Lessons Partially Learned

and teachers,
economic program
and social service leaders,
government administrators
and legislators,
listen up
and downstream

We too often act
and feel
the reverse is more quickly
and convenient
through rigid control,
or at least should
or could
or would like to be enlightened true
more than disempowering false:

Empowering cooperative ownership
arrives slowly
but resonantly
and more resiliently
through enlightened cooperative management
and win/win resonant tenure

And not so much the other
and self-righteous
and vindictive trauma
competitive way around
treading heavy capitalism’s survival
of the wealthiest
defeating thrival
of our healthiest
trusted ways abound
to cooperatively manage peace
that we would justly hope
to EarthTribe own
into safest perpetuity

A trusted indigenous wisdom franchise
to retrain
and re-educate parents
and teachers,
empower economic programs
and enlighten social service leaders,
self-governing cooperative administrators
and legislators,
listening up
and downstream
for cooperative management systems
supporting lives never autonomously owned
and always sacredly zoned
for interdependent trust

Empowering cooperative management
for enlightened cooperative
organic network peace
and restorative justice

In win/win joyful play
all night
and day.


Not My Responsibility

I am responsible
and responsive
to every human built shelter
I have experienced as home,
mine to use,
to buy further improvements or sell,
to renovate or destroy.

I am responsible
and transparently responsive
to every lot of unimproved real estate,
every plot against healthy soil
and supporting water systems
and plants
and living creatures
who once called this place, home,
this space, habitat
to cooperatively use
to regenerate healthy wealth
and to degenerate diseased corruption.

I am accountable
when cooperative responsibilities
become transparent
from now
back toward Earth’s uncivilized
uncompromised civility,

contemplative silence,
celebrating cacophony,

chaotically complex
beautifully true,
magnificently not mine.


Global Laundry

Laundering wealthy clothes and other valuables,
moments and grand events of baptism,
scrubbing dissonant deposits
into healthy places and times,
is like laundering life with omnipresent love.
When we’re done sitting in solidarity with Earth’s laundry,
it’s probably time to start over,
or succumb to our own stinky mess of pseudo-wealth.

therapeutically laundering body-minds toward nutritional health
is baptism through redemptive eco-self awareness,
eco-herent eco-operative ecompassioning identity.
A clean chi-body of identity clothes cover
and uncover,
recover would be co-redeemers of healthy wealth,
in cooperatively naturing systems.

Corporate-sponsored competitive detergents of enculturation
have blinded too many to more permacultural Received Tradition:
human nature evolved through mutual mentorships
of caregiving and nurturance and cooperation
inclusive of all Earth’s Tribes and natural dynamics
and polyculturing systems of mutual solidarity,
like air with fire,
soil with water.

Too often Left-Brain Dominance
has confused our designer attire and attitudes
facilitator scrubbing functions
mutual mentoring
co-redemptive economic EcoLogical Co-Operative Vocations
with those we have labeled
“Sole Proprietor”
and “Owner” of Nature.
These labels tend to come off
during a healthy permacultural stone-washed thrashing
of decompositional analysis.

like AnthroCentrism
and its cousins, RacialElitism,
and CulturalTolerance
fail to wash well
for achieving EcoCentric
Health-Wealth Optimization Outcomes.

HumanHubris confuses ourselves,
trying to wash our Beloved Dog
as if She were a monopolistically-intended Flea,
resulting in great misfortune
especially for Earth’s future grandchildren
drowning in over-populated toxic pain in the everywhere.
They could have been our much Beloved Community,
if we would regenerate this revolution,
permaculturally washing with Earth’s Nature-Balancing
decompositional soap of ecological intelligence.


Wisdom’s Home

Wisdom can be rationally and exegetically discerned,
because we process information through the same multisystemic RNA,
nutritionally regenerative root
and sequential development system.

Natural system wisdom is also sacred,
because it is omnipresently synergetic.

Wisdom evolves toward transcendence,
transitional dance,
because human bicamerally processing nature
requires transactional economic cooperative intent
as our (0)-soul Positive Proof exegetical assumption.

Wisdom resonates and resolves multisystemically,
liturgical in Universal Law rhythms, patterns,
sounds and sights and smells,
tastes and feelings of gravity
toward nutritional liturgy
and away from toxic intent,
away from negative-live dissonant practices,
away from sub-optimizing monocultures
of entropic chaos.

Wisdom comprehends Ego’s relationship with land,
sea and sky,
Earth and Earth’s speciating Tribes, people;
wisdom understands my relationship with Other natural systems
not as “ownership”
but as a marriage contract,
between human natures and local ecosystems.

A local ecosystem marriage
with a humanely contracted portion of Mother Earth
and Her products descended from generations past,
evolved onto this place at this time;
This sacred marriage double-binds my agreement
to care for Her as She has cared for all EarthTribes.

Mutually cooperative ownership is,
more wisely,
a sacred Partnership Contract,
a marriage rite
opening Ego’s future home life toward redemptive liturgies,
with diurnal solar and monthly lunar,
perennial seasonal completion
of rings around our mutually branching tree of life;
until Ego’s body returns into,
becomes entirely absorbed within,
this Partner-EcoHome.

Wisdom belongs passionately discerned
through ecojustice of peace marriage.