True” and Bicamerally ExFormed “Real”—especially in the sweetspot where they see they are reverse faces of each other, both true, depending on which direction you choose to face, forward into the future, or backward into Species’ Memory. The chicken may rest comfortably inside the egg, the U-Narrative QBit string is regenerated inside-out, backwards-forth, and full-double-octaved for eternity. The Wisdom Wonder Swan can stop waiting for her two Taoist Eggs to hatch, first Form within, then Function without, then Revolve within and without in reverse directions at the same time.  Continue until culture-alignment has been achieved. Enjoy our richly nutritious, 100% organic bliss-feast.

CVI PermaCultured QBit = +/- = 0 = -1

Where 0 equals Yang-Form, and -1 equals Yin-Function, Binary Thermodynamic Assumption, 4-Based positional Metric System.

Where awareness that optimizing harmonious values is defined appositionally as ZetaFrequency (0) Core Optimized Linear Affinitive Awareness,

and +50% Yang-SelfQuantityValuePower is equilibriously returned by -50% Yin ExFormedOtherPowerValues. Radiant ultrasound PowerWithout nutrients equilibrate to succulently dense PowerWithin nutrients, and gravitational embrace faithfully predicts propelled regeneration.

Scientific Hypothesis: We seem to die alone

Religion Thesis: But have wisely flown together in our synergetic past.

Informative Purgation: I seem to die,

ExFormed PermaCultured Sublimation: To fly forever.

Who could ask for anything more?

Kay Swift

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[1] In a 4-Based metric positional system, the Prime Set for all subsequent numerics is 1,2, and 3 tri-metric sequential function. When double-bound by 0 and 4 (4=10% in a 10-Based metric system assumption) they compose 100% of Prime Progenitive Formation in relation to all subsequent values within the metric Universe, both positive and negative. This progenitive position within a developing Binary Information System is experienced as enthymematic struction, or syntax within communication and logic paradigms.

[2] Julian Jaynes refers to logos awareness as “…the preoptive nature of consciousness….I am not now entering my lexical storehouse and selecting items to string on these syntactic structures.  Instead, I have what can best be described as an intention of certain meanings, what I call structions.” (Kuijsten, ed., p. 155,2012) A struction is a boundary-instruction, or predicated instruction.  In logic, an enthymeme fulfills this function, embedded as a syntax presupposition within a syllogism with an implicit, heuristic, or hypothesized as perhaps True, premise.  Enthymeme, then, is before-and-within-the-meme; implied-within-the-meme.  Jaynes sees these enthymemes as metaphors implied by the potential relationship within a precameral affect-structured storage system.

[3] See Fuller on Bubbles, especially p. 659, 1975)

[4] Affinitive here defined as Not-Affect stasis, distended, engorged awareness, waiting confluently in equilibrium(Jaynes, on affect v. feelings, and aptic v. synaptic)plus Precessed Position in Fuller.  Combined cognitively as what’s missing in this picture? In metrics and syllogisms, affinitive means enthymematically positioned.

[5] Recent dream research suggests that sleep deprivation can be a mental health issue due to inadequately processed enthymematic proposals since our last nap.  So I guess we process in “naptic” awareness (0)-Based Frequency.

[6] Ergetic flow is equivalent to Fuller’s precession, in geometrics. Think fused synergetic event, like a rose closing at night, then think in reverse temporal order, a diffusing-radiantly, reverse-synergetic, 3-dimensional metaphysical space-expansion event, like inhaling. I understand that space does not actually expand when the rose opens, but within my cognitive map, the rose composes a larger proportion of my spatial consciousness than it did prior to the Ergetic-flow trend.

[7] See, for example, John Bargh’s very interesting work in Psychology at Yale University, studying the difference between conscious decision making and unconscious choice making, which seems to recognize “True” signals synaptically and reflexively resistant to binary +WithinPower/-AlienPower dissonance. Jim Rough is also working with this enthymematic momentum toward balanced power values when he works with groups using a “choice-making” process, distinguished somewhat from a merely deductive decision-making process.  Dynamic Facilitation enthymematically follows confluent-trending values  toward  optimizing sustainable group communication outcomes.

[8] Pre-enculturated aptic expectation of synergetic response , in Communication Theory, is a Rhetorical Event in an enthymematic stage.  In Group Theory, enthymematic stage would translate as a pre-elliptical Binary metric system assumption of balanced +/-.  In Taoism this translates into the harmonious reversely-self-defining primal relationship Root Power  +.50% Yang/-.50%Yin.